Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Proper Maintenance Leads To A Nice Ride.

 Waiting for tires was a test of patience.  Delayed, late, funky excuses from Fed Ex, then just as I was considering making one of them "Calls" they arrived.  And to be honest some very good quality tires for the money I spent.  I am happy. 

The test is now over and the wait for the installation begins.  I'm on the schedule for next Wednesday.  The Pony will feel like a new ride.  A few liquid/refined oats and the Pony and I will go for a ride to test the feel.  New tires on a vehicle are right up there with the smell of a new car, the comfort of new sneakers, and feeling of a near perfect turn into a high banked high speed track.  We'll call it, "Glory."  

I'm anticipating of course, but there are very few things that match that kind of newness.   A pint of Ben and Jerry's Americone Dream might be in order.  I have simple vices.  

So as it goes, my advise to you the reader is that if you have a set of wheels that makes you happy and gets you from point to point in a pleasant and systematic manner make sure you take care of it.  Keep the maintenance up, keep it oiled, and feed it the correct fuel and coolant.  You will thank yourself in the long run.

Peace and Balance,


Sunday, October 29, 2023

Putting 4 New Shoes on The Pony.

 Purchasing items off of the inter web thing can be a great test of patience.  I've recently ordered a set of 4 tires for my CRV Pony through Walmart, and as is the case with many internet organizations Walmart doesn't actually own the products it sells.  Especially through the World Wide Spiderness.  Walmart is one of the or rather the largest company in the world that acts as an agent for the manufacturers and sellers of products of all kinds from food stuff to electronics, and in my case automotive.  You order your products and Walmart places the order through the originator and your funds are split between the two organizations.  Symbiotic capitalism at it's best.  

My tires are on the way and are expected to arrive within the next few hours.  They originated in a company from Phoenix AZ called Simply Tire.  I got a real good deal and saved almost 142 dollars due to my affiliation with the Wall Giant organization.  So, the purchase price was extremely reasonable.  The best blessing is that I have a time booked for the students of the automotive program at the Berlin High School to install and balance my tires.  A double savings.  The teacher of the automotive program at the High School is a young man that is the past master mechanic from a local car dealership.  He's very good at his job and the kids under his tutelage are learning a real trade.  

The same program has just recently replaced the front brakes on my Pony and I am very happy with the job they've done.  In the long run for both jobs, the brakes and the tires, I have spent less than I would have if I would have had the local car dealership do the whole show.  Being an employee of the local High School has it's bennies.  

This arrangement, the Master technician and his students using the vehicles of the  staff as teaching and learning tools is very symbiotic and resembles an old fashioned Taoist Temple.  The Master teaching the Students who in turn offer their assistance to the other Masters of the Temple.  My Driving has become the product of the modern Cha, or Zen experience of the Taoist old world.

This is called Balance and within it is great Peace.

Peace and Balance,


Saturday, October 28, 2023

Sacred Coffee and Open Fire Cooking.

Every Friday evening the Three gather to burn wood, drink the sacred coffee, share in each other's company, and of course talk about other folks.  There has been added another element into the ceremonial progressing's of the evening, that is the cooking of Hotdogs and Brats over an open fire.   This added element brings great joy to the Three and brings about the transcendent effect of a warm happy tummy.  

As discussed in past posts Coffee is truly a sacred thing.  In the language of The People Coffee is created from Wakaliapi, "the sacred bean."  When dried and roasted in the proper manner Wakaliapi is slow brewed into it's proper medicinal form of Pejuta Sapa, "Black Medicine."   The black liquid that enhances the experiences and wakens the minds of many an elderly, as The Three have survived to be, and adult American person.  This fine nation politically as well as Indigenously functions on the wake of this gift of The Great Spirit Grandfather, Pejuta Sapa, The Holy Bean.  The drink from the Heavens.  

Adding the Hot Dogs and Brats to the magic of the evening has enhanced the Power and Medicine that The Three wield during their discussions, merry makings, and gossip intended to share the Healing Energies with the masses.  In Ancient times this is how the news of the day was shared, and would be the old time physicians meetings discussing the psychological and physical wellness of the tribe.    Of course the word Physician isn't quite correct as the old words are different for any of the 500 languages spoken on this continent even up until 150 years ago.  We could say, Sachem, Pejuta Wicaca, Wakan Wicaca, Pejuta Winan, Wakan Winan, Medicine man, Medicine woman, Holy man, Holy woman, what have you.  The languages may be different, however the meanings are profound and to the point.  In today's  expansive world the old Tibetan/Mongolian word, Shaman, is used generically to include all Holistic Healers, and Holy People to include Priests and yes, Physicians.  

This is one of, as in many, reasons The Three gather on Friday's to celebrate the Holy Bean, have the Sacred talk, and now enjoy the Roasting of the Sacred Brat on a stick.  The World is such a Majickal place.  

Peace and Balance,


Wednesday, October 25, 2023

For Family My Thanks From Now And Zen: The Story


For the past few weeks I've been publishing a book on this forum titled simply "Now And Zen: The Story"   It took 28 chapters and a post log to complete from intro to end.  The writing forced me to reflect on past memories in order to re-create them into a story worthy of reading.  

As was once said to me by a very close friend, "It is easier to write the truth by hiding it within fiction."  The job for the reader is to glean the fact from that fiction.  That is also the entertainment in the reading.  

I hope you've found it a worth while read, and as with all things never take anything for granted, your instincts are your best judges of character.

For: The Old Man, The Grandma, The Dad, The Mom, The Little Sister, The Little Brother, My Beautiful Wife Romona, And of course my three primary antagonists, Charlie, Ray, and Michael. 

Peace and Balance,


Monday, October 23, 2023

Post Log: Now And Zen, "All Things End"

 As Time unravels it's gifts upon man many memories are played on the mental screens of the viewer, the minds of the Dreamer.  Years have passed Now and The Boy has been far removed from the lands of His Birth.  The stories of The Old Man, The Dad, The Mom, and The Grandma are experienced only in the mist of these memories and written upon dreams.  

The Little Sister has been grown for many years and has a family of her own.  The Little Brother is a Man and has sons that resemble him.  Each is on their own enlightened path that reflects their memories and dreams.  The Boy, the eldest of the Clan since the passing of The Dad, and The Mom so many years ago is now and has been for years now, the Grand forbearer of The Old Man's knowledge as passed to him through The Dad.   He has become the Creator of He Himself and his memories are but a phantom and the Dreams are reflections of the Terrible Other.  He has become the New Old Man.  HO.

For those of you who have read and found a resemblance to yourself and your own journey, I say Welcome.  If you read and recognize the Protagonist or other Characters of this printing, I say again, Welcome.  

I would like to remind you of a truth that you are all aware, "It is easier to speak honorable truth through the guise of  unaltered fiction."  

We call this genre Creative Non-Fiction for this purpose.  The art of the Journalist.  

It's time to find your own true story.

Peace and Balance,


Sunday, October 22, 2023

Chapter 28: The Happy Hunting Ground

 As years pass so do memories.  Faces of what was and what will be float by in the minds of men on a regular basis.  These are what connects the ones doing the remembering with what is being remembered.  If the memory is paid close attention to, then the lessons of the past will embed themselves on the psyche of the ones doing the remembering.  Then Dreams will come and unite the past with the present then blended will become the future.  Then words like deja-vu and precognition make perfect sense in the larger scheme of things.

The Boy had been away from home for a good many years.  After many years had past He returned for a visit to find The Grandma suffering from the last stages of Dementia.  She even confused Him with The Old Man on more than one occasion.  It was true, The Boy was looking more and more like The Old Man the older he grew.   She would come to her senses and giggle like she knew the mistake.  All was normal again. 

The Old Man was getting older.  He would do incredible things for a man of his age.  He would put hands flat on the ground in front of him then place a boot atop the fence and reach down to the ground of the other boot.  This showed he still had mastery over his body.  However, he relied on The Dad and The Boy for more manual things.  He was after all over 100 years old. 

The Boy visited, Practiced with and took much advise from The Dad while they were both under the close scrutiny of The Old Man, who was always smiling and laughing.  His best teaching technique.  It was All Good.  

The Boy returned home to New Hampshire.  He was no longer an employee of the Governmental Military complex, but a self employed man that occasionally worked for a local school system.  The rumor was that He was Good with teens, but he would never let the secret out.  All was Good.

A few years after His visit a message reached The Boy that The Grandma and The Old Man had passed into the West, beyond the setting sun to the Happy Hunting Ground.  They had both been living in the shared room at a local retirement home.  She was dealing with the last stages of Dementia and The Old Man just because he was with her.  Approaching the age of ultimate wisdom The Old Man enjoyed the company of the home.  The Old Man passed in his sleep in the Fall,  He was found on his side facing the Western window, he had let go the spirit.  The Grandma had a lucid moment and asked the nursing staff, "Is That Hoot?"  They had to break the sad News that The Old Man had passed in the night.  Three days later The Grandma was found by nursing staff in her bed.  She had passed in the night in the same position that The Old Man was found in.  She was 93 years old.  The Old Man was 111 years old, and was a Real Life Cowboy.  

Peace and Balance,


Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Chapter 27: Welcome To The DOD.

 Pease Airforce Base was the headquarters of the 509th Bomb Wing.  The 8th Airforce J-GSOC whose first mission was to drop the First Atomic Bomb.  On August 6th, 1945 The Boeing B29 Superfortress, "Enola Gay" dropped the first Atomic weapon on the Japanese city of Hiroshima screaming in the Nuclear Age.  The Enola Gay was parked outside the main gate of the base, on display for everyone in New Hampshire to view and ponder what lays behind the gates of that Base. 

A few months after His misadventures in Central America The Staff Sargent found a set of orders sitting on his desk at the MEPS, Military Entrance Processing Station in Butte Montana.  This had been His duty station since His release from the Hospital at Sheppard.  Because of His experience and training it was His responsibility to screen possible Airman and new recruits for similar positions in Military Intelligence.  His quota had not been met as He found Himself discouraging most of the candidates that crossed his floor.  The Station Head Shrinker said something about PTSD affecting His ability to communicate unbias points of view.  In other words, His Filter had been removed. 

The Orders required  him to report at the OSI, Office Of Special Investigations, on Pease at the end of the upcoming week.  He was being assigned to the 509th Combat Engineers as an Investigator.  The Staff Sargent took the letter and reported to his supervision Chief.  The Chief already knew what was happening and shook his hand to congratulate Him.  "I know you." The Chief said, "You don't belong behind a desk."  

The Staff Sargent had a few days to himself so He put on some civilian garb, crawled behind the wheel of his car and began the drive to Havre.  That was a long drive, about 6 hours, but he eventually found himself driving down the gravel road to the Drive Way in front of the Bel Aire and Winston.  The Old Man met him in the front yard of Winston, slapped him on the shoulder and said, "Good to see you Boy.  You're moving on soon."  The Old Man again knew without being told.  He was always like that.

The Boy was moving on soon.  There was the sense of no return in the air, and He felt it.  The very next day He was on a bus traveling East towards Portsmouth New Hampshire on His way to Pease Air Force Base which would prove to be His last military post.  The Old Man warned him a few years before, The Dad knew nothing was permanent, The Grandma expected he would be on a new journey, and he remembered an encounter in the Honduran jungle with an other old man that resembled The Dad somehow telling him, "I know you, you do not belong with these people.  Leave them before they destroy you." Then The old man in the jungle pulled his hat down and went back to sleep.

Then Boy remembered what The Old Man said, "When someone you don't know gives you advice, take it."  

He knew things would end soon.  The trip on the bus was 3 days of straight Grey Hound nonsense.  There were no layovers, there was no getting off the bus, only straight driving and uncomfortable sitting.  He was not built to sit in these seats for an extended period of time.  Penance was being paid.  The only luggage was a duffle bag stowed in the lower bus compartment, and his Bass guitar that He refused to part with.  It was a gift from The Dad for graduating from High School years before.  One of the first Ibanez Roadster Basses, the serial number his birthdate and graduation date combined.  A guitar special made for him by the Ibanez company.  After all he was a Jazz bassist with a certain amount of experience. 

3 days latter he emerged from that bus sweaty, stinky, and a tad pissed.  He was met at the bus garage by one of the officers in his new command.  After being driven straight to the NCO temporary barracks and checking in He was ordered to get cleaned up, shave and report to the commander no later than 1500 hours.  He took a long waited for shower and found an iron in the room's closet.  He ironed his uniform and got dressed with an hour to spare.  He made his way to the base commander and reported as ordered.  Then he was ordered to report to the OSI office at the top of the hill, and he did.  Captain Knapp, now Major Knapp was waiting for him there which seemed so outlandish that they both laughed as He learned that this was a new base and possibly the last base for both.   Knapp was retiring soon, and the Staff Sargent would quietly disengage, a term for Airman that quietly re-enter civilian life.

The Staff Sargent was given an entry packet to take to his new office at the 509th Civil Engineering Squadron headquarters.  He was to report to the 509 Combat Engineers in the morning and report to Chief Master Sargent Brod for assignment.  He was left to his own devices until the morning.  The Staff Sargent went back to his room, crawled into bed and went to sleep.  The morning would come much to early.

In the morning He was standing in front of The Chief's desk handing him the packet He received the past evening.  Chief Brod was looking over it's contents with a puzzled look.  He looked up from his desk, "How is it possible that you have a higher clearance than any other members of this team, including me?"  The Staff Sargent had no answer and stayed silent.

The truth was Chief Brod had no idea who or what he had just added to the 509th Engineers.  The orders read like something out of a bad sci fi novel.  This Staff Sargent was some kind of Monster killer, or UAP commander, He hadn't made up his mind yet.  Then the phone rang on his desk and he answered with his normal, "Brod."  He was making the usual, "Huh Huh, and yep, then a Yes sir."  then hung up the phone.  

The Chief looked at the Staff Sargent and said, "You've got your first assignment.  You're to report to barracks 13 and give this note to the desk sergeant.  You are to sit in the room assigned and write on this pad all impressions you receive about the room next door.  Write all information you deem important, leave nothing out. Do not share this info with anyone.  Do not sleep.  There will be coffee available.  In the morning you will report to OSI and give them this note book and wait for debrief."  He handed the Staff Sargent a small legal pad and pen.  "Dismissed." 

The Staff Sargent did an about face and walked out the door of the 509th headquarters to a waiting blue sedan that drove him to Barracks 13.  The Staff Sargent reported to the desk Sergeant and handed her the note from Chief Brod.  She read the note, gave Him a key, and led Him to a room on the second floor of the Barracks, "There's a phone in the room, a refrigerator filled with food, and plenty of coffee. If you need me I'll be at the front desk until I come to retrieve you in the morning.  The Chief say's you should stay until then.  The next door occupants will arrive shortly. Thanks."  She left Him at the room.

The Staff Sargent unlocked the door, walked in and locked himself inside.  He sat against a wall that was shared by the next door room and began taking notes.  First there was silence, then the neighbors came home and things got interesting.  He wrote everything.  All comments, all smells, all impressions.  At one point he could hear a fight break out between two airman.  It lasted a couple minutes, there was some cursing, a few thuds, then quiet.  He could smell the aroma of old shoes and sage.  He recorded all.  There was allot of traffic.  Some sounded like and exchange.  A party, another fight, girls.  The Sun began coming up and everything got quiet again.  The Staff Sargent waited.  

At 08:00 there was a knocking at the door.   The Desk Sergeant was at the door, "Are you ready?"

The Staff Sargent replied in the affirmative and she took him to a blue sedan and drove him to OSI at the top of the hill and left him.  He reported to the front desk and waited.  A Captain arrived and took him to a separate room to debrief.  The Staff Sargent handed the Captain the pad and pen, "This is all." He left the room, walked to the entry desk and was given keys to a blue sedan parked in the lot, "This is yours to use until it's not." The Desk Sargent said.  He nodded and got in the car and went back to his own room to get cleaned up, shave, get some sleep.  

The next morning he woke up to a small TV playing in the room.  The ABC news was on talking about the state of the union and other mindless news of the day.  He made some coffee then reported for duty.  He was wearing operational greens.  Chief Brod had breakfast waiting for him, "Sit down Sargent.  I've got news.  Your notes are actionable, the two occupants in the room you surveilled have been arrested and will stand for two separate hearings, and if determined to be suspicious will stand for courts martial on the suspicion of selling drugs to government employees on a government facility.  Do you understand?"

The Staff Sargent knew what the Chief was telling him, "Yes sir."  

"Sargent?" The Chief asked.


"You realize your affiliation with the US Airforce officially ended when you arrived here?" 


"You are now working for the DOD, Department Of Defense. Do Not speak of it, understand?"

"Yes Sir."  Is the only correct reply the Staff Sargent could make.  He knew that of course.

Often when circumstances are right and the Universe has a need you will find yourself in all sorts of strange places.  

Peace and Balance,



Saturday, October 14, 2023

Chapter 26: The King is Dead, Long Live the King.

 The Staff Sargent was about half way up Mogoton sitting on a knoll in some high grass over looking a rather large hacienda with stucco walls and a large iron gate with serious looking large suited individuals standing outside of it.  In His right ear he heard The Spotter, "I'm in position."

The Staff Sargent replied to all on the scrambled channel, "Take positions and make ready."

There was a round of, "Sir, Yes Sir" in his ear.  

The Staff Sargent began re-examining the photos in his pack.  He memorized the face and the physical look of the target.  He Then opened the long padded box that contained a High Powered Rifle and a rather large scope.  He put the Scope on the back of the rifle and locked it into place.  He took the cap off of the lens and peered down the barrel through the Scope.  The quality and distance he could see was incredible.  The shot was estimated at a Klick, about 1100 yards.  He was going through the Math's in his head when The Spotter's voice sounded in His ear, "Incoming traffic, Black Dodge Van, and Plymouth or Dodge Sedan."  

The Staff  Sargent looked through the Scope and saw the vehicles stop at the iron gate.  The Large suited gentlemen approached the vehicles and opened the doors.  He could see them helping people out of the car and van.  The Spotter said in His ear, "Target acquired 2nd from right."

The Staff Sargent Bolted a round into the chamber.  The rifle was surprisingly quite.  It made very little sound.  He began feeling a crawling sensation.  He could not move due to the possibility of giving away His and The Spotter's positions.  The Crawling sensation turned into burning just as he saw them.  The Knoll he was sitting was actually a large ant mound.  Fire ant's were swarming out of everywhere around Him, but He could not move.  The Burning was turning into a fiery pain.  He was becoming Dizzy.

Gazing through the Scope the Staff Sargent said, "Target spied, taking shot"  

The Spotter said, "Agreed"

There was a quiet ringing as the rifle kicked back into The Staff Sargent's right shoulder.  Through the Scope he could see the Target drop and the panic of the suited gentle men.  The Staff Sargent said on the scramble channel, "Mission accomplished, need immediate emergency extraction, can't breath." 

"Shit," Was the only word The Staff Sargent could remember hearing.  He woke up listening to the thud, thud, thud of the chopper.  He could not remember how he had arrived at it.  There was a Medic forcing air into His lungs with a large bag.  He could feel something in his throat.  He panicked, and was asleep.  

The Staff Sargent woke in the Hospital recovery room.  His team was sitting around him in various chairs.  The A1C that was The Spotter this mission was chatting with a nurse that noticed that He had woken up, "How are we feeling today?" She said.  

He tried replying, but found it difficult to speak.  "You'll be fine soon." She said, "We pulled the tubes out a little while ago." 

 He must have looked confused when a Lieutenant Colonel, Doctor walked into the room and started explaining, "Sargent, You suffered the multiple bites of the South American Fire Ant.  The toxin started a histamine reaction and you went into anaphylaxis. Quick thinking on the part of your team and a fast chopper got you to the hospital in one piece.  You will survive."  He smiled and walked out of the room.

The Staff Sargent tried saying "Where am I?"

Captain Knapp's voice was mysteriously heard from the left side of the room, "You are in the Multi agency military teaching hospital at Sheppard Air Force Base in Texas. You should know this place well. You trained here."    The Captain looked around the room and made a gesture with his head and the rest of the Team vacated the room.  "You managed to complete the mission. Good job." Then The Captain turned on a TV in the corner and walked out of the room.

The news was on.  The channel looked like a local ABC affiliate that was going over some Breaking News, "Managua Nicaragua reports that the eldest brother of the Ortega family had been murdered by a loan gunman while returning home from vacation in The United States yesterday afternoon.  Authorities are still looking for any leads to the shooter.  Daniel Ortega the youngest of the family will be sworn in as President of Nicaragua in the morning. This is ABC News."  

The Staff Sargent knew that case would never be solved.  Military coups are often quite.

Peace and Balance,


Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Chapter 25: The Mission Begins


The Boy woke early the next morning and went for a run.  When He returned there was a blue dodge sedan in the Drive Way and standing on the porch of The Bel Aire was non other than Captain Knapp talking to The Dad.  It looked to be a rather tense conversation as the Captain asked a few questions, and The Dad giving direct order sounding answers.  The Boy was confused.  When the pair noticed His presence The Captain spun on his heal took three steps towards the car turned back and saluted The Dad. Then he got in on the driver side of the car and drove back down the dirt road to the highway.  

The Dad saw the confusion on The Boy's face and said, "Your Leave has been cut short, you're being recalled effective immediately."  And noticing the questions forming in The Boy's eyes he said again, "Get your bag I'll take you to the airport, You don't have the clearance for those questions, yet."  The Dad knew what He was thinking.  The Boy went to find his bag.

The Dad and The Old Man were waiting in the car when The Boy re-emerged from The Bel Aire.  He got into the back seat of the Car and The Old Man spoke, "Remember what I said youngster, Take advice from unknown sources."   The Dad drove them down the dirt road the the highway and to The Havre International Airport. 

The same plane that dropped him off at the beginning of his leave was waiting for him.  The Flight Lady was now wearing a First Lieutenant's uniform and standing next to the open door of the plane.  She motioned to the Staff Sargent to get in.  She took his bag and put it in a side compartment.  The Staff Sargent boarded the plane.  The Dad and The Old Man both said, "Good Luck" in unison and drove away.  

The door to the cabin was open and The Staff Sargent could see Captain Knapp at the stick.  He said through the door behind him, "Buckle up, we're off to see the Wizard."  The Lieutenant buckled into the front seat and the engine started.  The plane taxied down the runway and turned 180 degrees and throttled up into the wind.  It was in the air in a very short time and they were off. 

50 minutes later and The Staff Sargent was on a Rachel Airlines jet flying from Billings to Las Vegas piloted by Captain Knapp and hosted by the Flight Lady Lieutenant.  The Staff Sargent was the only passenger during this flight.  There was no movie and lunch was served on a cold metal plate.  It was what the US Military calls, "Shit On a Shingle. Toast covered by a sausage white gravy."  It is actually rather tasty.  The Staff Sargent enjoyed his meal.

The plane touched down in Las Vegan Nevada almost 3 hours later.  This flight was less than half the length of the original too Billings.  The Staff Sargent was dubious, "Something smells bad in the state of Denmark."

Captain Knapp appeared and spoke to the Flight Lieutenant who came to speak with The Staff Sargent, "Stay on the Plane, your team will board soon and your mission orders will be given.  Meanwhile is there anything you need?"

The Staff Sargent smiled and said, "No mam." then laid back in His seat to take a nap. The Lieutenant departed the plane. 

The Staff Sargent was shaken awake, "What the Hell!" He said.  It was the A1C, Airman First Class.

"The Captain want's you awake for this." he said.  

The Staff Sargent sat up in his seat when Captain Knapp walked out of the cabin and stood at the front of the plane. He handed The Flight Lieutenant a group of envelopes who handed them out to the 5.  Each man in the Flight got an envelope with their Name and Rank hand written in black ink on the front.  

The Captain began speaking, "You will remain on this plane and fly into San Antonio where you will board a Black Opps turbo jet.  The plane will fly you under dark over a target just above Belize, Honduras. You will jump to a landing south of Belize where you will board a helicopter and fly to the top of Mogoton.  You each have a specific job, your envelope will explain.  The Staff Sargent will be mission control, everything goes on his go, Saavy?, now Read."

Each of the 5 opened their envelope.  The Staff Sargent's had a picture, written on the back of the photo was a time, and address, and 1 klick.  The distance of the shot, almost 1100 feet.  A short note that read, "Each team member has a specific job.  You are action.  All orders are yours."  

The Captain asked, "Are there any questions?"  Then before any could be asked said, "Those who ask questions will be let off the plane, replaced, and retrained."  No one spoke.

The Staff Sargent's team made up of himself, an A1C, 2 Airman, and a Warrant Officer who was their Chopper pilot.  The Captain stepped into the cabin and closed the door.  The Flight Lieutenant said, "Buckle In, we're about to take off"  She then buckled into her seat.    

The Captain's voice came over the intercom, "Welcome again to Rachel Airlines gentlemen your flight will take approximately, 2 and a half hours, sit back and enjoy."  The plane taxied to the runway and started it's rush to a quick flight.

The plane landed at Kelly AFB a little less that 2 and a half hours and the Captain entered from the cabin, "Stay on the plane until an extraction team comes to get you.  When they do your mission begins.  Do not speak of the mission, just wait."  Then he left the plane.

About an hour later three large black clad sergeants appeared at the entrance to the plane came to the Staff Sargent and asked, "How do you want to proceed sir?" the lead asked.

"Follow your orders, we are ready." He replied.

The 5 were waved off the plane and rushed into a black van waiting on the tar mat.  They were driven to the opposite side of the runway and rushed into a black turbo crew carrier.  As soon as the 5 were all aboard Captain Knapp's voice came over the intercom, "Buckle in boys.  The fun starts here."   

The Staff Sargent addressed the team, "Get some sleep fellas, you'll need a little shut eye."  The team leaned back into their seats and closed their eyes.

A terrible buzzing sound woke the 5 about 3 hours later.  The space was lit up with a red and amber light.  The Flight Lieutenant led the team to the back of the plane and through a trap to the lower deck in the belly.  The room was lit with red and amber.  There were 5 jump packs ready and waiting each with the rank and first initial of the intended user.  "Gentlemen this will be a low drag jump.  Your packs are set on automatic to open over the target sight.  You will be given UV goggles to see.  Your ride and equipment are waiting for you.  Put on your packs, when the buzzer rings lay on your backs head towards the opening door.  The wind and vacuum will do the rest.  Good Luck and Safe Travels." 

The 5 dawned their packs, tightened the straps and double checked the fit.  Helmets at the ready and goggles put on.  The buzzer was sounding and the lower hatch was opening.  The 5 each laid on their backs head toward the opening door.  The sound of the wind made it impossible to understand or hear anything else.  The red lights turned green then a great whoosh pulled The Staff Sargent out of the plane.  He fell for the count of 3 and the chute popped out the back and top of his pack.  There was a momentary loud, "Pop" and He was swinging back and forth until He grabbed the control lines.  Looking down He saw a florescent white bullseye and steered himself into the spot.  He nicely walked into the grass then gathered up the chute as fast as he could looking for a place to stow it when he saw a black chopper parked in the distance.  He began running to the chopper.  Just as he got to the bird The Warrant Officer arrived at the same time, "All's good sir. The rest of the Team will be here shortly."   They stowed their packs and began inventorying the equipment.  

Each member of The 5 had a specialized weapon.  There was a satellite radio pack, ammunition, and personalized com units.  The Staff Sargent inventoried his own weapon, a high caliber rifle with UV, RF scope capable of seeing a mile. The whole unit had a shoulder harnessed carrying case.  It was surprisingly light for it's size and caliber.  Each one of the team was now inventorying their own weapon and equipment.  "All Copasetic?" asked The Staff Sargent.  "Yes Sargent," all replied.

"Get on the bird." He ordered.

The Warrant had the Chopper warmed up and ready to go.  It was a silent flier and they  were now heading South into the Mountains.  The Word was Go.

Peace and Balance,


Monday, October 9, 2023

Chapter 24: The Little Brother's First Day Of School

 Knapp had a sick sense of humor.  Landing in Las Vegas became a test of internal fortitude.  On approach to the runway his voice came over the intercom, "Brace for a little turbulence."  

The Staff Sargent was sitting over a wing and looked out the window at the approach.  The plane was flying low over the runway when it did a sudden bank right.  He could see the tip of the wing appear to be within distance of the tar mat.  The Boy took in a stiff breath through his nose and breathed out slowly as the plane banked hard and came into the landing with almost no bump.  The Captain's voice came back over the intercom, "Welcome to Las Vegas and thanks for flying Rachel Airlines."  The plane came to a stop about 100 yards from the off boarding side of the airport and was met by a motorized set of stairs and an Air Force bus.  

The Staff Sargent stood, turned and said, "Ok fellas we're on leave, you all know when to report.  Have a good time."  They departed the plane.  The Captain was waiting on the tar mat and handed each an envelope,   The Staff Sargent's envelope had airline tickets from Gate 2A Las Vegas to Gate 4 Billings Mt. to leave in 20 minutes.  The Five got on the bus and were all rushed to the intake at Las Vegas international airport.  The Staff Sargent was not more that a couple hundred feet from Gate 2A so He arrived just in time to board the flight.  The Flight Lady told him his bags were already on the plane and to enjoy the flight.  To His surprise He was escorted to First Class, "Wow, This is Cool."  

The Flight from Las Vegas to Billings took about the time to watch 2 movies.  He enjoyed, "Star Wars, and The Empire Strikes Back" back to back.  After the second film the Flight Lady came to his seat and told him that they would be landing in Billings Montana in about 20 minutes.  "Wow that was quick," He said.  She replied, "I think you fell asleep."  They laughed.  

A few minutes later her voice came over the intercom, "Please buckle your seatbelts.  We will be landing in 5 minutes."  

He looked out the window and saw Billings below him growing larger and larger with every passing moment, then a soft thud, thud, thud, and the sound of the engines reversing to stop the plane.  It came to a stop next to the main building of the airport and He stood to get ready to leave the plane.  On the way out the Flight Lady gave him another ticket for a Puddle Jump from Billings to the Havre International airport. This was a funny turn of events as the only reason Havre's airport is considered international is that crop dusters fly back and forth from Canada.  He chuckled thinking of it.  The Flight Lady handed him his duffle bag and pointed to a fellow standing at the exit of the airport.  

He walked to the exit and waiting for him was a gruff and scruffy looking old fellow that looked at him and extended his hand to shake it.  He introduced himself as a friend of The Old Man's, and that he'd met The Boy when he was The First Toddler of the family.  The Old fellow laughed  and slapped him hard on the back, then lead him to a small, but very nice 6 seater Cessna.  They were met at the plane by the same Flight Lady that had been with him since leaving Castle.  The Boy was suddenly feeling like this leave was being manipulated by higher powers.  She took his bag, smiled at him and said,  "You'll be in Havre in about 45 minutes.  Board and take a seat, I'll be in soon."  He followed her instruction.

He found a seat on the plane at the back and she followed a couple minutes later, this time wearing a First Lieutenant's uniform.  His hunch about the higher powers must be correct. "Staff Sargent." She said, "You are not to speak to anyone about your upcoming orders. That includes family or friends. Do you understand?"  

"Yes Mam." The Staff Sargent said to her.  She then produced a clip board with a blue copy of his orders. A blue copy is a carbon copy that is used to track information with. She gave him a pen and asked him to sign on the X on each of the copied papers.  He did.  She placed the clip board and the copies into a leather case and locked in shut.  "Thank you sir." She Said, then buckled her into the adjacent seat.  The plane was lifting off the runway.  There was no conversation on this short flight.  She must have orders not to speak. 

The flight took about 45 minutes and they landed at the Havre International Airport around 6pm.  The Boy looked over and found his companion gone.  He must have fallen asleep again.  The plane came to a stop and  the side door opened.  The Boy stood and left the plane finding his duffle bag on the tar mat.  There was a set of car keys on top of the bag.  When he looked up at the tower he saw his own car parked waiting for him.  The 1968 Chevy Impala Super Sport Convertible was a welcome sight.  He started it up with a satisfying growl and turned down the runway giving it the guns.  The car was fast.  After getting to the end He turned left and pulled out of the airport and found the high way.  Turning right he headed towards home. 

The Boy may have been going a little faster than he should.  He could have been enjoying the ride more than he should, but there was a rude siren from behind him and the reflection of red and blue lights in his rear view mirror, he was being pulled over.  He pulled over the the side of the road and shut the car off.  The officer approached the driver's side of the car cautiously with his flashlight in hand, and his right hand covering his service revolver.  The Boy pushed the switch for the automatic windows and they dropped.  He had forgotten how nice his car was.  The Officer stopped and cleared his throat, "Are you in a hurry son?" he asked.

"Well sir, I just got home.  Haven't been around for a couple years." The Boy replied.

Then He could hear some laughter coming from the Officer.  The Boy looked out his window and saw a family friend standing next to his car.  The deputy that pulled him over was a friend of The Dad's.  "Should I give you a ticket, or an escort maybe?" The Deputy said.

"Yean, I'll take an escort." Chuckled The Boy.

The Boy thought he was going fast when he got pulled over, but was having a hard time keeping up with the deputy on the way to the entrance of the road that lead to the Families Drive way.  When they got near The Deputy waved out his window and peeled off.  The Boy turned right down the dirt road and headed towards home.  He could see The Bel Aire, and Winston in the distance.  The Old Man's Truck was parked in front of the Garage, and The Dad was mowing the lawn.    

The Boy pulled into the Drive way, parked his car and turned off the engine.  The Sister, The Mom, and The Grandma all walked out of The Bel Aire to meet him.  Each gave him a hug and a welcome home.  The Sister slugged him hard in the arm and said, "Where have you been you big galoot?"  

The Mom was crying and hugged just a little bit longer.  The Grandma handed The Boy a sandwich with a smile, "You look hungry." 

The Dad finished mowing and walked over to the car, "You look like you've grown some." He said. 

"Maybe? Done know." The Boy replied. The truth is he had gained about 20 pounds and an inch or so.

The Old Man walked up to him and looked him hard in the eyes, "I know where you're going, I know where you've been. Just remember when you get advise from an unknown source, Take it."  Then the Old Man had an evil little grin on his face, "Cute hat." is all he said and walked away chuckling. 

Before The Boy could react The Dad reached out and snatched the Red Barret off of his head and eyed it hard.  He gave it back to him and smiled.  He was looking at the shield in the middle of the hat, the Prime Beef insignia which resembled the one on his left breast pocket.  On the right was the SAC thunderbolt and armored glove.  The Dad knew something.  No one said anything about the Staff Sargent stripes on his shoulders.  

Leave was an interesting time.  Working with the horses, working with The Old Man, and wrestling around with The Dad brought The Boy back to home.  He was again becoming himself.  Training in the military is created to pull a person away from himself in order to manipulate that person into doing things he would not normally do under regular circumstances. The Boy had been going through a whole personality change and it seems The Old Man knew it.  

The Grandma woke The Boy in the morning the next day with the smells of a really good breakfast.  As he ate the bacon, eggs, toast, and homefries she looked at him with a silent smile and said softly, "You/re going to be OK." She said and handed him a cup of coffee.  The Grandma always knows.  His family was one of those families you can never keep secrets in. 

It was that time of year when The Dad was preparing for school.  The first day was tomorrow, and his schedule was not allowing him the ability to do some family things.  The Mom had an appointment at work, she worked at The Northern Montana Hospital in receiving as a telephone receptionist, and The Dad couldn't take The Little Brother to his first day of school.  The Boy was asked to assist, and volunteered before the question could be asked. 

 He dressed in his Class A's and early the next morning took The Little Brother to school.  The Teacher's at the "Highland Park" Elementary School where all pleased to see The Boy as he introduced The Little Brother to his teachers.  He arraigned the bus schedule for pick up and drop off when The Dad wouldn't be able to do the duties, and purchased The Little Brother his lunch ticket.  The Dad had given The Boy money to proceed.  The day was pleasant as the Little Brother seemed excited to introduce his Big Brother to all that would listen.  The only hang up was the occasional misunderstanding when The Boy had to explain that The Little Brother was indeed His Brother and not His Son.  There was quite and age difference between the two.  The Teacher's were amused.  The Boy, not so much. 

When The Boy and the Little Brother reappeared back at the Property and the story of the day was shared, The Little Brother beamed his smile as The Old Man laughed at The Boy, The Little Sister punched him in the arm, The Mom and The Dad both just smiled, and The Boy shrugged his shoulders accepting the inevitability of The Little Things in life.  

Peace and Balance,


Saturday, October 7, 2023

Chapter 23: Rachel Airlines, What The Heck Is Going On?

Apparently it's unusual for the random shack guard to recognize and salute the officer flying classified aircraft without the reaction of, "Oh my god." written on his face.  The secondary runway at Castle AFB is hidden in a fairly remote and desolate area just west of Death Valley.  What The Sargent did not know is that he was going through a rather obscure recruiting process.  Standing guard next to a nothing shack in 100 plus temperatures without complaint meant something.  He was met at the shack by a blue Dodge Ram truck, replaced by another guard and handed an envelope that read, "Your Eyes Only."  

The Sargent was ordered to report to the Base commander in respectable condition.  That meant after taking a shower and changing into an appropriate uniform, So He got cleaned up, shaved, and put on his best, and only set of class A's.  The dress uniform of The United States Airforce.  Because of his training that included an earned Red Barret with the SAC Prime Beef symbol dead center.  The uniform was meticulously kept with ribbons and awards arraigned in the correct order.   Bloused boots, Gold and Maroon wound rope over the shoulder and around the waist, and the service 45 tucked in it's holster just under the left arm inside the jacket.  This was His dress uniform, and it made him feel special. 

The Sargent reported the Base Command Headquarters.  At the Entry He produced the correct ID card and used the correct secret code name then went through a short ritual where the SP at the door placed a box on a table and opened it.  The Sargent un-holstered his weapon, placed it in the box and closed the lid.  The SP locked it with a key then handed The Sargent the key and placed the box on a shelf.  He then opened the door to the headquarters and was instructed where the command office was.  The Sargent walked in, the door was locked behind him, and he walked down the hall to the Office of The Base Commander, One Brigadier General, One Star, George Eastepp.   Inside the office The Sargent approached the General's desk, removed the Barret, tucked it under his left arm, and snapped a quick salute, "Reporting as Ordered Sir." He said.

The General pushed an envelope across the table to him and asked him to produce the envelope he was given on the flight line, the one that said, "For Your Eyes Only."  The General told him he could open it now.  It contained orders hand written in blue ink with three destinations, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Belize.  The General then told him to open the envelope that was just pushed towards him.  The envelope contained a set of Staff Sargent stripes.  The Sargent had just been promoted contingent on the orders he was just given.  "You are now on leave until the date on top of your orders telling you when to report to this location.  Good Luck, Staff Sargent."  The General shook his hand, sat back down and said in a commanding voice, "Dismissed."

The Staff Sargent saluted, did an about face, took the Barret from under his arm and secured it back on his head and walked to the door.  It was opened from the outside by a guard.  He walked down the hall to the exit and the original guard.  There was another short ceremony where the Guard placed the box in front of The Staff Sargent, opened it and said, "All yours sir."  The Staff Sargent holstered the Colt 45 service weapon and left the compound.  He was officially on leave.  For the 1st time since joining the Air Force. 

The Staff Sargent found his bag already packet in the Dodge.  He drove to the main flight line of the Base.  At the main gate was a waiting plain white red tailed Boeing 737.  He and his 5 friends all entered the plane.  When on the plane they all looked to him and said, "What's next Sarge?"  

"Leave, then report to the Base on the tops of your orders." Is all he said.  The plane took off and a female Airman appeared offering refreshments, then approached him, "The Captain would like to see you sir." she said.  

He got up from his seat and made his way to the cockpit of the plane.  The door was opened and he entered.  The Captain turned in his seat to face him and said, "Good to see you again Staff Sargent."  It was Captain Knapp.  Again he appears in places unannounced, "Welcome to Rachel airlines he said. Our first destination is Las Vegas where you will each board flights to your leave destinations. We'll be in the air approximately 45 minutes."  He shook The Staff Sargent's hand, "Congratulations." 

The Boy suddenly felt a sickening urge to puke over take him.  He held on, and the Airman helped him to his seat with a shot of Pepto Bismol.  Everything was just to coincidental, and the mission began.

Peace and Balance,



Friday, October 6, 2023

Chapter 22: Look, Bat Man's Plane


The Boy traveled to San Antonio Texas to attend the Air Force basic training at Lackland Air Force Base.  The training was the standard Air Forces 8 weeks of Emotional and mental torment.  The Physical part of the training wasn't difficult for The Boy as he was pretty physically active already.  Because of his education and experience when The Boy graduated Basic He left the base with two stripes making him an Airman First Class.  He had attended college for a couple years at Northern Montana College in Havre before joining the Air Force.  This gave him a head start. 

The Boy was waiting for a set of orders telling him where he was to further his training and education.  He was asked to report to the base command when an unknown Captain intercepted him on his way to the head shed.  The Capt. was the same officer that had saved The Boy and a couple other Airman from a verbal lashing earlier in his education.  His name was Knapp, Captain Knapp.  The Captain took The Boy to the Main Base front Gate had him get into the back seat of a blue Ford Galaxy sedan.  The Captain got behind the wheel and drove off base, down the road about 15 minutes and in the Main Gate of Kelly Air Force Base right next door to Lackland.  

Turns out that Kelly is the training base for many Air Force special units including some of the Engineering units that support tactical command operations.  The Boy was thrust head long into the first step of what is militarily known as FooBar.  FooBar is a non word that indicates that the recipient is basically screwed, The Boy was now FooBar.  

He thought that waking at 5 AM. was early until a metal trash can was throne into his room at 3 in the morning followed by a large screaming meanie who's first name was Sargent, or rather Master Sargent.  The Sargent informed The Airman First Class that it was time for all good children to get out of bed and begin morning drills.  The Boy found a 50 foot cord of rope tied around his waist and shoulders while he and 5 of his new friends ran in form around their new Base singing a silly song about The Master Sargent's sister.  Sounded all pretty insane to The Airman First Class, but who was he to question The Sargent? Not going to happen.  

6 more weeks of tactical training, security training, and The Boy's favorite, Hand to Hand combat training.  This was the stuff that The Boy excelled at.  He was already a fairly trained killer, but as the saying always goes, "Never enter the Dojo with a full cup, somebody is always willing to empty it for you"  This happened almost immediately.  The Boy found himself looking up at the sky from his back on the ground after a failed attempt to unbalance The Master Sargent.  The Squad found the ordeal amusing until each fell to the same fate, one by one.  

After 6 weeks there was a short graduation ceremony that consisted of a handshake and a cup of coffee, then the squad was shuffled into a blue Air Force bus for their very long trip directly north through Texas to Sheppard Air Force Base at Wichita Falls.  The trip lasted 10 hours and was very hot and uncomfortable.  Texas is a big state.  

At Sheppard AFB The Boy was introduced to his Prime Beef unit of Base Emergency Engineer Force.  These are the Airmen that are used to rebuild, protect, and support all operations on the Base command.  The Boy's previous training, and the Prime Beef training combined qualified him for the Advanced NCO school.  He was learning to lead.  There must be a mistake.  He was at this training base for another 8 weeks when Captain Knapp again found him on his way to class, The Captain handed him orders to report to Castle AFB California ASAP.  He was now a Sargent.  He was beginning to feel uncomfortable, something was up. 

 Castle AFB is in the middle of the desert right at the base of Death Valley a little north east of Atwater CA.  This is usually a step off point for SAC deployments over seas.  The Boy was made to guard an empty shack on the front end of an airstrip in the middle of a desolate range.  While guarding the shack The Newly Promoted Buck Sargent looked up into the western sky and thought he saw a shimmering way up and beyond the horizon.  He was straining to see what was making the distortion when the plane banked to turn toward the runway.  He was suddenly looking at Bat Man's plane flying directly at him from the western sky.  It was big, silent, and was landing at his end of the runway.  As the plane rolled by on the runway The Boy could see the pilot.  He offered up a salute and was amazed at the plane that was rolling buy.  This was his first view of a stealth bomber, a plane that at this time was still classified and unknown to the general public.  This was for lack of a proper name a UFO.  

The Boy's only thought, "Way Cool."

Peace and Balance,


Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Chapter 21: The Arrival Of The New Toddling Child

A new pre toddling sibling arrived on January 3rd 1976.  The Mom knew He would come at the beginning of the Holiday season.  According to The Grandma He was supposed to come during the Christmas Holiday, but abruptly changed His mind at the last minute.  The Boy was an adult now and The Little Sister old enough to understand the dynamics of being a teenager.  The Baby would grow with an army of watchers to guide him.

The Mom spent a couple days in the Northern Montana Hospital recuperating from a little longer than normal labor and delivery.  Like The Grandma said, "He's not quite ready for the introduction into this world."  

The Grandma and The Sister worked on a banner that said, "Welcome Home."  The Old Man and The Boy put together a crib, bassinette, and prepared a room for the new Baby.  The Dad called from the Hospital just before leaving so the rest of the family readied themselves for the arrival.  Places taken, the trap was set.  

The Boy spied the car driving down the dirt road towards the driveway and gave the warning signal.  All was ready.  The Dad opened the door of the car for The Mom and the New Little Package and lead them up the steps to the Bel Aire.  He opened the door to the kitchen when the family all said the mystical, "Surprise."  The Mom showed appropriate amounts of stunned looks, and The Baby, slept through it.  The Boy was convinced there was a certain amount of coaching going on from The Dad before arrival.  The Old Man agreed.  The Grandma told them both to stop talking and scooped The Mom up in her arms and cooed at The Baby.  Having been the witness to the  birth, The Dad was sitting on the couch looking rather spent.  The Mom and The Baby decided to take a nap.  The Dad began snoring.  The Old Man and The Boy went out to the garage with The Sister following.  They would be called in when it was time.

Time traveled by and as the saying goes, "If you feed them they grow" The New Toddling One took his proper place in the family unit.  He proved to be an active little fellow and could be found in many of the strangest places about the property.  The Boy, being a service man, was home on a leave and promised The Mom to watch over The New Toddling One while she was in town.  The Boy put the New Toddling One down for a nap and sat on the couch.  The time was not with Him as He woke up about an hour or so later to check on The New Toddling One.  The Child was not in his crib.  There was a minor amount of panic in The Boy that was quickly turning into a major amount of panic until He looked out the picture window and found the Toddling Child diaper less standing in the middle of the horse stall reaching up and petting The Old Man's red unpredictable mare on the nose with His chubby little hand. 

 The horse seemed amused as The Toddling One cooed and petted her.  She softly rubbed her nose on His face causing Him to squeal in laughter.  The Horse then backed away and trotted off to the open gate towards the field.  The Boy was in the stall in the blink of an eye scooping The Toddling One up in his arms.  He took The Child to the Bel Aire, added a clean diaper, fed The Child, and made believe everything was normal.  The Mom had just pulled into the driveway with a load of groceries.  The Boy and The Toddling Child shared their first secret.  

Peace and Balance,


Monday, October 2, 2023

Chapter 20: The Meaning Of HO HO HO.

 The Little Sister was no longer toddling.  She was old enough to wander, but stull young enough to believe.  "Why does The Santa go, HO HO HO?" she asked The Boy.  

He didn't know whether or not to take Her question seriously.  However She persisted, "Why is it HO HO HO, what does that mean?"

From His position at the table across from The Little Sister, The Boy looked up to The Old Man for assistance.  Their eyes met and The Old Man had a slight glint in his eye and an almost evil grin on his face.  The Boy then looked over to The Dad who pretended not to hear the conversation.  The Mom was lying back in the lounge chair.  She was wearing an almost full term pregnancy and had the look of, "Answer your Sister's question" written all over her face.

Then The Boy heard it.  He heard The Old Man's voice in his head, and he got an almost evil thought and he repeated back to The Little Sister, "What does HO HO HO mean?"  

She shook her head in affirmative.

And he said quite seriously, "It has something to do with a red Cadillac"  

And The Old Man laughing broke in, "A red Cadillac in Detroit." 

The Old Man, The Boy, and The Dad all started chuckling.  The Dad was facing the window trying to avoid all eyes covering his body shaking in place from laughter. 

Then The Mom looked at The Boy from across the table with a look that would paralyze the angriest of Grizzlies, "Don't you tell those stupid jokes to your Little Sister.  She has no idea what you mean."  The Mom was serious and The Dad was shaking harder looking out the picture window in the living room.

The Grandma walked up to The Old Man and slugged him hard in the abdomen.  He exhaled a short kiai, and she hit him again before he could regain any breath.  He was laughing hard and couldn't get any air.  To The Boy it looked painful, but he could see the joy on The Old Man's face.  Then The Grandma said, "You Old Koot, how dare you teach The Boy such terrible jokes.  No wonder he's just like you."  Then She looked over to The Dad, "And you Young Man, how can you let such bad humor pass past your pregnant wife to your Daughter?"  

The Old Man, The Boy, and The Dad began laughing so hard that even The Mom was laughing.  The Grandma put on her most serious face and said in a loud, but low tone.  The kind of voice that would strike fear into the largest cat, "The Three of you, OUT!  Get out of my kitchen or suffer the wrath."  She raised over her head the mighty rolling pin of justice.  The Three escaped out the rear entry to the outside porch.  All still laughing.  

The Old Man gave The Boy a punch, The Dad slapped his shoulder and The Boy said, "Red Cadillac." Then laughed some more, "How do we know Santa comes from Detroit?  It's the Red Cadillac and the three HO's"  The Dad and The Old Man were laughing harder than ever.  

From within Winston could be heard The Grandma say, "No one comes back in here until you can be civilized."  That caused even more laughter.  The Three ended up sleeping in The Old Man's garage in the cab of the truck.  Two in the sleeper and one the seats.  Telling stupid jokes for the remainder of the night. 

Christmas was in a week and a plan was being made to bring Santa to The Little Sister.  The Old Man had a friend who had a suit.  On Christmas Eve Santa appeared at The Bel Aire and knocked on the door.  "HO HO HO" he sang with The Little Sister absolutely ecstatic in his presence.  The Santa had a big bag of gifts for all which he handed out one by one.  Finely he got to The Little Sister and handed her a large wrapped package, "Open it up and see."  

The Little Sister flew into the package and opened it up to see a vintage Baby Doll.  She was happy and crying at the same time.  It was a good Christmas.  The Santa waved to The Boy, The Dad, and The Old Man and they all followed him out to the drive way.  Sitting parked in the Drive Way was a beautifully painted  Red Cadillac convertible that The Santa crawled into started her up and loudly said, "HO HO HO, Merry Christmas."  Then roared down the road to the highway.  The Three where in the snow laughing.  It was a good Christmas.  

Peace and Balance,