Monday, October 24, 2022

Chess and Life.


My favorite board game is Chess.  By far the best game for teaching strategy and logical thinking.  It also teaches the player how to get the pieces in the proper place at the proper time.  Today I took some steps that will lead to other future steps in a plan I've exercised.  Pre planning is good as long as the observer doesn't travel in the same circles as the observed.  

I told my bosses at Walmart that yesterday was the last Saturday I will work.  I did not wait for a retort, or a response, I told them how it was going to happen and did not wait.  The HR lady was very cooperative and removed me from the Saturday spot, and the managers I spoke to had no way out.  The pieces where in play and they stared back at the Queen ready to strike.  All is good.

Playing Chess for a long period of time will teach the player lessons about getting things into position before the plan is put into play.  Play the game on the fly will get your King mated.  The difference between the Game of Chess and Life is, in Life you won't have the opportunity to reload your board and try again.  

After a life time of looking at things through the eyes of a Chess player, Martial Artist, and practitioner of Shamanistic belief systems, I have come to the fork in the road where your mystical guide, the other you, gives you a choice and a short preview of things to come.  This guide never speaks only stands aside and looks either direction waiting for you to choose.  Sounds very poetic?  No, it is terrifying.

So, I have chosen.  The path before me is one where I bring as many like minded learners with me on my travel.  May the Universes bring as much Joy into their hearts as I have been presented with, and All travel streets of Gold.  I move a new pawn forward, Queens Pawn 4.  Let us see what response I evoke.

My guide, my self, is with me and with us, touching all that can be touched spreading the Health, Wisdom, Joy, and Life to all that come in contact with us, We are now playing a New Game.

Peace and Balance,



  1. Always enjoyed our chess games. Let's do that again sometime. Interesting to see how your game of life is moving. Next time we get together we should share strategies.