Sunday, March 26, 2023

Weaving Tall Tales

 Occasionally we all run into people that will weave a story for their own agendas.  Some of these people have political aspirations and are trying to boost their curb appeal.  After all they just want our votes.  Other folks will weave stories in order to bolster business operations and add profits to their fortunes.  Then there are those folks that weave stories in order to either keep the truth from the listener or propagate a smoke screen covering up circumstances from some other operation or other.  Spy stuff...

Recently I was in the company of folks from the medical community.  For those readers that aren't aware, the medical community actually has a multi layered hierarchy built very much like a small government.  On second thought if you connect all the branches of the tree together it's not a small government at all, but a monster government that has access to virtually every country on the planet, that's not a small government.  Each part of the machine has it's own operations, therefore small, confused yet?

Without giving away any personal or medical information, during this meeting with the medical community I was given a series of stories that were weaved to cover up actual events.  After I started figuring out the actual events, I'm a scientist and speak medical fairly well, I was told that Visiting hours are from 2 to 8pm. and that I wasn't to visit until then.  Which is actually ok, as I don't want to impede any treatment ongoing through said story.  Through this experience I have learned that I've evolved beyond the getting angry about certain things.  After all the last resort if the stories weaved hurt people is a lawyer, and who wants that noise?

You will notice that the above reading is just short of using the word, "lie".  You the reader being fairly intellectual can see between any of the lines intended above.  

Peace and Balance,



  1. The medical machine is actually bigger than the defense industry -and that's saying something.

    1. Yeah, and part of that machine owns the world. I'm not impressed with the communication skills locally, an amount of sensitivity training is in order I think.

    2. I believe you are right. Hope it goes better.