Saturday, August 5, 2023

Changing The Weather.


According to the science of Yoga it is said that the weather of an area can be affected by the emotional stability of the people experiencing it.  When the days are warm and sunny, when the breeze is comfortable and pleasant, when the sounds of trickling waters can be heard among the song of singing birds the emotional effect on the people in that area is positive and high.  People tend to shine when the days are bright and warm.  However if the weather is gloomy and dark, when the rains come and the nights are cold, when the winds blow more than a comfortable breath and become intolerable,  the moods of the people are obvious and reflect the weather.  People withdraw, become pensive, and are rather anti social.

In the Meditative practice of Taoist Yoga it is said that those who are able and willing to keep their emotions high and stay alert in a positive frame of mind can effect the physical weather of the area that they dwell.  When the rains come and the winds howl it is said that a group of Yogi can stand atop the highest peak and through their combined joyous natures change the weather.  The practice of the Breath and an open Heart will stave off the storm.  The weather will reflect the joy that they exude from their presences atop the mountain.  

The Three gathered for a Sacred evening.  The weather was beginning with the rain and the cool of a brisk wind.  The Three still gathered, stoked up a fire, and maintained their joyous nature.  The rain stopped, and began again, then stopped.  The Three did not change their thoughts nor the reason for gathering.  The joy was contagious.  The Wakaninyan, "Thunder beings" are said to be super intelligent beings and enjoy the joy of an open heart.  The Three being Heyoka, are the Children of the Thunder Beings, and radiated the joyous message to the sky, Skan Sken,  The rain stopped and the wind became comfortable.  Later in the evening a far off Heat Lightening show could be seen, and the electricity could be felt.  The Three gave thanks.

In the practices of Yoga, Taoist Yoga, and Shamanism, it is said that a joyous man can hold off and change the weather.  When a group gathers for a similar purpose energies of the heavens will wait and celebrate with them.  

Peace and Balance,