Monday, October 31, 2022

Happy Halloween

 Well it's finely here, the Day of the Walking Dead.  We all quake in fear as the tiny horde of quasi zombies march upon us raised to the level of super saturated sugar highs.  We should be afraid, very afraid for there are few things more terrifying than groups of sugar laden grandchildren.  The upside of this picture is that we get to give them back to their respective parents.  The down side is that for a few short hours there is the noise and vibrations of high to the max littles.  Sugar is a bad thing. 

I think this evening I might try a new thing and hand out mini carrots and celery stalks wrapped in plastic sandwich bags with notes to parents, "Please take better care of your children."  

Now, I am fully expecting a finely toilet papered tree due to my shagginery, but hey what is more important, better health, or a few less teeth?  I'll go with better health.  Being an educator in todays age is a hard thing to do when they transform once a year into the tiny Zombie Horde of sugared up Death.

It is here.  Halloween, so enjoy, live a little, have a joyful moment, be with your children, grandchildren, spouse, and or pets, and make a meal, enjoy a spooky movie or two and listen deep into the dark night, for there may be real monsters waiting for you.

Peace and Balance,


Saturday, October 29, 2022

Candy Corn Addiction


Candy Corn is the Halloween  candy that everyone loves to hate.  It is based on the flavors of Honey, Vanilla, Cannula wax, and sugar.  It is a seasonal addiction that once tasted there is no going back.  And it doesn't even taste all that great.  You just can't stop eating it until the bag is gone and your craving more.  

Then it happens, starting slowly creeping up on you subtly and silently, the Candy Corn hang over.  There's no avoiding it, no going back, once you've over indulged in Candy Corn the self perpetuated yucks are soon to follow.  Your teeth feel fuzzy, your tongue feels scratchy, the liquid behind your eyes dries up and makes your head feel like an old shoe.  The whole experience is pretty terrible.   You may suffer from this condition for the rest of the day, maybe even into the evening, but when you come out of it and start feeling like the old you, what do you do, you stick your hand in the bag and grab more Candy Corn.  After all it is a serious addiction.  

There are several agencies that deal with addictions.  Most of them end in the word anonymous.  Is is possible that I need to go to an Anonymous meeting in order to deal with a Candy Corn addiction?  I keep eating them, throwing away the bag, then finding myself in line at the store with another Brach's Candy bag in hand.  I'm a sick man.

The first part of an Anonymous meeting is to introduce yourself to the other Candy eaters, and announce your addiction.  You may meet another individual who has a similar addiction to the tasty morsels of evil.  You might find a friend who can share stories with you on self created head aches and the pukes that come on at the wrong time, every time.  Anonymous meetings are a sure fired way of finding sympathy amongst the Candy stricken masses.  

This time of year doesn't help.  The legion of tiny costume clad fiends who thrive on the Sugar laden goodies.  These little packages of joy are Candy Corn pushers.  It's a terrible thing when you can't say no to the Candy Corn instigators who are knocking at my door speaking the magical incantation, "Trick or Treat."  What shall we do?  

Peace and Balance,


Friday, October 28, 2022

A Song of The Mother (Samhain)

During this time of year the Irish/Gaelic side of my nature begins singing the song of the Earth. Danu as the Irish sing is the Mother of our creation, our mother the Earth.  Danu is the mother of all gods.  She is the spring from which all others pour.  Danu Talamh, literally the Mother of Earth, is she which the original idea of God came from.  

Creation is a Feminine power.  Only females can bear children.  Only a Mother can bring forth life.  Danu is the representation of the spiritual side of our existence.  The Aether is feminine the masculine is physical.  The physical parts of us are the male parts of us, the spiritual parts are the feminine parts.  We are a blend of the Yin Yang of all things.  Physical and Non-physical alike.  

In this respect the Taoist, Native American, and the Celt are all practicing aspects of the same belief structure.  We are all of Mother Earth.  Ina Mahka, the Tao, and Danu.  We are all related.

My Irish side sings, my Native American side is Dancing, and my Chinese practice is balancing.  Mother Earth is walking and the Ancestors are walking with her for a brief moment to visit.  The Song of Life, Death, and Life.  We are One.  

Mitakuye oyatsin Hetchetu yelo, HO.  So Mote It Be.  Amen.  ShiShi Na. 

Peace and Balance,


Michael Jackson - Thriller (Official Video) My Homage to Halloween. Enjoy.

Thursday, October 27, 2022

The Brain


The Human Brain has a capacity for thinking that goes way beyond any computer that has so far been developed.  It has the ability to program and recall any amount of information that the thinker decides to input into his/her personal devise.  That devise being the brain.  

I will attempt to simplify the workings of our development and thought process in terms that I can understand.  If I go outside of these boundaries to far I am forever lost to thought and the retrieval get muddled in speculation.  A physical beings form of a processing loop.  

The lower brain, the top of the spinal column commonly called the Brain Stem is responsible for our Survival instincts and reactions.  This is the part of the Brain that says, "I'm Hungry Feed Me, I'm afraid strike out, run away, scream at the top of the voice, I need Sleep, I need Shelter."  Once the basic needs are met, we travel to the Amygdala.  The Amygdala is responsible for our Emotional/Social make up.  When our need aren't met for the Brain Stem the Amygdala reacts and creates an emotion that matches that need.  Say I'm really hungry and there is no food available.  Over a prolonged period I might become Hangry.  That is hungry as hell and angry that I haven't eaten.  That was the result of the action of the Amygdala.  The Amygdala or Middle Brain just want's to be loved and feel needed.  Give it some warm fuzzy time and it's tremendously happy.  The next part of the Brain is the Frontal Cortex.  This is where all our Executive functions are house.  This is the rational mind, the boss.  The Frontal Cortex is the part of the Brain that rationalizes all stimuli that it comes in contact with.  This is the thinking machine,  the little man that tells us what, when, and how to do the things we need to do in an ordered rational manner.  However, if anything in the other two parts of the Brain are off function the individual will not be able to think nor react rationally.    Each part has to be connected with each of the other parts in order for the full mechanism to function completely and what society has coined as Holistically, which means Wholly or Sanely.     

I practice a form of Kinetic Science every morning.  That is the Science of movement.  It has been proven that proper body mechanics during motion will keep the body fluids flowing and the Brain well fed.  This leads to the ability to think and stay rational.  An after effect of daily exercise.  When the body is happy and healthy, and the Brain fluids are flowing properly, thinking becomes easier and the computer of the Brain can kick in and wonderous things may happen.  A trained mind can compute faster than a programed computer.  The mind is ominous.  

This leads me to the question, "Are we just thinking with our Brains or are we thinking with the entire body, and the environment we find ourselves in?"  This becomes a metaphysical question and will be addressed in a future forum.  Until then ask yourself, "Who am I and Where am I housed?"

Peace and Balance,


Wednesday, October 26, 2022


 We may look into a star filled night sky and possible notice dimly lit objects moving every which way, to and fro across the speckled tapestry of darkness.  We may set to gazing at these flying objects with wonder and ah.  We might even speculate as to the nature of these sparkling wonders of nocturnal motion.  We may wonder, we may speculate, we might even share stories of objects carrying travelers from long lost civilizations visiting upon us the historians of ages gone by.  May we wonder? 

Sometime during, approximately, 2014 to 2017 the United States Navy began having encounters with interesting objects that they could no longer deny or confirm.  The rate at which these Ariel Phenomena interacted with the Naval Pilots, Radar Technicians, and Ship Board personnel began multiplying exponentially.  The gig was up.  The cat was let out of the bag and several of the pilots and personnel involved began disclosing the phenomena.  

During the same time period the United States Government went through the task of reclassifying what we commonly call the UFO, (The unidentified flying object).  At first I objected.  After all we grew up with that term and were comfortable with it's ramifications and possible inner and outer meanings.  Until I understood the reasons behind the reclassification.  A UFO can be anything in the air that isn't identified.  It could be a fancy airplane, a meteor, even a bird that flies faster than you can see.  Lots of stuff.  However the new title, UAP. (Unusual Aerial Phenomena) implies that someone somewhere knows what is flying above, but finds it unusual enough to investigate.  That narrows the field quite a bit.  Now, we have things flying that are not regular that may or may not be under intelligent control.  Are the governments of the world about to disclose something, "Almighty" or keep us in the "Dark".  

Recently NASA, (The National Aeronautics and Space Administration) was given the charge of investigating all UAP and UFO sightings after 2014.  They were given this authority from Congress with no classifications attached.  Supposedly all findings will be public knowledge.  Is it finally happening on the cusp of a possible minor nuclear skirmish in Eastern Europe?  Strange, very Strange Indeed.

Peace and Balance,


Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Teaching Stuff


I teach stuff.  I teach anything from Crazy Mathematics to Kinetic Science.  The kind of stuff where you learn to calculate the creative and destructive forces that are possible if not probable in the collisions of one body slamming into another body.  Which momentum wins or over comes the other, and is there a probable prosecution involved?

A 357 magnum revolver travels approximately 2100 to 2200 fps (feet per second) with an impact of a small fast moving vehicle.  At one time the 357 magnum revolver was considered the most powerful handgun manufactured.  It held that title for more than twenty years, before the creation of the 44 caliber Black Hawk Super Mag.  These two weapons are ranked presently as 1 and 2.  They aren't the largest, just the most powerful. 

So, as I said I teach stuff.  Sometimes Sciency stuff.  I might have my students count the divots on a  golf ball, a couple different types, then demonstrate what happens when you shove a roll of mint Mentos into a 2 liter bottle of Diet Coke.  That's a fun one.  Then I might ask, "How many divots are on a Mentos, and what causes the reaction that caused the cool looking explosion of Diet Coke?"  Disclaimer here, Do this outside as not to irritate parents.  

Teaching stuff is sometime subtle, sometimes not so subtle.  It depends on the retention and absorption of the brain attached to the teachee.  The past couple of school years has seen a radical decline in the sponge matter within the mind of the average teen.  An after glow of Covid 19?  Possibly.  Of course we tend to inherit our parents sponge matter.  Nuff said.

My generation was a generation of experimental scientists.  We would experiment with our own devises as not to harm nor kill our friendly fuzzy friends.  We are more laid back than our children who have grown up to become a tribe of possible prosecuting attorneys set on waging war with Mom and Dad.  But I digress.

So, one of my children has crossed that indivisible line, and He teaches stuff.  I welcome him into the fold of forever confused parents and adults that wander like so many Zombies stumbling and moaning sounds that only adults of a certain age can moan.  He to has children.  

In conclusion, I teach stuff.  Now I suppose I should learn stuff to teach.

Peace and Balance,


Monday, October 24, 2022

Chess and Life.


My favorite board game is Chess.  By far the best game for teaching strategy and logical thinking.  It also teaches the player how to get the pieces in the proper place at the proper time.  Today I took some steps that will lead to other future steps in a plan I've exercised.  Pre planning is good as long as the observer doesn't travel in the same circles as the observed.  

I told my bosses at Walmart that yesterday was the last Saturday I will work.  I did not wait for a retort, or a response, I told them how it was going to happen and did not wait.  The HR lady was very cooperative and removed me from the Saturday spot, and the managers I spoke to had no way out.  The pieces where in play and they stared back at the Queen ready to strike.  All is good.

Playing Chess for a long period of time will teach the player lessons about getting things into position before the plan is put into play.  Play the game on the fly will get your King mated.  The difference between the Game of Chess and Life is, in Life you won't have the opportunity to reload your board and try again.  

After a life time of looking at things through the eyes of a Chess player, Martial Artist, and practitioner of Shamanistic belief systems, I have come to the fork in the road where your mystical guide, the other you, gives you a choice and a short preview of things to come.  This guide never speaks only stands aside and looks either direction waiting for you to choose.  Sounds very poetic?  No, it is terrifying.

So, I have chosen.  The path before me is one where I bring as many like minded learners with me on my travel.  May the Universes bring as much Joy into their hearts as I have been presented with, and All travel streets of Gold.  I move a new pawn forward, Queens Pawn 4.  Let us see what response I evoke.

My guide, my self, is with me and with us, touching all that can be touched spreading the Health, Wisdom, Joy, and Life to all that come in contact with us, We are now playing a New Game.

Peace and Balance,


Saturday, October 22, 2022

el Zorro and His

 I've been re-watching CSI Miami on Netflix and realized how close it is to Miami Vice.  They both have tense undertones, protagonists that are right on the crusty edge, and lighting that isn't quite natural.  I also notice, and am not sure about the fact of this, but everyone seems to wear pastels and lots of Mauve.  Now I'm not against pink, no,  as a matter of fact I'm a propagator of Salmon as the alternative color to Black, but Mauve and Pastels, come on guys. 

Both shows were filmed with a yellow orange filter that gives everything a warm tanning bed glow.  I can feel a deep dark tan coming on just from viewing the program.  I also notice that I have feelings of the Alpha wolf stalking his prey.  I am Horatio Cane, I am Castilio from Miami Vice, I become the Mauved clad hero of the show.  Now, I do have to give it to both Horatio and Castilio, they both wear their share of Black, complete with ribbon tie.  Castilio was a Latin Samurai, and Horatio, he's just a plain killer.  Miami must create some tough cops man.  These guys definitely eat their spinach.  

I remember the show Hawaii Five O, with Lt. Magarett.  He was another tough guy.  However the filming was more natural.  I guess there's no improving on what Hawaii has to offer naturally.  I do notice that Horatio seems to be a red hair version of the original Magarett. Same hair cut, same suit, and same shooting stats.  Neither one of these fellas ever missed a shot.  Castilio would sneak up on his targets and use his sword on them.  He was a super Ninja dude.  A Mexican Super Ninja dude.  Castilio is very much like a police lieutenant version of don Diego, Zorro.   Righteous men all.  

Of course don Diego De la Vega  was the original, and Zorro, the Fox was his alter ego, but the other's carry his torch with great elegance and power.  They too are respectable folk hero's.  

So I re-watch CSI Miami, and Horatio wages his war on the Evil doers of Miami.  I will watch Guy Williams as Zorro soon, and Miami Vice just for the 80's fix, but I will mentally carve a bold Z in the chest of all the bad guys.  

Peace and Balance,


Friday, October 21, 2022

George of the Jungle.

 "George, George, George of the Jungle strong as he can be.  George, George, George of the Jungle Watch out for that Tree!, Boing."  When I was a young'un, partially or mostly due to the cartoon, "George of the Jungle," I was sure that if I ever had the chance to wander the deepest, darkest jungles of Africa that I would surely wander into the tree house hut of a large Silver Back Great Ape sitting at a bamboo table sipping tea with a pinky extended, wearing glasses, and reading the Washington Post.  He would turn to me and say welcome in the most eloquent English accent possible for my imagination to ponder.  When asked what his name is he would just say, "Ape." 

I know the idea of a George character living with an intelligent domestic Gorilla is absurd, however on March 25, 2019, Mongay Bay News publish a scientific paper by Mike Gaworecki about a recent discovery of intelligent Great Apes in the upper basin of Northern Congo.  These Chimps, (Pan troglodytes schweinfurthii) are a nomadic band and walk more upright than any Great Ape other than Humans. 

These Chimps are also complex tool users and creators.  They have been witnessed using at least 4 different sets of tools that include:  a long ant probe, a short probe, thin wand, and a flat digging stick.  Each one of these tools has a different use involving a multitude of food gathering feats.  The length of some of these poles gives the Chimps the ability to harvest ants and arboreal bees from a range at which to keep the stings and painful bites at bay.  This is an obvious evolved technique that has been passed from one family member to the next.  This passing along of tools use and manipulation also looks from our perception, like a classroom of young apes being taught by an elder or elders.  Who had classrooms first, us or them? 

The young have been witnessed playing much like human children do.  They throw round rocks to each other playing catch.  They'll wrestle like young boys do, play tag and hide and seek, all behaviors that are very complex rational mind stages. 

The biggest difference in these apes with what are called, "regular chimps." is their aggression level.  They have the aggression and behavior of an intelligent being placing claim on land.  Sort of like Human kind.  They roam in the neighborhood of 50,000 kilometers in the Congo and wage war on other bands of Apes that come into their range.   Did this species of Chimp evolve before or after modern man?  So...

"George, George, George of the Jungle watch out for the Tree!" You never know what lurks behind it.

Peace and Balance,


Thursday, October 20, 2022


 Does infinity exist?  This is a question that has been pondered by Physicists, Meta-physicians, and Mathematicians since 1655 when John Wallis originally asked the question, does infinity exist, and laid the number 8 on it's side  to create the symbol for the Infinite.?  ∞

John Wallis was an English Clergy man and mathematician that partially expanded the idea of Newton's Calculus by introducing both sides of the infinite and infinitesimal as ∞ and 1/∞. That being the ever expansion of the universe outwardly and inwardly at progressively the same time.  This mathematical concept has been tested and tested, with physicists and mathematicians of all stages of the game trying to prove and or disprove the concept.  The math holds up.  This is the foundation and beginnings of String Theory. 

So, imagine the circumference of a circle, 2πr, and trace the outside of that circumference.  Starting at one point and tracing around you find you're at a completely different point, and will never be at the beginning point again.  The circle is an ever expanding connection of points traveling in an arc.  Now lay that circle on it's side and it becomes a continuous straight line.  Cut the line in half perfectly, and so on adjusting for perception. You will be cutting for ever.  It is internally expanding infinitesimally forever.  So, at the same time the circle is expanding outwardly, it is expanding inwardly.  𝝿(∞ + 1) = 𝛑(1/∞ - 1)  As the bubble expands outwardly and inwardly the beginning stays congruent and remains at zero.  This is the Zero point, the singularity.  For each one of us that is the center of our universes, the center of us.  We are the singularity.  Ouch, makes my head hurt.

That really doesn't answer the question whether or not infinity exists or not.  As the matter of fact, it brings up a multitude of other questions which may or may not include, "Who am I if not God?"  But, that is the Metaphysician in me talking not the Mathematician.  They sometimes have arguments at my expense. 

Does infinity exist?  There are no agreements, there is no proof, the math says yes, and no.  In an ever expanding and imploding universe we may never really know. Posed with this question, I just look to the stars.

Peace and Balance,




Wednesday, October 19, 2022



Dreams are funny things.  They are the minds way of exercising it's own demons by relaxing and allowing itself to go through a process of dumping un-needed stress.  Dreams are also a way we teach ourselves things that rationally we may not understand in the waking world, so we go over these things in dream time and come up with rational understanding to irrational input.  Dreams are our own personal creations, a window into another universe. 

Dreaming is an art.  The Art of Dreaming involves the practice of gaining insight by analyzing our dreams then going back into them using a multitude of techniques to eventually gain control over the Dream time.  Shamanisticaly dreaming is a way to gain information about a subject that is hidden within the underline layers of the subject matter.  For instance, an ill person would go to the Medicine man for healing.  The Medicine man would have a conversation, analyze the patient, have the patient wait comfortably in a room while the Shaman would go take a nap.  When he/she woke and returned the healing would either be complete or there would be a solution and a path to that healing.  A modern example of this kind of Medicine person was Edgar Cayce, who would take a nap and go into a dream state and do all sorts of miraculous things while sleeping, wake up and not remember a dang thing about what just transpired.  The patient however would be happy and healthy.  

O'le Edgar also had the annoying ability to put a book under his pillow at night and wake knowing everything that was in the book.  He literally slept on it.  Hence the old adage, "Let me sleep on it."  Ah to only have that ability, learning would be so much easier. 

Dreaming is also a way to perceive things that may happen that haven't happened yet.  It's not necessarily predicting the future, but being aware of events that lead up to a possible future.  Dreaming clears that path giving the dreamer a clearer perception of what will come, or not.  Dreaming the future gives the dreamer the choice of making changes and rewriting the line to another possible outcome, hence the dreamt future no longer exists.  We have inherited abilities to be Creators of our own Universes. 

There are multitudes of books and journals that the reader can use to learn the many techniques to practice the Art of Dreaming.  I can even suggest a few my self, but not here.  Ask me in the reply and I will suggest, or email me.  Authors may include, or may not: Castaneda, Richard Bach, or even Stephen King, but I don't suggest you go there.  

Peace and Balance,


Tuesday, October 18, 2022

The Plum Flower

 In China the Plum Flower is the national flower.  It is tied to the mythology of a nation.  The plum blossom represents aspects of birth and rebirth and the cycle of life.  The plum flower is also symbolic of the chakra of the body.  Working outward from the feet up, and from the head down resting at the heart.  The plum flower is the four petaled Heart Chakra, the seat of our emotional life.  

The Plum Flower is used in Chinese medicine to treat a number of ailments which include but are not restricted to: Depression, Ulcers, Scrofula, a form of TB or tuberculosis, still infecting a very high rate of Chinese citizens, stomach problems, and Phlegm.  It is prepared as either a poultice or a tea.  Tea medicine also called soup medicine is very common in China, and in parts of the United States with a high Chinese population.  Soup medicine is related closely to several Native American practices of Natural Healing. 

The Morning Dance above is a Lohan called, "The Plum Flower." due to it's circular in and out movements which resemble the blossom of the flower, also one of my favorite sets.  Enjoy...

Peace and Balance,


Monday, October 17, 2022

The Sun Rises in the East.

 In the morning I looked East and saw the Sun rise.  It came slowly glowing pink, orange, and bright yellow.  I could hear the sizzling of the air moving, yes I can hear those things don't judge, and the energies began changing.  Grandfather Yappa was moving.  

The due formed on the leaves of my trees and laid in the grass  settling on the windshield of the CRV.  It was not cold enough this morning to freeze, just cool and crisp.  Inna Makha's voice was on the breeze singing her children awake as the sun rose.  

I was doing my Morning Dancing one Lohan at a time feeling the energy, letting it fill me up, letting it guide each move my body made.  I let go a little bit and let Grandfather Yappa take control of me in short spurts as I moved.  The flow took me away to places and times long forgotten to history.  I became a small part of time out of time.  I became the Dance. 

The sun rose higher and I cleaned myself up and focused my sight on my wife and getting ready for work this morning.  When you wake in the morning and turn your eyes skyward and focus just a little energy into a practice of health and balance the rest of your day takes on a new look and feel.  Nothing can penetrate your calm, nothing can harm you and you can share the joy of being alive to all you come in contact with.  This is my legacy.

Peace and Balance,


Sunday, October 16, 2022

A Man Called Hawk

 In the late 80's to the early 90's was a program called, "A Man Named Hawk,"  played by Avery Brooks. Hawk was a ex CIA Black Ops type from the last great battles of Viet Nam.  The character was a spin off from the series, "Spenser for Hire." played by, Robert Urich.  I was a fan of both programs, however I liked the character Hawk much better. Hawks character first appeared in the novel, "Promised Land," by Robert B. Parker who wrote stories about good guys verses bad guys, and victorious underdogs.  Hawk was both a good/bad guy and an underdog. 

Avery Brooks was a long time Jazz musician that played with the likes of Stanley Clarke, and Chick Correa.  In the 70's the three actually played several venues together to many adoring Jazz fans.  Stanley Clarke played Bass, Chick Correa tickled the keys, and Avery Brooks the Marimba, Vibes, Percussion, and Vocals.  What the reader may not know is that I am a classically trained Jazz Bassist myself and used to play in a Big Band that toured the Northern United States for about 4 years in the late 70's.  I met a few people. 

After I left the employee of our Uncle Sam, Avery's portrayal of Hawk, complete with his sense of justice, Arthurian ideals, and chivalry helped me find myself amongst my imagination  and reality.  I would watch his program late at night after walking home from my office on main street in Berlin.  It was a highlight of my TV enjoyment.  Hawk, and Star Trek, both sit high on my moral standards compass.  

The neat thing about that time was I had a student that was very well off and was family friends with Robert Urich and got to meet the characters from each of the shows.  Made me feel closer to the character Hawk.  And my Jazz experience brought the package together.  It was good.

Yesterday through the magic of the internet, I rediscovered the series, "A Man Called Hawk," on one of the free internet viewing platforms and started watching from the beginning again. Many happy memories are hidden in the toughness and intelligence of the Man Called Hawk.  I do suggest that if anyone has a nostalgic ebb for the eighties and nineties, What Hawk on Tubi.  The program will tickle your yearn for Chivalry.  Enjoy...

Peace and Balance,


Saturday, October 15, 2022

Yin Yang


Yin Yang, In Ro, Dark Light, Black White, Negative Positive, Vanilla Ice Cream A @ W Root Beer.  Polar opposites are natures balances.  For every pull there is a push, for every tenseness there is a relax.  We are balanced at the molecular level.  Our atoms are built from polar opposites.  The electrons and protons are always counter reflecting each other, always in balance.  

"Back is Front, Up is Down, and Sideways is straight ahead.  Tie two birds together though they have four wings they still can not fly."  These are the words of Cord the seeker looking for his polar opposite, which turned out to be his own reflection.  We stare back at ourselves from both sides of the mirror.  

Look into the night and behind the black are the twinkles of fire flies in galactic reprise.   Beyond a river of dreams float exploding works keeping the bad at bay.  Twinkle, twinkle little star how I wonder where you are, up above the white light sky, like fiery suns burning brightly by. 

Frontwards and Backwards, mirrors reflection, this is our Yin Yang, In Ro, The Desert and the Cactus. All things are in pairs as it is forever amongst the stares of  Being Human.  

Peace and Balance,


Friday, October 14, 2022

We Need Sleep.

 Have you ever woke up in the morning not knowing where you're at, what year it is, or who you are, or maybe all at once?  It happens to me more and more every year.  Especially when I'm really over tired.  And brother I am over tired these days.  Sleep is a commodity that comes with a high tax.  If I sleep in I run the risk of being late for work, or miss a needed workout.  That's my vent for letting go of stress and other non needed things like negative yucks.  

This morning I woke up and managed to make it to the coffee machine before I realized I was even awake.  That is a tad spooky.  Coming into full consciousness standing in front of the coffee machine.   Now, understand that coffee is a religious thing for me that has to be partaken of every day, at several intervals during the day.  Some folks are very pious with their prayer, I am very pious with my coffee.  

They tell me that if you go without sleep for to long of a time that hallucinations can sneak in and alter your reality.  And if you manage to skirt the non reality, your sanity may be at risk.  In that case I have no worries, I have no sanity. 

I wake and don't know where I'm at.  It'll feel like I'm floating as I come into reality and I'll open my eyes before I'm actually conscious.  That is trippy to say the least.  After I wake up and look around it takes me more and more time to figure out just where I'm at.  I was dreaming that I was back in Montana once and as I was waking in the morning I thought I was in Montana.  Then the age thing kicked in and I realized, "Hey your to damn old to be in Montana."  hmm. 

I'm wondering if it's an age thing, or if I'm just wacky.  Maybe both.  It's not a bad thing, I mean I'm not suffering and I'm not lost, just not present for just a bit of wake up time.  I guess it's time to catch up on some needed sleep, stay properly hydrated, and eat a balanced diet.  But, most of all a good 8 hours is in order.  

Peace and Balance,


Thursday, October 13, 2022

Who will Raise Them?

 When I was a kid the teachers at my school were not to be questioned.  They spoke with the authority of demigods and would threaten a just wrath for tomfoolery.  When I was a kid schools were a place we kids actually liked to be, sort of.  

I am able to admit that now in my later adultness.  I am capable of admitting that school was a place where our friends grouped and shared the stuff of childhood with each other.  Schools were the Payton Place of the age.  

Things are different now.  I go to High School every week day during the school year.  After all I am paid to be there.  It's the job thing.  However, the children under our scholastic care aren't like the children of my day.  These kids are more like little adults with the minds of kids.  This, and take my word for it, is not a good thing. These kids are more socially active than I am now, in all respects.  They know things that they shouldn't really know.  They practice things that they shouldn't really practice.  They are doing a young adult thing without really understanding the ramifications of their actions.  

I have to admit, I am an old hippie.  I have seen stuff.  I have done stuff.  We used to skinny dip in the local stream freely without thinking one way or the other about it.  Today, the kids are doing all sorts of stuff by the stream that leads to many teen pregnancies', I don't get it.  Doesn't mom and dad still do the talk?  Or are they leaving that up to us, the teachers?  We, don't go there because having that talk today with the active teen is like  professional suicide.  So the modern teen learns on their own. 

Now, I'm not an ignorant man, I do understand that every generation of teen has their own practices and ways of learning stuff.  Our generation had it's practices, the generation before us also had it's ways, and so forth to the beginning of humaness.  That is the nature of evolution.

I am hoping that in the near future we all go back to some semblance of nurturing where the parents take the responsibility of raising their own children and not leave it up to the greater society.  The old saying, "It takes a community to raise a child" is true, however the parents have to be the first actors in that community.  As Paul McCartney once sang, "Mother Mary comes to me speaking words of wisdom, let it be, let it be."   So my fingers are crossed in hopes society sanes up. 

Peace and Balance,


Wednesday, October 12, 2022

What is The New Age?


First there was the Beatnick who would sit in a pub full of darkly clad individuals complete with black berets  and dark glasses all snapping their fingers in rhythm to some very poorly written poetry.  The Beatnick movement started during the mid to late forties as a response to the end of WWII.  It was pseudo intellectual movement that included passive drug use and a cartoonish depiction of real people.  It was loosely based on the Spiritual adventures of Jack Kerouac as written in his autobiographical fiction. This was the beginning of the Drop In or Drop Out movement as taught by Alan Watts, and Timothy Leary both contemporaries of Kerouac.  

The Beatnicks slowly over the course of about 20 years evolved into the Hippies of the 60's.  This subculture, which I am a member, was societies reaction to the Korean and Vietnam conflicts respectfully.  It was a mix of the Bohemian culture of the late 19th and early 20th centuries and Eastern religion and spirituality.  The Beat generation became the beginnings of the Hippies and the Age of Aquarius was born.  

During and after the birth of the Hippie Movement there was a surge or a spiritual awakening of sorts.  A blend of all spiritual belief structures and movements from the beginning to the present system of spiritual progress.  The Western mind had come in contact with the Eastern mind and started exchanging belief structures and patterns.  In the West we began reflecting the spirituality we see in the East, and as strange as it sounds, in the East there was an similar reflection of Western beliefs bleeding into very old cultures.  

During this time there was a upwell in all forms of esoteric practices that still hang on today such as, Channeling of spirits, or dead folks, an upwell in holistic medical practices, and a turn towards more pagan or natural religions replacing Christianity, Judaism, and Islam as the main three.  People were tired of not getting the answers they sought and turned to other sources to find them.  

Some of our modern Gurus actually come out of the movements of belief before us.  They include but are not regulated to, Alan Watts, Joseph Campbell, Timothy Leary, who became Baba Ramdas, Terrance McKenna, who took off from Leary's LSD experiments and discovered what has been called the most illegal substance on the planet. DMT, a natural chemical produced by the Hypothalamus of the Brain.  Also found in plants abundant in tropical zones.  And of course the granddaddy of all, Jack Kerouac himself.  

The New Age was born.  An age of coming and going. Exploring and non exploring.  Finding and loosing the self, over and over again.  George Bush Sr. called it his prayer of a thousand lights, A New World Order.  

So, my Aquarian friends, tread lightly upon these new/old cobblestones, for behind every tree, every rock, every thought, there are Monsters that will take full advantage of those who have lost sight of the path. 

Peace and Balance,


Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Hail, Hail, Rock and Roll


In the beginning there was the Rock, then God said let it roll.  Cave man evolved and generations later the Rolling Stones emerged onto the tar mat, and the Rolling Stone magazine was born.  Rock and Roll music was transmuted from the voice of the Creator to the minds of young humans somewhere during the late 40's into the 50's.  Legends were being born.

Chuck Berry was born October 18th, 1926 in St. Louis Missouri.  While Chuck was cooking in the womb of his mother, God was writing on to his soul the foundation of the greatness of a modern movement.  Chuck began building on the foundation of Rhythm and Blues and rewrote, recreated and changed it into Rock and Roll.  Chuck Berry is considered the, "Father of Rock and Roll Music." Thank you Lord.

While Chuck was developing his distinctive guitar styling, Riley B. King was becoming one of the world pre-eminent Blues men.  Performing under the name B.B. King he created such works as, "The Thrill Is Gone," "3 O'clock Blues," and "Downhearted aka: How Blue can You Get?"  Each a transformative piece of crossover Blues to Rock works that put BB into the light of Guitar Godhood.  Rock and Roll was here to stay.  

A few short years after Chuck, and BB stepped onto the stage one of the original Bad Boys of Rock and Roll sat on, kicked, walk over, and even started on fire his Grand Piano, Jerry Lee Lewis.  Jerry Lee was one of the founding father's of Rockabilly music. Which has transformed generations of Rock and Roll loving teens.  Jerry Lee was so bad that he even married his 14 year old girl friend, Myra Gale Brown from England.  Turns out she was a 4th cousin once removed.  Bad Boy.

Then on December 5th 1932, Richard Wayne Penniman, better known as Little Richard was born.  Little Richard began bringing the Funk to Rock and Roll.  His rhythms changed the way teens moved and heard the new Rock.  Little Richard is sometimes referred to as the Architect of Rock and Roll with songs like, "Tutti Frutti," and "Long Tall Sally."  He had changed the way we moved. 

January 8th 1935, Elvis Aaron Presley was born in Tupelo Mississippi.  When Elvis was born a new shaking was being programed into the machine.  God had whispered into his ears, "Let there be hips." and so there was.  Elvis became the ever controversial movement of Rock and Roll.  He twitched, swung, and gyrated his place into the World as the new emerged, "King of Rock and Roll."  With the help of the equally controversial Colonel Tom Parker, Elvis became a Super, super star without ever doing a show outside the United States.  Incredible.  

Rock and Roll had become a solid, and real thing in the minds of the worlds youth.  Not just here in America, but all over the planet.  It infiltrated the minds of the Communist young along with the rest, and forever changed the way our young communicate with each other, us, and the rest of creation.  Amen.

Peace and Balance,


Monday, October 10, 2022

That Bastard Columbus


In 1492 Columbus sailed the Ocean Blue.  That Puta, pedophile son of a bitch. Cristopher Columbus is responsible for so many atrocities that listing them is a waste in mental energy.  On top of that list would be the complete antihalation of the Taino people in the Caribbean and Puerto Rico.  

 The Taíno are the Arawakan-speaking peoples of the Caribbean who had arrived from South America over the course of 4,000 years. The Spanish had hoped to find gold and exotic spices when they landed in the Caribbean, but there was little gold and the spices were unfamiliar. Columbus then turned his attention to the next best commodity: the trafficking of slaves.

Our history books give Columbus credit for discovering the Americas for Spain.  This is complete BS.  Columbus was not the first or the last Spaniard or Italian for that matter to wander across the Big Water to this side of the pond.  Columbus was not an explorer in the classical sense.  He and his crew were mercenaries that would work for any government willing to pay for their trade, give them a ship and send them on their ways.  Columbus was a conqueror, a monster that was working for the Holy Inquisition looking for Gold, Slaves, and Children, which he and his men exploited in ways that defy description even in today's age.

Columbus waged the first biological warfare campaign on the southern continent.  He purposely gave the indigenous inhabitants of the islands blankets and food that had been infected by recently deceased victims of Small Pox and Anthrax.  Which began the deaths of over 300,000 Taino people. 

The Mercenaries under Columbus' command took children and infected them with syphilis and other sexually transmitted diseases.  This infection spread west, south, and north from the Caribbean into the North American and South American continent beginning the infection of many other tribes of peoples as well.  The Angel of Death had arrived in the Americas. Europeans originally contracted syphilis from farm animals, primarily sheep.  That's all I'm going to say about that subject.  

Today is better celebrated as Indigenous Peoples day which includes all Native peoples of the Americas, North, South, and Central.  It's time to put to rest the deliberate erasure of cultures that have thousands of years scientific knowledge, spiritual connection, and the love of the Earth.  It's time to remember and heal.  Not forget, change the history and tell the truth.  Mitakuye Oyatsin Hetchetu yelo. HO (For all my relations it is so.) 

Peace and Balance,


Sunday, October 9, 2022

Frozen Pizza

 Pizza is America's number one not so quick food.  It doesn't come fast, it takes it's sweet time.  Dominos used to say if you didn't receive your take out within 20 minutes it was on them.  That didn't last very long as college students quickly figured out that ordering pizza and giving wrong delivery instructions was a way to get free pizza.  The company rebuked it's offer.

I prefer to drive to get my pizza.  That keeps the delivery dude from taste testing then adding twenty bucks to the bill.  I'll give a tip, but I'm not paying for a tank of gas.  Shit the stuff costs enough to have to take a mortgage out on the pizza box. 

I have a three story cardboard condo for sale just in case you think I'm serious about taking a mortgage out.  Actually a fellow not to far from here did actually build a house out of cardboard boxes and laminated plastic.  That was thirty years ago and the house is still standing and in use.  I guess it's very well insulated and weather resistant.  Good idea.

The Domino's drivers use their own vehicles and attached a magnetic Domino sign atop their cars to prove they have pizza aboard.  It's like there's an unwritten law saying that Domino drivers are safe from all driving problems, they have enough just because they work for Dominos.  Poor Bastards.  

This evening Mona and I decided to risk eating a Wal Mart Pizza.  It was actually pretty tasty.  I almost hate to admit that.  Wal Mart and I aren't really on speaking terms.  I only tolerate it, and it let's me pretend I'm working for two days a week.  I'm an employee of the largest store chain in the world on the week ends.  I feel so ashamed. 

Frozen Pizza has a texture all of it's own.  It is sort of like frozen cardboard with various toppings and extra frost on top.  The frost is what gives Frozen Pizza it's special taste.  yummy.  Wal Mart Pizza's are freshish and come without the frost part giving them an almost palatable repartee.  This is a hard thing to admit.  Maybe I've been hanging around the place to long and it's getting under my skin rather than my nails.

One of the most torturous things in the universe are long finger nails being scratched across a chalkboard.  Wal Mart Pizza is kinda like that.  Nails being dragged across a chalk board.  And, you feel conflicted because it actually tastes ok.  I wonder if the rumors are true, that there is something in the dough effecting your mind?  They wouldn't do that, would they?

Years ago you would step off an elevator with the urge to buy and eat a hot dog, or a drink, or both.  You'd get the urge to spend a certain amount on new under ware in the main Mall store.  Rarely would anyone escape without spending a quantity of cash.  Pizza was high on that list.  The urge to visit the House of Pizza was extremely high.  Could it be the elevator music?  Does that mean we have to spin the Elevator backwards real fast?  

Now, back to the Frozen Pie.  Frost involved, toppings complete with cheep cheese and sauce.  It is still a forbidden temptation, a delight we pretend not to enjoy.  My evening meal was tasty after all.  

Peace and Balance,


Saturday, October 8, 2022

Courage, an exercise in Nonsense.

 Courage is the attribute that gives a person the ability stand up for what they believe in regardless of the outcome.  It is the thing that lets us stand at the precipice without fearing the view.  Courage is the right stuff.

True courage is taking action in the face of fear.  Controlling fear is the way we get a handle on primal emotions.  The urge to flee is generally the first idea that guides us.  This guide is a liar.  It will lead you astray and trap you in the darkness.  Courage will overcome the darkness and bring the light.  You will see the truth. 

Some say that one man's truth is another's fantasy.  Truth is the light that shines from reality, or realities as the cases may be.  Each has a different reality.  Each being subjected to the identity of each viewer.  As many that see are potentially the centers of Universes complete in new rules and new courage. 

What is true courage verses false courage?  True courage is acted upon without a thought of consequences. False courage is acted on in hopes of gaining recognition or control.  This is a show for those whom are the controlled. True courage frees those under influences other than theirs.  Shedding light on the lies.  

Grab your light saber and face the evil empire and show no fear.  An example of courage.  A Jedi Knight is Fearsome, not Fearful.  Full of courage  Run away screaming like a little girl.  Lacking courage.  I'm making it sound very black and white, but you've either got it our you don't.  

Do I have courage, hell I don't know?  Do you have courage? That's up to you.  However, I stand in the center of all white light, and nothing can harm me.

Peace and Balance,



Friday, October 7, 2022

Groovie Ghoulies cont.

In our misbegotten youth it is important to have hero's that can show us the way.  These hero's explain to us when we are young things that we can't comprehend with our pre-developing minds.  On of my loves when I was a Junior High School kid was the Groovie Ghoulies.  Frankie, Drack, Wolfy, Mummy, a Ghost, and a few nameless characters where there to entertain and help explain to me things I did not fully understand, "The Vietnam Conflict," which was being blasted daily to us from ABC, NBC, and CBS.  The three Biggies.  

My Favorite Groovie Ghoulie was the transformation of Frankie into the ever loving Super Ghoul.  Which is posted in the previous blog posting.  I hope you enjoy the Theme Song, I have remembered the tune for many, many years.  Says something about the effects certain things have on our youth.  


Peace and Balance,


Groovie Goolies - Super Ghoul - The Bare Boned Band

Thursday, October 6, 2022



Zen, the practice of locating, "Nothing," began in China around the time of the Tang Dynasty Zen was originally taught as the Chan or Cha school of meditation.  It is a teaching of Mahayana Buddhism that through the passage of time has been created and re-created into various subsections and paths to an alternate form of enlightenment.  

Zen is actually the Japanese version of the word Cha in Mandarin.  I like to use the word Zen myself because is sounds cooler.  

Zazen is the practice of sitting, standing, lying down, or any combination of positions, to focus on the breath and put your mind directly into the path of what you are thinking at that moment.  To practice Zen breathing for Zazen is fairly simple, but can become difficult.  The objective is to capture one thought and focus on that thought.  Eventually your thought will begin to revolve around your breathing.  The technique is simple, however elegant, Breath in the nose and out the mouth a little longer than the breath in.  At it's outcome there is no counting just breathing, but to get there it is a good idea to count out the time you breath in verses the time you breath out.  For instance if you breath in for a count of 10, you breath out slowly for a count of 20, and so forth.  This leads to the eventual just breath and pay it no mind thinking.  

After you managed to get your breathing in order it's time to get your thinking in order.  That's the hard part.  Human beings tend to wander from thought to thought in milliseconds and can go through a whole days of ilk in less than 5 minutes.  The goal is to focus on one thing at a time while you're breathing in and out rhythmically.  Eventually you're only thinking about your breathing, and that to will disappear and you will be focused on the void.  These moments will come sporadically and last for brief moments.  The time spent in the void will grow longer the more Zazen is practiced.  In a few years enlightenment may wander into your focus and the answers to long asked questions will present themselves.  Fantastic!

At this point you realize that Zen has really nothing to do with classical Buddhism.  It is a science of clearing the mind.  If you choose to ponder the Kaon of the Buddha, or reflect on the Great Path is up to you, but not necessary.  You can practice Zen in any form of religion or faith.  Just focus on that particular path, or not.  Again, it's all up to you.  I focus on the Void.  

Zen will present itself in interesting ways.  Questions will come to you from that space, and the answers to the same questions will come from that space.  Sometimes the answers come before the questions, time in not relevant. 

Zen is a Great circle starting at the beginning and traveling through the ending, returning to the beginning.  Such is the path of the seeker, to find him/herself looking back from the opposite side of the mirror.

Peace and Balance,



Wednesday, October 5, 2022

The Force

 George Lucas accidently started a movement when he created, "Star Wars".  From his initial conception to now his vision has evolved and transformed from a set of Galactic Samurai that he calls Jedi, to a group of Space Shaolin from Wu Dang complete with supernatural powers and abilities.  George was a fairly learned man who did his research and used his imagination to the fullest.  

Because of Star Wars, and the Jedi Knights two whole generations of Martial Warriors that study anything from Arm Wrestling to Taiji Quan. and all the inferences in-between, have been in the search for the, "Force."  

For generations practitioners of various forms of Kung Fu, Wushu, Karate-do, Judo, Jiujitsu, Ninpo, Chuan Fa, Kempo, and Skip To My Lou, have been seeking out this elusive energy called Qi, pronounced Chi.  

Now to be honest, the two are actually different words that get misspoken and misinterpreted over, and over again to describe a force that has no real description.   What is it then?  Why are so many people looking for it.  Are we all deluded?  Many questions, so few answers.  

I am a practitioner of many internal styles of Martial, and Healing arts.  I have seen stuff.  What I have witnessed often goes beyond explanation.  I'm a Reiki Master that practices his own form of Reiki.  I dabble in Huna, just because the word sounds cool.  I practice Qi Gong, Taiji Quan, and Praying Mantis Gong Fu, because I want to move mountains, and I am a grappler, just because I like the art of the knot.  Each one of these arts has a connection through stories, myth, and practice with the majickal force called Qi.  I still have no idea what it is.

But, I have seen things.  One of my all time hero's, Grandmaster Wally Jay, when he was with us, had the ability to move into a person's personal space, touch a joint with very little force and have complete control over the physical presence of that person.  When asked what he was doing he simply said he had an understanding of the physics involved and that he was using was what he called, "The Small Circle."  Small circles are ever changing circles and arcs that evolve out of the proximity to a joint, clockwise and counter clockwise to the outer proximity of the attackers body.  So, his physics was impeccable. 

Another of my Super Hero's is Grandmaster Poi Chan, who has developed a technique that includes a quick stepping into the inner part of an attacker's guard striking him just below the Dan Tien, the area below the navel, but above the groin, and launch that attacker up and away from him more that a few feet.  This strike is very painful and was explained to me if done hard with the right amount of, "Force" deadly.  So, Dim Mak is real?  That's the death touch.

I'm in search of this elusive Force.  I have a great want to be a Jedi Knight myself.  I remember when the first movie was released.  I was in the military and saw it in the Base theater.  I've been enthralled ever since.  See what George has done to us?  Delusion, reality, fantasy, we'll only know after the experiment is complete.

Peace and Balance,



Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Yom Kippur

 The most important Holiday for my Jewish grandmother has come upon us, Yom Kippur.  There will be no school vacations, no closings of businesses, no classical celebrations of time out and time off.  What there will be, for the hardcore practicing Jew, lots of fasting, lots of praying, and lots and lots of confessing. 

Fasting and praying are good for the soul separately and or in conjunction.  When you add the confessionary part to the subject real transformation can happen.  For 24 hours the worshiper will seek guidance and let go of a year of past badness.  

Yom Kippur is very much like a short Vision Quest.  The practice of my other ancestors the Plains Indians.  A Vison Quest tends to last a few more days and starts with a ceremonial Sweat Lodge, an Innipi.  This begins the process of atonement followed by 4 days of fasting, singing, prayer, and waiting for a vision.  A Vision Quest usually is overseen by a Holy Man or Woman as in rare cases the seeker of the vision decides to stay on the other side and needs to be coaxed back.  We'll talk about spiritual death on a later date.

Both of these ceremonial occurrences have  the effect of cleansing the soul and connecting the prayer to the Great Spirit or God.  Each has a different word for God, but the same being non the less.  It has been said, not by me, but that if you look into the face of God the Creator you may go Mad.  That would explain many things.  

Atonement, paying a small price for gaining a clean slate.  Do you feel free from past Karma?  I wonder. I am an individual that spends allot of time practicing the letting go of things.  That includes the past, the future past, and the present past.  The letting go of things, the atonement of stuff is an act of contrition.  After all who are we judging if not ourselves.  

A Christian will tell you to confess and pay contrition to get into Heaven.  A Jew will say to you that atonement and prayer will strengthen your faith in God and you will be at one with Creation.  A Native American will say to you that Innipi, atonement, prayer and song will strengthen your power and You will Be.  Seems to me that they all mean the same thing in one form or another.  Languages are an interesting way of expressing ultimate reality.  

Today is Yom Kippur the most important Holiday in Judaism.  Maybe we all can learn a little from fasting, praying, and atoning.  The first Big step is to remove your head out of an uncomfortable place.

Happy Yom Kippur

Peace and Balance,


Monday, October 3, 2022

Autumn and More

 A blanket of red and green, yellow and brown hints of purples and blues playing peekaboo.  This is Autumn in New England.  Traveling the mountains of New Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont during the fall season of colors is a delight in visual as well as nasal stimulation.  We of the North Country have been gifted by the Great Creator of all things with the spectacular and wonder of the in-between time.  

Autumn is the Harvest, it is the rise of the Ancestors, it is the time of year when our imaginations are free to run amok amongst dead and decaying of our mortal myth.  All Hollows Eve is set at the end of October, the time when celebrations begin.  This is the time of year with our dead are closer to us than any other time.  So we have an obsession with the macabre and horror of our own minds.  

Samhain is the Celtic celebration of the Ancestors.  The time of year when we remember who we are and whence we come.   It is the beginning of the masses for bringing in the crops and communing with both nature and each other.  It is from this day that All Saints day was created that eventually became All Hallows Eve, and Halloween.

My Gaelic Ancestors brought this celebration with them from Ireland.  It is an ushering in of the Dark Half of the year.  A time when Hearth fires where left burning all through the night in order to shed light into those regions of unknown space in the house as not to encounter the spooks and goblins that are always hiding within. In these dark corners the physical world breaks down and is replaced by the Spiritual world.  We are closer to our souls and burn brighter in the sight of the lurkers of dark places.  Samhain is the spirit of the season which protects us from our folly.  

Celebrations are still held in the old way.  Druid priest would light a circle of stones and sacrifice would be made to the elements.  We don't do the sacrificing anymore, but Smores and other goodies are a fun alternative.  This is the beginning to what can be considered the biggest celebration in the United States today, Halloween.

Peace and Balance, 


Sunday, October 2, 2022

An Immortal Wanderer

 You might meet him on a road, you might meet him in the market, you might see him walking in the distance, or telling stories in the square.  Ask him who he is and he'll simply say a humble wanderer.  Ask him who he isn't and he'll reply again, "A humble Wanderer."  How long has he wandered?  As long as God has determined it.  

His name is Cartaphilus and is guilty of tormenting Jesus at the time of his crucifixion.  Cartaphilius is possibly also the name of the Roman soldier who struck Jesus during his interrogation.  As the story goes, God curses Cartaphilius to walk the Earth until the Second Coming. 

So, you might meet him on the road and introduce yourself and ask his name receiving an enigmatic answer.  To know who the wanderer is, is to be like the wanderer gaining immortality in a name.  

"What did you do to wander for so long?"  

"I struck my beloved and tormented the lord upon his death.  The Father has cursed me a lengthy life until I am forgiven upon his return."  

"Why did you strike?"

"That's the rub. So I wander until I know myself."

Finely you might find out his name, but would it mean anything to you?  He might say, "I am Cartaphilius." or he may say, "I am Caiaphas." Or he might simply reply, "I am but a Wandering Jew. Waiting for the return." 

Peace and Balance,


Saturday, October 1, 2022

Follow the Yellow Brick Road.

 "Follow the Yellow Brick Road," was the song Dorothy and her friends sang as they searched for the enlightenment of the Emerald City and the teachings of the Great and Powerful OZ.  The road wandered and twisted, traveling through the most interesting, and for Dorothy terrifying experiences her imagination could conjure.  

On the plains of the United States the "Yellow Brick Road" becomes the Red Road.  The Elders would say to you, "Walk the Red Road," walk the path towards enlightenment, the path of a warrior.  The Red Road like the "Yellow Brick Road" wines and twists along a treacherous journey of ups and downs, ins and outs, conflicts and harmonies.  On the Red Road you will find your soul.

Buddha spoke of five paths to enlightenment each as wonderous and adventurous as the above. They are: The path of accumulation, where of get stuff and let stuff go and get more stuff and so on, each step getting you closer to your goal just before it goes away. The path of preparation or application, where you plan things then do them. The path of seeing, that is a place where you see the truth, the folly, and the reality of where you're at. The path of meditation, this is the most common path.  This is the path that people accept as a standard for enlightenment.  This path can lead you straight or delude you.  That is up to you.  These paths are just as treacherous as the "Yellow Brick Road" and the Red Road.  Often people practice these paths for self indulgence.  Stuffed shirts all.  Jerry Garcia suggested that if you see the Buddha on the road, Kill him.  

The Hindu path is similar to the Taoist path, that are simply called, "The Way."  Hindu's say, "Jnana Marga", and Taoist's just say, "The Tao".  They both translate loosely to "the Way."  I'm staying away from the pantheons of Gods and Deities because we could go on forever.  Wait, that's what has happened after all, right?  

The Jews, the Christians, and Islam all follow a similar path.  These are the children of the book.  Each has a different version of the same story adding on to it as the generations change and grow.  This path started with the Covenant Abraham made with God.  Abraham is the father of each of these belief systems.  To bad they can't agree on the semantics.  Many wars would have been avoided, but I digress.  

Paths of all kinds leading to the same place.  We have many choices and many lessons.  Each of us is an individual living in a collective.  Our path intertwines with other paths and eventually was all look in the mirror with the same eyes.  And at some point we all have the same question of the eyes looking back at us, "Just who the hell are you?"  

Peace and Balance,