Monday, March 20, 2023

Spending Time Alone.

 There are collected times during the day, the week or month when we are afforded the opportunity to spend time alone.  This allotment should be taken for one's own personal development.  These spaces of growth are important for personal growth.  Ignoring personal alone time can be detrimental for psychological and physiological health.

In today's world, where time is shortened and filled with schedules of overflowing responsibility, alone time is more and more important for each individual.  People in general are losing the ability to sit quietly and experience the stimulus around them without being effected negatively by that stimulus.  Our children can no longer communicate the effects of these stimuli after the fact, so they implode, explode, and or have break downs that lead to the need for medications that create an artificial period of aloneness to correct their over stimulated nervous systems.  Is this what our society is being boiled down to?

As an all grown up type of person I intentionally take the time to sit alone, to work on projects by my own self, and spend an amount of mental rest from outside stimulus.  I do these things all by my lonesome with the intentions of recharging the batteries, and possibly learning something new and wonderful about myself.  This could actually turn into an enlightening moment, one never knows until it sneaks up on you and that little voice says to you, "Hey this was a small enlightening moment!"  Oh boy...

However, that stuff doesn't happen if you don't take the time to let it happen.  So, we have teenagers practicing the art of, "When in doubt run around scream and shout."  Nothing gets accomplished, frustration builds, and little time bombs go kablooee at any given minute.  Medications are then dispersed.  Usually the little blue pill, but there are many.

Alone time can be accomplished as simply as taking a nice walk in the woods.  We live in an area that has nice woods to walk in.  Walking, and listening, and breathing, and whistling a happy little tune, are time honored ways of achieving that path that many walk, but few acquire, enlightenment.  It is important to ask yourself this simple question, "Just how much fun can I stand at one time?"  

The answer itself can be as enlightening as the journey getting there.  Spending a certain amount of time alone discharging can hasten your journey to that goal.

Peace and Balance,



  1. I've always tried to honor my deep need for alone time. Often that involves being off in the forest. It does not involve cell phones.

    1. For me Early in the morning is always a good alone time. The energies are shifting, which is supposed to be good for you, and the quietness helps re-align. It's getting to that time of year when the woods are calling. Of course patience needs practicing since we still have several feet of snow to contend with.