Monday, October 31, 2022

Happy Halloween

 Well it's finely here, the Day of the Walking Dead.  We all quake in fear as the tiny horde of quasi zombies march upon us raised to the level of super saturated sugar highs.  We should be afraid, very afraid for there are few things more terrifying than groups of sugar laden grandchildren.  The upside of this picture is that we get to give them back to their respective parents.  The down side is that for a few short hours there is the noise and vibrations of high to the max littles.  Sugar is a bad thing. 

I think this evening I might try a new thing and hand out mini carrots and celery stalks wrapped in plastic sandwich bags with notes to parents, "Please take better care of your children."  

Now, I am fully expecting a finely toilet papered tree due to my shagginery, but hey what is more important, better health, or a few less teeth?  I'll go with better health.  Being an educator in todays age is a hard thing to do when they transform once a year into the tiny Zombie Horde of sugared up Death.

It is here.  Halloween, so enjoy, live a little, have a joyful moment, be with your children, grandchildren, spouse, and or pets, and make a meal, enjoy a spooky movie or two and listen deep into the dark night, for there may be real monsters waiting for you.

Peace and Balance,


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