Sunday, January 30, 2011


A long time ago a young boy was born to the spirit clan. He was given the name Yumini, the unborn. His four elder brothers had left to set up their own tipis many years before in the beginning time. His eldest brother, Waziyatta the north, lived in the farthest reaches of the northern ice and snow. Waziyatta had a wife named Waziri, who had powerful medicine and could heal the people through change and cleansing. However, because they were elders their tolerance for young ones was low as they thought about clan matters rather than personal ones.

His second eldest brother Io, lived alone in the far reaches of the west. Io had a tipi made of black buffalo robes. He had brother bear, Hunglaska the monster, living with him. Hunglaska’s purpose is to help Io walk souls through the unknown into the spirit world or back into life depending on choices made during life.

Yumini’s favorite brother was Okaga the protector, who lived in the south. Okaga would travel from the southern sun to the center of the earth, his mother’s tipi, bringing knowledge and nourishment to the people. Okaga had a wife who’s father was Skan Skan the sky, her name was Pte San Wi, who was the white buffalo calf woman for the people. Okaga is the protector of the people.

His brother nearest him in age is Yappa the rising sun. Yappa brings youth and rebirth to the land nourishing it with the rays of the rising sun. Like his brother Io, Yappa lives alone to travel across the skies. Each day he walks across the land to visit Io and Hunglaska bringing them new things.

Yumini was to be put under the charge of one of his brother’s. Great Grandfather, Wakantanka tungasila, had council with Grandmother Earth, Inamahka Kunsi ye, to decide who would be the teacher of Yumini. They counseled for many moons.

At the end of the discussion it was decided that the elder Waziyatta was to set in his ways to care for a young boy. That he would not be flexible enough to bend to the needs of a child. That Io would have good influence on him later in his life when he would reach that age when questions of immortality and life would impress him, later. It was decided that Yappa would be to young to care for Yumini. A good playmate he would make always bringing new things, but Yappa lacked the discipline to teach a young boy.

Finely, Great Grandfather and Grandmother Earth each turned their gaze upon Okaga of the south. They looked upon Pte San Wi, knowing the future she would bring, and saw in them a family for a child to grow. They saw a protector and provider, and a teacher who would make Yumini a just man. So it was said, so it was done.

Within the tipi of Okaga and Pte San Wi was born the unborn spirit of man, the wirlwind, the tornado, Yumini. Many years later man was born with a piece of the unborn within him, but that is another story. A long time ago.

Mitakuye oyatsin hetchetu yelo, HO. For all of my relations it is so.

Peace and Balance,

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