Monday, August 28, 2023

The Flash, And The Return Of Michael Keaton's Bat.

 This is my Warning about my pending almost verbal badness.  I will be implying, almost, some off color language that I don't normally use when writing.  I will however try, minorly, to cover up my words with maybe well placed visual swearing deterrents to keep the eyes and souls of you the reader free from my verbal disgust, Thank you, or not...

The other night my wife and I watched the newish movie, "The Flash."  It's a 2023 DC  rendition that actually has some super hero teeth.  I enjoyed it... 

 However during the progression of the movie the protagonist, Flash,  did some time travel thing and the writers of the film managed to give me a major mind*, see there's some of that off almost language.  

It seems that Barry Allen's, the Flash, best friend and mentor is non other than the Bat Man.  The movie starts with Ben Affleck as the Bat, who actually warns Barry about not doing the time travel thing. The Dumb Sh...t...  Flash ignored the warnings of course.  

I was surprised when Barry and Barry walked into Wayne Manor and found an old, long haired curmudgeon waiting to kick the snots out of them.  He of course couldn't catch the two, but they couldn't actually fight back against the superior badass batness.  

Then the unveiling happened and underneath the curmudgeons locks was non other than Michael Keaton, my favorite Bat Man.  Dang man.  We even see the version of the Bat of Adam West.  Ok like I said a mind  More foul language there, sorry.  

The film actually went through some of the Super Dudes.  And believe it or not, Nicholas Cage shows up as one of the Supermen, come on when did that happen?  

The theory is that Barry Allen, the Flash, in doing his going back in time thing, then forward in time thing, then back and forth, has done some irreparable damage to the spaghetti bowl of time.  Seems it's affected my own understanding of the DC universe.  More research is required I think.  

That's as much about the new, "Flash" movie I'm going to share, but will say, it's a Damn good Movie, watch it and enjoy. Possibly you to will have your mind F...k'd... 

Peace and Balance,


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