Monday, December 11, 2023

The Lord Of The North.

 He stands alone far in the north where no one else dare go.  Staff held high, it's end burning with the light of seven suns.  Illuminating all that the light touches burning back the darkness a terrible battle commences.  No living thing can know the reason for such a show of power the very Earth shudders at his touch as the song of elves reverberates through the heavens.  The angels harmonize back and the pole shifts. 

At his feet his foe the Goblin King lies defeated his evil hold on mankind severed.  The victor clad in red and white his eyes of fire shine from under hood and sky.  The Elves song continues, "This is Santa." They sing to Time.  He is the new Ruler of the North, "Our Pride and Joy."  

Sing Oh Immortals of Time, for Santa has come.

Peace and Balance,


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