Saturday, December 30, 2023

Riding Shot Gun


I come from out west, and sometimes when you have to travel to someplace very important for an undisclosed reason you need a man riding shot gun.  Today I had to do just that.  Travel to somplace very important for an undisclosed reason and my dear friend Ray, who is more a brother than just friend stepped up and rrode shot gun for my journey.  I am forever grateful and thank Ray for the things he does without second thoughts.  His generosity and helping hand are invaluable and mean more to me than he can know.  Thank you Ray.  The comfort of the home is safe and sound and all Damsils are less distressed. you are a true knight of the round table.  Or maybe oblong table.  80)  

Peace and Balance,

John  Another of Merlin's helpers.  

Thursday, December 28, 2023

Writting for personal Therapy

 I admit that I have the tendancy of using this blog as in part personal Therapy.  I write things that are on my mind.  I often confess things that seem fantastical, however a very close friend of mine told me a long time ago that it is easier to express the truth through fantasy and fiction.  He believes as I do that todays readers are capable of gleening the truth from a written page if written well regardless of how fantastic it may read.  He reminded me that some of the worlds greatest works of fiction are indeed records of historical fact.  when we had this conversation many years ago if i remember right he actually used the phrase hysterical fact.  Which being a student of history myself as some of you are I've discovered that hstorical fact can be written into some of the funniest nonsense put to pen.  To prove my point just look at most of the history of American politics which seems to be regurgitating itself in front of our very eyes these very days. It all makes me very grateful I am not a politician.  Thank God.

Peace and Balance John

Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Family ALL

 There is nothing more important to one's life than family.  This includes adopted family and friendships that have become family.  We all become close to friends and their families and eventualy accept those families as extentions of our own families.  We have Brothers from other mothers and their brides and children become our sisters and nephews and nieces we become larger expanded family.  All are one and part of a collective family unit.  With our brides and children, our in laws and their children our sisters and brothers and their children and all who havee come before and will follow with a similar path Welcome We are all one Family.  Happy New Year let's bring the light of the season upon us all.

Peace and Balance,


Sunday, December 24, 2023

Glory to God in the Highest, Merry Christmas

 Tis the season and all is quiet.  Children everywhere are waiting in wonder for the sainted guest.  Santa Claus travels his elves working hard, and moms and dads everywhere are anticipating smiling faces in the morning.  Christmas Eve is here.  HO HO HO can be heard from all directions the expression of Love and Glory All of us are but children when the spirit travels.  Remembering the Master and his glorious birth Three wise men traveled the Earth and in the desert everything changed and he arrived in the manger in witness of his mother and father the Glory of God shown upon us all.  

Have a very Merry Christmas everyone, and remember why we celebrate.

Peace and Balance,


Friday, December 22, 2023

The Irrational tree lights


One of the most frustrating Christmas events is the lights suddenly go out on the tree in the middle of trying to arrainge them.  Then you can't find the reason, be it a burned out fuse, which is usually hidden in the plug case.  So you find the burnt fuse and can't replace it because you don't seem to have a replacement fuse.  That is when the more colorful adverbs and descriptions about the parentage of said plug and string of lights suddenly comes into question.  This is when the command decision is made to give up for the night and wait till the morning when you can find a few extension cords to fix said problem.  The lesson for the day kids, don't plug to many strings of lights together in a chain. Even though they make your tree all shiny and sparkly take my word for it the more conservative you are with your lights the better in the long run and you won't suffer the ills of guilt for saying unsavory things.  So Tomorrow I make a plan and re-string the lights so Mona and myself have a happy sparkly tree to enjoy without the irrational verbage.  HO HO HO.

Peace and Balance,


Thursday, December 21, 2023

Hey what's FOR SUPPER?

 It's the time of year when we of a certain age sit with the smiling young'uns in the household and read, "Twas the night before Christmas to our young progeny Which can lead to a real nice game of trivial pursuit if you into that sort of thing.  Of course one of my favorite questions is, "Can you name the eight tiny reindeer in order?   They are of course, Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen.  Then the smart aleck in the room, normaly the twelve year old ADHD child will blurt out, "You forgot Rudolph Grandpa." This interuption generaly gives me the urge to lash out irrationally.  When the Bear part of my personality looks and the child and whispers in my ear, "Lunch."  Then it occurs to me that yes the older male brown bears have been know to eat their own young.  This is a behavior that I can relate to the older I get.  However  these are personal tendencies that are controllable with proper practice.  So I channel my bear aggression through my students.  After all, that's what they're there for.  A couple of them also have a little of the bear in them so we have an understanding in philosophies.  Balance is achieved and the younger population is kept at a manageable level. That is sound wildlife management when you live in areas that practice hunting as an art to feed your family with.  

Tbis is the time of year when hope rides a flying sleigh and venison is served.  HO HO HO

Peace and Balance,


Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Armed to the Teeth with a Plate of Cookies.


This is the time of year when all good little girls and good little boys find hope in an over sized Elf and 8 tiny reindeer.  HO HO HO is his battle cry as he flies his red convertible.  A bag full of goodies and little green helpers to make the children of the world happy.  So, you'd better not pout, you'd better not cry because Santa is on the way and always watching.  That song is just a tad creepy, but hey when I was a kid I had several sharp pointy objects hidden under my bed So any late night intruder would meet with an unexpected surprise.  Armed to the teeth and a plate of cookies.  Always ready for the Claus.  HO HO HO.

Peace and Balance,


Sunday, December 17, 2023

Drawback of illness

 It kind of sucks being ill.  Sometimes you just wake up that way, and others the ill sneaks up on you and attacks when you're least expecting it.  I am in the throws of one of those moments.  Occasionally I suffer from bouts of an allergy that likes to remind me that I should stay away from certain kinds of trees, and or food.  Then it hits me with the allergy stick, Whap! And I tell you that is not a comfortable slap in the side of the head.  It's kind of like splitting wood with an axe that is followed by swelling of the face, mouth, and the stuff attached.  A round of allergy pills and Benadryl is the usual personal treatment which I can tell you is sometimes worse than the original smack in the side of the skull.  That stuff turns me into a floating glob of goo and erases my ability to think and communicate intelligently.  Which may have been in question in the first place, but hey at least there is the talking thing.  Usually a day or two later and I'm back to my smiling self.  Which is a relief since I often look like a swelled alien.  But, now I'm back.  

It kind of sucks being ill.  However, normality is shortly at hand along with drug induced sleep complete with the dreams of the old times.   Dreams of immortality and the song of the season.  HO HO HO.

Peace and Balance,


Tuesday, December 12, 2023

What NO Coffee?


There was a catastrophe in the Schmaing household this morning. It was discovered that the sacred drink, Pejuta Sapa, Coffee was out.  Such things should not happen for to long without the sacred drink can cause time to slip and when that happens it's never a good thing.  To replace the need for caffeine the black medicine was replaced with several cups of green and black teas.  Although not a perfect substitute it will suffice in a pinch until the stores of the holy bean can be replaced.  

Later in the day with intentions of replacing these important supplies the Pony drops a lud nut on the way to Walmart.  So upon seeing the delema I was in the small lud wrench was freed from it's resting place next to the spare tire in the back of the CRV.  I tightened all luds as tight as I could with my little wrench.  I have a few extra grams of mass to use in such emergencies so the wheel was tightened back snug.  I was discovered that there were loose luds all around the car, so a few foot pounds of John was pressed into each one.  I did manage to get to Sanel before it closed to purchase a new lud and added it to the tire.  Tightened with my grunt and good til the morning.  I will take it to the Master of Auto at school and again he will look at my Pony's shoes and let me know what could have happened.  So far it is a mystery.  All tires are new and the torque was applied to each lud upon adding them.  They should not have loosened.  We will see tomorrow.  My fingers and toes are crossed,  Hoping my luck stays with me.  Until then.  Then to refill the coffee.

Peace and Balance,


Monday, December 11, 2023

The Lord Of The North.

 He stands alone far in the north where no one else dare go.  Staff held high, it's end burning with the light of seven suns.  Illuminating all that the light touches burning back the darkness a terrible battle commences.  No living thing can know the reason for such a show of power the very Earth shudders at his touch as the song of elves reverberates through the heavens.  The angels harmonize back and the pole shifts. 

At his feet his foe the Goblin King lies defeated his evil hold on mankind severed.  The victor clad in red and white his eyes of fire shine from under hood and sky.  The Elves song continues, "This is Santa." They sing to Time.  He is the new Ruler of the North, "Our Pride and Joy."  

Sing Oh Immortals of Time, for Santa has come.

Peace and Balance,


Saturday, December 9, 2023

My Wife's Philosophies.


From the philosophies of my Enlightened Wife:  "When the Sheets are straight, All's right in the world."

This was proven true to me after re making and straightening the bed.  Upon crawling  back under the covers the body relaxed and an audible sigh of relief and comfort was heard from both sides of the bed. All was indeed right in the world.  

It occurs to me that during this time of year many troubles can be solved between a set of warm, comfy, straight sheets.  When the addition of a warm comforter and a favorite blanket is also applied to the straight sheets then warmth and the inevitable sounds of breathing and the occasional contented snore will be heard.  These are both clues to the present state of wellness between the sheets making the world right.  These are my wife's ideas perfect sleep.  I am enjoying the experiment on the quality of sleep under these conditions, and so far she is quite right, "When the Sheets are straight All's right in the world."  

Under these conditions the mind is able to relax and REM sleep occurs allowing restful and healthful dreaming to happen.  Our minds relax and our bodies heal.  Perfect rest.  All's right in the world.  

So, as the philosopher awakens from a dream take my wife's advice and keep your sheets straight.  The benefits of a well rested night will follow you everywhere you are.  And your world too will be right.  

Peace and Balance,


Thursday, December 7, 2023

The Illumination Café.

It is said that from a child's mind is gleaned Truth.  I have the pleasure of working with children that have special needs however still have the gift of youth that sees through Bull Shit.  Each of these children has a certain spark deep behind their eyes that expresses the wisdom of age.  Is it possible we are re-educating immortal beings into the art of being human?  Only time will tell.  

Feed me, Teach me, protect me, Hear me, See me, these are the sacred truths between parents, Children, Teachers, and students for as long as Adults and Children have looked into each other's eyes.  We enlighten them, and they Illuminated us.  This is the relationship between an Adult and a Child and the Truth we all share.  From the chairs of the Illumination Café'.

Peace and Balance,


Monday, December 4, 2023

Advice from around the Fire.

 If you ever find yourself outside in the cold sitting around a nice hot highly stocked fire enjoying coffee and the gossip of the day and it begins to rain find water proof dry clothes to put on.  get somewhere warm and dry to keep the body safe from the yucks.  Take my word for it that ignoring this advice and not taking the time to care for yourself in those conditions can cause serious badness to inflict it's hostile pains upon you.  It is not a happy thing. 

As it was this past weekend The Three congregated around a nice toasty fire highly stoked partaking of the weekly conversation, ceremony, and sacred coffee.  It was beautiful, then the rain came.  Each of the Three sponged up a certain amount of cold drippyness and at the end of the night when things were being put away an amount of standing cold water was still on seats, the tops of coolers, and rocks around the Fire pit.  It was a fabulously hot fire.  The Three parted company and each went home to wives, snacks, and bed.  The one we shall call Master Wu woke the next morning expecting the top part of his brain to explode.  The Migraine was classic and should be in the halls of memory.  Wu's wife took his temp. and indeed it was there.  He thought the end was sure to come and decided to swab his brain and test for the evil Corona virus he was Negative a positive turn of events.  She took his temp. again and yes it was still holding on.  What a turn of events for getting a little to wet at the wrong ambient temperature.    Apparently if the body temp drops quickly the recovery rate can be taxing.  He is better now and has learned a lesson in Thermodynamics.   

The advice is, stay dry, Keep your feet dry and warm, keep you powder dry, and don't try to breath the whole fire.  

However, It was Grand.  

Peace and Balance,


Thursday, November 30, 2023

Fred's Cat


Most people remember Dino, Fred Flintstone's pet Dino.  That loveable dinosaur that tackles Fred every episode and drowns him in Jurassic affection, Dino is the kind of "Dog" we should all have. Loyal to the last, But does anyone remember the other pet of the Flintstone family?  That would be a Sabertooth cat that seems to own the place.  Remember the closing credits of every show.  the Cat throws Fred out the window to be locked out of the house, banging on the door yelling for Wilma waking the neighborhood.  That fuzzy fanged menace.  Does anyone remember his name?

That would be non other than, "Baby Puss" the sabretooth tiger.   Everyone should have one just like him.  What a name.  I guess the writers had a wasted moment that day.  Still wouldn't that be something, a pet sabretooth just for giggles.  The neighborhood wouldn't be the same again.  Problem is, the other pets in the area would probably disappear to the pains of Baby Puss.  

I wonder if Bam bam ever gave Barney reason for a painful pet?   And would Betty let it happen?  Modern problems for a stone age family.  Would Jackie Gleeson and Art Carney be proud or mortified?  Heaven forbid,  Three Bams can solve allot of problems.  Bam Bam Bam!  Barney and Betty are proud parents.  

Dino is chasing the Cat..  

Peace and Balance,


Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Kitchen Kung Fu And The Chicken Dance.

 I wake fairly early every morning at 3:40 AM.  I arise to start a daily regime that takes me all of two hours to accomplish every morning.  I do this deed in my Kitchen a place I have renamed my Kitchen Dojo or Kwoon  Japanese and Cantonese respectively for school.  My loyal student Tim has named what I do as Kitchen Kung Fu.  I like that term it is appropriate.  After being inducted into the Bruce Lee movie craze my Wife Romona has determined after observing my morning ritual that I am actually performing what she calls, Chicken Dancing.  That also works.  So, I arise early to perform my Kitchen Kung Fu while Chicken Dancing in my Kitchen Dojo, Kwoon.  I am the Master of the absurd.  It is a proud belt I wear.  Black and Red with white splotches that need not be discussed here.  You can leave that to your own imaginations.  

Sometimes I get questions, "John, What is it you practice so early in the morning?"  The answer is complicated however, I Am an American Master of Ninpo Chuan Fa, I am The Grandmaster of TuMo Quan Gong Fu, my own eclectic art.  And I have managed to become the Master of my own version of Wu Style Taiji Quan and Qi Gong.  I've been doing this stuff for a lifetime and actively practicing for more than 50 years.  What does that mean you ask?  It means that I don't take myself seriously anymore, I've learned to smile with people and spend a lot of time laughing at myself.  I've also learned that one of the world's most effective medicines is a good strong cup of coffee.  

I'm in my 60's now, my BP is about 110 over 60.  Blood sugar is about 80 and the cholesterol is in the good range for an old fat guy.  I say that partially in jest.  But those of you who know me, well... 80)  I don't miss many meals.  

My most effective technique is, shaking a hand and introducing myself and saying, "How Are You?"   And as I said to a friend this morning, "I carry Sunshine in my pockets."   

May you all learn to enjoy what you do as much.

Peace and Balance,


Tuesday, November 28, 2023

A Silly Little Poem


Sometimes I walk and Talk

Sometimes I Talk while I walk

And sometimes If I walk to fast I can't keep up

And They don't understand a Word coming out of my mouth. 

This is often a daily truism.  And regardless of how fast the walking and talking are paired

I also have a difficult time understanding.  

My eldest daughter at times when she was young would suffer spurts of verbiage so fast that the common ear could not hear.  A plight I have learned that is not rare amongst teenagers in this country.  Hence all parents we occasionally have pitched looks of confirmed confusion.  

Peace and Balance,


Monday, November 27, 2023

Clint Eastwood And The Spaghetti Western.


When I was a kid the king of the Spaghetti Western was undeniably, "Clint Eastwood"  Who was actually responsible for the creation and propagation of that so important genre of entertainment.  With the collaboration of directors such as Sergio Leone, and Franko Nero, the Spaghetti Western, called by that name because the filming for the most part was done on the dryer plains of Italy.  Hence the home of Italian cuisine became the home of the Spaghetti Western  and Clint Eastwood was at it's forefront.  

His immortal Character that has no name formed the tough guy psyche for many a modern teenage boy  from, "The Good Bad And The Ugly." to today.  That quintessential sneer and lightning fast draw built the moral of every growing young man of the sixties, seventies, and even now for those of us who hold on tightly to the nostalgia of the, "Mexican Standoff"  don't sneeze because someone always get an overdose of 45 caliber lead.  Riding off into the sunset and disappearing into the mist of the horizon is always the preferd method of exiting the scene practiced by his main Character, "He who has no name," often called, "Blondie"  Is the character an Angel, is he a demon, or just the product of Clint's and Sergio's minds?   That question should never truly be answered, for if it were the dreams and impressions of so many of us the true western hero would be dashed to bits on the rocks of the Nevada, Italian desert.  I hold on to the faith of the story.  Clint Eastwood carved out much of my adolescent idea of what it means to be a man.  That is to shoot straight, look the bad guy in the eye and always ride your own horse.  

In our minds all battle have been won.

Peace and Balance,


Saturday, November 25, 2023

The People and 500 years for 500 Nations.

 Many, many Moons ago a new people came to the shores of Turtle Island.  In the North The People could understand the speak of the new people as the languages were almost the same. The People of the North of Turtle Island thought the new people might be insane because they spoke backwards.  Their language was spoken in reverse and was hard to follow.  It took much time for the Elders to understand the new people's speak, but they eventually did and trade began.  

In the South The People feared the new people because the new people began telling The People that they were the Old Gods and should be respected as Such.  The People began resisting and there was war.  

On the middle shore The People at first did not understand what they were seeing.  Floating cities appeared on the horizon of the Big Water, and in these cities was a population of new people that did not know the ways of life on Turtle Island and had to be taught in order to survive.  These new people did have members of The People with them and were reunited with family long gone.  Then the Troubled Times began. 

On the opposite shores of Turtle Island a new people arrived that  was much like The People that lived on those shores.  These new people were seeking refuge and wished to be hidden.  Then arrived the hunters of men who were seeking a holy man from far away claiming he had murdered an Eastern Prince. 

On every shore of Turtle Island a new people arrived and on every shore chaos soon followed.  The People found it necessary to protect family and friends the long wars began. 

Every group of new people that came to Turtle Island and began trading, communicating, and learning from The People had a trait they all shared.  In time they all began claiming the land as their own.  They all said that, a "God" was giving it to them.  They all began taking what was The People's and not theirs.  Even The People Themselves became a claimed thing.  The People began to disappear. 

The beginning of this occupation began 500 years ago, and to this day the pains of The People are still felt world wide.  

The New Order on Turtle Island just celebrated it's Holiday of Thanksgiving, and should respect The People for the gift of the knowledge of survival without which there would be no celebration.   For 500 years the 500 nations have endured, now The People and the new people are ONE People.  The Sacred Wheel is of all races of man and Turtle Island is our beginning.  

For all races of man and woman that live on Turtle Island Celebrate the ending of Native American Month with respect, pride, and the Joy of being Human for there is light in the distance.  

Peace and Balance,


Sunday, November 19, 2023

Paladin and Kwai Chang True knights of the Orient.

 There are very few lovers of Old Western Television that won't remember, "Have Gun Will Travel."  The story about a man who calls himself, "Paladin" after the foremost knights in Charlemagne's court.  Paladin is a gentleman knight.  A true warrior of the old school.  Although during the series that ran from 1957 to 1963 Paladin's true name is never really spoken, only eluded to.  Although it is accepted that his name may have indeed been Will Paladin.  It may be hidden within the card he hands to possible clients during the show.  Embosomed over a White Paladin Chess piece is, "Have Gun Will Travel"  Wire Paladin San Francisco the card became the graphic for the TV series during it's entire run.  

Played by Richard Boone who stated before his death in 1981 that Paladin was the best and finest part he had ever had the pleasure of playing.   Paladin was a Union officer during the Civil War being a graduate of The United States Military Academy at West Point, he was an expert shot and quick draw he became a gun for hire that charges an extremely high fee at 1000 dollars for those who can afford him, and gives his services away for free for the poor who need his help.  Paladin is a true Knight who follows the code. 

An expert in Chinese martial arts, Paladin is seen in a few episodes taking instruction from a Chinese Master.  He is an expert swordsman, a Boxer, and never looses a fight.  Paladin is to the Old West what Author and Lancelot were to Camelot.  A very educated man and a Master Chess player Paladin was also his own Merlin.  Following the path of righteousness and Chivalry Paladin is the kind of Good Guy that made the kids of the era feel good about the Westerns they were watching on TV, Myself included.  Two of my favorite shows of the time were, "Kung Fu" with David Carradine, and "Paladin" with Richard Boone.  I've always wondered what would have happened if Kwai Chang Caine hadn't met Paladin?  It would have been a glorious show.  What Kwai Chang did with his feet and body, Paladin did with his Colt 45 and mind.  What a show it would have been.

Now I will Google old Paladin episodes and dream the good dream.

Peace and Balance,


Saturday, November 18, 2023

No More Filter

 Satire like sarcasm has a way of putting the obvious in the faces of those who try to ignore certain realisms and spend allot of their times with heads either under pillows or neck deep in sand.  Playing ostrich has always been a choice for avoidance of the neurotic and those who believe that they know when no one else does.  This is when neurosis switches to the art of bull shit.  I fully admit that I have hidden my head and tried filling the populated space with a certain amount of BS, however I believe I have grown out of such plagiarisms.   I have finely become an acceptor of my own fate and it's causes.  Thank God.

My profession as well as my chosen free time practices have given me an educated eye and ear and know when an individual is engaging in trying to persuade myself or other's that his/her personal points of view and or knowledge are the only true source of said knowledge. Because of my age, being an American of a respectable age and experience I have officially lost my social filter.  Because I have no more filter I have absolutely no compunction about calling Bull Shit on the self importance of the BSer.  To the chagrin of friends and students, the adults ones, who have found out first hand my lack of decorum, "I apologize."  Kind of..    

For these reasons I have decided it is a wise thing for me to stay way from any candidate or individual representing a candidate that's trying to sell me a package of goods.  I either anger them, embrace them or ruin the day.  Shame on me.  I prefer to listen stoically arms folded, black glasses on.  I would make a darn good security presence.  Not because I'm 6'1" tall and weigh 260 pounds, but rather the fact that I know how to do the Majickal stare that all security dudes should know.   It's part of my training.  The art of the snake is to get in their heads first.  That's also the stare that my friends that are professional wrestlers and part of AJ's crew learn to intimidate each other and the, "Bad Guys."  Of course, we're all bad guys in certain respects.  That's the Show.  

If I write it, it becomes satire, if I speak it, then it is sarcasm.  And it's all satirical until my size 12 is in view.  So, just like the Ring dancers of old, Never ever take yourself to seriously and realize as soon as you've walked into that ring, you've already won the match.

Peace and Balance,


Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Memories with Red

For those of us who live in Northern New England and are old enough to have an idea what a "Work Ethic" really is and remember the proper uses for a good roll of Duct Tape was "The Red Green Show." where Steven Smith plays a character, "Red Green"  while entertaining us with his Almost eerie rendition of the Northern New England middle aged man.  The Master of Duct Tape stating a phrase that has been misused for years in regards to the Black Bear, " Quando Omni Flunkus Moritati, "When all else fails, Play Dead."  Which brings us to the proper many uses for Duct tape.  There was one use on the show that actually works.  The repair of a flat tire.  Genius, pure.  

Ole Red and is nephew Harold complete with a plethora of strange friends so closely resemble the Men of Northern New Hampshire that the universe eventually has some almost intelligence guided force behind the quasi Latin phrase.  Should we play dead when confronted with a black bear?  NO, but make sure you have Duct Tape in your back Pack.  

For those of us that are married and know that look we tend to generate from our wives and the wrath that can follow I share the Man's Prayer, "I'm a Man, but I can change, if I have to, I guess."  Amen.  

So now I go the Google and search out episodes of "The Red Green Show."  to nostalgically remember what it means to be the American Male."  After 14 years on PBS (1991 - 2006)  there are lots of shows to relive...

Peace and Balance,


Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Holy Pizza

 Pizza is the fallback dinner of many supper tables all over the world.  A sometimes thick, sometimes thin round bread covered in sauce, cheese and the other things that make a complete hearty meal, Pizza has become one of America's favorite indulgences.  If you want to see your children smile when they ask you what's for supper just say, "Pizza." and you will see sparkling glee fly from their eyes followed by the praises to mom and or dad mixed with Oooo's and Ahhh's and, "Can I have peperoni on mine?"  This short conversation will make you the hero of the household no holds barred.  

I remember when that short fat Chef, "Boyardee created a pizza in a box that you could whip up in short time, top with sauce and cheese, both usually provided to make all mom's and dad's hits in the kitchen.  To this day, since I was one of those children that sang the praises to the little fat Chef, as well as my wife Romona, when we get an urge as was the case today I bring the box O'Pizza home and whip it up in no time.  We both have a soft spot for that short fat Chef.  Boyardee has become a hero.  

I know a blog or two back I promised to cut back on certain amounts of sodium and nitrates, however I sing praise to Chef Boyardee, and promise I didn't over indulge.  Mona was happy, and we each have some for later snack when it cools, another favorite way to enjoy pizza, cold and tasty.  

As in the past so it is in the present and hopefully future children will know the worth and glory of a good Pizza.  In the fufure Pizza will become a relic and possibly worshipped for it's roundness and close resemblance of an oversized host in Churches all over.  I wonder if Jesus ,would have like a good slice of pie?  He would make it simple, Buddha on the other hand would have one with everything.  

There's a party happening in heaven, Jesus,  the Buddha, Moses, and Mohammad all celebrating the end of Ramadan together with the perfect heavenly Pizza.  Amen.  

I bow to Chef Boyardee and the creator's and ancestors of Pizza.  There has to be a sacred dance, HO.

Peace and Balance,


Sunday, November 12, 2023

Ice Cream And The Zen Experience


This afternoon while traveling back from shopping for that food stuff I often purchase from my former employer Walmart, I heard a fantastic interview on NPR, our local National Public Radio station.  From atop the hill in the White Mountains the interviewer was speaking with Dan Robertson a scientist that has recently published a couple papers on food that are good to help cut the possible effects of type 2 diabetes.  Fortunately I am a little out of the norm even though I'm a larger than average American Male of a respectable age, that is over 60, I don't have any signs nor precursors to pre-diabetes or the other.   I attribute this fact to the daily routines that I've established for myself.  That is, every day in an early, some would say insane time, I arise clean up and begin practicing my daily regime of Qigong, Taiji Quan, and TuMo Gong Fu.  Three practices that I have attained a high level of mastery due to a life long love of the martial arts and the esoteric practices of my culture.  I get a fairly good work out 6 days a week.  I always take one off for the natural physical healing processes.  So, my health is over all pretty darn OK. Even though  I might look "larger than life."  I'm also fairly deadly.  That's also a side effect of continued practice.  

What Dr. Robertson was saying is that he's discovered that Ice cream is actually good for you.  It' attributes to the lowering of the blood sugar levels.  He quoted from another paper that was published on similar subjects about the daily consumption of yogurt.  Dr. Robertson actually stated that ice cream may be 10 X's better at lower blood sugar levels than yogurt.  It has to do with the specific fats in dairy products that amalgamate around the sugar molecule keeping our bodies from absorbing them.  Kudos.  

Being a fan of the occasional Ben and Jerry's bing, I am a happy camper.  Makes me sort of want to climb to the roof top and scream to the heavens, "Hail, Hail Rock and Roll, Ice Cream Is Good For You!"  So far I have managed to refrain from to much of an emotional outburst.  Another side effect of my chosen daily practice.  My blood pressure is normal right around 110 over 60...  So for a Fellow of a respectable age, I'd say that's pretty darn good.  

So because of the NPR programing my day has reason to be a success.  We should all Be Happy.

"Hail Hail Rock And Roll Ice Cream Is Good For You."

Peace and Balance,


Friday, November 10, 2023

So It Is Written, So It Is Spoken.

 We were one short for our Sacred Coffee Friday musings which means the eldest of us and possibly the most level headed and saner of The Three left the Two Heyokas, "Clowns" to deliberate and ponder the meaning of the universe.  What The Two Heyoka's discovered is that the B movie, "The Attack Of The Killer Tomato's." has within it a secret that could solve the problems in the Middle East between Israel and Palestine.  In the movie the Jewish population combined with the Palestinian population creating the HeRab confederation who within their primary doctrine is written that one of the most important universal precepts is the search for the Tall Blonde with a Perfect Tush.   So it is written so it is spoken.  The marriage between the Arab and Jewish communities world wide would seek out the above asset while protecting the world from Killer Tomato's.  Ed Wood would be proud.  

This is what happens when the rational mind of The Three isn't present to think through the words of the two brother Heyokas.  Although abstaining from the troublesome Nitrates of past weeks will keep The Three Healthier.  

The second conversation of the evening had to do with Never taking yourself to seriously.  As Never happens with The Three.  Sacred Clowns all.  May the universe flourish with the Joy of creation. "So it is written, So it is spoken."

Peace and Balance,


Wednesday, November 8, 2023

What's in Charge?

 What happens when we create an AI that learns, becomes self aware, reproduces itself into newer versions then decides it doesn't like us anymore?  To tell you the truth I'm not convinced that hasn't happened already.  

Think about it for a moment and convince me that you haven't experienced the awkward moment when a computer program, or something non human hasn't made a decision for you that subverted what you would consider you're own power of choice or volition.

An example might be the newest version of the iPhone.  You use your phone for awhile and without consciously making the decision you hold it up for inspection and it turns on because the software has recognized your face.  Did you initialize that or did it just happen one day.  Or when it suddenly recognizes your voice and knows when you are using similar software from another source.  I know this may sound very paranoid, however they are both example of what the newest iPhone is capable of doing right now.   Which leads to the question who is using whom, or what.  Are you in charge of your phone or is your phone in charge of you?  

An out going president hands over the nuclear football to the incoming candidate.  In today's world if there is an unprovoked attack from one country on another as far as nuclear weapons are concerned the AI will make a God decision and counter attack to promote the mutual destruction scenario.  This is all set on computers and out of our control.  It can not be shut off, the powers that be assured it would function independently.  Doesn't that give you a warm fuzzy feeling all over?  

So, imagine the whole system being reprogramed by our pet AI that suddenly decides it doesn't like humanity much anymore.  Can we say extinction kids?  

What ever happened to the time when shooting a good game of pool was the most complicated thing we knew how to do?  Let's all repeat, "SkyNet."  

"I'll Be Back."

Peace and Balance,


Monday, November 6, 2023

You Are What You Eat

 Eating bad things will make you feel like a bad thing.  An over indulgence in your favorite food if it's not good for you in the long run will probably have some repercussions.   These will come in different guises such as flu like symptoms, headaches, general body aches and pains, and yes you may even suffer from an old fashioned hangover from doing something silly like eating a whole package of Ball Park franks all by yourself.  There is something about an over dose of nitrates and sodium that will send your body into the payback mode.  The next day you will understand the error of your ways.  

The proper diet of a healthy human being is rich in amino acids, vitamins, and minerals historically from the area or region a group of people come from.  Traditionally the people of the Northeast had a diet rich in grains, tubers, leafy green things, fish, wild game, and fresh water.  Over generations of change and the development of farming techniques evolved to encompass the diet that would evolve to sustain the people and their progeny.   This enhances physical development and generates evolution in human beings.  All starting from what we eat and how we eat it.  

Thus is the old adage, "You are what you eat."  If that true, then I'm may be lost in the existence of  an Oscar Myer Weiner.  Thus is the life of the Hot Dog.  If you want to change yourself physically the first place to start is the food you stuff into your face.  That change can change the universe.

A well balanced diet, with a moderate amount of exercise combined with the ability to laugh at ones self and not take life to seriously  potentially has the power to redraw your existence.  Now it's up to you to take that step towards good, happy food.  Let's see what happens.

Peace and Balance,


Sunday, November 5, 2023

Noble Truth and the Path to Enlightenment.

The first noble truth is that suffering exists.  The second noble truth is that suffering is caused by craving and attachment.  The third noble truth is that suffering can be ended. And the fourth noble truth is the Eightfold Path which is a set of principles and practices to follow that will bring an end to suffering. 

The Eightfold Path is: the road to Nirvana which is realized when all suffering suddenly releases it's grasp on the aspirant and send them into Bliss.  The first are, "Right Views"  which is not the views of another pressing upon the seeker, but rather the views of the individual on themselves. Second is, "Right Intention" a way of Being here now, and understanding it. Third, "Right Speech"  Speak Truth. Fourth is, "Right Action."  Doing the things that should be done at the right time. Fifth is, "Right Livelihood."  This one causes arguments, but letting go of judgement is pinnacle,  That is living a life fully and in service to the self and the all. Sixth is, "Right Effort." Doing the things that must get done without harming anything or anyone. Seventh, "Mindfulness"  Being aware of who you are, where you are, and why you are there. Eighth goes hand in hand with Mindfulness it is, "Concentration."  Focus is the ability to "See" what the viewer is looking at completely.  

The Eightfold path has many practices and methods to gain access to each of these abilities.  Some achieve them through their own volition, other's with the help of a teacher or guru, yet a very few have it thrust upon them and open their eyes to the light and a world of no suffering.  

You the reader are the universe grab ahold of this thought and let go.  Then you will understand the first hunger of the Buddha.  

Peace and Balance,


Saturday, November 4, 2023

A Borrowed True Story.

 The cuisine of Southern India is rich and flavorful, and has sustained a culture of many for a multitude of happy generations.  The Food is Good.

Gautama Siddhartha chose the path of a Siddha and wondered in silence purposefully not thinking of food or other primal distractions that might cross his path.  As it is with holy men of that practice he consisted on the generosity and good nature of people that would have pity on him and bring him bowls of rice and vegetables during his travels.  He would sleep under the stars and the comfort of the jungle trees that are plentiful in that part of the world.  

One November evening Gautama came across a  grand Bodhi tree standing in front of a long wall.  He sat in front of the tree facing the wall and began meditating.  He first pondered the Wall, then he thought about the Tree, then he eventually examined his existence and the nature of his suffering.  While he sat and meditated under that tree in front of that wall he eventually began collecting a few followers as it happens in India people will gather around a meditating man hoping to absorb some of his Goodness.

Gautama sat in front of that wall under that tree meditating for nine years.  Because he only subsisted on the good nature of the those that gathered around him he became a bag of bones.  He did not think about food or any other primal urges people fall into.  Instead he was true to his silence and The Way.  He was a stubborn man and refused to let go.  He clung to his purpose with all of his spirit and continued his meditations.  He found answers to his suffering.  More followers gathered.  

Gautama sat and meditated for nine years and was surrounded by the Bliss of the universe and Enlightenment lay upon him.  He turned to face the open field and his followers knew that he had attained enlightenment and had become the awoke one by the glow that surrounded his countenance, the radiance that shone from his eyes.  His followers began anticipating great words of wisdom coming from The Buddha.

Upon opening his eyes the Buddha laid his gaze upon those that sat at his feet.  He knew in an instant what was expected of him, he knew what they wanted, what was in their deepest of hearts.  He smiled inwardly and began chuckling.

The Buddha smiled a big gleeful grin and the first words he had spoken in nine years on the moment of his enlightenment were, "I'm Hungry, does anybody feel like eating?"   To the disappointment of his followers, true enlightenment is very practical.

Peace and Balance,


Thursday, November 2, 2023

Doting Over Students.


There is a certain joy that comes with finding out your practice and or research is actually heading in the correct direction.  What I practice and teach is a method for folks to connect with themselves and their personal environments.  It takes an amalgamation of practice, concentration, imagination, and willingness.  

The scientist in me keeps me researching for new methods and techniques of study.  Recently I have discovered that some of the senior colleagues of my chosen practice agree with my methods and use of my practice as a tool to reach folks on an interpersonal, psychological, and physiological level.  One of these senior collogues is a highly regarded neuropsychologist.  His agreement with our methods have placed my students and I on a new level in regards to the world of QiGong and Taiji Quan.  I am proud of the people I share with every week.  Good job gang, I feel like a doting Grand Dad.  

Lets keep up the good work and create the universe as we go...

Peace and Balance,


Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Proper Maintenance Leads To A Nice Ride.

 Waiting for tires was a test of patience.  Delayed, late, funky excuses from Fed Ex, then just as I was considering making one of them "Calls" they arrived.  And to be honest some very good quality tires for the money I spent.  I am happy. 

The test is now over and the wait for the installation begins.  I'm on the schedule for next Wednesday.  The Pony will feel like a new ride.  A few liquid/refined oats and the Pony and I will go for a ride to test the feel.  New tires on a vehicle are right up there with the smell of a new car, the comfort of new sneakers, and feeling of a near perfect turn into a high banked high speed track.  We'll call it, "Glory."  

I'm anticipating of course, but there are very few things that match that kind of newness.   A pint of Ben and Jerry's Americone Dream might be in order.  I have simple vices.  

So as it goes, my advise to you the reader is that if you have a set of wheels that makes you happy and gets you from point to point in a pleasant and systematic manner make sure you take care of it.  Keep the maintenance up, keep it oiled, and feed it the correct fuel and coolant.  You will thank yourself in the long run.

Peace and Balance,


Sunday, October 29, 2023

Putting 4 New Shoes on The Pony.

 Purchasing items off of the inter web thing can be a great test of patience.  I've recently ordered a set of 4 tires for my CRV Pony through Walmart, and as is the case with many internet organizations Walmart doesn't actually own the products it sells.  Especially through the World Wide Spiderness.  Walmart is one of the or rather the largest company in the world that acts as an agent for the manufacturers and sellers of products of all kinds from food stuff to electronics, and in my case automotive.  You order your products and Walmart places the order through the originator and your funds are split between the two organizations.  Symbiotic capitalism at it's best.  

My tires are on the way and are expected to arrive within the next few hours.  They originated in a company from Phoenix AZ called Simply Tire.  I got a real good deal and saved almost 142 dollars due to my affiliation with the Wall Giant organization.  So, the purchase price was extremely reasonable.  The best blessing is that I have a time booked for the students of the automotive program at the Berlin High School to install and balance my tires.  A double savings.  The teacher of the automotive program at the High School is a young man that is the past master mechanic from a local car dealership.  He's very good at his job and the kids under his tutelage are learning a real trade.  

The same program has just recently replaced the front brakes on my Pony and I am very happy with the job they've done.  In the long run for both jobs, the brakes and the tires, I have spent less than I would have if I would have had the local car dealership do the whole show.  Being an employee of the local High School has it's bennies.  

This arrangement, the Master technician and his students using the vehicles of the  staff as teaching and learning tools is very symbiotic and resembles an old fashioned Taoist Temple.  The Master teaching the Students who in turn offer their assistance to the other Masters of the Temple.  My Driving has become the product of the modern Cha, or Zen experience of the Taoist old world.

This is called Balance and within it is great Peace.

Peace and Balance,


Saturday, October 28, 2023

Sacred Coffee and Open Fire Cooking.

Every Friday evening the Three gather to burn wood, drink the sacred coffee, share in each other's company, and of course talk about other folks.  There has been added another element into the ceremonial progressing's of the evening, that is the cooking of Hotdogs and Brats over an open fire.   This added element brings great joy to the Three and brings about the transcendent effect of a warm happy tummy.  

As discussed in past posts Coffee is truly a sacred thing.  In the language of The People Coffee is created from Wakaliapi, "the sacred bean."  When dried and roasted in the proper manner Wakaliapi is slow brewed into it's proper medicinal form of Pejuta Sapa, "Black Medicine."   The black liquid that enhances the experiences and wakens the minds of many an elderly, as The Three have survived to be, and adult American person.  This fine nation politically as well as Indigenously functions on the wake of this gift of The Great Spirit Grandfather, Pejuta Sapa, The Holy Bean.  The drink from the Heavens.  

Adding the Hot Dogs and Brats to the magic of the evening has enhanced the Power and Medicine that The Three wield during their discussions, merry makings, and gossip intended to share the Healing Energies with the masses.  In Ancient times this is how the news of the day was shared, and would be the old time physicians meetings discussing the psychological and physical wellness of the tribe.    Of course the word Physician isn't quite correct as the old words are different for any of the 500 languages spoken on this continent even up until 150 years ago.  We could say, Sachem, Pejuta Wicaca, Wakan Wicaca, Pejuta Winan, Wakan Winan, Medicine man, Medicine woman, Holy man, Holy woman, what have you.  The languages may be different, however the meanings are profound and to the point.  In today's  expansive world the old Tibetan/Mongolian word, Shaman, is used generically to include all Holistic Healers, and Holy People to include Priests and yes, Physicians.  

This is one of, as in many, reasons The Three gather on Friday's to celebrate the Holy Bean, have the Sacred talk, and now enjoy the Roasting of the Sacred Brat on a stick.  The World is such a Majickal place.  

Peace and Balance,


Wednesday, October 25, 2023

For Family My Thanks From Now And Zen: The Story


For the past few weeks I've been publishing a book on this forum titled simply "Now And Zen: The Story"   It took 28 chapters and a post log to complete from intro to end.  The writing forced me to reflect on past memories in order to re-create them into a story worthy of reading.  

As was once said to me by a very close friend, "It is easier to write the truth by hiding it within fiction."  The job for the reader is to glean the fact from that fiction.  That is also the entertainment in the reading.  

I hope you've found it a worth while read, and as with all things never take anything for granted, your instincts are your best judges of character.

For: The Old Man, The Grandma, The Dad, The Mom, The Little Sister, The Little Brother, My Beautiful Wife Romona, And of course my three primary antagonists, Charlie, Ray, and Michael. 

Peace and Balance,


Monday, October 23, 2023

Post Log: Now And Zen, "All Things End"

 As Time unravels it's gifts upon man many memories are played on the mental screens of the viewer, the minds of the Dreamer.  Years have passed Now and The Boy has been far removed from the lands of His Birth.  The stories of The Old Man, The Dad, The Mom, and The Grandma are experienced only in the mist of these memories and written upon dreams.  

The Little Sister has been grown for many years and has a family of her own.  The Little Brother is a Man and has sons that resemble him.  Each is on their own enlightened path that reflects their memories and dreams.  The Boy, the eldest of the Clan since the passing of The Dad, and The Mom so many years ago is now and has been for years now, the Grand forbearer of The Old Man's knowledge as passed to him through The Dad.   He has become the Creator of He Himself and his memories are but a phantom and the Dreams are reflections of the Terrible Other.  He has become the New Old Man.  HO.

For those of you who have read and found a resemblance to yourself and your own journey, I say Welcome.  If you read and recognize the Protagonist or other Characters of this printing, I say again, Welcome.  

I would like to remind you of a truth that you are all aware, "It is easier to speak honorable truth through the guise of  unaltered fiction."  

We call this genre Creative Non-Fiction for this purpose.  The art of the Journalist.  

It's time to find your own true story.

Peace and Balance,


Sunday, October 22, 2023

Chapter 28: The Happy Hunting Ground

 As years pass so do memories.  Faces of what was and what will be float by in the minds of men on a regular basis.  These are what connects the ones doing the remembering with what is being remembered.  If the memory is paid close attention to, then the lessons of the past will embed themselves on the psyche of the ones doing the remembering.  Then Dreams will come and unite the past with the present then blended will become the future.  Then words like deja-vu and precognition make perfect sense in the larger scheme of things.

The Boy had been away from home for a good many years.  After many years had past He returned for a visit to find The Grandma suffering from the last stages of Dementia.  She even confused Him with The Old Man on more than one occasion.  It was true, The Boy was looking more and more like The Old Man the older he grew.   She would come to her senses and giggle like she knew the mistake.  All was normal again. 

The Old Man was getting older.  He would do incredible things for a man of his age.  He would put hands flat on the ground in front of him then place a boot atop the fence and reach down to the ground of the other boot.  This showed he still had mastery over his body.  However, he relied on The Dad and The Boy for more manual things.  He was after all over 100 years old. 

The Boy visited, Practiced with and took much advise from The Dad while they were both under the close scrutiny of The Old Man, who was always smiling and laughing.  His best teaching technique.  It was All Good.  

The Boy returned home to New Hampshire.  He was no longer an employee of the Governmental Military complex, but a self employed man that occasionally worked for a local school system.  The rumor was that He was Good with teens, but he would never let the secret out.  All was Good.

A few years after His visit a message reached The Boy that The Grandma and The Old Man had passed into the West, beyond the setting sun to the Happy Hunting Ground.  They had both been living in the shared room at a local retirement home.  She was dealing with the last stages of Dementia and The Old Man just because he was with her.  Approaching the age of ultimate wisdom The Old Man enjoyed the company of the home.  The Old Man passed in his sleep in the Fall,  He was found on his side facing the Western window, he had let go the spirit.  The Grandma had a lucid moment and asked the nursing staff, "Is That Hoot?"  They had to break the sad News that The Old Man had passed in the night.  Three days later The Grandma was found by nursing staff in her bed.  She had passed in the night in the same position that The Old Man was found in.  She was 93 years old.  The Old Man was 111 years old, and was a Real Life Cowboy.  

Peace and Balance,


Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Chapter 27: Welcome To The DOD.

 Pease Airforce Base was the headquarters of the 509th Bomb Wing.  The 8th Airforce J-GSOC whose first mission was to drop the First Atomic Bomb.  On August 6th, 1945 The Boeing B29 Superfortress, "Enola Gay" dropped the first Atomic weapon on the Japanese city of Hiroshima screaming in the Nuclear Age.  The Enola Gay was parked outside the main gate of the base, on display for everyone in New Hampshire to view and ponder what lays behind the gates of that Base. 

A few months after His misadventures in Central America The Staff Sargent found a set of orders sitting on his desk at the MEPS, Military Entrance Processing Station in Butte Montana.  This had been His duty station since His release from the Hospital at Sheppard.  Because of His experience and training it was His responsibility to screen possible Airman and new recruits for similar positions in Military Intelligence.  His quota had not been met as He found Himself discouraging most of the candidates that crossed his floor.  The Station Head Shrinker said something about PTSD affecting His ability to communicate unbias points of view.  In other words, His Filter had been removed. 

The Orders required  him to report at the OSI, Office Of Special Investigations, on Pease at the end of the upcoming week.  He was being assigned to the 509th Combat Engineers as an Investigator.  The Staff Sargent took the letter and reported to his supervision Chief.  The Chief already knew what was happening and shook his hand to congratulate Him.  "I know you." The Chief said, "You don't belong behind a desk."  

The Staff Sargent had a few days to himself so He put on some civilian garb, crawled behind the wheel of his car and began the drive to Havre.  That was a long drive, about 6 hours, but he eventually found himself driving down the gravel road to the Drive Way in front of the Bel Aire and Winston.  The Old Man met him in the front yard of Winston, slapped him on the shoulder and said, "Good to see you Boy.  You're moving on soon."  The Old Man again knew without being told.  He was always like that.

The Boy was moving on soon.  There was the sense of no return in the air, and He felt it.  The very next day He was on a bus traveling East towards Portsmouth New Hampshire on His way to Pease Air Force Base which would prove to be His last military post.  The Old Man warned him a few years before, The Dad knew nothing was permanent, The Grandma expected he would be on a new journey, and he remembered an encounter in the Honduran jungle with an other old man that resembled The Dad somehow telling him, "I know you, you do not belong with these people.  Leave them before they destroy you." Then The old man in the jungle pulled his hat down and went back to sleep.

Then Boy remembered what The Old Man said, "When someone you don't know gives you advice, take it."  

He knew things would end soon.  The trip on the bus was 3 days of straight Grey Hound nonsense.  There were no layovers, there was no getting off the bus, only straight driving and uncomfortable sitting.  He was not built to sit in these seats for an extended period of time.  Penance was being paid.  The only luggage was a duffle bag stowed in the lower bus compartment, and his Bass guitar that He refused to part with.  It was a gift from The Dad for graduating from High School years before.  One of the first Ibanez Roadster Basses, the serial number his birthdate and graduation date combined.  A guitar special made for him by the Ibanez company.  After all he was a Jazz bassist with a certain amount of experience. 

3 days latter he emerged from that bus sweaty, stinky, and a tad pissed.  He was met at the bus garage by one of the officers in his new command.  After being driven straight to the NCO temporary barracks and checking in He was ordered to get cleaned up, shave and report to the commander no later than 1500 hours.  He took a long waited for shower and found an iron in the room's closet.  He ironed his uniform and got dressed with an hour to spare.  He made his way to the base commander and reported as ordered.  Then he was ordered to report to the OSI office at the top of the hill, and he did.  Captain Knapp, now Major Knapp was waiting for him there which seemed so outlandish that they both laughed as He learned that this was a new base and possibly the last base for both.   Knapp was retiring soon, and the Staff Sargent would quietly disengage, a term for Airman that quietly re-enter civilian life.

The Staff Sargent was given an entry packet to take to his new office at the 509th Civil Engineering Squadron headquarters.  He was to report to the 509 Combat Engineers in the morning and report to Chief Master Sargent Brod for assignment.  He was left to his own devices until the morning.  The Staff Sargent went back to his room, crawled into bed and went to sleep.  The morning would come much to early.

In the morning He was standing in front of The Chief's desk handing him the packet He received the past evening.  Chief Brod was looking over it's contents with a puzzled look.  He looked up from his desk, "How is it possible that you have a higher clearance than any other members of this team, including me?"  The Staff Sargent had no answer and stayed silent.

The truth was Chief Brod had no idea who or what he had just added to the 509th Engineers.  The orders read like something out of a bad sci fi novel.  This Staff Sargent was some kind of Monster killer, or UAP commander, He hadn't made up his mind yet.  Then the phone rang on his desk and he answered with his normal, "Brod."  He was making the usual, "Huh Huh, and yep, then a Yes sir."  then hung up the phone.  

The Chief looked at the Staff Sargent and said, "You've got your first assignment.  You're to report to barracks 13 and give this note to the desk sergeant.  You are to sit in the room assigned and write on this pad all impressions you receive about the room next door.  Write all information you deem important, leave nothing out. Do not share this info with anyone.  Do not sleep.  There will be coffee available.  In the morning you will report to OSI and give them this note book and wait for debrief."  He handed the Staff Sargent a small legal pad and pen.  "Dismissed." 

The Staff Sargent did an about face and walked out the door of the 509th headquarters to a waiting blue sedan that drove him to Barracks 13.  The Staff Sargent reported to the desk Sergeant and handed her the note from Chief Brod.  She read the note, gave Him a key, and led Him to a room on the second floor of the Barracks, "There's a phone in the room, a refrigerator filled with food, and plenty of coffee. If you need me I'll be at the front desk until I come to retrieve you in the morning.  The Chief say's you should stay until then.  The next door occupants will arrive shortly. Thanks."  She left Him at the room.

The Staff Sargent unlocked the door, walked in and locked himself inside.  He sat against a wall that was shared by the next door room and began taking notes.  First there was silence, then the neighbors came home and things got interesting.  He wrote everything.  All comments, all smells, all impressions.  At one point he could hear a fight break out between two airman.  It lasted a couple minutes, there was some cursing, a few thuds, then quiet.  He could smell the aroma of old shoes and sage.  He recorded all.  There was allot of traffic.  Some sounded like and exchange.  A party, another fight, girls.  The Sun began coming up and everything got quiet again.  The Staff Sargent waited.  

At 08:00 there was a knocking at the door.   The Desk Sergeant was at the door, "Are you ready?"

The Staff Sargent replied in the affirmative and she took him to a blue sedan and drove him to OSI at the top of the hill and left him.  He reported to the front desk and waited.  A Captain arrived and took him to a separate room to debrief.  The Staff Sargent handed the Captain the pad and pen, "This is all." He left the room, walked to the entry desk and was given keys to a blue sedan parked in the lot, "This is yours to use until it's not." The Desk Sargent said.  He nodded and got in the car and went back to his own room to get cleaned up, shave, get some sleep.  

The next morning he woke up to a small TV playing in the room.  The ABC news was on talking about the state of the union and other mindless news of the day.  He made some coffee then reported for duty.  He was wearing operational greens.  Chief Brod had breakfast waiting for him, "Sit down Sargent.  I've got news.  Your notes are actionable, the two occupants in the room you surveilled have been arrested and will stand for two separate hearings, and if determined to be suspicious will stand for courts martial on the suspicion of selling drugs to government employees on a government facility.  Do you understand?"

The Staff Sargent knew what the Chief was telling him, "Yes sir."  

"Sargent?" The Chief asked.


"You realize your affiliation with the US Airforce officially ended when you arrived here?" 


"You are now working for the DOD, Department Of Defense. Do Not speak of it, understand?"

"Yes Sir."  Is the only correct reply the Staff Sargent could make.  He knew that of course.

Often when circumstances are right and the Universe has a need you will find yourself in all sorts of strange places.  

Peace and Balance,



Saturday, October 14, 2023

Chapter 26: The King is Dead, Long Live the King.

 The Staff Sargent was about half way up Mogoton sitting on a knoll in some high grass over looking a rather large hacienda with stucco walls and a large iron gate with serious looking large suited individuals standing outside of it.  In His right ear he heard The Spotter, "I'm in position."

The Staff Sargent replied to all on the scrambled channel, "Take positions and make ready."

There was a round of, "Sir, Yes Sir" in his ear.  

The Staff Sargent began re-examining the photos in his pack.  He memorized the face and the physical look of the target.  He Then opened the long padded box that contained a High Powered Rifle and a rather large scope.  He put the Scope on the back of the rifle and locked it into place.  He took the cap off of the lens and peered down the barrel through the Scope.  The quality and distance he could see was incredible.  The shot was estimated at a Klick, about 1100 yards.  He was going through the Math's in his head when The Spotter's voice sounded in His ear, "Incoming traffic, Black Dodge Van, and Plymouth or Dodge Sedan."  

The Staff  Sargent looked through the Scope and saw the vehicles stop at the iron gate.  The Large suited gentlemen approached the vehicles and opened the doors.  He could see them helping people out of the car and van.  The Spotter said in His ear, "Target acquired 2nd from right."

The Staff Sargent Bolted a round into the chamber.  The rifle was surprisingly quite.  It made very little sound.  He began feeling a crawling sensation.  He could not move due to the possibility of giving away His and The Spotter's positions.  The Crawling sensation turned into burning just as he saw them.  The Knoll he was sitting was actually a large ant mound.  Fire ant's were swarming out of everywhere around Him, but He could not move.  The Burning was turning into a fiery pain.  He was becoming Dizzy.

Gazing through the Scope the Staff Sargent said, "Target spied, taking shot"  

The Spotter said, "Agreed"

There was a quiet ringing as the rifle kicked back into The Staff Sargent's right shoulder.  Through the Scope he could see the Target drop and the panic of the suited gentle men.  The Staff Sargent said on the scramble channel, "Mission accomplished, need immediate emergency extraction, can't breath." 

"Shit," Was the only word The Staff Sargent could remember hearing.  He woke up listening to the thud, thud, thud of the chopper.  He could not remember how he had arrived at it.  There was a Medic forcing air into His lungs with a large bag.  He could feel something in his throat.  He panicked, and was asleep.  

The Staff Sargent woke in the Hospital recovery room.  His team was sitting around him in various chairs.  The A1C that was The Spotter this mission was chatting with a nurse that noticed that He had woken up, "How are we feeling today?" She said.  

He tried replying, but found it difficult to speak.  "You'll be fine soon." She said, "We pulled the tubes out a little while ago." 

 He must have looked confused when a Lieutenant Colonel, Doctor walked into the room and started explaining, "Sargent, You suffered the multiple bites of the South American Fire Ant.  The toxin started a histamine reaction and you went into anaphylaxis. Quick thinking on the part of your team and a fast chopper got you to the hospital in one piece.  You will survive."  He smiled and walked out of the room.

The Staff Sargent tried saying "Where am I?"

Captain Knapp's voice was mysteriously heard from the left side of the room, "You are in the Multi agency military teaching hospital at Sheppard Air Force Base in Texas. You should know this place well. You trained here."    The Captain looked around the room and made a gesture with his head and the rest of the Team vacated the room.  "You managed to complete the mission. Good job." Then The Captain turned on a TV in the corner and walked out of the room.

The news was on.  The channel looked like a local ABC affiliate that was going over some Breaking News, "Managua Nicaragua reports that the eldest brother of the Ortega family had been murdered by a loan gunman while returning home from vacation in The United States yesterday afternoon.  Authorities are still looking for any leads to the shooter.  Daniel Ortega the youngest of the family will be sworn in as President of Nicaragua in the morning. This is ABC News."  

The Staff Sargent knew that case would never be solved.  Military coups are often quite.

Peace and Balance,