Monday, March 13, 2023

Oscar Who?


Who is this Oscar fellow anyways?  Once every year a large academy of high ranking Thespians get together, drink a prescribed amount of adult frosty beverage, eat chips and popcorn, and watch a ton load of movies.  Presumably all the films being scrutinized are from the current year, however there have been historical accounts where circumstances have precluded prompt viewing and the Awards where pushed forward.  One of these was during WWII. 

Any how, who is Oscar?  Was there an actual person that the award is named after?  Betty Davis claimed that the Oscar's likeness to her husband, Harmon Oscar Nelson, was to coincidental.  Due to the claims by Miss Davis that the Oscar was indeed the likeness of her husband columnist, Sidney Skolsky, nick named the statue as Oscar and it seems the moniker has stuck ever since.  

In hind sight I wouldn't have stayed up and watched the Academy Awards on Television last night.   Today I am dragging butt.  My tired's got the tireds.  However there where some interesting winners.  Jamie Lee Curtis, daughter of Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh, both nominated Oscar winners, finely won an Oscar for her supporting role in the Movie, "Everything Everywhere All At Once."  

I saw that film on HBO/MAX.  It was fantastic.  It called out to my teenage self and my love of the superhero.  That and the fact I am a huge Michelle Yeoh fan.  "Everything Everywhere All At Once" swept the Oscars winning 7 out of the 11 nominations that it got.  I was pleased.

What I wasn't so pleased about was that Angela Bassett did not get her Oscar for her supporting role as Queen Ramonda.  She lost to Jamie Lee Curtis.  So many really good movies with really good actors this year must have been a nightmare of choosing for the Academy.  

I must keep in mind we are talking about Hollywood.  Historically Hollywood has been one of the most political and possibly corrupt, "Governments" on the face of the planet, and we really don't know what goes into choosing a winner.  

So, who is this fellow anyways.  The individual that society has diafied and personified into the golden image of the modern god of entertainment.  It could be Harmon Oscar Nelson, we may never know.  Betty Davis could be chuckling from the beyond.  There is also the possibility that Oscar is just another alien in disguise.  Faceless and stoic.  

Peace and Balance,


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