Saturday, March 25, 2023

The BiG Bang

The Big Bang started as a point smaller than the sharp end of a pin.  It collected so much energy that it achieved critical mass and, "Boom".  Should we call it the Big Boom?  Maybe, because, "Big Bang" could mean a whole plethora of ideas. Some are just down right dirty.  But, I digress.  

The 1st law of Physics states, "That no matter is either created nor destroyed, it just is."  Matter can change forms from one state to another.  In example: Ice changing to liquid water or water changing to gas vapor or several combinations of each.  And that is true for any element, or molecule that is birthed from the Periodic Table of Elements.  

So then, How is it possible that a universe the size of ours is birthed from a smaller than needle sized piece of space.  If everything already exists only changes, how can all this stuff come from nothing?  That breaks the 1st law of Physics.  Maybe there is something wrong with our understanding of Physics?

Lots of questions very few answers.  I do have a Theory.  Instead of, "Exploding" outwardly to create everything here, why not implode inwardly creating everything here.  Picture it like a sock slowly being pulled inside out.  A large entity, Let's say the owner of the celestial sock, reaches in and grabs the toe from the inside of the sock and starts pulling it out from within itself.  Folding space inwardly forever grabbing more space each eon it travels collecting Dark energies as it goes, creating everything in its wake.  

This would give the universe the shape of an oblong bubble that looks like an immense hour glass.  At it's center all space and time is folding in, and at each end space time are forever expanding further inwardly.  That would means we exist within the universe not without the universe.  And, maybe there are other types of beings on the outer rims of our universe coming from their own types of universes invading and or exploring ours.  That simple shift actually makes the laws of Physics work as far as the universal energies are concerned.  There would be no need for complicated over explanations.

Think about it...

Peace and Balance,


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