Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Every Kid Needs A Tractor.

 There is a certain meditative solstice that accompanies mowing of a nice lawn.  The tractor makes a humming that can put the mind in an altered state of consciousness.  When hearing protection is applied the engine sound becomes a quieter roar.  This roar brings the operator into a meditative mind which gives the meditator calmness and answers to mysterious questions.  Questions of the like, "What kind of pattern should I drive into the lawn today?  Important subjects like that.

While riding the tractor around the yard my ear buds are entertaining me and educating me with the wisdom of Sadhguru, an Indian mystic and yogi who's teachings and books have been read and absorbed world wide by millions of readers and listeners.  He is both entertaining and humorous.  His light whited take on the world can amuse as well as enlighten.  He matches well with the droning of the lawn tractor engine.  

Having the ability to attain an altered state within a breath or two is a plus while mowing the lawn and listening to Sadhguru.  The patterns of the lawn become the simple man's mandala.  Tracing and retracing the patterns in a rhythmic course puts the mind, that is not my mind, in connection with the celestial everything.  Connection with nature brings us closer to who we are.  Even if it's just my yard.

Every kid, me included, should have a tractor to drive around a yard.  A good set of earplugs is a must to protect from excess noise as well as entertain, and bringing the creative juices to bear in the mowed patterns of intellect can bring the kid in us all closer to the adult that we are.  Balance is achieved, and the lawn looks good to...

Peace and Balance,




  1. Hey, I think tall weeds are pretty, so I'm a happy guy..

    1. A good weed garden works for me. I just have lots of flat and neighbors, besides I like my tractor. 80)