Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Hey, I Reset My Hot Point.

 I had a problem.  My Hot Point washing machine wasn't going into a proper spin cycle.  It's one of them almost, but not quite fancy machines that is sealed around the body so there is no front panel to take off and make an easy inspection with.  I was experiencing that growing/irritating frustration that makes you talk to inanimate objects.  So, I walked away.

A day later I decided to type the name and problem I was experiencing into the Great Google device.  I read a few suggestions, most of which where either written by a non-communitive engineer, that is a fellow who forgot how to speak plain English due to the attrition experienced during the education process, or something written in Russian or Chinese.  Any ways, I walked away again.  This is a way to keep me from acting out psychotic episodes of talking to not living stuff.  

Finely I found a video hidden in a dusty archive on YouTube.  This young fellow explained that he was having the same difficulty with his Hot Point.  His wife had on more than one occasion found her laundry still sitting in the tub wet having not spun out.  This is how I found out that the Hot Point Top load Washing Machine is actually made be General Electric.  The Standard method from resetting a GE machine is to unplug the washer. Let it sit for a little over a minute.  Plug it back in tight and open and close the lid 12 times in succession, all in a 30 second time period.  This set of maneuvers resets the washer motor and mechanism.  It worked.  After testing the spin cycle I found that this is indeed the correct method of resetting my Hot Point.  The young fellow on You Tube is a genius.  

Now a question pops into my brain.  How many people have spent the money and time at the dealer or repair shop to have their machine reset.  Seems like a potential gold mine for any GE repairman or service man.  I remember the days of the Maytag repair guy..  Is he the keeper of the secrets?  hmmm.

Peace and Balance,


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