Sunday, January 23, 2011

Installments On Life

Friday evening a friend died while at home in his bed taking a nap. His wife left him to do some errands to come home and find him cold on the bed. This friend was a good man. He was fair, a good provider to his wife and children, and a good boss. He will be missed.

It makes me think about health and frailty. My friend wasn’t much older than I and seemed to be in good health. Recently he had passed a physical with flying colors, all was well. This was an illusion. I am now looking at my own habits, scary.

My friend had just retired with a good package, benefits and all. He would have been making enough on his retirement to keep food on the table and enjoy his grandkids and family, along with the little things that guys do.

We are all frail beings, our lives can click off like a light bulb at any moment. We should enjoy what we have, Love our family and friends, and spend as much time with our spouses that we can to share and grow. In that department Romona and I are ahead. We freely express our love with each other every day.

Hug your mate, your children, and tell your parents you love them. You never know what may happen a moment from now.

Peace and Balance,

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  1. Guess there's a lesson here about not waiting for your retirement to enjoy life.

    Sad end to a decent guy.