Tuesday, April 16, 2024

One final post...

This will be the final entry of this blog. 

The author of this blog, John Schmaing, passed away on the evening of April 12th, 2024, with close friends and the love of his life at his bedside. As one of John's close friends and long time student, I was asked by John to provide one final entry on his behalf, to let his readers know what happened.

John was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer, Glioblastoma, in early January this year. John's symptoms had been intense headaches and occasional "fogginess" over the past months leading up to diagnosis, becoming much more noticeable to friends and coworkers during that time. 

John had surgery a couple days after diagnosis to remove what they could of the tumor in his brain, which spread like a web, so there was only so much that could be removed without compromising vital functions possibly causing paralysis. John was then left with a couple options for treatment: radiation and chemotherapy. John opted to try everything he could to fight the cancer's spread. 

John endured 6 weeks of radiation treatments at a facility with an 80 minute drive each way from his home. John was no longer able to drive at this time, walking with a cane and some loss of sight on his left side. This meant that a handful of us had to coordinate to take turns driving John to these appointments, and helping him and his long time companion Mona take care of everyday aspects around their home. Thankfully John's coworkers in the school system where he worked were amazing in this endeavor. 

For those of us that drove John to his appointments, it provided time for us to spend with John talking about his life, from growing up in Montana, to his time in the Air Force, his period when he owned an operated a martial arts school, and to his career in public school as a Paraprofessional and Physical Science Teacher, all while still teaching martial arts privately and in small classes locally.

John's decline over these past few months has been difficult for many of us, who've always seen him as a strong, capable and intelligent man. He could still kick a soda can off the top of my head not that long ago. He was also a prolific writer on this blog. At times I'd suggest he write an actual novel, considering how well his storytelling would manifest for those of us lucky to read it here. While unable to physically continue to practice his forms, John would meditate and imagine going through the movements, saying they were still a part of him.

His hope for the future was to make sure the love of his life, Mona, was taken care of, which she will be, and to continue to teach and refine his martial arts system, a hybrid of many he'd studied and practiced over the years: Shaolin Kempo Karate, Judo, Wrestling, Kung Fu, Taijiquan, and Ninpo. I happen to be one of the many students that studied his system, and along with a couple other masters of his system, are tasked with continuing what he started.

In this new digital age there are times where a content creator, be it blog, YouTube channel, and others seem to disappear without any notice or explanation. I hope that this gives a fitting end to my long time martial arts mentor's blog. With that said, I'll leave a link below to John's YouTube channel "John Schmaing: School of the Silent Warrior", where you can see some of the content John and some of us recorded over the past 4 years, helping us for reference on aspects of his martial arts curriculum. 


Finally, thank you, dear reader, for logging in and reading John's posts over the years. I will leave you with his usual way of ending these...

Peace and Balance...

-Adam Cloutier

Thursday, April 4, 2024

The Sky

 Look at the sky. Remember why. Look at the trees. Swinging in the breeze. Look to God. Old, and in your heart. Remember who you are. 


Monday, March 18, 2024


 Weriting has always been a way for me to express my innerself    these days it is sick    Sofolks  do for you,  pray   and live   

peace and balance,


Saturday, March 2, 2024


 Human beings are social creatures,  we developed in groups learning the methods of communication that drove us to develope our great culture.  Today I point out to the sky calling on my God to be my strenghth.  we all have the need to conect with something greature than ourselves mine is based in all human kind has created and my faith in Wakan Tanka to guide me, and the great Love I see coming from my family and friends   we are all one being  the spark of God     My Mona and I are truly blessed in LOve,  and I dearly love her so.   mitakuyeoyatsin,  hetchetu yelo,  HO

peace and Balance,


Friday, February 23, 2024

Time traveling Fa1mily


Tragedy often brings families together,  the families may transend time.  sit  is this family who has come together during our time of need. I look into eyes and recognize eons of lives and the love that travels t3hrough time with them.  We are time travelers  that 1will al1ways be family,  and I am forever grateful.   My beautiful Bride and I will car`ry this love with us forever.   Wo pilamaya ye,

Peace and Balance,

John and Romona

Saturday, February 17, 2024

Falling well

 for a lifetime I trained to take falls. recieve energy and give energy in a positive, safe, and healthy way to help people find their best holistic self.  I guess you can say I teach the art of life.  learning how to love and live wholly  .  who ould hqve known, but today I had a fall    and that training came into play and my body reacted and no harm was done.  Today IAM Greatful for my father's tutalege so many years ago.   thank you Dad, I love you,

peace and Balance,