Wednesday, August 30, 2023

What Was That Again?

 One extra cheese, the other sausage, peperoni, and mushrooms topped off with a large order of jalapeno poppers with a ranch dip.  This is what we had for dinner tonight.  Mine was the mixed bag of shrooms and meat.  A very good conglomerate of gooey goodness.  I ate the whole pie in one sitting and was satisfied.  All is good in the world.

The thing about ordering pizza and poppers is that it's relatively important to have a handle on the language used to order with.  This is how I ordered the meal, "One small Xcheese pizza, and a sausage, pepprino with shroomushes, small with a large popper." 

The other end of the line became strangely quite and I had that strange uncomfortable feeling that you get when you know something isn't quite right, but can't figure out what the heck is going on.  This usually happens just before there is a large calamity with your frontal lobes.  It was the laughter on the other end of the line that snapped me back into this reality.  And he repeated back to me, "You mean a small extra cheese, a small sausage, pepperoni, and mushroom pizza with a large poppers, right?"

That's when I realized what I had ordered in the first place, "Oh shit." was all I could say.

Then the voice on the other end of the phone said in a female tone, "That'll be about 25 minutes."  

I said, "Ok, Thanks." Then realized he must have handed the phone to the young lady standing next to him so he could go away and laugh at me in respectful peace.  I understand.  

It's going to take me a few days to get my brain back in straight.  After all it's that time of year and the halls of academia are filling again.

Peace and Balance,


Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Back In The Game.

 We are back to school.  Time to wrap our heads around the game and get ready to serve the kids.  I do have concerns about the connectivity of the internet.  I spent a goodly portion of the day trying to connect to some of the trainings we are supposed to do with no success, so tomorrow I try again.  

I have a new job this year.  I've been working in our school system long enough now that things have become cyclical.  I am back in the same kind of position that I started with.  22 years ago I was hired to follow a young fellow that needed lots of help in many areas in a specialized program.  Today I found out that I will be doing a very similar job in a similar program.  I find that very interesting.  Maybe the universe is trying to tell me I need to learn something new about what I do.  Could be...

So, tomorrow I will try to reconnect to the internet with the Google devise, and possibly meet my new student.  Everything is new this year, fascinating.  The Zen monk in me is quietly smiling.  When I started working at this game I was much younger than I am now, this old dog is waiting to learn new tricks...

School Time!

Peace and Balance,


Monday, August 28, 2023

The Flash, And The Return Of Michael Keaton's Bat.

 This is my Warning about my pending almost verbal badness.  I will be implying, almost, some off color language that I don't normally use when writing.  I will however try, minorly, to cover up my words with maybe well placed visual swearing deterrents to keep the eyes and souls of you the reader free from my verbal disgust, Thank you, or not...

The other night my wife and I watched the newish movie, "The Flash."  It's a 2023 DC  rendition that actually has some super hero teeth.  I enjoyed it... 

 However during the progression of the movie the protagonist, Flash,  did some time travel thing and the writers of the film managed to give me a major mind*, see there's some of that off almost language.  

It seems that Barry Allen's, the Flash, best friend and mentor is non other than the Bat Man.  The movie starts with Ben Affleck as the Bat, who actually warns Barry about not doing the time travel thing. The Dumb Sh...t...  Flash ignored the warnings of course.  

I was surprised when Barry and Barry walked into Wayne Manor and found an old, long haired curmudgeon waiting to kick the snots out of them.  He of course couldn't catch the two, but they couldn't actually fight back against the superior badass batness.  

Then the unveiling happened and underneath the curmudgeons locks was non other than Michael Keaton, my favorite Bat Man.  Dang man.  We even see the version of the Bat of Adam West.  Ok like I said a mind  More foul language there, sorry.  

The film actually went through some of the Super Dudes.  And believe it or not, Nicholas Cage shows up as one of the Supermen, come on when did that happen?  

The theory is that Barry Allen, the Flash, in doing his going back in time thing, then forward in time thing, then back and forth, has done some irreparable damage to the spaghetti bowl of time.  Seems it's affected my own understanding of the DC universe.  More research is required I think.  

That's as much about the new, "Flash" movie I'm going to share, but will say, it's a Damn good Movie, watch it and enjoy. Possibly you to will have your mind F...k'd... 

Peace and Balance,


Saturday, August 26, 2023

Sweet Child O' Mine Bluegrass Cover | Thunder and Rain

Guns and Roses has finely reached the immortal musician stage.  Forever remembered in many genres.

Peace and Balance,

Friday, August 25, 2023

The Donald, Yevgney, Georgia, and Truth, Justice, And The American Way.


Donald Trump surrendered himself to a Fulton County Jail in Georgia and charged with the RICO act, Racketeering, Influencing the work of Election Workers, Fraud, and the Misappropriation of election funds.  Each is a Felony and carries several additional felony charges with it.  

Shortly after hearing the charges against him he was finger printed, booked, formally arrested, and a mug shot was taken.  Not less than two hours after the mug shot was taken the Donald himself posts it on the internet.  Who in their right mind does that?  Oh yeah, it is he I'm speaking of.  He who thinks he can get away with anything.  He posted bail, 200,000 dollars worth then climbed back on a plane and left Georgia.

Any other person, any one of we regular folk would not be able to post such a bail for crimes that up till now have been used to charge primarily organized crime leaders and mob bosses.  Where does Donald J. Trump fit into that ilk?  Is it possible that an Oligarch influenced by the Russian political machine actually managed to gain a political foot hold in our country?  

If this is true and Donald J., is a  puppet of Vladimir Putin then his longevity could be in question as it seems any oligarch that defies the Kremlin is short lived.  The most recent victim could be the head of the military arm Wagner, Yevgney Prigozhin and his plane went down in a fiery ball just north of Moscow two evenings ago.  Not that I compare the Donald with Yevgney, however they both have some commonality.  Both are not wound to tight, and have a lack of respect for other human beings.  

It is this author's hope that Georgia's court system may be the ember needed wield that great sword and Justice will have it's way...

Peace and Balance,


Thursday, August 24, 2023

Lotsa Berry Angel Food Tall Cake

 Have you ever wondered why we call it a short cake and not a tall cake?  I mean when I think of cake I see them stacked high and proud.  We'll blame ole Will Shakespeare for the short cake description.  After all, "What about Alice?"  

Are shortcakes always intended to be made with strawberries, are we breaking some important cardinal rule for making our tall shortcakes with say blueberries or mixed berries?  We could rename it, Marry instead of Alice, and why not?

I'll bet your wondering why I keep referring to an Alice or a Mary, these are two of the sisters in the play, "The Merry Wives Of Windsor."  Alice Shortcake and Mary Windsor.  I guess we'll have to call it Tall cake from now on.  

From now on I'm making Lotsa Berry Tall cake covered in whipped cream on Angel Food.  So, it's Angel Food Lotsa Berry Tall Cake.  Just to keep the political occupation away from Billy Shakespeare's Elizabethan poetry.  

So the next time you decide to create a desert put your own spin on the name and you might find out you've accidentally created something tasty and satirical at the same time.  

Peace and Balance,


Wednesday, August 23, 2023

TuMo Meditation


Sit straight, either cross legged, lotus position, or feet flat on the floor and relax.  Breath deeply in the nose, hold, breath out the mouth completely, hold, breath in again and repeat.  Do this for 9 to 10 times then relax.

Concentrate first on an area approximately 2 to 3 below your navel and breath in deeply allowing the breath to fill your entire abdomen like a balloon.  Hold and visualize the area below your navel, the dantien. Breath out slowly controlling your breath until you are empty, hold.   Repeat 9 to 10 times then relax.  

Concentrate on the top of your head and Breath deeply in the nose filling your balloon as above and hold.  Breath out visualizing the breath leaving the body through the top of the head, crown, until there is no breath left, hold. Breath in again and relax.  

Visualize a flame, I use the vision of a candle in a mason jar, comfortably burning at your dantien.  Breath in deeply through the nose and fill your balloon, hold.  Breath out slowly visualizing the flame flowing up through your body and out your crown until all air is out, hold. Breath in and relax.  Do this 9 to 10 times, then relax.

Finish by visualizing the flame flowing up through the body and out the crown with each rhythmic breath in a normal pattern.  Relax and focus on the third eye in the center of the forehead, hold in that focus for as long as you see fit, Relax...  Fine'.  

The above is a beginning, and an advanced TuMo Meditation and Breathing exercise.  It was developed by Tibetan monks almost a thousand years ago as a way to teach the student how to regulate the breathing process of the body, the body temperature,  and connect the physical body with the breath moving in and out of it.  The word TuMo, Tummo, or Tumo, pronounced DuMoe, translates to "The Fire Within"  It is also the name of the Hindu goddess of the inner fire.  

Peace and Balance, 


Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Hey, I Reset My Hot Point.

 I had a problem.  My Hot Point washing machine wasn't going into a proper spin cycle.  It's one of them almost, but not quite fancy machines that is sealed around the body so there is no front panel to take off and make an easy inspection with.  I was experiencing that growing/irritating frustration that makes you talk to inanimate objects.  So, I walked away.

A day later I decided to type the name and problem I was experiencing into the Great Google device.  I read a few suggestions, most of which where either written by a non-communitive engineer, that is a fellow who forgot how to speak plain English due to the attrition experienced during the education process, or something written in Russian or Chinese.  Any ways, I walked away again.  This is a way to keep me from acting out psychotic episodes of talking to not living stuff.  

Finely I found a video hidden in a dusty archive on YouTube.  This young fellow explained that he was having the same difficulty with his Hot Point.  His wife had on more than one occasion found her laundry still sitting in the tub wet having not spun out.  This is how I found out that the Hot Point Top load Washing Machine is actually made be General Electric.  The Standard method from resetting a GE machine is to unplug the washer. Let it sit for a little over a minute.  Plug it back in tight and open and close the lid 12 times in succession, all in a 30 second time period.  This set of maneuvers resets the washer motor and mechanism.  It worked.  After testing the spin cycle I found that this is indeed the correct method of resetting my Hot Point.  The young fellow on You Tube is a genius.  

Now a question pops into my brain.  How many people have spent the money and time at the dealer or repair shop to have their machine reset.  Seems like a potential gold mine for any GE repairman or service man.  I remember the days of the Maytag repair guy..  Is he the keeper of the secrets?  hmmm.

Peace and Balance,


Monday, August 21, 2023

Taste Buds

 Let's talk taste buds.  There are salty ones, sweet ones, bitter and sour ones, and combinations of each.  Taste buds include the visual perceptions of the observer and the aroma wafting to our nostrils.  We taste things first through our eyes, then our nose, the texture of the food we are stuffing into the chewing machine and finely the taste that surrounds our tongues and cheeks.  This whole working mechanism is our taste bud machine.    

Some of us have practiced palates and know how to approach the dish before devouring it.  Other's of us just dive in like our pets, and barely breathe to taste  what we are eating.  This is a sad truth, people should be trained to enjoy and experience their food, not inhale it without a thought, ruff.  

Just down the road from where I live is a fairly competent culinary school.  It is part of the White Mountain Community College, and has a good reputation for creating high level chefs who get hired in all levels of cookery in restaurants all over the region and beyond.  One of my top ranking students is a graduate from that culinary school and is a very good cook.  It's not often that he lets his cheffyness out to play, but when he does the taste buds are happy.  A few years back I stole one of his bread recipes for a standard white bread.  It is very good.  With the help of my wife, an accomplished cheffy person herself, I managed to create that recipe and am proud that I actually pull if off from time to time.  

It took me all of 20 years to become a competent home cook.  However, due to the hard work of my wife, her mother, a master chef, and other people like my student, I have learned how to do the cooking thing without sending the taste the buds of folks trying my cuisine running in fear.  I have been known to get that, "hmmm, mmm, and yum." noise, a supreme compliment.  

When I was a tad pole my Grandma Schmaing was a Master Chef.  She and my Grandpa owned and operated a small restaurant, and pool hall.  Yes, food and billiards a supreme mix of entertainment for the up and coming hustler.  I have memories of learning how to shoot a good game of pool, but was not tall enough to see over the rails of the table.  A chair was employed.  I haven't played for a few years, but the last time, I was still a decent shot.  Not to fancy, just put the ball in the pocket.  I have happy memories from Grandma's kitchen.

A balanced palate knows how to manage the tastes together and make intelligent decisions based on those tastes.  After all we are all addicted in one form or another to our taste buds.  Some of us more than others, yum...

Peace and Balance,



Saturday, August 19, 2023

The Monster Is Back.


The Black Bear population in New Hampshire and Maine combined may exceed 35,000 bears.  For the size of the region combined that is a healthy population of bear.  With plenty to eat through foraging, fish, and other game, the bear in the area can exceed 300 to 350 pounds.  A respectable size for an Urusus Americana, the common American Black Bear.  

In contrast the Common American Brown Bear, also known as the Grizzly, Ursus Arctos, can reach sizes well over 1000 pounds.  The Grizzly of Montana can reach sizes of around 900 pounds where as the Brown Bears of Katmai National Park and Reserve in Alaska commonly exceed 1000 pounds.  The major population of Brown Bears in North American is in Alaska with the rest occupying western Canada, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Northern California, Washington State and Oregon.  The North American population combined is about 55,000 bears, with over 30,000 in Alaska and the rest in Canada and south.  

The largest  Black bear ever recorded was shot in New Brunswick Canada in 1972.  It weighed 902 pounds after it had been dressed out.  That means that it's full live weight  was around 1100 pounds.  That is a huge Black Bear. It measured just under 8 feet long, a true monster.  

On the other hand the largest recorded Brown Bear was an Alaskan Kodiak Grizzly that weighed in excess of 1600 pounds.  The Alaskan Brown Bears have been known to tip the scales as 1500 pounds which is skewing the data.  The Bear of both species, Blacks and Browns, seem to be steadily growing getting larger with each couple of generations.  This is a spooky thought for the hiker in me.  

There is some scientific evidence that the Giant Short Faced Brown bears of both North, and South America may be making a reemergence.  The Short Faced Bears are commonly referred to as the Cave Bear.  Cave Bears were thought to have been hunted to extinction by the Native peoples of North America, and the Trappers and traders that lived among them.  Records kept by Lewis and Clark during their expedition across the Northern Plains is said to be the last record of an actual Cave Bear.  

Mitochondrial DNA taken from North and South American Brown Bears that exceed the size norms have been fueling the Hypothesis that the Short Faced Bear is genetically reawakening. 

We have contrasted the average size of a Black Bear with a Brown Bear at about 300 pounds verses 1000 pounds for a large Alaskan Bear, but the guessed size of a Short Faced Brown Bear is at over 2200 pounds.  I can understand why my ancestors would call these Bears the "Terrible Monsters" coming from the mountains.  

I suppose we'll have to visit the woods in an Abrams A1 Tank... 

Peace and Balance,


Friday, August 18, 2023

Zen and The Art Of Fishing


Humming birds and bees amongst the flower and trees

Where spirits dwell and ferries tell stories of times to come

Out on the horizon the sun dips low as mist rises from the forest

and the river below

Sounds of running water gurgling from the brook

where trout swim rapidly avoiding the hidden hook

Is it the book that brought them here

from where to there they were before

No fish are caught by the lad asleep atop

a soft log where he had flopped

As he sleeps the birds stop to stare what is it that is lying there

Just a boy with a pole dreaming of his best fishing hole

and ferries speaking of future toll

And still the sun dips below the misty forest forever and again. 

Peace and Balance,


Thursday, August 17, 2023

The Wood Elves Decloaked.

 Every Friday there is a Burn Wood, Sacred Coffee event in a small, but well prepared Pow Wow ground.  The Three meet together to speak the big talk, and make comment on those things that other's are afraid to speak on.  This fear comes from possible ridicule and disbelief at the things spoken of, but not believed.  However, the Three speak on these things and partake of the Sacred Coffee waiting for "visitors".

Ordinarily bundles of wood used to stoke the sacred fire seem to magically appear at the edge of the Pow Wow ground.  Non of the Three has seen fit to question the origin of the wood bundles.  They just appear at the proper time.  The wood seems to have mystical powers.  It is guaranteed to ignite.  Add a little news paper. ignite with a match and poof, the fire burns bright.  Every time  the wood burns.  

As stated the wood seems to magically appear, it is just there at the right time, in the right place.  Today upon arriving from my teaching duties, a class that goes itself without a hitch, we breathe the deep breath, any who, upon arriving to the Pow Wow ground I inadvertently disturbed the mystical creatures that have been leaving the Magic Bundles of Wood every week.  I drove up the drive and found the Wood Elves placing the bundles of wood in the area just outside the Pow Wow ground.  They were ingeniously disguised in people suits, pretending to be the mystical brother and sister of those who use the grounds.  The Wood Elves disguised in a form that on lookers would not expect to see magical creatures, but I could see..  Now I know the nature of the arrival of the bundles of wood for the Sacred Fire every week.  

Tomorrow we drink the Sacred Coffee for the magical Wood Elves who so eloquently disguised themselves as the Keepers of the fire.  Burn Wood Sacred Coffee day to perform the CSFM which needs no explanation.  Thank you my mystical kin...

Peace and Balance,


Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Vision Quest.

 Four days and four nights one sits alone on the summit of a chosen mountain waiting for a vision to come.  An animal to approach who is not an animal, but a harbinger of a message for only the one who waits.  A message that can change forever the course of the one who waits life, and death.

The waiting itself is not painless not peril-less, but a potential journey of danger and agony.  A spiritual trek that is designed to introduce the questor to their own potential and inevitable deaths.  The path teaches the seeker the truth about his/her end, which is the beginning.  This is the death and rebirth of the Shaman. 

It seems that walking to the top of a chosen mountain with nothing but a question and hope with the knowledge that survival may not be the highest reward, sounds a little insane.  But without this lack of sanity for this quest there can be no gift of power, only dark death.

At times one carries the quest, the vision, and the gift with themselves from one lifetime to the next and the next and so forth throughout the passage of time.  These people are the Bodhisattvas, the teachers of teachers.  Those who build the foundations of truth.

One who chooses the quest must prepare.  Become emotionally and spiritually ready for the journey.  Beyond this door awaits madness.  If ready then the answers will be given and the lessons learned, if not death and a lifetime of mental illness is equally willing to gain control.  The vision matters not for the stability of the seeker, only that it has been given.  

Four days and four nights one sits alone on the summit of a chosen mountain waiting for a vision to come.  Who will approach, the Bear, the Eagle, the Buffalo, or the Wolf, which direction will be followed?  Will any approach, the vision waits for all who seek.  Pass on the truth, teach your children well, and look ahead to glad tidings, Fear nothing.

Peace and Balance,


Monday, August 14, 2023

Who Is Hunting The Hunter?

 The woods of the Grand Nor Du Boise, are for the most part safe, pleasant, and some of the most beautiful hiking you'll experience anywhere on our Great Mother Earth.  Here in the North Country we don't have an excessive population of large predators. Taking a hike here in the forests is fairly safe, and all who have grown here are weened on the skills of watching for mamma bear, moose, and packs of coyotes or coydogs that group up and yap late into the evening.  

I come from a different set of woods.  The mountains I hail from have a whole different set of big toothy critters that have been know to set their sights on the slow two footed snack in the woods.  There are areas in the mountains of my home that you need to hire a professional guide in order to go safely into the night.  These armed mountain guides carry large guns to possibly dispatch the large people eating monsters that do wander to and fro amongst the higher elevations.  

When you grow up walking and riding along some of these places you develop a sense of being followed or watched.  When walking in the woods if a critter runs past in front of your stride, or has the courage to walk up to you in front of your path, that critter is not intending to do you harm.  Often, as we all know, in The Great North Woods, you'll come across bear, moose and even other two legged, most of the time your not going to have a negative experience.  The two of you will most likely have some sort of exchange, a look, a gaze, even a sound, then each goes your merry ways.  Nothing to fear.  However, if you're walking or riding along a path and suddenly get the urge to turn and look behind you, or get the uneasy feeling you're being followed or watched, chances are very high you are being followed or watched.  

In the big woods if you're being followed or watched and get that extremely uncomfortable feeling in the pit that something is not right, you must follow your instincts.  We have the same set of instincts that keeps the fuzzy bunny alive, the squirrel scampering the tree, and yes the people to remain people.  We have a very practiced set of survival skills.  We have developed them over millions of years of evolution and change.  We, because of our nature, are also the ones that do the following, and the watching. We are predators after all.   

Friends will walk up to you and shake your hand in welcome and respect.  They will come to you and introduce themselves.  Animals will come into your field of vision if they do not fear you for much the same reason people do as an introduction.  If you're in the woods and get that feeling, and you turn to look to see nothing, but know something is there, you must follow your instincts because you are being Hunted...

Peace and Balance,


Sunday, August 13, 2023


This is Geoff Castellucci,  he is know for having the lowest recorded base voice of any human being.  He also does all the voices for his work and has a 7 octave range.  Incredible...

Peace and Balance,

Saturday, August 12, 2023

Visits From Galactic Cousins

 Sometimes you sit and watch the sky.  During the day you look up and it's that special blue hue, a slight breeze pushing waves of wispy clouds by, and birds fly over head and sing their flying songs.  Flying high you may see the occasional jet plane that lays down a line of white stuff followed by a roar proving that things can fly faster than the sound they make.  Occasionally smaller planes buzz by makings the sound of angry bees.  I have visions of Snoopy battling the Red Baron.  Beautiful days.

The night comes and you still stare at the sky.  Stars blink and twinkle their hellos, and you look for shapes hidden within the designs in the heavens.  You might hear a roar then see the lights blinking red, green, and white, the sign of a jet airliner full of sleepy passengers. A brisk coolness in the air and a fire makes the night complete. 

Then you view a sight that should not be there.  It might be a plain white orb, or light moving silently through the night sky.  Not blinking, no sound emitting from it's wake, just a moving bright orb, unidentified in the night.  In the North Country when the company is just right and the need and want fits the scenario, you might just see something wonderful flying by.

Around 10:00 pm. last evening myself and two of my mystical brothers saw a first, flying very high and silent across the sky.  Resembling a bright string of pearls flying vertically, perpendicular to the ground, an object that from the distance hypothesized at must have been absolutely huge flying on it's side, silently, very high, very fast, and wonderful.  

Our galactic cousins came to visit. 

Peace and Balance,


Thursday, August 10, 2023

NO See Um Attacks.


During class this afternoon Tim looked down and told me that I've got some serious bug bites on the back of my calves.  "Yes", I said, "Those little bastards."  I had been attacked by a marauding squadron of NO See Ums.  You know, those little things you can't see, but hear as they whine by your ear, and feel as they sink their little fangs in up to the gums.  It starts as a warm burn then turns into a never ending itch.  How can something so small be so devious?

This time of year in the North Country has some nice benefits.  The weather is warm, fairly pleasant, and the camping can be fabulous.  Although this has been the year of the sponge, I still like August.  Except for one thing, The squadron of NO See Ums.  I do believe the one I encountered in the morning a week back was a scout gathering intel about the human dwelling the yard, and the fly with him, well that was a spy employed to draw my attention away from his original nefarious nature. 

The bites on the backs of my calves were so irritating with the itching and burning a couple evenings ago that I had to rise early in the morning and apply a slathering of Bacitracin to deal with the crazies that were building do to the itching.  I even saw a crazed look in the mirror, not normal for me, almost. 

So here's my plan of attack for tomorrow evening when I go out to do battle with the elusive NO See Um.  I will have a fiery stick in one hand and a bottle of Deep Woods Off in the other.   The ones I manage to see will be fried on the stick and the rest will succumb to the chemical warfare of the Off.  I will also hire a squadron of Mercenary Song Birds for extra protection.  I have High Hopes the War will be won.  

Peace and Balance,


Wednesday, August 9, 2023

The Predictions of My Favorite Authors.

 Most science fiction authors don't try to predict the future, but instead satirize or comment on their own timelines.  It's especially ironic when some readers interrupt and author's warnings or most worst case scenarios as wishes or suggestions, but that's only part of the complexity of works of fiction.  This is a comment by Samuel R. Delany suggesting that science fiction doesn't predict the future only significantly distorts the present. 

Here are some of the most accurate sci-fi predictions.

Mary Shelley was a mere 17 years old when she wrote her novel, "Frankenstein" in 1818.  Although there is still a debate whether this is a work of "Horror" or "Science Fiction" some readers think that she predicted future innovations from organ transplants to genetic engineering.  Although these might not be precise predictions, the book undoubtedly influenced many genres and paved new paths  in the imaginations of writers to come.  "Frankenstein" is considered the first published work of modern Science Fiction.

In 1998 Octavia Butler published her dystopian novel, "Parable of the Talents" in which she introduces a bigoted presidential candidate that calls himself,  Andrew Steele Jarret who coins the phrase, "Make America Great Again."  His rise to power and his political views eerily mirror one Donald J. Trump.  Andrew Jarret even manages to get himself arrested and impeached on a couple of occasions.  A decade after publishing the book Ms. Butler stated in a speech at MIT that it wasn't intended to be a prophetic novel, but a cautionary tale on what could happen if one man was given unbalanced power.   

There is the 1932 novel by Aldous Huxley, "A Brave New World." in which he predicts the cloning of mammals and entire classes of people using the, "Bokanovsky's Process."  Some think that cloning is the most remarkable concept from this book, however it also introduces a mind altering anti depressant drug called, "Soma" that could have been a pre-look at the mood altering drug craze of today. 

Then we have Ray Bradbury's, "Fahrenheit 451"  in which Bradbury describes devises called Seashells, that are being compared to Bluetooth, and Airpods.  This novel even predates innovations such as Stereo Headphones, and the transistor radio which was a new invention.  The characters of the book even used ATM machines and Flat Screened TVs.  Was Ray delving into the future?

Michael Chrichton wrote about the cloning of dinosaur DNA in his 1990 novel, "Jurassic Park"  and the movie franchise of the same name. Then in 2021 scientist announced their desire to clone prehistoric animals?  Shhheesh...  

Now we're back at the beginning with Mary Shelley predicting the manipulation of the genetic code of the human host as well as recreating life in our image.  Is cloning a large carnivorous predictor a good idea in the longevity of humankind?   We'll have to wait for the next installment of our favorite Sci-Fi author to answer that question.  Where is our future coming from?

Peace and Balance,


Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Zen And The Art Of Watching The Grass Grow

 Cha or Zen meditation as it is called in Japan involves concentrating on the breath, in the nose and out the mouth, and focusing on a Mantra or Kaon, either a repeated short phrase in which to focus the mental energies, or a paradoxical riddle to prove the inadequacy of logical reasoning and promote enlightenment.  The actual definition of enlightenment is fluid as is the actual understanding of Zen.  

There is an old song about, "Watching the Grass Grow", by an obscure British band from the 80's called, "Hawkwind".  The lyrics of the song are very Zen like, however the bands performance of their music isn't up to my standards, they suck.  Here are the lyrics of the first stanza:  

We are the survivors

The eternal survivors

Androgynous energies 

Traveling through time...

Zen Meditation involves focusing on the breath, and giving your mind a puzzle or question to ponder as you breath.  The combination of the breathing and the riddle can lead the meditator to an enlightened state freeing the mind from the body allowing the practitioner to separate the delusion from reality.  

The old adage about moving slow enough to watch the grass grow is itself a riddle and gives the Zen kaon purpose.  Sitting and Breathing in the nose, out the mouth, deeply and rhythmically, while pondering the Mantra, "We are the survivors, The eternal survivors, Androgynous energies, Traveling through time, while gazing about 45 degrees downwardly at the lawn with the intention of actually watching the grass grow.  Breath, repeat, and Gaze, do you see it moving?

Peace and Balance,


Monday, August 7, 2023

Realms Of Ice And Snow.


A few weeks ago I wrote about the dangers of wandering into the fridge for a well overdue cleaning.  Well this morning I opened my freezer and found regions that even Chris Hemsworth would be afraid to travel.  Yes even Thor himself would shudder at the thought of traveling forth where I was forced to wander.  I crawled head first into the world of the Ice Giants, the Eisriesenwelt, a cave of ice and cold located in Werfen, Austria about 40 KM south of Salzburg.  This cave is said to be the true birth place of the Ice Giants, the mythical race of frozen beings that Thor and Loki did battle to save the world of man, Midgard.  

The landscape of this place had taken on a dark and ominous look, the packages of old had crystalized and taken a form that has yet to be determined.  They say that mystery meat is only a comical insight.  I can tell you for sure that Mystery Meat is indeed a deadly and tragic thing.  I found out that things left long enough in the freezer will take on new chemical compositions and new universes will emerge.  

Only 2 or 3 times did I snap my hand back after hearing a Howl and dark Growl.  I could swear I saw black wolves dart to and fro between the frozen packages? of death.  The battle commenced. 

Finely I managed to pull the frozen tundra free from my new reclaimed freezer and filled no less than 3 Hefty bags full of stuff.  One of them had to be beaten down with the baseball bat I keep close to the fridge just in case.  I made sure it was all the way dead and put the trash in the storage to wait for Garbage Day.  They are secure, so we're safe enough, however I believe leaving a note for the Garbage Dudes may be prudent on the day of putting out.  Anything other would be disrespectful to their hard work and bravery.  That will ensure my Karma is safe to create another day.  

In Norse mythology very few times did Thor and his half brother Loki work together.  Only when the threat was bigger than either of the two.  This would have been one of those times, so my thanks goes out to the hero's of old for the assistance in my personal battles with the denizens of the Ice and Cold. Vielen Dank...

Peace and Balance,


Saturday, August 5, 2023

Changing The Weather.


According to the science of Yoga it is said that the weather of an area can be affected by the emotional stability of the people experiencing it.  When the days are warm and sunny, when the breeze is comfortable and pleasant, when the sounds of trickling waters can be heard among the song of singing birds the emotional effect on the people in that area is positive and high.  People tend to shine when the days are bright and warm.  However if the weather is gloomy and dark, when the rains come and the nights are cold, when the winds blow more than a comfortable breath and become intolerable,  the moods of the people are obvious and reflect the weather.  People withdraw, become pensive, and are rather anti social.

In the Meditative practice of Taoist Yoga it is said that those who are able and willing to keep their emotions high and stay alert in a positive frame of mind can effect the physical weather of the area that they dwell.  When the rains come and the winds howl it is said that a group of Yogi can stand atop the highest peak and through their combined joyous natures change the weather.  The practice of the Breath and an open Heart will stave off the storm.  The weather will reflect the joy that they exude from their presences atop the mountain.  

The Three gathered for a Sacred evening.  The weather was beginning with the rain and the cool of a brisk wind.  The Three still gathered, stoked up a fire, and maintained their joyous nature.  The rain stopped, and began again, then stopped.  The Three did not change their thoughts nor the reason for gathering.  The joy was contagious.  The Wakaninyan, "Thunder beings" are said to be super intelligent beings and enjoy the joy of an open heart.  The Three being Heyoka, are the Children of the Thunder Beings, and radiated the joyous message to the sky, Skan Sken,  The rain stopped and the wind became comfortable.  Later in the evening a far off Heat Lightening show could be seen, and the electricity could be felt.  The Three gave thanks.

In the practices of Yoga, Taoist Yoga, and Shamanism, it is said that a joyous man can hold off and change the weather.  When a group gathers for a similar purpose energies of the heavens will wait and celebrate with them.  

Peace and Balance,


Thursday, August 3, 2023

Puddles Pity Party - Stairway To Gilligan's Island - Led Zeppelin - Clas...

Sometimes things happen that you can't un-forget.  This is one of those things.

Peace and Balance,

Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Every Kid Needs A Tractor.

 There is a certain meditative solstice that accompanies mowing of a nice lawn.  The tractor makes a humming that can put the mind in an altered state of consciousness.  When hearing protection is applied the engine sound becomes a quieter roar.  This roar brings the operator into a meditative mind which gives the meditator calmness and answers to mysterious questions.  Questions of the like, "What kind of pattern should I drive into the lawn today?  Important subjects like that.

While riding the tractor around the yard my ear buds are entertaining me and educating me with the wisdom of Sadhguru, an Indian mystic and yogi who's teachings and books have been read and absorbed world wide by millions of readers and listeners.  He is both entertaining and humorous.  His light whited take on the world can amuse as well as enlighten.  He matches well with the droning of the lawn tractor engine.  

Having the ability to attain an altered state within a breath or two is a plus while mowing the lawn and listening to Sadhguru.  The patterns of the lawn become the simple man's mandala.  Tracing and retracing the patterns in a rhythmic course puts the mind, that is not my mind, in connection with the celestial everything.  Connection with nature brings us closer to who we are.  Even if it's just my yard.

Every kid, me included, should have a tractor to drive around a yard.  A good set of earplugs is a must to protect from excess noise as well as entertain, and bringing the creative juices to bear in the mowed patterns of intellect can bring the kid in us all closer to the adult that we are.  Balance is achieved, and the lawn looks good to...

Peace and Balance,



Tuesday, August 1, 2023

What Is The Shaman?


For thousands of years various cultures and societies world wide have had that one individual who would separate themselves from the majority in order to best serve.  These people are given a title, a name with which the rest can identify the individual as a spiritual leader, healer, or intermediary who can interact with the spirit world either through an altered state of consciousness or direct communication in order to address the needs of the community.  These people are the worlds Shaman. 

Regardless of the culture or linguistic group there are several key elements that are common for Shaman world wide.   First the word shaman itself comes from the indigenous peoples of Siberia it is now associated with different cultures of the world including, South America, Africa, Asia, and North America. Over time these practices have woven themselves into the local customs and beliefs creating a rich tapestry of shamanic traditions.  Some of these elements are:

1. The existence of the Shaman, the central figure in shamanistic practices who is considered the guide, healer, or spiritual leader with the ability to communicate with spirits, ancestors, animals, or other supernatural entities acting as a bridge between the physical and spiritual world. 

2. The ability to enter an altered state of consciousness.  Using various techniques the shaman alters his/her consciousness in order to travel the spirit world to receive guidance, healing, or knowledge.  

3. Shamanism is generally considered a nature based practice.  Believing that all beings are connected through nature.  All beings posses spirit energies that can be connected with and honored as a source of wisdom and power.

4. One of the primary roles of the shaman is as a healer.  To heal individuals and communities of physical, emotional, or spiritual elements by using various techniques such as herbal medicine, energy work, and soul retrieval in order to restore balance and well-being. 

5. Shaman use the assistance of spirit guides and allies in the form of power animals, ancestors, or spiritual beings to assist them on their journeys and provide wisdom and protection. 

6. Most shamanistic practices include ceremonies and rituals that help connect the community with the healing.  Each society and culture will have it's own ceremony or ritualistic practices. 

7. Shamanistic practices are deeply connected in communal and community life and shamans play a crucial role in maintaining social cohesion and resolving conflict by maintaining ancestral connection for seeking wisdom and guidance. 

It is important to note that Shamanism varies greatly across different cultures, regions, and the beliefs practiced in each. While the word shamanism is originally from the indigenous people of Siberia it is now a culturally accepted term used world wide to describe these traditions and beliefs with many of the same goals and practices that bind us all together.

Peace and Balance,