Saturday, December 30, 2023

Riding Shot Gun


I come from out west, and sometimes when you have to travel to someplace very important for an undisclosed reason you need a man riding shot gun.  Today I had to do just that.  Travel to somplace very important for an undisclosed reason and my dear friend Ray, who is more a brother than just friend stepped up and rrode shot gun for my journey.  I am forever grateful and thank Ray for the things he does without second thoughts.  His generosity and helping hand are invaluable and mean more to me than he can know.  Thank you Ray.  The comfort of the home is safe and sound and all Damsils are less distressed. you are a true knight of the round table.  Or maybe oblong table.  80)  

Peace and Balance,

John  Another of Merlin's helpers.  

Thursday, December 28, 2023

Writting for personal Therapy

 I admit that I have the tendancy of using this blog as in part personal Therapy.  I write things that are on my mind.  I often confess things that seem fantastical, however a very close friend of mine told me a long time ago that it is easier to express the truth through fantasy and fiction.  He believes as I do that todays readers are capable of gleening the truth from a written page if written well regardless of how fantastic it may read.  He reminded me that some of the worlds greatest works of fiction are indeed records of historical fact.  when we had this conversation many years ago if i remember right he actually used the phrase hysterical fact.  Which being a student of history myself as some of you are I've discovered that hstorical fact can be written into some of the funniest nonsense put to pen.  To prove my point just look at most of the history of American politics which seems to be regurgitating itself in front of our very eyes these very days. It all makes me very grateful I am not a politician.  Thank God.

Peace and Balance John

Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Family ALL

 There is nothing more important to one's life than family.  This includes adopted family and friendships that have become family.  We all become close to friends and their families and eventualy accept those families as extentions of our own families.  We have Brothers from other mothers and their brides and children become our sisters and nephews and nieces we become larger expanded family.  All are one and part of a collective family unit.  With our brides and children, our in laws and their children our sisters and brothers and their children and all who havee come before and will follow with a similar path Welcome We are all one Family.  Happy New Year let's bring the light of the season upon us all.

Peace and Balance,


Sunday, December 24, 2023

Glory to God in the Highest, Merry Christmas

 Tis the season and all is quiet.  Children everywhere are waiting in wonder for the sainted guest.  Santa Claus travels his elves working hard, and moms and dads everywhere are anticipating smiling faces in the morning.  Christmas Eve is here.  HO HO HO can be heard from all directions the expression of Love and Glory All of us are but children when the spirit travels.  Remembering the Master and his glorious birth Three wise men traveled the Earth and in the desert everything changed and he arrived in the manger in witness of his mother and father the Glory of God shown upon us all.  

Have a very Merry Christmas everyone, and remember why we celebrate.

Peace and Balance,


Friday, December 22, 2023

The Irrational tree lights


One of the most frustrating Christmas events is the lights suddenly go out on the tree in the middle of trying to arrainge them.  Then you can't find the reason, be it a burned out fuse, which is usually hidden in the plug case.  So you find the burnt fuse and can't replace it because you don't seem to have a replacement fuse.  That is when the more colorful adverbs and descriptions about the parentage of said plug and string of lights suddenly comes into question.  This is when the command decision is made to give up for the night and wait till the morning when you can find a few extension cords to fix said problem.  The lesson for the day kids, don't plug to many strings of lights together in a chain. Even though they make your tree all shiny and sparkly take my word for it the more conservative you are with your lights the better in the long run and you won't suffer the ills of guilt for saying unsavory things.  So Tomorrow I make a plan and re-string the lights so Mona and myself have a happy sparkly tree to enjoy without the irrational verbage.  HO HO HO.

Peace and Balance,


Thursday, December 21, 2023

Hey what's FOR SUPPER?

 It's the time of year when we of a certain age sit with the smiling young'uns in the household and read, "Twas the night before Christmas to our young progeny Which can lead to a real nice game of trivial pursuit if you into that sort of thing.  Of course one of my favorite questions is, "Can you name the eight tiny reindeer in order?   They are of course, Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen.  Then the smart aleck in the room, normaly the twelve year old ADHD child will blurt out, "You forgot Rudolph Grandpa." This interuption generaly gives me the urge to lash out irrationally.  When the Bear part of my personality looks and the child and whispers in my ear, "Lunch."  Then it occurs to me that yes the older male brown bears have been know to eat their own young.  This is a behavior that I can relate to the older I get.  However  these are personal tendencies that are controllable with proper practice.  So I channel my bear aggression through my students.  After all, that's what they're there for.  A couple of them also have a little of the bear in them so we have an understanding in philosophies.  Balance is achieved and the younger population is kept at a manageable level. That is sound wildlife management when you live in areas that practice hunting as an art to feed your family with.  

Tbis is the time of year when hope rides a flying sleigh and venison is served.  HO HO HO

Peace and Balance,


Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Armed to the Teeth with a Plate of Cookies.


This is the time of year when all good little girls and good little boys find hope in an over sized Elf and 8 tiny reindeer.  HO HO HO is his battle cry as he flies his red convertible.  A bag full of goodies and little green helpers to make the children of the world happy.  So, you'd better not pout, you'd better not cry because Santa is on the way and always watching.  That song is just a tad creepy, but hey when I was a kid I had several sharp pointy objects hidden under my bed So any late night intruder would meet with an unexpected surprise.  Armed to the teeth and a plate of cookies.  Always ready for the Claus.  HO HO HO.

Peace and Balance,


Sunday, December 17, 2023

Drawback of illness

 It kind of sucks being ill.  Sometimes you just wake up that way, and others the ill sneaks up on you and attacks when you're least expecting it.  I am in the throws of one of those moments.  Occasionally I suffer from bouts of an allergy that likes to remind me that I should stay away from certain kinds of trees, and or food.  Then it hits me with the allergy stick, Whap! And I tell you that is not a comfortable slap in the side of the head.  It's kind of like splitting wood with an axe that is followed by swelling of the face, mouth, and the stuff attached.  A round of allergy pills and Benadryl is the usual personal treatment which I can tell you is sometimes worse than the original smack in the side of the skull.  That stuff turns me into a floating glob of goo and erases my ability to think and communicate intelligently.  Which may have been in question in the first place, but hey at least there is the talking thing.  Usually a day or two later and I'm back to my smiling self.  Which is a relief since I often look like a swelled alien.  But, now I'm back.  

It kind of sucks being ill.  However, normality is shortly at hand along with drug induced sleep complete with the dreams of the old times.   Dreams of immortality and the song of the season.  HO HO HO.

Peace and Balance,


Tuesday, December 12, 2023

What NO Coffee?


There was a catastrophe in the Schmaing household this morning. It was discovered that the sacred drink, Pejuta Sapa, Coffee was out.  Such things should not happen for to long without the sacred drink can cause time to slip and when that happens it's never a good thing.  To replace the need for caffeine the black medicine was replaced with several cups of green and black teas.  Although not a perfect substitute it will suffice in a pinch until the stores of the holy bean can be replaced.  

Later in the day with intentions of replacing these important supplies the Pony drops a lud nut on the way to Walmart.  So upon seeing the delema I was in the small lud wrench was freed from it's resting place next to the spare tire in the back of the CRV.  I tightened all luds as tight as I could with my little wrench.  I have a few extra grams of mass to use in such emergencies so the wheel was tightened back snug.  I was discovered that there were loose luds all around the car, so a few foot pounds of John was pressed into each one.  I did manage to get to Sanel before it closed to purchase a new lud and added it to the tire.  Tightened with my grunt and good til the morning.  I will take it to the Master of Auto at school and again he will look at my Pony's shoes and let me know what could have happened.  So far it is a mystery.  All tires are new and the torque was applied to each lud upon adding them.  They should not have loosened.  We will see tomorrow.  My fingers and toes are crossed,  Hoping my luck stays with me.  Until then.  Then to refill the coffee.

Peace and Balance,


Monday, December 11, 2023

The Lord Of The North.

 He stands alone far in the north where no one else dare go.  Staff held high, it's end burning with the light of seven suns.  Illuminating all that the light touches burning back the darkness a terrible battle commences.  No living thing can know the reason for such a show of power the very Earth shudders at his touch as the song of elves reverberates through the heavens.  The angels harmonize back and the pole shifts. 

At his feet his foe the Goblin King lies defeated his evil hold on mankind severed.  The victor clad in red and white his eyes of fire shine from under hood and sky.  The Elves song continues, "This is Santa." They sing to Time.  He is the new Ruler of the North, "Our Pride and Joy."  

Sing Oh Immortals of Time, for Santa has come.

Peace and Balance,


Saturday, December 9, 2023

My Wife's Philosophies.


From the philosophies of my Enlightened Wife:  "When the Sheets are straight, All's right in the world."

This was proven true to me after re making and straightening the bed.  Upon crawling  back under the covers the body relaxed and an audible sigh of relief and comfort was heard from both sides of the bed. All was indeed right in the world.  

It occurs to me that during this time of year many troubles can be solved between a set of warm, comfy, straight sheets.  When the addition of a warm comforter and a favorite blanket is also applied to the straight sheets then warmth and the inevitable sounds of breathing and the occasional contented snore will be heard.  These are both clues to the present state of wellness between the sheets making the world right.  These are my wife's ideas perfect sleep.  I am enjoying the experiment on the quality of sleep under these conditions, and so far she is quite right, "When the Sheets are straight All's right in the world."  

Under these conditions the mind is able to relax and REM sleep occurs allowing restful and healthful dreaming to happen.  Our minds relax and our bodies heal.  Perfect rest.  All's right in the world.  

So, as the philosopher awakens from a dream take my wife's advice and keep your sheets straight.  The benefits of a well rested night will follow you everywhere you are.  And your world too will be right.  

Peace and Balance,


Thursday, December 7, 2023

The Illumination Café.

It is said that from a child's mind is gleaned Truth.  I have the pleasure of working with children that have special needs however still have the gift of youth that sees through Bull Shit.  Each of these children has a certain spark deep behind their eyes that expresses the wisdom of age.  Is it possible we are re-educating immortal beings into the art of being human?  Only time will tell.  

Feed me, Teach me, protect me, Hear me, See me, these are the sacred truths between parents, Children, Teachers, and students for as long as Adults and Children have looked into each other's eyes.  We enlighten them, and they Illuminated us.  This is the relationship between an Adult and a Child and the Truth we all share.  From the chairs of the Illumination Café'.

Peace and Balance,


Monday, December 4, 2023

Advice from around the Fire.

 If you ever find yourself outside in the cold sitting around a nice hot highly stocked fire enjoying coffee and the gossip of the day and it begins to rain find water proof dry clothes to put on.  get somewhere warm and dry to keep the body safe from the yucks.  Take my word for it that ignoring this advice and not taking the time to care for yourself in those conditions can cause serious badness to inflict it's hostile pains upon you.  It is not a happy thing. 

As it was this past weekend The Three congregated around a nice toasty fire highly stoked partaking of the weekly conversation, ceremony, and sacred coffee.  It was beautiful, then the rain came.  Each of the Three sponged up a certain amount of cold drippyness and at the end of the night when things were being put away an amount of standing cold water was still on seats, the tops of coolers, and rocks around the Fire pit.  It was a fabulously hot fire.  The Three parted company and each went home to wives, snacks, and bed.  The one we shall call Master Wu woke the next morning expecting the top part of his brain to explode.  The Migraine was classic and should be in the halls of memory.  Wu's wife took his temp. and indeed it was there.  He thought the end was sure to come and decided to swab his brain and test for the evil Corona virus he was Negative a positive turn of events.  She took his temp. again and yes it was still holding on.  What a turn of events for getting a little to wet at the wrong ambient temperature.    Apparently if the body temp drops quickly the recovery rate can be taxing.  He is better now and has learned a lesson in Thermodynamics.   

The advice is, stay dry, Keep your feet dry and warm, keep you powder dry, and don't try to breath the whole fire.  

However, It was Grand.  

Peace and Balance,