Friday, October 14, 2022

We Need Sleep.

 Have you ever woke up in the morning not knowing where you're at, what year it is, or who you are, or maybe all at once?  It happens to me more and more every year.  Especially when I'm really over tired.  And brother I am over tired these days.  Sleep is a commodity that comes with a high tax.  If I sleep in I run the risk of being late for work, or miss a needed workout.  That's my vent for letting go of stress and other non needed things like negative yucks.  

This morning I woke up and managed to make it to the coffee machine before I realized I was even awake.  That is a tad spooky.  Coming into full consciousness standing in front of the coffee machine.   Now, understand that coffee is a religious thing for me that has to be partaken of every day, at several intervals during the day.  Some folks are very pious with their prayer, I am very pious with my coffee.  

They tell me that if you go without sleep for to long of a time that hallucinations can sneak in and alter your reality.  And if you manage to skirt the non reality, your sanity may be at risk.  In that case I have no worries, I have no sanity. 

I wake and don't know where I'm at.  It'll feel like I'm floating as I come into reality and I'll open my eyes before I'm actually conscious.  That is trippy to say the least.  After I wake up and look around it takes me more and more time to figure out just where I'm at.  I was dreaming that I was back in Montana once and as I was waking in the morning I thought I was in Montana.  Then the age thing kicked in and I realized, "Hey your to damn old to be in Montana."  hmm. 

I'm wondering if it's an age thing, or if I'm just wacky.  Maybe both.  It's not a bad thing, I mean I'm not suffering and I'm not lost, just not present for just a bit of wake up time.  I guess it's time to catch up on some needed sleep, stay properly hydrated, and eat a balanced diet.  But, most of all a good 8 hours is in order.  

Peace and Balance,


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