Thursday, March 9, 2023

Because It's There.

 The reason given to the world by the initiated to climb mountains is, "Because it's there."  

There have been whole movements devoted to this phrase.  Whole cultures have grown from the loins of the initiate and the mountain.  As this experience can come as close to a pure sexual experience without actually colimiting the act, religions have grown from, "Because it's there."

The, "Because it's there" uniform is dependent upon the weather and circumstances of the initiate.  The farther north one travels the heavier the jacket, the farther south the more likely the trek might not involve any clothing at all.  "Because it's there."

Occasionally the world will call the Buddha, Shakyamuni.  Shakyamuni is the name of the goddess at the top of the Great Mountain in Nepal.  The top of the Himalaya.  So why do  we call him by the term of her? "Because it's there."

On the Great Plains of The United States, there is a mountain called Bald.  It is actually a butte, but the top exceeds the height of any eastern mountain. At the top of the Bald is a holy place to the Assiniboine, a place of contemplation and ritual lamentation.  When asked why he climbed to the top of such a place the Old Man just said, "Because it's there."

Agiachook means a place for the Old Man to sit.  Which he does, and he does it well.  The place he has been sitting for generations is a flat stone that has the impression of his seat forever etched into it.  "Because it's there."

At the top of these places the wind often blows.  The initiate will listen to the wind and exact answers to the mystical questions asked to no one, and all. "Because it's there."

Old men from many cultures will stand upon these rocks atop mountains each.  Some will face the wind and get great answers, some will turn and face away from the wind asking questions.  But, all of these initiated men, these wise Sayers of truth will all give the younger men the same sage advise. "When atop the Holy Mountains, when on high above all else, if you have to urinate, do not Face the Wind."  

"Because it's there."

Peace and Balance,



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