Sunday, January 30, 2011


A long time ago a young boy was born to the spirit clan. He was given the name Yumini, the unborn. His four elder brothers had left to set up their own tipis many years before in the beginning time. His eldest brother, Waziyatta the north, lived in the farthest reaches of the northern ice and snow. Waziyatta had a wife named Waziri, who had powerful medicine and could heal the people through change and cleansing. However, because they were elders their tolerance for young ones was low as they thought about clan matters rather than personal ones.

His second eldest brother Io, lived alone in the far reaches of the west. Io had a tipi made of black buffalo robes. He had brother bear, Hunglaska the monster, living with him. Hunglaska’s purpose is to help Io walk souls through the unknown into the spirit world or back into life depending on choices made during life.

Yumini’s favorite brother was Okaga the protector, who lived in the south. Okaga would travel from the southern sun to the center of the earth, his mother’s tipi, bringing knowledge and nourishment to the people. Okaga had a wife who’s father was Skan Skan the sky, her name was Pte San Wi, who was the white buffalo calf woman for the people. Okaga is the protector of the people.

His brother nearest him in age is Yappa the rising sun. Yappa brings youth and rebirth to the land nourishing it with the rays of the rising sun. Like his brother Io, Yappa lives alone to travel across the skies. Each day he walks across the land to visit Io and Hunglaska bringing them new things.

Yumini was to be put under the charge of one of his brother’s. Great Grandfather, Wakantanka tungasila, had council with Grandmother Earth, Inamahka Kunsi ye, to decide who would be the teacher of Yumini. They counseled for many moons.

At the end of the discussion it was decided that the elder Waziyatta was to set in his ways to care for a young boy. That he would not be flexible enough to bend to the needs of a child. That Io would have good influence on him later in his life when he would reach that age when questions of immortality and life would impress him, later. It was decided that Yappa would be to young to care for Yumini. A good playmate he would make always bringing new things, but Yappa lacked the discipline to teach a young boy.

Finely, Great Grandfather and Grandmother Earth each turned their gaze upon Okaga of the south. They looked upon Pte San Wi, knowing the future she would bring, and saw in them a family for a child to grow. They saw a protector and provider, and a teacher who would make Yumini a just man. So it was said, so it was done.

Within the tipi of Okaga and Pte San Wi was born the unborn spirit of man, the wirlwind, the tornado, Yumini. Many years later man was born with a piece of the unborn within him, but that is another story. A long time ago.

Mitakuye oyatsin hetchetu yelo, HO. For all of my relations it is so.

Peace and Balance,

Friday, January 28, 2011

Cold Wars

I grew up during the Cold War. Later I worked for Uncle Sam during the Cold War. I remember the “Duck and Cover” drills, the funny looking signs we were taught to recognize, that pointed to a nuclear tomb, and JFK threatening to start trading our arsenal with the Soviets over a pig filled bay. I remember once President Regan took office we, the military body, were on constant “Alert” status until the day he left office. I remember. These are just a few of the warm and fuzzy feelings cast down from my generation to the next. However, I remember when we won that war, hurray. Or did we?

I was reminded today by one of the high school seniors that China has just passed the United States in technology and gross national product. China is now, according to my sources, the leading Super Power in the world. So, I’m remembering predictions laid out by a doom speaker of the last group of doom sayers, Ed Dames. Mr. Dames claimed that China would eventually be in the position of making us capitalistic types very uncomfortable about our global position. Ok, I’m uncomfortable.

There are many Sci Fi books and movies that subtly suggest that the oriental world gains a majority of the global power. Just watch, “Blade Runner,” or “Serenity,” that started as the TV series, “Fire Fly.” Both of these are infiltrated with Chinese language and customs. Yet another prediction from, Hollywood? Maybe.

So folks, keep your eyes and ears open, watch the stock market and listen to the political rhetoric coming from Asia and Washington. You might here some interesting things.

Peace and Balance,

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Frost Bite Falls

Welcome to Frost Bite Falls, Minnesota the home of Bullwinkle Moose and Rocket J. Squirrel. I know that we don’t live near there here in the North Country, but people are the same everywhere. Rocky and Bullwinkle evading and battling with riffraff such as Boris, Natasha, and of course Fearless Leader. O’l Fearless has that interesting scar across his face, sports a monocle, and has one of those eastern European accents that makes you remember eviler days.

I’m thinking of human kind. Often we look at ourselves and other folks with that certain squint and tilt to the head that makes us look like we might not be believing what is being said to us. We’ll get that bulge in our jaws telling other’s we’re grinding our teeth due to irritation and or frustration. After a certain period of disappointment in our fellow beings we start avoiding said beings in hopes things will change and the people will become enlightened to certain personal behaviors. Most of the time this hope gets dashed on the rocks of reality and we retreat further into our caves.

Frost Bite Falls is a place where the battle of the East and West is still playing itself out in time honored tradition, and we are entertained through the satire of it all. Boris and Natasha always loose and our Great American Way prevails, or does it?

As I awake from my drunken capitalistic stupor I realize my piece of the pie is about to bite me in the behind. I was not prepared for it’s reality. I have some advise for the reader, Start stuffing dollars into your mattress.

Peace and Balance,

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Darn Chilly

I’ve forgotten. I forgot how cold it can get in New England. I’ve lived here for almost thirty years now including the time I spent wandering around Pease Air Force Base, but I’ve forgotten just how darn cold damp cold can be. Now, mind you I grew up in Montana where it routinely gets cold. In the winter in Montana, thirty or forty below zero is a common occurrence. But there the only moisture in a year ranges around an inch. So the coldness was a dry coldness. It was a coldness that if you kept dry and out of the wind you could manage and if you’ve got a strong shelter with a decent fire going the coldness stays at bay.

New England Coldness is a damp sticky coldness. At twenty below zero with just a little wind blowing bringing the chill down to ungodly levels the coldness sort of penetrates the fabric of your outer garments and sticks to you like an evil entity trying to rob you of your soul, and it doesn’t let go. You may say to yourself, “I’ll go inside and keep warm.” But alas no, there is no escape from the frigged devil.

They say that Hell is a burning place, but I disagree. Hell is a cold place where you can’t escape nor warm yourself from the ever present chill. The devil is an old crippled demon with a perpetual drip frozen to the end of his nose and a pitch fork frosted with black ice, but I digress.

I forgot, Now it’s time to pray and bring in the spring warmth. Demon be gone.

Peace and Balance,

Monday, January 24, 2011

Dear Mr. President

The other day I noticed a Google ad with a link that was supposed to allow the reader to send a message to our President on the eve of his State Of The Union address. What happened was much different than sending a message, instead my message got circulated back to me and had to be deleted. I tried three times before I gave up. I’m under the impression that he doesn’t really want a message from me.

Here’s what I was going to ask, “Sir, there are millions of Americans that work hard every day. Americans that try to bring home a dollar and some gruel to feed and house family. Why is it that you sit in your office making decisions based on public opinion that have nothing to do with the average every day citizen of our country? Many of us went back to school later in life to catch a piece of the intellectual prize to have that dream squished under the government boot. How is it that there is no help for the lost ones, the citizen that has drifted beyond poverty and out of the reach of the middle class? I am one of those citizens Mr. President. I voted for you hoping that you would make that change we so desperately need. Instead I see your focus on the middle east and not here at home. When will you focus sir? An unfocused fighter often slowly bleeds to death from unforeseen wounds.”

So, reader this is what I want to say to our President, our leader. Maybe it will get to his ears after all.

Peace and Balance,

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Gabriel Come Blow Your Horn

Normally I’m a fairly modest fellow. I don’t tell people much about myself, and I don’t voice opinions unless there is an importance to that voice. I have been recently reminded that informing people and getting information out there is important for professional growth. So here it is.

I grew up in the state of Montana during a time of political and racial turmoil. I remember when driving from Havre, where I lived, across Belknap Reservation to Billings and Crow agency was very hazardous to personal safety. There was a time when my Dad told me that I should drive around Belknap and take an alternate route to Billings. I of course ignored his warning. Outside the town of Belknap I was pulled over by what turned out to be one of my more militant cousins. This is the only reason I was able to cross the res., I’m related. This was at the time when a fellow named Pelletier was arrested at Pine Ridge in South Dakota.

I played sports as a kid. Starting the year off with Football, moving into Wrestling, and ending with Track and Field, I was a field guy. I lifted heavy things and through stuff for distance. I was a pretty big kid in high school, haven’t changed much since then. At 230 lbs, I’m a lean mean fighting machine. Of course I’m getting old enough not to play games. If I’m attacked, I kill. Tends to avoid any middle interference.

I joined the USAir force a couple years out of high school and became one of the silent few. When I left the service I began teaching the martial arts, one of the things I did all my life. May not have mentioned that. Twenty Five or so years later I’ve inherited my family style and am it’s Grandmaster. I’ve been practicing now for well over forty years.

I went back to school a few years back and eventually earned a degree in science education. I was at the top of my class, now I need to find a real job, and I’m an old guy.

As trumpets go, Gabriel has a horn to blow. I follow the tradition and let the world know that I’m here and I’ll be writing everywhere.

Peace and Balance,

Installments On Life

Friday evening a friend died while at home in his bed taking a nap. His wife left him to do some errands to come home and find him cold on the bed. This friend was a good man. He was fair, a good provider to his wife and children, and a good boss. He will be missed.

It makes me think about health and frailty. My friend wasn’t much older than I and seemed to be in good health. Recently he had passed a physical with flying colors, all was well. This was an illusion. I am now looking at my own habits, scary.

My friend had just retired with a good package, benefits and all. He would have been making enough on his retirement to keep food on the table and enjoy his grandkids and family, along with the little things that guys do.

We are all frail beings, our lives can click off like a light bulb at any moment. We should enjoy what we have, Love our family and friends, and spend as much time with our spouses that we can to share and grow. In that department Romona and I are ahead. We freely express our love with each other every day.

Hug your mate, your children, and tell your parents you love them. You never know what may happen a moment from now.

Peace and Balance,

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Winds Of Change

It’s been said that there are only two inevitable absolutes in life, Death and Taxes. The first mention of an income tax came around the War Of 1812, to help pay for the war effort. Then again in 1861 the United States imposed the first personal income tax as part of the Revenue act of 1861, to help again support the war effort. This was repealed and imposed again in 1862, again as part of a war effort. This was the pattern of taxation in our country for a greater part of our existence.

Along comes the sixteenth amendment to the constitution which lays out the guide lines for taxation in our country. I’ll skip forward a few years, 1955 a ratification of the amendment and Congress imposes a tax on our gross income. So begins the fall from grace.

Wars come and wars go, struggles begin and stop, monies collect and disappear, where they go we don’t always know, but they pile up and back up and we end up collectively in dept, big dept.

In the thirties we has a world wide depression, they promised would never happen again, now we have a recession in which the monies involved make the depression of the thirties look like a walk in the park. Is the Dog walking the Master or is the Master walking the Dog?

I have friends that hide, they live in the woods and have gone off the grid hoping that Big Brother forgets them and or doesn’t come looking. Of course we all know it’s darn near impossible to hide anywhere these days due to technology. The eye in the sky looks ever earthward, Good luck.

The political spectrum in our country doesn’t give me warm and fuzzy feelings. I get the creeps and looks at Washington as a place to avoid at all costs, we can’t afford to visit there anyways. Our leaders bother me allot, and have been caught in many corrupt comings and goings for many years. God save the King.

We don’t exist in a capitalistic for of government anymore, and we aren’t communistic, but we’re closely creeping toward socialism with outlines of a proletariat. That is the poor are poorer and the rich and filthy. Canada is an example we might follow, but they have problems to. Maybe hiding is the thing to do.

Taxes and Death, two of the inevitable absolutes in life. Hold on to your loved ones and keep your nose to the wind, things are changing.

Peace and Balance,

Friday, January 21, 2011


When two people come together and share similar wants and desires it can be said that they are experiencing the same dreams. The two have yearnings for sameness and shared experiences. This yearning and desire is a reflection of the dream within both of them, they share the dream.

Those same two people can manifest that dream through concentration on the appropriate resources and their unity to bring about the desired goal, their dream. This, more often than not, takes much hard work and focus.

After many years of practiced dreaming and shared experiences the dreams will penetrate the psyche of the two and they literally will be sharing the same sleeping, or waking dream. This is said to be, “The Art Of Dreaming.”

Carlos Castaneda, wrote a series of books about dreaming and it’s enterprises. Carlos learned the art from an old Yaqui shaman named Juan Matus. The art Juan taught Carlos was an advanced form of sharing and hard work.

Hard work is the key to manifesting a dream, making it real. Don Juan may or may not have been real, but his dream is true. My grandfather, Henry “Hoot” came from the same area, the desert. Dreaming is a big thing in the desert, when we dream and our dreams come true it’s said we’re walking out of the desert. There are many stories about walking the desert and facing dreams. What dreams may come?

Peace and Balance,

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Human Nature

I would like to take a moment to write about human nature। Human Beings are endowed with the ability to think and reason. We have the inherited ability to rationalize our actions and even our reactions before they happen. Within us all there is that part of the creature that feels and expresses emotion. Emotion can be very positive, it can build things, it can strengthen things, and it can be the force behind some of the coolest creations that people have made throughout history. Emotion can also be the root of negative things, there are those emotions that are destructive, and those that are jealous. These negative emotions lead to our bad behavior and can disable our rational thought processes. They can kill us.

We can, through training and practice, control our negative emotions and use them to teach us about ourselves। We can ascend beyond ourselves and reach a certain amount of enlightenment through the practice of self control।

Human Nature has the ability to take control of us before we take control if it। I’ve walked down both path’s of the rational and irrational. I choose to be rational and take control of my human nature. We are not Vulcans like Mr. Spock of “Star Trek”, but we can learn to use the teaching of the negative feelings and the nurturing of the positive ones in order to grow and become a more enlightened, rational, and sensible human beings.

Take the challenge।

Peace and Balance,

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Friend Fred

When I was young I had a friend named Fred. The thing about Fred was that I was the only person that could see him. He would go where ever I went and do what ever I did. Fred was the perfect friend, he was imaginary.

My folks just pretended that Fred was real and played along with my fantasy. My dad even invited Fred along on a baseball game day. That was cool, Fred was a much better catch than me.

Fred and I had a real big fight on a Saturday before dinner. I came in with a black eye and scrapes on my elbows. My mom asked me what happened and I explained that Fred and I had a fight. Fred was a better fighter than I was.

Latter that week my folks took me to visit this funny looking guy with thick black glasses. He had funny toys for me to play with while he asked me questions about Fred. I answered as best I could and was eventually asked to wait out in the outer room while he talked to Mom and Dad.

Fred and I did a puzzle and waited. My folks came out a few minutes later with and astonished look on their faces. The funny looking guy told them that Fred was most likely real. I don’t think they took that news with the best of graces.

When I became older I heard Fred more than saw him. I learned to catch real good and became a fair fighter. Fred became more interesting. Today he still cheats at cards every now and then.

Peace and Balance,

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Power Of Faith

Occasionally we have accidents. Little booboo’s that we collect while walking through our every day lives. Sometime’s our little booboo’s aren’t that little. We run into things, fall down, and trip over stuff that we don’t see in the night.

One of these little booboo’s has recently plagued my Dear Wife, Romona. She has a booboo that has almost miraculously healed itself in a little less than a week. I personally believe that her fast healing is due to her faith and natural ability to heal herself and others. Romona has the ability to be with people and make them feel better and occasionally have interesting spontaneous little miracles. I believe this is the reason her booboo’s have mostly gone away.

I know for example that I feel much better by being near her on a daily basis. Of course I’m a little prejudice on this matter being in love with her and all that, but hey. I’ve witnessed some wonderful things happening around my Beautiful Romona. I am graced with the presence of an angel.

Faith heals many things, the spirit, the soul, and yes the physical body. May yours be as strong.

Peace and Balance,

Monday, January 17, 2011

Who's Zodiac Now?

It seems we have a new, or rather old, visitor in our skies. Those of us that were getting used to the, “sign”, we were born under now apparently have to re-align ourselves to the new zodiac. Standing high in our night skies again is the son of Apollo, Ophiuchus. To be completely honest with you I didn’t know there was such a character in the stars. So I did a small amount of research and discovered who he may be.

Ophiuchus’ mother was impregnated by the god Apollo, but was burned to death after having an affair with a mortal. Apparently it isn’t good to piss off Apollo the Sun God. When she was burning Ophiuchus was torn from her womb and was given to the Centaur, Chiron the Wise as a son who raised him as his own.

Ophiuchus grew to be a very wise man himself and is said to have tamed the great serpent, Laocoon. The serpent is still considered the sign of wisdom and healing. Ophiuchus apparently had the power to heal the sick, send away demons, and raise the dead. Because of his similarity to Jesus, Christianity removed him from their minds eye. This is a practice all to familiar with these fellas, but that’s another story.

The gods were jealous of Ophiuchus’ abilities and removed him from the memory of man. He was set in an obscure place in the heavens and left there to live alone. Sound familiar? Was he monsteratized, a devil, or Satan himself? Zeus finely killed him with a single bolt of lightning.

His father, Apollo raised him from the dead and Ophiuchus became the god of healing and wisdom, the phoenix re-born.

I find it interesting that such a character would not so quietly rise out of the ashes of ancient literature and into the astrological hearts of modern times. I realize that a thirteenth symbol has been around for a very long time on different charts, but at this time of change, at this time of upheaval, at this time when we find our planet shifting polarity and the warble changing slightly, we have a new herald in the skies.

So, are you going to adopt a new astrological sign or are you going to remain steadfast to the one you have? Romona likes the idea, but as for me, I like the one I’ve had, it’s easier to remember.

Peace and Balance,

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Bali Hei

Romona and I are admirers of old movies as shown on TCM, “Turner Classic Movies.” We enjoy watching actors and actresses of times gone by that remind us we once had what are considered family values in our land. Today I have the pleasure of watching, “South Pacific”. It’s a musical based during WWII on a Polynesian island somewhere in the South Pacific, makes sense.

In this film there is an older woman that is one of the main characters. To the sailors in the film she is known as, Bloody Mary. She comes by this name honestly by being just a tad morbid. As you watch this character in the film you can get a grasp on grandmotherly attributes that the schooled eye will see are the signs of a Kahuna. A Kahuna is a Polynesian holy man or woman, the priest of Huna. Huna is the ancient religion of the islands of the South Pacific that include Hawaii.

Bloody Mary is the Kahuna in the film. The instigator of many marriages, economy, and politics; Kahuna have been known to be interesting folk.

In the movie there is a forbidden island called Bali Hei. The unknown off the western shores of the main island. There is a similar forbidden island off the coast of the big island of Hawaii. Only Kahuna may go there and perform the secret sacred rights. I believe that every culture should have such a place, for in this place the important stories and myth are born that hold that culture together.

Modern America, where’s your forbidden island?

Peace and Balance,

Friday, January 14, 2011

A Living Wage

I often wonder what is considered a living wage. I know my income isn’t it, and the combined income in our household isn’t it. Then what is a living wage?
The minimum wage for this country is now, $7.50, an hour. We all know that’s not a living wage. Anyone trying to work out a living on $7.50 is starving to death one paycheck at a time.

In the fair community that I’ve called home for the past almost thirty years hard times have come, gone, and come again. Very few of the folks that we call neighbors and friends make a living wage here either. I often find myself staring teary eyed at nothing wondering how and where a living wage will come.

I’m an educated man. Having done many different kinds of work and gained many different kinds of education. Romona is a very educated woman who has had even more employment than I. Yet we still don’t enjoy a good living wage.

Prayer works to sooth the soul, and give warm fuzzies, but it doesn’t bring in a wage, unless your teaching prayer for a living. In this case one would be considered a cult leader. Not a choice of employment.

After a meeting at work I am left wondering just how long the fair people of the community I live will be enjoying their almost, but not quite living wage. Our city is no longer a city, but a town and is dieing, not a living at all.

So, I hold out my rice bowl, head bowed staring at my feet and ask for alms. To you the Reader send one dollar bill in an unmarked envelope and those who I have taught to pray will pray for you. We’re not a cult…

If your sincere about sending that dollar, email us and I’ll personally make sure that favor is returned ten fold someday.

Peace and Balance,

Thursday, January 13, 2011


The Inuit have hundreds of words to describe snow and snow fall. There’s a word for white snow, there’s a word for dirty snow, there’s even a word for just so snow. When you come from a land of snow and ice and that’s all you see in a day I suppose you’d come up with a great many words for snow.

Here in Berlin we too have many words for snow. There are words that describe the play children do, “Look at that tobogganing snow.”

There are words for what adults do, “Look at that skiing snow.”

They’ve even dedicated a work load to snow, “Isn’t it wonderful all this tree cutting snow?” Some of the words we use here in Berlin for snow I can’t share here. The reader may have sensitive eye’s and ears, but I’m sure you understand.

Yesterday when I left for work there was no extra snow on the ground. We only had our usual dirty snow that had been sitting for a couple of weeks, however sometime during the mid morning fluffy stuff began falling from the sky. At first it was sort of pretty to look at, then the rational mind kicked in and said, “Oh, that’s not good.”

It snowed better than a couple inches an hour most of the day. When it was time to return home at the end of the day I had discovered my Jeep was up to it’s side walls in snow. I brushed her off and four wheeled out into the street and off to home.

I reached my destination with only a slight delay when I found a four foot snow bank at the end of my driveway. What a wonderful sight. I four wheeled through and parked my Jeep.

My beautiful wife, Romona, was waiting for me when I walked into the house and little dusty with the cold stuff. I said, “Hi.”, gave her a kiss and announced that a battle was about to ensue with the snow gods.

She said, “Ok dear,” and I put on my cold weather armor.

I began the manual snow blowing, that’s using a shovel when your blower is busted, and only came in occasionally to announce my progress and ask for a cheering section. I got a cup of coffee and a, “Hurray”.

The sun went down and I was still shoveling. When I was not quite half way through the battle with the white beast a large snow plow appeared on the horizon. The driver seemed quite amused as he looked straight at me and commenced to plow my driveway in again. Now, I must say that I was tempted to speak all sorts of ill words and curse the machine he was driving, but no I held my tongue at bay and just shook my head.

I shoveled from three until nine yesterday evening. It was a good workout, but I believe I should fix the snow blower. As for the fella driving that big orange plow thing, I’m sure his Karma will get him.

Peace and Balance,

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Holes In Space

Professor Einstein theorized that time could be breached if the conditions were mathematically ripe and the circumstances were just so. He speculated that the amount of energy, E, that it took to split the mass of an atom, M, at the speed of light squared, C², could possibly breach space time. E = MC², energy = mass times the speed of light squared, has since become a formula that has been written almost into physical science mythology. This formula has been the basis for many science fiction novels, much speculation, and the imaginary ramblings of many an author, including this one.

Professor Einstein and his colleges Nathan Rosen, and Boris Podolsky, were working on what they coined as the, Einstein, Rosen, Podolsky paradox, (EPR) in which if you traveled back in time and met your own ancestor you could accidentally become your own great grandparent. This is a paradox and creates a loop in which time cannot escape. You would be trapped to repeat the events forever.

It wasn’t until Schwarzschild, another physicist, coined the term Einstein-Rosenbridge to describe the existence of worm holes that stem from the ends of black holes in space. Professor Schwarzschild is the actually originator of the idea that we might be able to fold space time in on itself to create a path between the two; making traveling great distances in space and time possible.

Einstein himself didn’t believe that it was possible to travel faster than the speed of light, that particles would pull themselves apart the closer to the speed of light we get. This theory is actually evident in a nuclear explosion where particles of light are scattered at the speed of light from the center of a nuclear core, but that’s another paper.

So, is it possible to travel beyond space time? Stephen Hawkins said, “Maybe.”

Carl Sagan speculated that man was not alone and our, big brother’s, would have that technology and have possibly already visited us, “Billions and Billions of stars…”

Even L. Rod Hubbard was waiting for aliens to return. The possibilities are endless. My grandfathers had mythology about a race of time and space travelers that actually had a hand in man kinds development. Could these be our angels?

I leave you with the question rather than an answer, "Is time travel possible beyond space?" Maybe…

Peace and Balance,

Sunday, January 9, 2011


The Earth’s electromagnetic field has occasionally switched polarity, and it has moved from time to time. Wandering around the planet our magnetic north pole keeps critters that rely on that field to navigate and migrate on their proverbial game. It however, as far as I can find, hasn’t wandered as much as it did this past week. It seems the pole is shifting further and further into the Russian Federation.

Last week, coincidently the day that thousands of birds fell from the skies, and even more fish floated to the top, the magnetic north pole traveled about 65 miles westward in the direction of the Russian Hinterlands. Is it a coincidence that things shifted and animals died on the exact same day? I wonder, I wonder if there isn’t something bigger happening that the governments of the world would rather the population not know, hmmm.

I did some research and found out that there is no real scientific evidence that suggests people are deeply effected by the magnetic field. What I found was that there really hasn’t been much research done on the subject. There is much speculation and word play by the doom sayers, but that doesn’t convince me. There is no credibility there.

What I’m going to do is start reading the old text. I’m going to go back into history and see if there might not be an answer or two there. I’ll just bet that I might find something that would give a small rational explanation for all the nutso speculation out there.

I might learn something about the planet and our relationship to it.

Peace and Balance,

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Staying In Bed

Rest is an important part of gaining physical strength and regenerating alertness. Choices are made at times that help facilitate this healing. Occasionally, not often have you, just occasionally Romona and I will make the decision to stay down, watch some TV, and get that rest we had lost in the previous week or three.

An example is when we wake, stir, and decide to sleep some more; waking again turning on the video entertainment device and deciding to watch an old movie, finely to gaze deeply into each other’s eyes and say, “Hey, why don’t we just stay in bed and relax?”

This followed by and affirmative, “Oh Yea!” Ahhh, that’s the life.

So, we have made the decision to relax, watch old movies, and rejuvenate the ole mental cells.

If you ever get the time and chance to just stay in bed, I highly recommend it on the occasional basis. It’s good for the soul.

Peace and Balance,

Friday, January 7, 2011

Raining Birds and Bobbing Fish

Recently we’ve had a rash of die offs here in America. Birds falling from the skies in Arkansas, Kentucky, and Louisiana, Blotted floating fishes by the thousands not more than thirty minutes from the birds, what the heck is going on in Arkansas?

I’ve read and heard theories from Armageddon to over enthusiastic fireworks entertainers, are they serious? If you’re religious bent leads you to the former explanation then maybe you should be looking for more signs and stocking up on extra food, water, and places to hide. If you believe that more that four thousand birds can be killed spontaneously from booming fireworks due to stress and fear, then go back to school and study science.

It interests me that a few days later we here in the good ole US of A learn that the same anomaly happened in Europe. I wonder if I shouldn’t be stocking up on clean undies and cans of soup?

Whatever may be the cause of the dropping avian and the floating fish I do think we should be paying very close attention and not believing everything our uncle Sam driven media has been reporting and speculating. Keep your wits about you and open your mind.

Peace and Balance,

Infinite Wisdom

From time to time there arise such problems that take periods of the infinite to solve. Such a problem was the writing of this blog. Now and Zen has been put on hold three separate times in the past due to computer problems, hopefully this will be the last.

I am back to writing and am hopeful that you the reader will again enjoy my jest, Zen like attitudes, and my oft center approach to reality. Wisdom comes from experience, and wisdom comes from age. When the two, experience and age meet, we have wisdom, or what can be passed off as such. The rest is BS.

Enjoy what will come, should be fun.

Peace and Balance,