Saturday, August 12, 2023

Visits From Galactic Cousins

 Sometimes you sit and watch the sky.  During the day you look up and it's that special blue hue, a slight breeze pushing waves of wispy clouds by, and birds fly over head and sing their flying songs.  Flying high you may see the occasional jet plane that lays down a line of white stuff followed by a roar proving that things can fly faster than the sound they make.  Occasionally smaller planes buzz by makings the sound of angry bees.  I have visions of Snoopy battling the Red Baron.  Beautiful days.

The night comes and you still stare at the sky.  Stars blink and twinkle their hellos, and you look for shapes hidden within the designs in the heavens.  You might hear a roar then see the lights blinking red, green, and white, the sign of a jet airliner full of sleepy passengers. A brisk coolness in the air and a fire makes the night complete. 

Then you view a sight that should not be there.  It might be a plain white orb, or light moving silently through the night sky.  Not blinking, no sound emitting from it's wake, just a moving bright orb, unidentified in the night.  In the North Country when the company is just right and the need and want fits the scenario, you might just see something wonderful flying by.

Around 10:00 pm. last evening myself and two of my mystical brothers saw a first, flying very high and silent across the sky.  Resembling a bright string of pearls flying vertically, perpendicular to the ground, an object that from the distance hypothesized at must have been absolutely huge flying on it's side, silently, very high, very fast, and wonderful.  

Our galactic cousins came to visit. 

Peace and Balance,


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