Saturday, October 22, 2022

el Zorro and His

 I've been re-watching CSI Miami on Netflix and realized how close it is to Miami Vice.  They both have tense undertones, protagonists that are right on the crusty edge, and lighting that isn't quite natural.  I also notice, and am not sure about the fact of this, but everyone seems to wear pastels and lots of Mauve.  Now I'm not against pink, no,  as a matter of fact I'm a propagator of Salmon as the alternative color to Black, but Mauve and Pastels, come on guys. 

Both shows were filmed with a yellow orange filter that gives everything a warm tanning bed glow.  I can feel a deep dark tan coming on just from viewing the program.  I also notice that I have feelings of the Alpha wolf stalking his prey.  I am Horatio Cane, I am Castilio from Miami Vice, I become the Mauved clad hero of the show.  Now, I do have to give it to both Horatio and Castilio, they both wear their share of Black, complete with ribbon tie.  Castilio was a Latin Samurai, and Horatio, he's just a plain killer.  Miami must create some tough cops man.  These guys definitely eat their spinach.  

I remember the show Hawaii Five O, with Lt. Magarett.  He was another tough guy.  However the filming was more natural.  I guess there's no improving on what Hawaii has to offer naturally.  I do notice that Horatio seems to be a red hair version of the original Magarett. Same hair cut, same suit, and same shooting stats.  Neither one of these fellas ever missed a shot.  Castilio would sneak up on his targets and use his sword on them.  He was a super Ninja dude.  A Mexican Super Ninja dude.  Castilio is very much like a police lieutenant version of don Diego, Zorro.   Righteous men all.  

Of course don Diego De la Vega  was the original, and Zorro, the Fox was his alter ego, but the other's carry his torch with great elegance and power.  They too are respectable folk hero's.  

So I re-watch CSI Miami, and Horatio wages his war on the Evil doers of Miami.  I will watch Guy Williams as Zorro soon, and Miami Vice just for the 80's fix, but I will mentally carve a bold Z in the chest of all the bad guys.  

Peace and Balance,


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