Friday, March 31, 2023

The Wonders of Benadryl


I have strange allergies.  They come they go, they sneak up on me and strike when I least expect them.  Hidden in my stuff I even have one of them self injectors full of epinephrine.  I'm supposed to use that when I suspect an episode of swelling, the type that put me in the ER the last time I was in the hospital.  I couldn't breath, the tongue swelled up, and the throat was closing.  So, I put on a pair of pants and drove myself to the hospital.  They gave the appropriate medications and eventually sent me home with a script for the injector.  

I have been instructed to take a Benadryl as soon as I feel the onset of the swelling.  Benadryl works pretty darn good to detour the effects of my allergies.  It has a nasty side effect however, one that I really could do without.  

About an hour after I take the pill the mystical Benadryl gods come and suck my brain out of my left ear.  I begin to become extremely sleeping and loose the ability to have rational conversations.  What I can muster comes out in grunts and growls, and the occasional un-mentionable adjective.  After the effects start wearing off my head begins to go through several levels of expanding and contracting followed by incredible whistling sounds at different tones and volumes.  It's wonderful thing, really.  

I didn't have any of these problems until I reached the, "respectable" age.  For those of you who don't know, the respectable age begins at about 60 and goes through to the age of ultimate knowledge right around 80.  So we are respectable for about 20 years then we become the keepers of the worlds secrets.  We don't have to be respectable anymore and have earned the right to point our boney fingers at the youth of the world and command their attentions with that special glare, and the grimace of the ages.  I remember that look from my grandmother, it was terrifying. Until then I'll pretend to be Respectable as long as I can get away with it.  

The thing about my allergies is that I'm allergic to the trees of my home. Trees like Boxelder, Silver Pine, Ponderosa Pine, and Birch.  Birch is the only one that is indigenous to New England, the others have gotten here on the boots of travelers and have germinated.  So, every year at about this time I go through a few weeks, and into the summer, of torture, torment, and the need for Benadryl.  

Swelling, itching, complaining, and the effects of drugs aside, Spring is still my favorite time of year.  And as far as being Respectable goes, getting old Sucks...

Peace and Balance,


Wednesday, March 29, 2023


The text below is the product of this author's imagination and inquiry, and has no affiliation with any organization or government what so ever.   

Ancient Hindu text describes craft that fly, travel to the stars, and were used by Krishna, and Vishnu to defeat their enemies during the great war between Good, and Evil.  These flying machines are referenced in virtually every ancient text.  The study of these craft in Hindu lore is called, Vimana Shastra.  

Vimana Shastra is the ancient text that specifically describes the creation and operation of these craft.  One of the descriptions talks about a Mercury vortex drive that would give the vehicle the ability to fly invisibly, defy gravity, and travel at unbelievable speeds to and from different planets.  In the texts, many of which have not been translated to English, there is mention of these craft traveling from one plane of existence to another.  Giving them the power to travel beyond and through our reality.  

Shortly after July 1947, and even earlier, the United States began a huge upsurge in anti-gravitational research.  Some conspiracy theorists believe that during the 30's into the 40's and 50's there where several crashes of "Space" craft in different locations around the globe.  Many in the United States.  The theorists claim that our military collected these craft and began back engineering them eventually creating space craft of our very own, and even using intact ships themselves.  

Nazi Germany had a whole program depicted to the creation and eventual use of an anti-gravity ship to use in their war effort against the Alias during WWII.  They called this craft, "Die Glocke" (the Bell).  It was supposedly the product of the contact that Hitler had with aliens sharing technology.  Fortunately the war was already rolling to an end and the Alias defeated the Nazi's and Hitler committed suicide.  

During this period of time the United States had a classified project called, "Paper Clip", in which we bribed and assimilated the most gifted scientific minds of Germany at that time.  These were the scientists that were working on Die Glocke.  These included Verner Van Braun the scientist that we put in charge of the, "Manhattan Project", where we created the, "Bomb" our greatest mistake. 

Fast forward to today and we witness an uptake in UFO, IFO, UAP, and strange flying phenomena all over the globe.  SRB3, the Black Manta, a triangular shaped black craft that has been seen all over the planet, is an American created flying machine that uses a Mercury vortex drive (Anti-gravity) that was created in conjunction with stolen, found, and technologies from the Hindu text, the Vimanas.  

What our government is not telling us is that we have had Space traveling craft drifting throughout the solar system controlled by American pilots and crew, with shared technologies from many races of aliens that come from many worlds, different star systems, and realities, since possibly the 1940's or 50's.  

The question I have is, "What is the agenda of our Government in collaboration with these aliens?  Who are we, and who are they?"

Peace and Balance,


Monday, March 27, 2023

Set your Sails

 Human beings by nature are generally goodly, or godly beings.  When the chips are down and you have earned a certain amount of positive karma, people will step forward and offer you a hand up.  Sometimes we fall, sometimes our family falls.  When we or part of us falls I have noticed that the few goodly persons in our lives will take that step forward.  This small item in the life of one individual is one of the reasons I still have great faith in the positive attributes of the human being.  

It has been said that a small summer breeze can move a considerable ship.  When the sails are all in good shape and all the stitching is in the right places the breeze will carry you a long distance.  Look at those sails and the stitching as a collection of the positive and happy things that you have done or thought about others and those around you.  Our, "Sails" stay in good shape when we take the steps to keep your lives in good shape.  The stitching stays strong when we take the steps to repair wrongs we have unintentionally or intentionally done to our fellow human beings.  That's called doing the right thing. 

I come from a culture that has a reflection woven into our sails.  That is when a friend or family member looks at you sternly and says, "You've done a good thing, " doesn't necessarily mean you've actually done a good thing.  That is a polite way of saying, "Look around you.  You've caused something to happen that you're not aware of that has hurt someone."  

Generally there is a hard task in front of you to repair that thing.  If it's repairable it's good.  If not, you take it with you to work on after you are here.  Actions are Karma.  

However, I find Human Beings are by nature heart felt and caring creatures that will look out for one another and step up with that helping hand.  Put you back on your feet and point you in the right direction.  Even the statement, "You've done a good thing." is a way to point you in that direction.  

Kind influences Kind, and shedding the light makes it easier to see.

Peace and Balance,


Sunday, March 26, 2023

Weaving Tall Tales

 Occasionally we all run into people that will weave a story for their own agendas.  Some of these people have political aspirations and are trying to boost their curb appeal.  After all they just want our votes.  Other folks will weave stories in order to bolster business operations and add profits to their fortunes.  Then there are those folks that weave stories in order to either keep the truth from the listener or propagate a smoke screen covering up circumstances from some other operation or other.  Spy stuff...

Recently I was in the company of folks from the medical community.  For those readers that aren't aware, the medical community actually has a multi layered hierarchy built very much like a small government.  On second thought if you connect all the branches of the tree together it's not a small government at all, but a monster government that has access to virtually every country on the planet, that's not a small government.  Each part of the machine has it's own operations, therefore small, confused yet?

Without giving away any personal or medical information, during this meeting with the medical community I was given a series of stories that were weaved to cover up actual events.  After I started figuring out the actual events, I'm a scientist and speak medical fairly well, I was told that Visiting hours are from 2 to 8pm. and that I wasn't to visit until then.  Which is actually ok, as I don't want to impede any treatment ongoing through said story.  Through this experience I have learned that I've evolved beyond the getting angry about certain things.  After all the last resort if the stories weaved hurt people is a lawyer, and who wants that noise?

You will notice that the above reading is just short of using the word, "lie".  You the reader being fairly intellectual can see between any of the lines intended above.  

Peace and Balance,


Saturday, March 25, 2023

The BiG Bang

The Big Bang started as a point smaller than the sharp end of a pin.  It collected so much energy that it achieved critical mass and, "Boom".  Should we call it the Big Boom?  Maybe, because, "Big Bang" could mean a whole plethora of ideas. Some are just down right dirty.  But, I digress.  

The 1st law of Physics states, "That no matter is either created nor destroyed, it just is."  Matter can change forms from one state to another.  In example: Ice changing to liquid water or water changing to gas vapor or several combinations of each.  And that is true for any element, or molecule that is birthed from the Periodic Table of Elements.  

So then, How is it possible that a universe the size of ours is birthed from a smaller than needle sized piece of space.  If everything already exists only changes, how can all this stuff come from nothing?  That breaks the 1st law of Physics.  Maybe there is something wrong with our understanding of Physics?

Lots of questions very few answers.  I do have a Theory.  Instead of, "Exploding" outwardly to create everything here, why not implode inwardly creating everything here.  Picture it like a sock slowly being pulled inside out.  A large entity, Let's say the owner of the celestial sock, reaches in and grabs the toe from the inside of the sock and starts pulling it out from within itself.  Folding space inwardly forever grabbing more space each eon it travels collecting Dark energies as it goes, creating everything in its wake.  

This would give the universe the shape of an oblong bubble that looks like an immense hour glass.  At it's center all space and time is folding in, and at each end space time are forever expanding further inwardly.  That would means we exist within the universe not without the universe.  And, maybe there are other types of beings on the outer rims of our universe coming from their own types of universes invading and or exploring ours.  That simple shift actually makes the laws of Physics work as far as the universal energies are concerned.  There would be no need for complicated over explanations.

Think about it...

Peace and Balance,


Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Self Admonishment

 I admit it.  One of the main reasons I began writing this blog is because it is a good forum to practice my writing.  I write and submit, and write some more.  It's kind of like writing for a major metropolitan news paper.  I can dream, right?

Some of the stuff I write, you'll have to agree, is complete and total crap.  If reading a blog could give you an odor-effent experience, some of this stuff would smell bad enough to make you stop reading, rise from your table, chair, couch, and or reading position, and throw your computer, laptop, and all in the nearest refuse container.  It would smell that bad.

On the other hand occasionally there is a rare gem hidden within the pages of this periodical, and upon reading it you rise from your position having gained a minor amount of enlightenment because of it.  These are the moments I cherish within the realms of my own writing, when you the reader actually read.  I might even gain some insight by reading your remarks.  Negative or positive, I always learn from your input and am grateful for your service.  I apologize to any of you who have suffered an amount of PTSD from reading my blog, the pain and anguish is not intended.  

I also admit that in spite of myself, my writing is improving.  I've traveled back into the history of, "Now And Zen", shall we say doing some minor time travel, and I have noticed an upcurve in the writing technique, it's content, and the verbiage used to express it.  I am darn proud of myself If I don't say so myself, and I do.

So, I will continue to write to entertain  and amuse you.  In hopes that I can share just a tad bit of my experience and knowledge, maybe even a little something new and cool, to make your day just swell.  And I promise to keep the crap to a minimum to keep the integrity of self published journalism to a high standard.  

To you the reader who may also have noticed such a learning curve in your own excursions of journalistic adventure, I write my pros, my views, and a taste of my "sanity" to enjoy or scrutinize in which ever way catches your fancy, and I thank you for being here.  

Peace and Balance,



Tuesday, March 21, 2023



I wake pretty early in the morning.  Part of my morning ritual is to meander outside the house and gaze upon my yard and sky.  This morning, the beginning of the actual first full day of Spring, I heard some early spring sounds.  My big trees, I have a 150 foot White Pine, and an equally tall Black Silace, (Willow), were both slowly rocking and making those noises that only big trees make in Spring.  

If you listen real carefully you hear a creak that has a different pitch for each of the trees.  With a slight breeze the creak sounds almost like a barely audible sigh.  The type of sigh you get when you breath in deep some cool air and breath out in contented happiness.  My trees are waking up and singing to the sky.  

I watched the Sun peaking out from atop the ridge through the forest.  It is coming up at a slightly more North Easterly direction than it did a month ago, and the sky around it is taking on a lavender/purple hue.  A hue outlining the bright yellow of the rising sun.  This time of year is the only time of year for that color.  It too makes a sound of it's very own.  Barely perceptible, a low vibration can be felt and heard if your listening skills are honed.  That, and the trees are telling me the world is alive, the mother wakes.  

Being the good child of Mother Nature, I rejoice at the thought of the re-birth that is about to come upon us.  Regardless if you are prepared or not, this cycle will come and go as the World breaths itself in and out.  Spring has come.

Soon the weather will stabilize and the sun will be even higher in the sky.  It will take on a more orange hue and the glow will warm the land as it travels.  Spring in the valley transitions first, then the tops of the ridges wake.  Snows disappear and bears beginning wandering from their dens.   Cubs can be seen wrestling atop banks.  The season called Mud follows. 

This is my favorite time of year.  New life walks from East to West every day.  To look beyond is to look into the future.  Eagles fly and salmon spawn, the streams and lakes come to life.  The land breaths in and out preparing for the growth that will come.  

I notice to, that my own body starts to wake earlier and some of the aches and pains of age go away.  I love this time of year.  Spring...

Peace and Balance,


Monday, March 20, 2023

Spending Time Alone.

 There are collected times during the day, the week or month when we are afforded the opportunity to spend time alone.  This allotment should be taken for one's own personal development.  These spaces of growth are important for personal growth.  Ignoring personal alone time can be detrimental for psychological and physiological health.

In today's world, where time is shortened and filled with schedules of overflowing responsibility, alone time is more and more important for each individual.  People in general are losing the ability to sit quietly and experience the stimulus around them without being effected negatively by that stimulus.  Our children can no longer communicate the effects of these stimuli after the fact, so they implode, explode, and or have break downs that lead to the need for medications that create an artificial period of aloneness to correct their over stimulated nervous systems.  Is this what our society is being boiled down to?

As an all grown up type of person I intentionally take the time to sit alone, to work on projects by my own self, and spend an amount of mental rest from outside stimulus.  I do these things all by my lonesome with the intentions of recharging the batteries, and possibly learning something new and wonderful about myself.  This could actually turn into an enlightening moment, one never knows until it sneaks up on you and that little voice says to you, "Hey this was a small enlightening moment!"  Oh boy...

However, that stuff doesn't happen if you don't take the time to let it happen.  So, we have teenagers practicing the art of, "When in doubt run around scream and shout."  Nothing gets accomplished, frustration builds, and little time bombs go kablooee at any given minute.  Medications are then dispersed.  Usually the little blue pill, but there are many.

Alone time can be accomplished as simply as taking a nice walk in the woods.  We live in an area that has nice woods to walk in.  Walking, and listening, and breathing, and whistling a happy little tune, are time honored ways of achieving that path that many walk, but few acquire, enlightenment.  It is important to ask yourself this simple question, "Just how much fun can I stand at one time?"  

The answer itself can be as enlightening as the journey getting there.  Spending a certain amount of time alone discharging can hasten your journey to that goal.

Peace and Balance,


Saturday, March 18, 2023

Dreaming as an Art

 Sleeping is an important part of keeping the physical body happy and healthy.  Without sleep the art of Dreaming becomes tenuous.  If your body doesn't achieve the amount of rest that it needs,  it won't actuate our daily experiences.  We won't go through the memory dump and much needed personal programing to keeping the thinking machine healthy.  If prolonged sleeplessness isn't corrected the mind may implode upon itself and the end results may turn into psychosis.  There have been documented cases where patients who suffer from lack of sleep lose their attachment to what is considered standard reality.   They may suffer from hallucinations, both audio and visual, and could mistake thinking for outside stimulus.  This ailment is considered a form of psychosis and may lead to full blown schizophrenia if left untreated.  

Sleepers go through several levels as we drop deeper into unconsciousness.  REM sleep, (Rapid eye movement) is usually the time when our minds are active in sleep and we dream.  During this dreaming time our daily experiences are played out and our memories are solidified.  Traumatic experiences get worked through and the physical body heals.  Our imaginations are active during dream time.  We take everyday happenings and transform them into the plays and stories we experience in our dreams.  This is how we fit them into our paradigm, our personal realities.

There are cultures that practice Dreaming as an Art.  A Shaman may initiate a student into the Art of Dreaming through meditative practices and series of waking and sleeping in several intervals to facilitate a certain amount of control over the dream.  There are many books and periodicals written about dreaming, explore the one that works best for you.  However, and easy technique to control your dreams is to set an alarm for periods of time during your sleep to wake you.  When you wake you ponder the dream and go back to sleep trying to achieve the same dream.  When and if you get there, when in the dream the first thing is to remember to look at your own hands and recognize them.  You keep this up for a period of time, then consciously start moving around in your dream pulling back to your hands to stay in control.  This technique takes time and should be practice sparingly, that is not every night not to steal away from your restful sleep time.  You will know when you have control of your dreams when you can walk into a dream and be aware and in control from the beginning.  It is important to remember that most of the time a Dream is just a Dream.  There are those very few that aren't.  What you call these experiences is up to you.  I leave that to your own research. 

Sleeping and The Art of Dreaming can be a rewarding way to recharge, destress, and relax while learning something new about your own journey.  Remember as with any esoteric practice, go slow, take your time and make sure what you're experiencing is real and not a fabrication of your imagination.  When you know for sure and re-emerge from the experience healthy, then you've learned a new thing.  Dreaming is a way to learn new things about yourself.

Peace and Balance,


Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Spending A Sick Day.


When you're out the world does not stand still.  Your reality in the world compresses and changes to fit the perimeters presented at that moment.  Your reality closes in and becomes directly related to your personal space.  But, the world keeps moving on.

Yesterday I was out. Not out in the classical sense, rather secluded into myself projecting only that part that my mind and body would relate to at that moment.  My universe for 24 hours became an existence in 2 rooms and a bathroom.  I would shuffle from one room to another, to the bathroom, and back again.  

Partial movie watching became the activity of the day.  That and shuffling back and forth through the universal conduit of 2 rooms and a bathroom.  I say partial movie watching because I would start a movie, last about 10 or 15 minutes, and fall asleep dreaming I was watching a movie.  The dreams tend to change the plots and outcomes, therefore I am not real sure how each of the films I observed actually turned out.  I would start with one thing and wake just long enough to end with another.  So the action packed, Sci-Fi movie I started with would end with the sappy Christmas type movie my wife had switched to during my unconscious state.  This can lead to some pretty darn funny plot twists.

I began watching, "Spawn" with Michael Jai White, and ended with a movie that had Santa saving the day.  So in my mind, Spawn was doing battle some demonic bad guy or other and Santa suddenly shows up and spirits the antagonist away saving Christmas.  From, "Spawn" to "Santa", Trippy.  Krampus is playing pranks on me.  

A compressed universe can be filled easily with audio visual entertainment.  When planting yourself in front of a 75 inch television your compressed world extends into the imaginary world of the movie.  So your universe resembles the shape of an hour glass.  Begins at one end, funnels to the center, the screen, and flares out into the imaginary.  Oh no...!

From our little compressed universe of the moment to a large and almost mythological universe flared out in front of you, depending upon the state of mind and fever present, can take on a reality of it's very own.  And, depending upon your state of mind, can become your reality.  Until the fever brakes of course, or the proper medications are given.  

After you re-emerge into the world at large, sorting out what has transpired while under the influences of possibly more than one reality changing stimulus may turn into an adventure in dualism.  While in the compressed universe the things you experience are just as real as your experiences in the outer universe.  The challenge comes in the separating, accepting, and understanding the things that have transpired and how your puzzle pieces fit together.  Are you a person who knows how to fit a square peg in a round hole, or are you the type that when in doubt runs around and screams and shouts?

The world does not stand still waiting for you to re-emerge from your self imposed isolation.  It goes on without you, because the sad reality is, Mother Nature does not care if you reside in this reality or that reality.  Nor does she care about the state of physical or mental existence you're experiencing at any given moment.  Your Great Mother Nature has much more pressing things to worry about and engage with than your minor existence in the cosmos.  Truth of the matter, we aren't generally that interesting.  

When you're out of normal reality, the world does not stand still.  You may choose to experience an alternate reality of your own creating, or randomly stirred into existence for you by the multiverse.  An altered state of mind may or may not be employed to experience this transition.  That is a choice that is completely up to you.  Mother Nature, doesn't care.  Deal with it and move on.  When you move on, expect a new starting point.  This is the stuff of life, enjoy...

Peace and Balance,


Monday, March 13, 2023

Oscar Who?


Who is this Oscar fellow anyways?  Once every year a large academy of high ranking Thespians get together, drink a prescribed amount of adult frosty beverage, eat chips and popcorn, and watch a ton load of movies.  Presumably all the films being scrutinized are from the current year, however there have been historical accounts where circumstances have precluded prompt viewing and the Awards where pushed forward.  One of these was during WWII. 

Any how, who is Oscar?  Was there an actual person that the award is named after?  Betty Davis claimed that the Oscar's likeness to her husband, Harmon Oscar Nelson, was to coincidental.  Due to the claims by Miss Davis that the Oscar was indeed the likeness of her husband columnist, Sidney Skolsky, nick named the statue as Oscar and it seems the moniker has stuck ever since.  

In hind sight I wouldn't have stayed up and watched the Academy Awards on Television last night.   Today I am dragging butt.  My tired's got the tireds.  However there where some interesting winners.  Jamie Lee Curtis, daughter of Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh, both nominated Oscar winners, finely won an Oscar for her supporting role in the Movie, "Everything Everywhere All At Once."  

I saw that film on HBO/MAX.  It was fantastic.  It called out to my teenage self and my love of the superhero.  That and the fact I am a huge Michelle Yeoh fan.  "Everything Everywhere All At Once" swept the Oscars winning 7 out of the 11 nominations that it got.  I was pleased.

What I wasn't so pleased about was that Angela Bassett did not get her Oscar for her supporting role as Queen Ramonda.  She lost to Jamie Lee Curtis.  So many really good movies with really good actors this year must have been a nightmare of choosing for the Academy.  

I must keep in mind we are talking about Hollywood.  Historically Hollywood has been one of the most political and possibly corrupt, "Governments" on the face of the planet, and we really don't know what goes into choosing a winner.  

So, who is this fellow anyways.  The individual that society has diafied and personified into the golden image of the modern god of entertainment.  It could be Harmon Oscar Nelson, we may never know.  Betty Davis could be chuckling from the beyond.  There is also the possibility that Oscar is just another alien in disguise.  Faceless and stoic.  

Peace and Balance,


Saturday, March 11, 2023

Quotes From The Blind Man

 “- The Blind Man: You can't do it!

- Cord: Can't do what?

- The Blind Man: You can't step on the same piece of water twice.”

“- Cord: How long have you been blind?

- The Blind Man: How long have you been blind?

- Cord: I'm not blind.

- The Blind Man: Am I?

- Cord: Do you answer every question with a question?

- The Blind Man: Do you question every answer?

- Cord: Talking to you is like talking to a wall.”

“Tie two birds together, and even though they have four wings, they cannot fly.”

Peace and Balance,

Thursday, March 9, 2023

Because It's There.

 The reason given to the world by the initiated to climb mountains is, "Because it's there."  

There have been whole movements devoted to this phrase.  Whole cultures have grown from the loins of the initiate and the mountain.  As this experience can come as close to a pure sexual experience without actually colimiting the act, religions have grown from, "Because it's there."

The, "Because it's there" uniform is dependent upon the weather and circumstances of the initiate.  The farther north one travels the heavier the jacket, the farther south the more likely the trek might not involve any clothing at all.  "Because it's there."

Occasionally the world will call the Buddha, Shakyamuni.  Shakyamuni is the name of the goddess at the top of the Great Mountain in Nepal.  The top of the Himalaya.  So why do  we call him by the term of her? "Because it's there."

On the Great Plains of The United States, there is a mountain called Bald.  It is actually a butte, but the top exceeds the height of any eastern mountain. At the top of the Bald is a holy place to the Assiniboine, a place of contemplation and ritual lamentation.  When asked why he climbed to the top of such a place the Old Man just said, "Because it's there."

Agiachook means a place for the Old Man to sit.  Which he does, and he does it well.  The place he has been sitting for generations is a flat stone that has the impression of his seat forever etched into it.  "Because it's there."

At the top of these places the wind often blows.  The initiate will listen to the wind and exact answers to the mystical questions asked to no one, and all. "Because it's there."

Old men from many cultures will stand upon these rocks atop mountains each.  Some will face the wind and get great answers, some will turn and face away from the wind asking questions.  But, all of these initiated men, these wise Sayers of truth will all give the younger men the same sage advise. "When atop the Holy Mountains, when on high above all else, if you have to urinate, do not Face the Wind."  

"Because it's there."

Peace and Balance,



Wednesday, March 8, 2023


 Sometimes I put things off.  I'll ignore stuff that needs to be done, but can wait.  So, I wait.  That little man in the back of my brain pokes at me with a sharp stick and says to me, "You've waited enough John, it's time to do what you put off."

Usually the things being put off have to do with a monetary nature.  I'll ignore them until the very last minute.  Then the funds leave the bank account reluctantly to appease that little man in the back of the brain.  He's a real pain in the ass. 

Because of that little man my credit rating is actually considered good.  Not perfect, but good enough to be inundated with credit card offers.  I will never have one of those evil plastic life suckers again.  My debit card is enough to fulfill that need for plastic.  My credit rating continues to rise.  

So, I put things off.  Some of the stuff I put off I can't do anyways.  These things fit into the realm off needing money to do, so I don't.  No money no do.  So, I put things off.  

There is an art to putting things off.  Let's just leave the finger paints home. I still put things off.

Peace and Balance,


Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Nothing Unreal Exists and Time Travel


Words have power speak wisely.  A thing that must be said should be thought through clearly and concisely.  Speak it directly, do not falter.

Thoughts are things.  Do not dwell on unreal subjects lest it becomes your dreams.  Your dreams should be clear and under your control.

Focus.  Look clearly and directly at the subject.  It could disappear.  

Nothing Unreal Exists.  If it doesn't exist it's not real.

Everything that occupies space has mass.  All mass is matter and all matter occupies space. The relationship with this space and mass we call gravity.  Another name for this relationship in space is Time.

The mass of a heavenly body creates a well.  This well is bent around the matter in that space.  At its center and the edge are different distances called time, the distance from one point to another in this well. 

Mind is the constant that binds all things together. Thoughts are things.

Focus clearly on a subject and it is real.

Words have power.  The vibrations harmonize the well and Travel Time.

Nothing Unreal Exists.  

Peace and Balance,


Sunday, March 5, 2023

Shoveling Snow

 Some shovel, other's blow, occasional plows are driven across it, I push.  I am a pusher of snow.  I have a driveway long enough to afford a small football championship.  When I was a younger version of myself I would shovel the snow.  I had a curved handled shovel that was considered ergonomic, a fancy word for save the back.  But as I grew older the whole picking wet snow up and tossing it over my shoulder didn't quite hold the allure that it once did.  So, I push.

A couple winters ago our young son presented to me the gift of a large bladed snow sleigh shovel.  It is designed to push large amounts of snow to a place to be deposited, and actually fun to use.  It has given me the ability to complete the snow removal from my lengthy drive way in a wee bit of a whistle. " How long is that?" you ask, "ee Laddy if ye only knew."

I once described the cleaning of my drive as a mystical experience.  It has become a perpetual project in artistic creation.  The area transforms into different shapes and depths at each snow fall.  It becomes cavernous at times.  A valley that traps or repels sound.  My small piece of snow creation.  Till time wears on the the warm weather destroys all once created.  Like Shiva walking the poppied field, destroying and recreating as he walks, the onset of spring lays waste my snow valley.  Till next season.    

Some shovel, I push.  I push and I created mythological lands of snow castles and battles with ice dragons.  For a short while.  Then the Sun lets in.

Peace and Balance,


Saturday, March 4, 2023



It is a sneaky thing.  This thing that we all call Chinese.  It lays in wait and as you pass by, pounces sinking in its venomous claws.  You have just been attacked by the Sars Corona Virus 19, aka: Covid.  

I joke, I jest, I make fun of things that sometimes are best left alone.  Covid is a serious event.  It has painted the globe in it's vile hues of red and mauve.  I, in my infinite wisdom, figured I was going to get through this pandemic without having acquired an introduction to Covid.  My wisdom, of course, falters and I find myself in the throws of battle with an invisible Dragon.  And how do you kill a dragon? You wrestle the creature to the ground and choke it tightly until all life has slid from within it's core.  When the dragon is dead do not let go until it's mythical body disintegrates and it no longer has a trace of existence in your reality.   

Fortunately old wrestlers like I have the help of modern medical technology.  I was given the magical anti-viral that will help me dispel this beast forever.   Our medical community has become the new Titan, the new champion to protect humanity from our own folly.  Sars Corona Virus 19 is an example of this folly.  It doesn't matter who created it, or where, or why, what matters is that it was done.  After it was spoiled into existence either by greed or sabotage it was released and the dragon found it as a vessel to spread evil across creation. 

My eyes gaze then to the North, to the Mountain called Karuna, to the home of Hunan, the monks of Shaolin.  I look North to the mystical WuDang the home of wizards, and I look North to the center of the sky around which all other stars travel.  I listen carefully, I close my eyes and hear ominously the vibrations that I can feel in my heart.  I hear the Roar so loud that all, and none, are willing to perceive.  The Roar, is the death of Covid 19.  AUM

Peace and Balance,


Wednesday, March 1, 2023

It's Only A Cold.

 It starts as a low rattle.  The rattle becomes a hoarse cough.  Then you stand up and the sneezes sneak up on you.  Now the sneezes never attack one at a time, but rather they come as a pack of wolves and wait till you're not expecting the onslaught.  Let loose the dogs of war, then the nose dribbles.  

Breathing becomes optional and the color blue a normal hue.  Shiva reborn, the destroyer walks and the body raises it's temperature to 104 Fahrenheit.  You turn around to see who's behind you, and the body begins to ache.  Not a real hurt pain, not the kind of pain that is easily ignored deadened with an Aspirin, the kind of pain that brings an almost tear to the eye and that knot in the jaw bubbles.  

A Native Grandma puts a poltus on your chest, an Irish Grand-mom gives you a two fingered shot of Whiskey.  That one endowed with multiple wisdoms uses both, and why not?  

There might be a moment when standing up becomes somewhat of a challenge.  The room spins, the ears ring and the floor may or may not come up to meet you at an accelerated rate.  If the circumstances are in your favor at those moments you are close enough to the porcelain throne to let the vomitus jet expel safely from the body.   If not, there will be a mess to deal with.  Eventually the sleeping allows you to catch it.  

The rising sun brings a promise of a new beginning.  Tea, honey, and lemon speak to you.  An aspirin fights the lingering aches and pains.  The body slowly wakes, coffee is in the cup and the morning routine awaits.  It is a new day.

Peace and Balance,