Friday, August 25, 2023

The Donald, Yevgney, Georgia, and Truth, Justice, And The American Way.


Donald Trump surrendered himself to a Fulton County Jail in Georgia and charged with the RICO act, Racketeering, Influencing the work of Election Workers, Fraud, and the Misappropriation of election funds.  Each is a Felony and carries several additional felony charges with it.  

Shortly after hearing the charges against him he was finger printed, booked, formally arrested, and a mug shot was taken.  Not less than two hours after the mug shot was taken the Donald himself posts it on the internet.  Who in their right mind does that?  Oh yeah, it is he I'm speaking of.  He who thinks he can get away with anything.  He posted bail, 200,000 dollars worth then climbed back on a plane and left Georgia.

Any other person, any one of we regular folk would not be able to post such a bail for crimes that up till now have been used to charge primarily organized crime leaders and mob bosses.  Where does Donald J. Trump fit into that ilk?  Is it possible that an Oligarch influenced by the Russian political machine actually managed to gain a political foot hold in our country?  

If this is true and Donald J., is a  puppet of Vladimir Putin then his longevity could be in question as it seems any oligarch that defies the Kremlin is short lived.  The most recent victim could be the head of the military arm Wagner, Yevgney Prigozhin and his plane went down in a fiery ball just north of Moscow two evenings ago.  Not that I compare the Donald with Yevgney, however they both have some commonality.  Both are not wound to tight, and have a lack of respect for other human beings.  

It is this author's hope that Georgia's court system may be the ember needed wield that great sword and Justice will have it's way...

Peace and Balance,



  1. More crimes from the law and order party.

  2. I think the donald is pretty safe. If Putin wants him to nuke Los Angeles, Chicago and New York, as long as the orange one thinks it's his idea and it plays well with the magats, he'll do it. short of that, his ability to appear strong while being spineless is useful to Putin.

  3. Fortunately, Capt. Suntan has no power.