Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Self Admonishment

 I admit it.  One of the main reasons I began writing this blog is because it is a good forum to practice my writing.  I write and submit, and write some more.  It's kind of like writing for a major metropolitan news paper.  I can dream, right?

Some of the stuff I write, you'll have to agree, is complete and total crap.  If reading a blog could give you an odor-effent experience, some of this stuff would smell bad enough to make you stop reading, rise from your table, chair, couch, and or reading position, and throw your computer, laptop, and all in the nearest refuse container.  It would smell that bad.

On the other hand occasionally there is a rare gem hidden within the pages of this periodical, and upon reading it you rise from your position having gained a minor amount of enlightenment because of it.  These are the moments I cherish within the realms of my own writing, when you the reader actually read.  I might even gain some insight by reading your remarks.  Negative or positive, I always learn from your input and am grateful for your service.  I apologize to any of you who have suffered an amount of PTSD from reading my blog, the pain and anguish is not intended.  

I also admit that in spite of myself, my writing is improving.  I've traveled back into the history of, "Now And Zen", shall we say doing some minor time travel, and I have noticed an upcurve in the writing technique, it's content, and the verbiage used to express it.  I am darn proud of myself If I don't say so myself, and I do.

So, I will continue to write to entertain  and amuse you.  In hopes that I can share just a tad bit of my experience and knowledge, maybe even a little something new and cool, to make your day just swell.  And I promise to keep the crap to a minimum to keep the integrity of self published journalism to a high standard.  

To you the reader who may also have noticed such a learning curve in your own excursions of journalistic adventure, I write my pros, my views, and a taste of my "sanity" to enjoy or scrutinize in which ever way catches your fancy, and I thank you for being here.  

Peace and Balance,




  1. It's funny. I just read something I wrote for a different publication a few years back. I had absolutely no memory of what I wrote. It felt almost like reading someone else's writing. Weird.

    1. We call that old fashioned Time Travel. 80)
      We've done that before...