Monday, October 23, 2023

Post Log: Now And Zen, "All Things End"

 As Time unravels it's gifts upon man many memories are played on the mental screens of the viewer, the minds of the Dreamer.  Years have passed Now and The Boy has been far removed from the lands of His Birth.  The stories of The Old Man, The Dad, The Mom, and The Grandma are experienced only in the mist of these memories and written upon dreams.  

The Little Sister has been grown for many years and has a family of her own.  The Little Brother is a Man and has sons that resemble him.  Each is on their own enlightened path that reflects their memories and dreams.  The Boy, the eldest of the Clan since the passing of The Dad, and The Mom so many years ago is now and has been for years now, the Grand forbearer of The Old Man's knowledge as passed to him through The Dad.   He has become the Creator of He Himself and his memories are but a phantom and the Dreams are reflections of the Terrible Other.  He has become the New Old Man.  HO.

For those of you who have read and found a resemblance to yourself and your own journey, I say Welcome.  If you read and recognize the Protagonist or other Characters of this printing, I say again, Welcome.  

I would like to remind you of a truth that you are all aware, "It is easier to speak honorable truth through the guise of  unaltered fiction."  

We call this genre Creative Non-Fiction for this purpose.  The art of the Journalist.  

It's time to find your own true story.

Peace and Balance,


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