Saturday, October 14, 2023

Chapter 26: The King is Dead, Long Live the King.

 The Staff Sargent was about half way up Mogoton sitting on a knoll in some high grass over looking a rather large hacienda with stucco walls and a large iron gate with serious looking large suited individuals standing outside of it.  In His right ear he heard The Spotter, "I'm in position."

The Staff Sargent replied to all on the scrambled channel, "Take positions and make ready."

There was a round of, "Sir, Yes Sir" in his ear.  

The Staff Sargent began re-examining the photos in his pack.  He memorized the face and the physical look of the target.  He Then opened the long padded box that contained a High Powered Rifle and a rather large scope.  He put the Scope on the back of the rifle and locked it into place.  He took the cap off of the lens and peered down the barrel through the Scope.  The quality and distance he could see was incredible.  The shot was estimated at a Klick, about 1100 yards.  He was going through the Math's in his head when The Spotter's voice sounded in His ear, "Incoming traffic, Black Dodge Van, and Plymouth or Dodge Sedan."  

The Staff  Sargent looked through the Scope and saw the vehicles stop at the iron gate.  The Large suited gentlemen approached the vehicles and opened the doors.  He could see them helping people out of the car and van.  The Spotter said in His ear, "Target acquired 2nd from right."

The Staff Sargent Bolted a round into the chamber.  The rifle was surprisingly quite.  It made very little sound.  He began feeling a crawling sensation.  He could not move due to the possibility of giving away His and The Spotter's positions.  The Crawling sensation turned into burning just as he saw them.  The Knoll he was sitting was actually a large ant mound.  Fire ant's were swarming out of everywhere around Him, but He could not move.  The Burning was turning into a fiery pain.  He was becoming Dizzy.

Gazing through the Scope the Staff Sargent said, "Target spied, taking shot"  

The Spotter said, "Agreed"

There was a quiet ringing as the rifle kicked back into The Staff Sargent's right shoulder.  Through the Scope he could see the Target drop and the panic of the suited gentle men.  The Staff Sargent said on the scramble channel, "Mission accomplished, need immediate emergency extraction, can't breath." 

"Shit," Was the only word The Staff Sargent could remember hearing.  He woke up listening to the thud, thud, thud of the chopper.  He could not remember how he had arrived at it.  There was a Medic forcing air into His lungs with a large bag.  He could feel something in his throat.  He panicked, and was asleep.  

The Staff Sargent woke in the Hospital recovery room.  His team was sitting around him in various chairs.  The A1C that was The Spotter this mission was chatting with a nurse that noticed that He had woken up, "How are we feeling today?" She said.  

He tried replying, but found it difficult to speak.  "You'll be fine soon." She said, "We pulled the tubes out a little while ago." 

 He must have looked confused when a Lieutenant Colonel, Doctor walked into the room and started explaining, "Sargent, You suffered the multiple bites of the South American Fire Ant.  The toxin started a histamine reaction and you went into anaphylaxis. Quick thinking on the part of your team and a fast chopper got you to the hospital in one piece.  You will survive."  He smiled and walked out of the room.

The Staff Sargent tried saying "Where am I?"

Captain Knapp's voice was mysteriously heard from the left side of the room, "You are in the Multi agency military teaching hospital at Sheppard Air Force Base in Texas. You should know this place well. You trained here."    The Captain looked around the room and made a gesture with his head and the rest of the Team vacated the room.  "You managed to complete the mission. Good job." Then The Captain turned on a TV in the corner and walked out of the room.

The news was on.  The channel looked like a local ABC affiliate that was going over some Breaking News, "Managua Nicaragua reports that the eldest brother of the Ortega family had been murdered by a loan gunman while returning home from vacation in The United States yesterday afternoon.  Authorities are still looking for any leads to the shooter.  Daniel Ortega the youngest of the family will be sworn in as President of Nicaragua in the morning. This is ABC News."  

The Staff Sargent knew that case would never be solved.  Military coups are often quite.

Peace and Balance,


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