Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Friend Fred

When I was young I had a friend named Fred. The thing about Fred was that I was the only person that could see him. He would go where ever I went and do what ever I did. Fred was the perfect friend, he was imaginary.

My folks just pretended that Fred was real and played along with my fantasy. My dad even invited Fred along on a baseball game day. That was cool, Fred was a much better catch than me.

Fred and I had a real big fight on a Saturday before dinner. I came in with a black eye and scrapes on my elbows. My mom asked me what happened and I explained that Fred and I had a fight. Fred was a better fighter than I was.

Latter that week my folks took me to visit this funny looking guy with thick black glasses. He had funny toys for me to play with while he asked me questions about Fred. I answered as best I could and was eventually asked to wait out in the outer room while he talked to Mom and Dad.

Fred and I did a puzzle and waited. My folks came out a few minutes later with and astonished look on their faces. The funny looking guy told them that Fred was most likely real. I don’t think they took that news with the best of graces.

When I became older I heard Fred more than saw him. I learned to catch real good and became a fair fighter. Fred became more interesting. Today he still cheats at cards every now and then.

Peace and Balance,

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