Wednesday, October 19, 2022



Dreams are funny things.  They are the minds way of exercising it's own demons by relaxing and allowing itself to go through a process of dumping un-needed stress.  Dreams are also a way we teach ourselves things that rationally we may not understand in the waking world, so we go over these things in dream time and come up with rational understanding to irrational input.  Dreams are our own personal creations, a window into another universe. 

Dreaming is an art.  The Art of Dreaming involves the practice of gaining insight by analyzing our dreams then going back into them using a multitude of techniques to eventually gain control over the Dream time.  Shamanisticaly dreaming is a way to gain information about a subject that is hidden within the underline layers of the subject matter.  For instance, an ill person would go to the Medicine man for healing.  The Medicine man would have a conversation, analyze the patient, have the patient wait comfortably in a room while the Shaman would go take a nap.  When he/she woke and returned the healing would either be complete or there would be a solution and a path to that healing.  A modern example of this kind of Medicine person was Edgar Cayce, who would take a nap and go into a dream state and do all sorts of miraculous things while sleeping, wake up and not remember a dang thing about what just transpired.  The patient however would be happy and healthy.  

O'le Edgar also had the annoying ability to put a book under his pillow at night and wake knowing everything that was in the book.  He literally slept on it.  Hence the old adage, "Let me sleep on it."  Ah to only have that ability, learning would be so much easier. 

Dreaming is also a way to perceive things that may happen that haven't happened yet.  It's not necessarily predicting the future, but being aware of events that lead up to a possible future.  Dreaming clears that path giving the dreamer a clearer perception of what will come, or not.  Dreaming the future gives the dreamer the choice of making changes and rewriting the line to another possible outcome, hence the dreamt future no longer exists.  We have inherited abilities to be Creators of our own Universes. 

There are multitudes of books and journals that the reader can use to learn the many techniques to practice the Art of Dreaming.  I can even suggest a few my self, but not here.  Ask me in the reply and I will suggest, or email me.  Authors may include, or may not: Castaneda, Richard Bach, or even Stephen King, but I don't suggest you go there.  

Peace and Balance,



  1. I think you meant to say "exorcising" demons.

  2. Well, that's one way of looking at it. 80)