Saturday, January 8, 2011

Staying In Bed

Rest is an important part of gaining physical strength and regenerating alertness. Choices are made at times that help facilitate this healing. Occasionally, not often have you, just occasionally Romona and I will make the decision to stay down, watch some TV, and get that rest we had lost in the previous week or three.

An example is when we wake, stir, and decide to sleep some more; waking again turning on the video entertainment device and deciding to watch an old movie, finely to gaze deeply into each other’s eyes and say, “Hey, why don’t we just stay in bed and relax?”

This followed by and affirmative, “Oh Yea!” Ahhh, that’s the life.

So, we have made the decision to relax, watch old movies, and rejuvenate the ole mental cells.

If you ever get the time and chance to just stay in bed, I highly recommend it on the occasional basis. It’s good for the soul.

Peace and Balance,

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