Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Spending A Sick Day.


When you're out the world does not stand still.  Your reality in the world compresses and changes to fit the perimeters presented at that moment.  Your reality closes in and becomes directly related to your personal space.  But, the world keeps moving on.

Yesterday I was out. Not out in the classical sense, rather secluded into myself projecting only that part that my mind and body would relate to at that moment.  My universe for 24 hours became an existence in 2 rooms and a bathroom.  I would shuffle from one room to another, to the bathroom, and back again.  

Partial movie watching became the activity of the day.  That and shuffling back and forth through the universal conduit of 2 rooms and a bathroom.  I say partial movie watching because I would start a movie, last about 10 or 15 minutes, and fall asleep dreaming I was watching a movie.  The dreams tend to change the plots and outcomes, therefore I am not real sure how each of the films I observed actually turned out.  I would start with one thing and wake just long enough to end with another.  So the action packed, Sci-Fi movie I started with would end with the sappy Christmas type movie my wife had switched to during my unconscious state.  This can lead to some pretty darn funny plot twists.

I began watching, "Spawn" with Michael Jai White, and ended with a movie that had Santa saving the day.  So in my mind, Spawn was doing battle some demonic bad guy or other and Santa suddenly shows up and spirits the antagonist away saving Christmas.  From, "Spawn" to "Santa", Trippy.  Krampus is playing pranks on me.  

A compressed universe can be filled easily with audio visual entertainment.  When planting yourself in front of a 75 inch television your compressed world extends into the imaginary world of the movie.  So your universe resembles the shape of an hour glass.  Begins at one end, funnels to the center, the screen, and flares out into the imaginary.  Oh no...!

From our little compressed universe of the moment to a large and almost mythological universe flared out in front of you, depending upon the state of mind and fever present, can take on a reality of it's very own.  And, depending upon your state of mind, can become your reality.  Until the fever brakes of course, or the proper medications are given.  

After you re-emerge into the world at large, sorting out what has transpired while under the influences of possibly more than one reality changing stimulus may turn into an adventure in dualism.  While in the compressed universe the things you experience are just as real as your experiences in the outer universe.  The challenge comes in the separating, accepting, and understanding the things that have transpired and how your puzzle pieces fit together.  Are you a person who knows how to fit a square peg in a round hole, or are you the type that when in doubt runs around and screams and shouts?

The world does not stand still waiting for you to re-emerge from your self imposed isolation.  It goes on without you, because the sad reality is, Mother Nature does not care if you reside in this reality or that reality.  Nor does she care about the state of physical or mental existence you're experiencing at any given moment.  Your Great Mother Nature has much more pressing things to worry about and engage with than your minor existence in the cosmos.  Truth of the matter, we aren't generally that interesting.  

When you're out of normal reality, the world does not stand still.  You may choose to experience an alternate reality of your own creating, or randomly stirred into existence for you by the multiverse.  An altered state of mind may or may not be employed to experience this transition.  That is a choice that is completely up to you.  Mother Nature, doesn't care.  Deal with it and move on.  When you move on, expect a new starting point.  This is the stuff of life, enjoy...

Peace and Balance,