Saturday, April 29, 2023

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow.

 Today was a day of change.  For many years I have had hair that ranged anywhere from the mid of my back to almost waist level.  The thing about having long hair is that there is a certain amount of maintenance.  There is always the pruning, the combing, the washing, the hours of keeping it tied in a pony tail.  I have worn my hair this way for more than 30 years, until now. 

This afternoon I appeared at the counter of a hair salon stationed at our local Walmart.  The lady came to the counter and I said, "Do you have any time to deal with my mop?" As I tugged on my hair. 

 She said, "Sure I do, have a seat."  

I sat down and looked into the mirror and said, "This is going to be drastic."  

One of the annoying things about having hair as long as mine is that I was shedding like a Shetland pony.  Hair had been collection all over my house for years.  I have been finding it in places that you'd think wouldn't collect hair.  It is damn annoying.  

For reasons beyond my understanding my house seems to be a serious dust magnet.  Not just little bits of dust, but dust on the magnitude of Sahara pile ups.  I could drive a fairly good buggy through my dust and gain some recreational enjoyment from it, no doubt.  

Hair when it collects attracts dust itself.  Add that with the regular dust collecting in the house and we have a plot for a fairly decent B rated Horror film.  I'm sure early in the morning I can hear the groans and growls of large toothed dust bunnies.  Tyrannosaurus Rex Bunnies, (TRB's)  The phenomena is going to be etched into paranormal history.  

For many years I donned the tail of a Cheyenne warrior, the mane of an Assiniboine elder.  Sometimes radical change is in order for comfort, cleanliness, and good old fashioned shock factor.  Today, I don't.

Peace and Balance,


Friday, April 28, 2023

The Universe and Cosmic Prayer


Sometimes we pray, sometimes we talk, sometimes we just sit and stare at the sky.  When there is a calling, whatever is called for comes in a manner that may or may not be predetermined by the Cosmos.  We, either by plan or by fate, ask for and beseech the universe for its help in healing the whole often through the one.  

It is the intention that when energies are collected they be sent to the whole and focused on the one.  That is, that universal energies are sent to those who need healing with the great thanks of those doing the asking.  

Sounds all very convoluted, but intention is everything, and attention is crucial.  Your mind, as my mind, is part of the universal mind.  So when you focus on a thing the universe focuses on a thing.  When you think of a thing the universe thinks of that thing.  When you ask a question, the universe answers that question.   

If I say out loud that something will be done, and I believe it will be done with my entire being, then it will be done.  Thy Will Be Done.

Sometimes we Pray, Sometimes we Speak, Sometimes we sit and Intention travels skyward.  Belief in the Self, the Universe, and God will make it So.  Mitakuye Oyatsin Hetchetu Yelo, HO,  So Mote It Be, Amen.

Peace and Balance,


Thursday, April 27, 2023

B Rated Movies And Monsters Alike.


There is an art form born purely out of the human need for imaginary calamity.  The name of this work of art is the, B rated Horror movie.  Ed Wood is the undisputed King of B.  His films captured the teen imagination with such classics as, "Plan 9 From Outer Space.", "The Sinister Urge.", "Night Of The Ghouls.", "Bride Of The Monster.", and the everlasting, "Jail Bait.", The famous body builder, Steve Reeves first appearance on the big screen.  Ed Woods name to fame was the ability of taking everyday objects and turning them into the monsters, and or monster costumes he used for his films.  "Plan 9 From Outer Space" includes an alien that is nothing more than a man in a gorilla suit complete with a diving helmet on that passed as a space helmet.  I thought those movies were the Bomb when I was a kid.

The great George A. Romero took the B movie crown from Ed Wood with his first instalment of the new Zombie movie craze, 1968's "Night Of The Living Dead." This was the beginning of not less than 50 Zombie films or takes on Zombies and still counting.  George is responsible for our modern vision of what a Zombie should really look and act like.  During this Zombie growth period Roger Corman convinced us that Zombies all had an insatiable taste for human brains, and indeed slowly limped around quietly muttering, "Brains," as they chased slow witted victims.  

In 1954 the Toho film company from Tokyo Japan created a film classic and started a craze of movies that would grow and reach adulthood at about the same time the B rated movie would.  That was the release of, "Godzilla, and Godzilla King of the Monsters." the first a purely Japanese version and the second and Americanized version of the film staring, Raymond Burr.  Perry Mason had become a monster hunter.  The gigantic monster franchise has become legend and is burned in the memory of many of us young at heart who remember the, Saturday afternoon Creature Feature, that comprised normally of two back to back monster films to enflame our imaginations.  Life was grand.

However the true King of the B movie is the 1933, "King Kong" who needs no introduction, and later King Kong re-released in 1939 with Faye Raye as the Beauty that Killed the Beast.  With these old Monster films it always seems to be a Fem fatal that takes down the monster. 

When Kong and Godzilla squared off and the world witnessed Zilla Fu and Kong Wrestling, the Monster film had taken on new dimensions that forever changed the art of the Monster Film.  

From Ed Wood to the Toho company, from the imagination of the teen age minds of the world to the forever teen of the likes of Roger Corman, and George Romero, finely resting in the hands of literary masters the like of Stephen King, the B rated movie genre, and the Monsters that follow may we always have an outlet for our imaginary morbidity.  

Peace and Balance,


Wednesday, April 26, 2023



Words have power.  What we say and how we say it creates our realities.  How we converse with each other determines our character and how others look upon us.  Grandma used to say, "If you can't say kind things about people don't speak."  

Choose your words with care, speak your mind, walk tall and look into the eyes of those you're speaking to, and follow Truth.  This is the Way, the Tao. 

Peace and Balance,


Tuesday, April 25, 2023

From Chan to Zen

 Cha or Chan Buddhism traveled from China to Japan somewhere in the neighborhood of 500 years before the current era (BCE).  Chan Buddhism, also called Mahayana Buddhism traveled from India to China on the shoulders of Bodidharma, student of Gautama, and eventually landed in the Temple of Hunan, the home of Shaolin.  The monks of the Small Forest. 

The Japanese transformed Chan meditation into Zen meditation by adding the practice of the Koan.  Koans are riddles that a Zen Master gives the student to focus the mind and quiet the thoughts during the meditative practice.  Chan mediation doesn't focus on a single thought as much.  In Chan Meditation it is more important to sit quietly and let the thoughts flow through the mind eventually leading to a quieting of the thoughts approaching emptiness allowing enlightenment to enter the mind.  The Koans of Zen allow the student to focus on one thought or series of thought in order to achieve a state of emptiness allowing enlightenment to enter. 

Other than the addition of a Koan and the Quiet sitting of Chan, the practices are very similar and both are versions of Mahayana as taught by Bodidharma, who the Shaolin called Tamo.  Tamo has many meanings in the various languages of China, we will stick to Venerated One.  

Emptiness is a statement that is greatly misunderstood by those who read, but don't practice.  Emptiness is not the state of being absent or empty headed.  That would be a dangerous path to follow.  Emptiness in the realm of Zen or Chan meditation is actively participating in the quieting process of the mind.  It is the intentional focusing on a small part of the mind and calling it empty.  The ability to focus on one spot at any given moment takes much concentrated effort, and when achieved lasts for moments before the concentration process must start over again.  The more practice that is put into it the longer the quiet moments.  This is where Enlightenment is hidden.  Within the quiet moments of meditation.  

What then is Enlightenment?  It is not all knowing, nor is it the tell all state of being.  However, enlightenment is different for every seeker of truth.  The word Truth and Enlightenment are interchangeable.  How we get there is purely a unique process for every individual on the path, We are all Buddha.  

Peace and Balance,


Monday, April 24, 2023

High In The Sky


Early Sunday past I woke early and headed out the door for work at our local Walmart.  The sky was a sight to behold.  Appearing as if God had laid brush to canvas and painted in hues of blue and grey.  Dark lines atop lighter drops, the sky dipped and rose appearing as waves upon a pond.  

These clouds coincidentally are called wave clouds because of their appearance.  Beautiful to behold.  When I parked my pony in it's spot I texted two of my personal conspirators who search for the strange and unusual.  My text was simple and read, "Go out and look at the sky."  

Pictures of the sky over Northern New Hampshire has hit the news.  We are breaking weather news an evening after the event.  It is pretty Far Out after all.  The first thing I thought was, "Hey Man, the UFO's are playing in the sky."  That wasn't the case but, hey what can I say?  

The clouds remained for most of the day.  Still being out when I left the place of Wal at my end of the day.  It was still pretty darn Cool.  Being a Science guy I find weather anomalies pretty Groovy.  It made my day.

Apparently this type of phenomena is a low ceiling cloud usually at or below 7000 feet. These clouds flow and react just like a meandering river in the sky.  Clouds are created by water droplets at different stages of development, so the river analogy makes sense.  Fantastic.   

Keep an eye to the sky this summer.  Be prepared to see all sorts of wonderous anomalies and environmental works of art.  Or perhaps other unknown things in the sky.  You never know what may present itself to the willing.

Peace and Balance,



Friday, April 21, 2023

The Three Coffee Maji


Tonight three old guys will re-emerge from the abyss of time and again share coffee and burn sticks.  The three will parle and create things that normal folk will not or can not understand.  Conversation will flow from subjects unknown to subjects almost forbidden.  The Three are The Elders of The Fire, The Coffee Maji.

The weather has changed.  Lifted from the pit is the four feet of snow that has been recently occupying the space leaving the ceremonial iron tire rim through which the flames will breath.  This evening the weather man has predicted temperatures that will remain stable and warm enough to keep the frost from our nostrils.  We will have a grand ole time.

Before the commencing of the ceremony sacred coffee must be brewed and placed in the Thermos of Everything.  This is the special receptacle that carries the sacred brew until it is consumed in the proper manner.  An important part of raising the energy.

Part of this holy process is the creation of  the magical lie that has the power of transformation.  When one learns to weave a tale and speak that story in believable tones, as the Three Old Guys have, then the power to transform the lives of the listener has been shared.  The power of Myth can find the lost and save the injured. Healing is the reason the Three have gathered, the Beginning of Spring in the Great Northern Woods.

Inviting the many unseen ones, and the powers that create back to the world will transform the Earth and allow her to accept her children.  Mankind will emerge from the Winter and the Breath of Life will be shared amongst them.  Breath, Live, Love are the words spoken.

The Three Old Guys will raise their cup of Sacred Coffee and all Hail in the Rebirth.

Peace and Balance,



Thursday, April 20, 2023

The Story From Patmos


I've notice the increase in wrinkles on the troubled brows of people all over the world.  I can hear the crying of lost children, and the wails morning mothers.  In the distance there are the concussive waves of explosions re-arraigning the landscape.  War, Famine, Disease, and Death are all around us yet we are blind to the horses hooves as they roar by.  We are in the throws of the times once foretold.  The darkness walks.

From John of Patmos, a giant was seen, one foot in the water, one foot out.  A fiery eye on John the other clad in a dark clouded patch that swallowed all light and roared from within it a terrible roar.  John was terrified, but was compelled to record everything that was told him by the mighty voice of the giant.  It's message was dire and stands today as testament to that which is being ignored by the masses, and terrifies the few.

Is God standing in judgement of us, or are we standing in judgement of ourselves?  A story that is so old and carries so much weight must also carry with it the ability to manifest itself within the minds of men.  Manifest destiny acts on all who hold a thought so tightly that the only way to let it go is to let it become reality.  Heaven help those who can't let go, for letting go is the secret of redemption and forgiveness.  

To forgive a soul you first have to start with your own.  Catholics will have you sit in a small room across from your priest and beg forgiveness.  The priest listens and becomes the channel to God, then doles out the appropriate penance that will free your soul from the binds of Karma.  Other's will listen and give advise on how you can handle your own forgiveness through self established penance.  I say find an old mirror and stare deep into it.  Stare deeply into your own eye's and think about the wrongs you have done, and those who you have hurt.  Look at those eye's long enough with the purpose of letting go and you will begin to see the eye's of God looking back into you bidding you let go.  Let go of your self imposed pain and forgive yourself.  This is the road to forgiving other's and the beginning of Peace. 

Karma is an action.  First you act in a positive or negative fashion.  The outcome is the recording of that action, and how you handle that recording when it plays back determines the level of forgiveness that needs to be doled out to the perpetrator, yourself.  A heavy burden. 

For the many that live within the confines of John's story and the book that it finishes, redemption is at hand.  Four horses are on the charge.  The clouds are opening up and those that see their future's in front of them have a choice, do they choose the Horse with the Rider of Death, or do they wait for the arrival of He who was here before them?

Regardless of who's story is being told the mind of man is writing the script.  What are we going to read between those lines?

Peace and Balance,


Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Reality TV, (FOX)


For the past few years a movement has been creeping around the globe called, "Reality TV."  Supposedly Reality TV is television that is unscripted programming that documents the comings and goings of real life scenarios.  I've watched a few programs and am dubious about whether it is unscripted or not.  Some of the programing is Highly questionable. 

Now, not that I pick on any particular program, but you must admit, the "Kardashians" can't be real.  I mean, come on! How can people like that actually survive in the "Real" world?  For one thing every one of those girls looks like a clone of each other at different stages of development.  They even have the signs of dropping chromosomes as the intelligence level of the younger sisters drops.  I'm reminded of the Michael Keeton movie about a scientist that continually clones himself, each generation is just a little stupider than the last.  Reality?  

Since the mid 1990's Reality TV has been introducing it's version of subtle brain washing to the American public starting with, "The Real World", "Survivor", and "Idols", non of which can be taken to seriously.  As time progressed and the viewing world grew closer to the 2020's. Reality TV has become much more sophisticated and mind throttling.  

In 1996 the FOX television network launched it's FOX news division.  It was Rupert Murdoch's idea to create a News Television Network based around sports, and it slowly evolved into the troubled law suit involved outfit that it is today.  The sad thing is, they did it all to themselves.  

Sports reporting tends to be full of opinions and self statements that the reporter uses to describe and explain the game and or team being reported on.  The reporter fills the air with Hopeful statements about who they want to win the game etc.  Then disappointed statements when their team loses, or joyful statements when their team wins.  All opinion driven reporting.  Believe it or not, that tends to be acceptable reporting as far as a sports event is concerned, but not so much as far as general news based reporting goes.  FOX News has crossed that line many times and is now paying the price. 

After many years of reporting an opinionated programing, FOX slowly climbed into the realms of the "False Narrative".  That's fancy talk for intentionally lying to the public.  FOX is being charged with several counts of fraud and supposition.  They are playing with the "Dark Side" of the Force.  Not to get into Mr. Murdoch's legendary badness, but he could be one of the Evil Sith Lords made famous on Star Wars.

Reality TV is scripted to lead the viewer astray, and FOX News follows the Script of the Dark Lords, The Donald for instance.  The FOX network has evolved into a complete entertainment organization both dark and not so dark, but entertainment non the less and should never be taken seriously, in any of the many facets that it has presented to the viewing public over the years.  As an organization it is just as much a Reality source as the Kardashian's, Michael Keeton's clones, and "The Real World".  

Remember when viewing any programing regardless of it's source, use your rational mind to determine the "Reality" of the subject.

Peace and Balance,



Tuesday, April 18, 2023

The Five Karmic Virtues

 Buddhism and Sikhism share the precepts of the Five Virtues.  These can be considered guide posts towards Karmic Balance and Right Action in a Harmonious Life:

Sat the virtue of Truthful Living:

    The Lord's humble servants are True — they practice Truth, and reflect upon the Word of the Guru's Shabad. The True Lord God unites them with Himself, and they keep the True Lord enshrined in their hearts. O Nanak, through the Name, I have obtained salvation and understanding; this alone is my wealth.

— Guru Granth Sahib

Santokh is Contentment or Freedom from ambition, envy, greed, and jealousy.  Without which it is impossible to acquire Peace of Mind:

Practice truth, contentment and kindness; this is the most excellent way of life. One who is so blessed by the Formless Lord God renounces selfishness, and becomes the dust of all.

— Guru Granth Sahib, ang 51

Daya is the exercise of Compassion: 

Be kind to all beings-this is more meritorious than bathing at the sixty-eight sacred shrines of pilgrimage and the giving of charity.

— Guru Granth Sahib, ang 136

Nimrata is Humility, Benevolence, and Humbleness:

Humility, Nanak Says is the essence, the very root of all virtues

— Guru Granth Sahib, ang 470

The God-conscious being is steeped in humility.

— Guru Granth Sahib, ang 273

Pyaar is the Love of God

Let the Fear of God be your feet, and let His Love be your hands; let His Understanding be your eyes.

— Guru Granth Sahib,ang 139

Each one of these virtues leads to the next and so on.  The path to virtue leads you through your own heart.  When your heart opens up, you are faced with your own Truth.

Peace and Balance,


Monday, April 17, 2023

You Just Can't Fix Stupid


Occasionally I wander out to do things like buying groceries, get gas, attend appointments, and go to work.  Other than that I am pretty much a reclose.  When I do wander forth to get the things that I need, want, or what ever I watch and listen.  Watching and listening is an important part of communicating with other people to get the things you need, want, or what ever.  Recently I've noticed an uptick in stupid.  

Anheuser Bush recently made in my opinion a stupid decision.  That is when they decided to use Dylan Mulvaney as a spokes person for Bud Lite, and putting their picture on the Beer Can.  I'm sorry, but they are not what I would consider an all American Beer drinking individual, bad decision.  Like I said, I pay attention and I guess I'm not the only person to think that was a bad choice.  It seems the entire nation went on an Anheuser Bush boycott.  

I live in the nether reaches of Northern New Hampshire.  In this realm of the world there may only be one truck that delivers Beer to several tiny stores and outlets along the way.  There has been no delivery of Bud products, and the Beer drinkers of the Great North Woods have been buying, in volume, Coors products, Michelob products,  and various other sudsy adult beverages.  Anything other than Bud. 

Now admittedly I don't drink at the moment, and it's been that way for the better part of 4 years.  Not that I don't like the All American Beverage, I'm just cheep and don't want to spend the money.  However, when I do I tend to be what I consider a Beer Snob and will not drink anything that has fusel oils, and over abundances of preservatives added as I don't care for the Brain ache involved after the fact.   I stick to then many flavors of Micro Brews that can be obtained at just about every small village you come to that has a home brewer living there.  They are a little more costly, but like I said I'm cheep and haven't had any in quiet some time. 

Bud is trying to recover from the decision to use Dylan by creating and broadcasting more traditional, "Manly" advertisement.  That is not the solution however, I'm not adverse to having female ads for Beer, it's the over the top Dylan character that was the mistake.  That's not really Bud lite stuff...

So, as I go out and I listen and watch, I see things and hear things that make me retreat further into my cave.  I give report to my wife and her response is purely a survivalist natural, "Buy more ammo dear, the world is going to Hell."  

Peace and Balance,


Friday, April 14, 2023

Accidents will Happen.


Because of years of practice my finger tips are a pretty formidable weapon.  Having spent years playing the Bass Guitar because I'm supposed to be some sort of Jazz musician, and purposely plummeting my fingers into some rather hard materials such as gravel, sand, and rock type objects, because I'm supposed to be some sort of Martial Arts dude, my fingers have become some pretty hard, weaponized bundles of sticks.  

I'm constantly telling my students that striking a hard surface, such as the head with a closed fist is a good way to guarantee breaking the bones in your hand.  Hard on hard breaks, soft on hard gives and penetrates.  If you want to become one of those fellows that breaks large blocks of ice to get the crowds to go, ooohh, and aaahh, first you must spend a certain amount of time toughening up your hand, and second you don't use a closed fist.  You learn to place a soft cloth or pad on top the the block of ice berg and you employee an open handed strike, such as a palm, knife, and or hammer blow.  All of these strikes are considered soft strikes and absorb more rebounding mass that a closed hand strike such as a punch.  More times than not, using a closed hand strike will end up with a broken hand.

Boxers don't wear 16 oz. gloves to protect their opponents, they wear the gloves to protect their own hands.  Generally in a professional bout, especially the heavy weight class, boxers break their hands.  I haven't unwrapped a pair of hands yet that haven't been broken in one form or another.  

Like I wrote earlier, I've spent a formidable amount of time toughening up my fingers, in particularly the finger tips.  My advise for self defense is to strike with the palms to save your hands.  Unless you have spent years toughening up your hands and or digits, I have.  I can if need be, break a brick with my finger tips, but being an advanced sort of fellow I don't show off, nor do I brag about my secret super powers.  

Accidents happen.  Last evening during my Taiji Quan class of all things, I was demonstrating a technique that comes out of one of the Taiji sets I teach.  The idea was to parry a block, flow like water and shift the weight at the same time you move forward and strike out with the opposite hand.  However, teaching a class employees a certain amount of talking and explaining while being able to keep your focus on your partner as to not injure he or she.  I got distracted while moving. Not a good combination of things. My partner was standing in one position and my mind told me he was in another, well there was some unwanted contact with my toughened up finger tips.  There was a rather dull thud sound, no noise from my partner, he just happens to be a master of the arts himself, but my other hand was holding him up.  Apparently, according to him, that was a knock out blow.  

The face bleeds allot.  A cut above the eye and just in front of the temple from finger nails can cause an amount of goo.  The need for tissue and some re-direct time was in order.  The rest of the class was spent in conversation as I made sure there was not serious injury to my student.  He was talking and laughing so I guess not.  He didn't fall and his eyes didn't glaze over, so no concussion is expected.  I apologized profusely several times feeling like a dope.  But, was given the green light.  

After class I returned home and confessed my sins to my wife.  She likes my student and gave me a tongue lashing for being absent minded, etc.  I called him at home to check on his well being, his wife hadn't seen the owie yet.  This morning I received a text that said, "She like's to mother me."  That's code for, John's in the dog house.  I texted back more apologies and got an, "All's Good" response.

So, the moral of that story is: regardless of how long you practice, regardless of how strong you think your super powers are, there is always the chance of slipping up and causing harm.  No one is outside the realm of being human.  Next time, "Pay Attention."

Peace and Balance,



Thursday, April 13, 2023

The Time Honored Gift of Grandpa.

 In the seventies there was a television commercial that ended with the statement, "The mind is a terrible thing to waste."  

To be honest I can't remember what the rest of the commercial was about in the first place.  It was that iconic statement that stuck to the inner recesses of my mind.  Apparently I'm not the only old fool that remembers that statement and doesn't remember the rest of the commercial.  It has evolved from, "The mind is a terrible thing to waste", to, "The mind is a Terrible Thing."   

Remove the last two words from the line and the meaning changes substantially.  Indeed, The Mind is a Terrible Thing.  It can be exploited, or it can be a tool for evil, and likewise good, but then it wouldn't be so Terrible.  Let's just keep it simple, shall we?

Some of the youth of America have minds that are at different stages of malleable.  That is, they either have huge imaginations, or they are easily manipulated and can be convinced of things that aren't exactly so.  For instance I am a grandfather.  I know, the prospect of having me as a grand dad has sent our daughter and her husband over the proverbial threshold of sanity, because my grandkids hang on every word I say.  And I tell you, I can be a stinker.  

The art of creating stories and lies to send down the generational path to the grandkids is the time honored Duty of every Grandfather in the world.  Grandfather's unite and stand tall because we have finely reached that respected age in our lives when we are the purveyors and holders of the "Truth" of the ages, and like all truths, the stories must be told. 

One if the first and possibly one of the most honorable stories to pass down to the grandkids is the story of the "Snipe Hunt."  The Snipe Hunt story consists of the mythical Snipe and place to send the grandkids.  Preferably a forested area, a large field, maybe with a stream or a pond, a place you know hours of time can be spent hunting the Snipe.  The proper time for hunting the Snipe is just as the sun goes down.  At that time  it is hard enough to see, but light enough to get a good story started.  Fueled by all sorts of lies and myth, the Snipe Hunt is a very convenient way to get the grandkids out in the elements, enjoying something other than the tap, tap, tapping of pocket phones and or game counsels.  The idea is to send them on the "Snipe Hunt" until they have captured one.  That usually takes them up until supper when they are called back in.  Dejected because of the inability to find a Snipe.  Feeding them, bathing them, and sending them to bed is the next stage in the game.  I, the grandfather, have succeeded in my babysitting task.  

To keep the story in play, in the morning when the grandkids wake, they see the stuffed creature sitting on the mantel to prove without a doubt that a Snipe does in fact exist.  Usually this creature is an exotic animal that would not be normally living in the local environment.  My granddad would use a stuffed and mounted, Red Crested Road Runner."  A fairly rare bird in the first place.  That was our Snipe.  My grandfather was the Snipe Master.

So reader, if you are a Grandfather or will be a Grandfather in the future, remember your time honored responsibility.  That ever important task of passing down tales of Greatness, stories if the Grand Knights of Goo, the forever Realities of our Time and Space, remember that our stories, or lies create the best of the next generation and should be handled with the respect and care of time earned Wisdom.

Peace and Balance,


Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Cryptozoology, Chupacabra, and The Jackalope.

 According to modern myth there are several creatures exiting that defy the standard laws of logic or reality.  The study of these creatures is a relatively new field of science called, "Cryptozoology."  According to the Google machine, Cryptozoology is the search for and study of animals whose existence or survival is disputed or unsubstantiated, such as the Loch Ness Monster, and the Yeti. 

In the deeper darker caves of Puerto Rico, arises a creature that has been coined as the Chupacabra.  This critter according to stories, has been spotted from Puerto Rico through Latin American, into Mexico, and the Southwestern parts of the United States.  I chuckle just a little bit because Chupacabra is Spanish for, "Goat Sucker."

At this point your probably asking the same thing I did before looking it up, "What the hell is a Goat Sucker?"  A Goat Sucker has many physical descriptions depending on where your located and who is telling you the story.  For now, the Chupacabra is a creature that resembles a medium sized dog with leather like skin, red eyes, and very large canine teeth.  It feeds by biting and sucking the blood out of the animal killing it, and leaving it completely devoid of blood.  The Chupacabra is essentially a canine vampire.  It is called the Goat Sucker because in Puerto Rico where the stories begin, there was a period of time when farm animals, mostly goats were dying and found with puncture marks and no blood.  Makes you wonder doesn't it?  

In the 1970's Texas, sightings were being reported of a creature that was attacking and killing chickens, a few goats, and small livestock.  There were fuzzy photos taken of this creature.  Local lore was calling it Chupacabra, of course.  Then in Oct. 2022 in Amarillo, then in Austin Texas a Creature was video taped, captured and sent to a zoo.  A second creature was found dead and sent to a taxidermist. It is now owned by the research scientist that discovered it.  After much investigation, and genetic work up, the Chupacabra turned out to be a mangy coyote.  Mange if left untreated in wild animals will thicken the skin, shed most of the fur,  and weaken the animal leaving it's ability to capture it normal prey almost non-existent. Eventually killing the victim. The reason it feeds from small farm animals.  The vampire nature of the Chupacabra may be purely mythological.  

From the Southwest to the Northern Plains we travel to find the mythical, "Jackalope."  According to myth living on the plains in certain regions of the country are creatures that have crossed the genealogical realms of reality.  Some time in the history of the world, a Jack Rabbit and an Antelope crossed creating the Jackalope.  My Choctaw grandfather would tell stories about a creature that could not be hunted, that mortal men could only see in the blurs of motion on the horizons.    Modern technologies have made is possible for capturing and killing the Jackalope.  In bars and taverns all over the country you can find mounted busts of the Jackalope, a Jackrabbits head with the antlers of a deer. 

As of yet there have been no living specimens captured or taken of this creature, so the validity and existence of these creatures can not be proven or disproven.  You only have to rely on your eyes over the suds of a frosty adult beverage.  Who do you believe?

Peace and Balance,


Tuesday, April 11, 2023

There Be Giants.

 Hidden in the deep recesses of the History of The World are stories of Giants occupying various areas of our planet. the Earth.  In our past we would have called these beings gods.  We would have bestowed great grandeur upon them and treated them like kings and queens.  We would have feared them for obvious reasons, they're frigging big and scary. 

That was then, this is now.  There are "Scientists" using modern technologies as archeological tools to uncover and re-discover lost hidden treasures all over the world.  In the United States along the Mississippi delta there was a generation of Native Americans that have been commonly called the, "Mound Builders."  These mounds, of which there are thousands, were used partially for ceremonial burial cites.  Using sonar, radar, and lidar, from deep within many of these cites there are indications of buried  "Giants."  

There have been stories from times gone by, from virtually every culture.  And universally these beings were feared.  Zecharia Sitchin, in his book, "Anunnaki Chronicles," refers to these beings as the possible depositors of humanity, left here and experimented with, to use as convenient slaves to mine for gold.  After mining most of the gold from hidden areas of the Earth they left, and left humanity behind.  The Anunnaki that stayed became man kinds gods, our kings, to be feared and served.  And we buried them with reverence in the bottom of a sacred mound when dying.  That was long enough ago that the human race has forgotten them, and let them pass into mythology.  

The Christian Bible refers to beings that are the progeny of the Son's of God, and the Daughters of Man.  These beings are called the Nephilim.  The Nephilim were creatures of great power.  The powers of angels and the mortality of man.  In the Bible, God sent the rains for 40 days in order to wash the Nephilim from the planet.  That mankind had been corrupted and he needed to start over.  After saving Hoah and his family from the Great Flood,  God wiped, supposedly the Nephilim from the planet.  Could God have missed a few?

So, within the mounds of the Mississippi delta, possibly hidden in the darker regions of the Pyramids of Egypt, into the Steppes and Terraces of the Maya, world wide, we are finding rather large skeletal remains that defy explanation.  Are they Anunnaki, Nephilim, or just some real big scary dudes?  We may never know.  Oh yeah, there is the promise of their return.

Peace and Balance,


Monday, April 10, 2023



Spring has come.  The weather is turning and we in the North Country are beginning to get that familiar feeling that draws us out of doors.  For me Spring always brings with it a great yearning to go out and work on the yard, clean up stuff that needs cleaning up, and begin that process in the body when Vitamin D is produced.  Spring is the harbinger of Mother Nature's paint brush.  When the Sun rises higher and the temperatures go up we know it's time for the flora to bloom and paint our landscape with the colors of nature.  

Spring is also the time with the fauna awakens and creation is in the air.  Look into the woods and you might see a wobbly legged fawn or a baby bear rolling in the grass.  There will be insects buzzing, bees fliting from flower to flower pollinating the world, and warm breezes traveling through the valleys.  

There may be the threat of occasional snow.  The wind might get cold for a brief interlude and skies might darken, but then the Sun shines down upon the land chasing the snow away, and warming any cold air to a tolerable almost imperceptible version of it's former self.  This is the struggle at the beginning of Spring.

Mornings tell us to dawn our jacket, and afternoons ask us why we have it on.  We are confused by the transition and aren't quite sure what to do.  Eventually however this confusion wanes and we know that it is indeed Spring time, and it is time to put the coat away and replace it with the wind breaker.  

Spring is also the time of year when we all get that urge to fly.  Our creative juices begin to flow and we put pen to paper, bring out the scissors, the string, and a few sticks, and put together a wonder of modern man, the kite.  As the air warms the currents of this air rise creating the perfect up lift for flying our Kite, the Dragon Mark IV.  It's a wonderous sight.

Spring is the time for Creation, the time for Wonder, when the Imagination grows and integrates into our souls.  We are the painters of our own existence, we create Spring.  Just like an adolescent God, we have tantrums and the thunder rolls.  Then it quiets again, Sun rises high, and the Butterfly sings.

Peace and Balance,


Sunday, April 9, 2023

The Origin of Easter

 The origin of Easter actually originated as an ancient pagan celebration of the Spring equinox. Christians dedicated the day to the celebration and memory of the resurrection of Christ.  Early Christians merged the Jewish Pass Over with the day of resurrection, however with the spread of the Gospels of Jesus, early Christians who did not practice Jewish customs merged their observances with the Pagan's Spring festival, recognizing Easter as Resurrection Day.   

Today's Easter celebration is a mixture of the celebration of Christ's resurrection and the Pagan Celebration of Spring.  However, the trappings of a modern Easter are more akin to the Pagan holiday than the Christian celebration.  Easter Eggs, Bunnies, Decorations, sweets, and a big family meal are all traditions that come directly from Pagan celebrations. 

The most popular symbol of Easter the decorated Egg, can actually be directly traced back to the Ancient Babylonians.  The myth states that a golden egg fell from Heaven into the Euphrates river and hatched birthing the goddess of fertility, Astarte, also known as Ishtar, Ashtur, and yes, Easter, or Esther. The exchange of decorated eggs is a celebration of the coming of Spring, and rebirth. 

The Easter Bunny, or Easter Rabbit is a sign of the fertility of Spring.  It has long been know of the prolific nature of rabbits, hence a logical choice by ancient pagans for the beginning of Spring.  The goddess Esther is often represented by the symbol of a rabbit.  That is why the modern Easter Bunny brings children eggs and treats to celebrate Spring. 

The White Lilly, also known as the Easter Lilly comes from the Garden where Jesus prayed the night of his capture.  It has become the symbol of the resurrection of Christ.  The other flowers of Spring are also used as part of the Easter celebration all representing Spring and the Resurrection of Christ. 

The marriage of celebrations to create our modern Easter are logical.  The Resurrection is a physical expression of Springs awakening and bringing life to lifelessness.  God has Risen.  

Happy Easter.

Peace and Balance,


cited:  April 2023

Saturday, April 8, 2023

Helium, Hydrogen, and Seth Rogen

 Helium is the second element on the Periodical Table of Elements.  It's chemical symbol is He, which sort of looks like he, but not.  It has no gender and entertains indiscriminately.  Helium has two protons and two electrons, all sharing space with two neutrons.  Helium is like the normal all American family, two dads, two moms, and a couple quasi related kids that hate all the parents.  "But, they all float up here".  Stealing from Stephen King there.

Helium and the standard kids birthday balloon go hand in hand.  Fill the balloon up with Helium and it happily floats and flits from one place to another.  In the movie classic, "The Red Balloon," a little boy chases a Red Helium filled balloon around Berlin.  The balloon seems to be playing with the boy and he never actually catches it.  Sad story really.  

Helium has a super power, it can change the voice of the deepest bass singer into a Metso Soprano, incredible. If you're ever having a real no holds barred party, if you're a party type, Helium can create at least a few minutes of unrequited humor.  Breathing Helium and take a group of friends and create a real version of Alvin and the Chipmunks.  What more could you want?

Helium is fairly safe, it isn't explosive like it's neighbor Hydrogen.  It's a Nobel Gas, it's balanced and won't share electrons with anybody.  Safe. but stingy.  I've wondered what would happen if you infused soda with helium instead of Carbon Dioxide?  Nah probably wouldn't work, right?

Helium, the second element on the Periodic Table.  Essentially a gaseous toy.  Changes your voice, floats things around, and potentially or not a substitute for the bubbles in soda, you never know?

What's the motivation behind this blog?  I was watching a Seth Rogen movie.

Let's see chatGPT write that!

Peace and Balance,


Thursday, April 6, 2023

We Don't Learn That Anymore.

 The past couple of blogs deal with artificial intelligence and the possibility that it may or may not run away with society.  The exploration that I started writing them lead me to look into the education practices of our elementary schools.  I've discovered some troubling practices, and country wide changes in curriculum for students between the years of 1st thru 6th grade. 

About 7 to 10 years ago our students ceased to learn cursive hand writing in class rooms all over the country.  It used to start at about 3rd grade and was generally mastered by our students somewhere between 5th and 6th grade depending on the student.  However, cursive is no longer taught as a regular part of our curriculum in elementary school.  So, by the time these students arrive at their 9th grade classroom and are asked to hand write an introduction letter about themselves to each other and the teachers, we receive some poorly printed material that is harder to read than it would have been if we would have taken the time to teach them how to write in cursive in the first place.   Today in just about ever class, with just a few acceptations, translating hand writing to grade papers has become something akin to a contact sport.  

Along with hand writing, we've apparently stopped teaching our students how to read and tell time from a standard clock with a big and little hand.  Pointing at a clock and asking a student to tell you the time is followed by blank stares and what appears to be panic.  The sweat builds up on the brow followed by a stammer in the voice and the students eyes start sifting back and forth like they are looking for the nearest escape path.  Give them a digital equivalent or have them look at a computer screen and there's no problem.  Make them think outside the box just a little bit and the brain visually starts shutting down.  This is a sad state of affairs for children that are supposed to be in the processes of learning how to do something important, like think. 

I blame the growth of computers and like technologies for the downfall of certain teaching processes.  Today most of what our children are learning has already been regurgitated in one form or another on the screen in front of them.  There is so much time spent on electronic devises that the children of today aren't learning what could be the most important lessons that they need for personal development, those would be the social skills learned through interactions and communications with other living thinking beings.  The computer is a poor, poor substitute.  

It is this author's opinion that if this problem isn't corrected within our education system, that in a few generations we will have a whole group or possibly society of citizens that will not have the advanced skills needed for rational decision making, and when these folk get to be adults the concrete thinking processes will stop developing and we will have a society of computer dependent people that will not be able to think without asking Google for an opinion.  Forget international trade, we won't have the ability to communicate with anyone from another country because you know the rest of the world is still teaching their students the old values and we will become the victims of our own folly.  

Peace and Balance,


Wednesday, April 5, 2023

More AI Spookiness.

 I typed this inquiry into chatGPT: "Tell me a story about ancient man." And this is what it spit out.  This is damn scary as the whole story was created in less than 30 seconds and looks well thought out and written.

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there lived a tribe of ancient humans. They were a nomadic people who lived off the land and relied on their skills as hunters and gatherers to survive. They roamed the vast plains and dense forests, following the herds of wild animals and foraging for berries, fruits, and roots.

One day, as they were traveling through a dense forest, they came across a large, mysterious cave. The entrance to the cave was dark and foreboding, but the tribe was curious and decided to explore it. As they ventured deeper into the cave, they came across strange markings on the walls that they couldn't understand. They also found unusual tools and weapons that were unlike any they had ever seen.

As they delved deeper into the cave, they suddenly heard a loud roar that echoed through the tunnels. It was a sound that they had never heard before, and it sent shivers down their spines. They hesitated for a moment, unsure if they should continue, but their curiosity got the better of them, and they pressed on.

As they reached the end of the cave, they discovered a hidden chamber, illuminated by a strange, otherworldly glow. Inside the chamber, they found a giant, prehistoric beast, with sharp teeth and claws. The creature was terrifying, but the tribe was brave, and they stood their ground, ready to fight.

In a fierce battle that lasted for hours, the ancient humans fought the beast with all their might. They used their spears, clubs, and other weapons to defend themselves, but the beast was powerful and cunning. Just when it seemed that all was lost, the tribe's leader had an idea. He grabbed a nearby torch and set it alight, throwing it at the beast. The creature recoiled in fear, and the tribe took their chance, striking it down with their weapons.

The tribe emerged from the cave victorious, having defeated a mighty foe. They carried with them the knowledge and tools they had found inside, and they used them to improve their way of life. From that day on, they became known as the bravest and most resourceful tribe in all the land, and their legend lived on for generations to come.

Peace and Balance,

Tuesday, April 4, 2023

AI (Real or Artificial) Intelligence?

 Let's talk about chatGPT.  The tech dept. at the school system some of us work for, sent out an email as a warning for the use and misuse of chatGPT by some of our students.  If you're not aware chatGPT is an AI (artificial intelligence) bot that generates fairly well written information that students can submit as homework, essays, and or pass off as research material.  It's spooky.

So, being the curious type, I entered the chatGPT realm, logged in and began asking a whole plethora of questions to see if I could trip up the bot.  So far, nada.  Who ever is responsible for creating this devious software is a virtual genius.   It generates what looks like some pretty well thought out answers that are readable, not to wordy, uses easy to understand language that looks like it's thinking on the standard reading level of the average US. citizen, and it comes up with darn good material.  If I plug a question in that it cannot understand or if my inquiry is vague, the chatGPT will explain to you that it can not understand, find, and will suggest you fix your inquiry or check your spelling.  Incredible...  

About 6 months ago my friend, Paul, another Taiji guy from Europe sent me a paper that was well written, inciteful, and way off topic.  So what do I do, I send him a response that sounded like I was being just darn evil.  I had no idea at the time that the paper was generated by a chatGPT type of program.  Silly me... Fool me once, fool me twice, no third strike.  But, that was my bad, now I am aware. 

So, if you are a teacher, a parent of school age kiddos, a paraprofessional, or a regular journalist type such as we bloggers, beware of chatGPT. For right around the corner is SkyNet, and for those of us familiar with Arnold's movie, that didn't turn out so good.

Peace and Balance,


Monday, April 3, 2023

The Puzzle of Age

 A gray haired old lady approached me at the home and asked me to help her with a puzzle.  I asked her what the puzzle was and she squinted mindfully at the box and said, "A chicken, I think."

She dumped all the pieces out on the table and began trying to fit them together.

I said to the gray haired old lady, "Please mam, you're not going to be able to put that puzzle together, and let's put the Corn Flakes back into the box."  

At the time I first heard this joke I thought it was extremely funny.  I laughed for days.  That is until I looked at myself in the mirror and realized my hair was indeed gray, verging on a pale shade of white.  And again I noticed the tool dangling from a string around my neck, my spectacles.  Then I realized I have troubles remembering important things, like phone numbers, birth dates, and occasionally my own name.  Oh my God, I've become the butt of the joke.

A gray haired old man approached a gray haired old lady and asks, "Remember that puzzle you asked me about the other day? I've got a bowl and spoon, hungry?"

Peace and Balance,


Sunday, April 2, 2023

Tools of the Samurai


Pulling the bow is not pulling, but pushing the bow forward.  With the arrow notched push the bow forward while breathing in the nose.  Hold two fingers by the ear, open both eyes and look out to the target.  Breath out the mouth slowly and at the mid point of the exhalation let loose the arrow and watch.  

After a lifetime or two, if your practice is true, you might hit your target, maybe.  Luck leads you forward and if it is on your side you begin to hit the target more and more with each notch. Before you know it luck has left it's mark on you and you are consistent and capable of hitting your target at will.  You have entered the realms of Zen.

The Samurai where originally master archers, the bow was their weapon of choice.  The Katana was carried as a secondary defense in case the opponent became to close to shoot with the bow.  A mastery of both the bow and the sword were necessary for survival. 

A lifetime of constant practice and intimate contact with the bow and the sword endowed both with a portion of the Samurai's soul.  It is said that the master sword smith, Hanzo, endowed the last sword he made, the "Hanzo Hachi", with his own soul just before he died.  It is still considered the finest Katana to ever come out of Japan.  His Master Piece.  

Just as a bow is pushed when notched, and not pulled, a sword is pushed forward from scabbard to target back to scabbard in one arching motion.  This is Iado, the last ring of Musashi in his school of five rings. Inward, Outward, Over, Under, and One continuous motion.  The five Rings.

Peace and Balance,


Saturday, April 1, 2023

To Pizza or Not

 Living in a small community has it's ups, and has it's downs.  Our choices of Pizza Places for instance is limited.  When one is closed so do the other's tend to close.  Getting a slice or a pie can be a mythical hunt the likes of the Roast Beast that decorates a Who table at Christmas time.  Where do they come from?

In our modern age in order to find out if a business is open and selling it's wares all one need do is question that all seeing eye, that orb of everything, Google. Google can be a lying bitch however.  You ask her the question and get an answer that should be acceptable, for example: Is the pizza place open?  Google spits out it's information and tells you that indeed the business is open and doing the pizza thing. So what does the self respecting hunter of the Roast Beast do, he calls to order that round delight of tastiness.  And what do you suppose happens?  The phone rings, and rings, and rings some more, yet no one answers.  Being the stubborn type that I am, I wait an amount of time and call again, thinking that they must be extremely busy with other like minded hunters of the cheesy gold.  A second, a third, and even a forth call is made to no avail.  What do we do, the hunters of saucy orb?  We go take a drive to look at the building the pizza is created in.  It says Closed.  Google is a lying bitch.

Being a New Englander by contact attrition, I always have a 2nd and 3rd plan.  The plan was to drive by the gas station, fill up the mechanical pony, and get my darling spouse a Red Slushy.  Bringing home some sort of fare keeps my Great Hunter status going.  She was happy, and I began working on plan 3.  A fancy home cooked grilled sandwich meal.  I have a couple go to recipes that are passable.  

A small community is the best place in the world to live.  Small communities, and rural tracks create strong and wholesome people.  On a weekend when the sun shines the greatest worry was to pizza or not.  Time to  correct that Google machine for she knows not...

Peace and Balance,