Tuesday, March 21, 2023



I wake pretty early in the morning.  Part of my morning ritual is to meander outside the house and gaze upon my yard and sky.  This morning, the beginning of the actual first full day of Spring, I heard some early spring sounds.  My big trees, I have a 150 foot White Pine, and an equally tall Black Silace, (Willow), were both slowly rocking and making those noises that only big trees make in Spring.  

If you listen real carefully you hear a creak that has a different pitch for each of the trees.  With a slight breeze the creak sounds almost like a barely audible sigh.  The type of sigh you get when you breath in deep some cool air and breath out in contented happiness.  My trees are waking up and singing to the sky.  

I watched the Sun peaking out from atop the ridge through the forest.  It is coming up at a slightly more North Easterly direction than it did a month ago, and the sky around it is taking on a lavender/purple hue.  A hue outlining the bright yellow of the rising sun.  This time of year is the only time of year for that color.  It too makes a sound of it's very own.  Barely perceptible, a low vibration can be felt and heard if your listening skills are honed.  That, and the trees are telling me the world is alive, the mother wakes.  

Being the good child of Mother Nature, I rejoice at the thought of the re-birth that is about to come upon us.  Regardless if you are prepared or not, this cycle will come and go as the World breaths itself in and out.  Spring has come.

Soon the weather will stabilize and the sun will be even higher in the sky.  It will take on a more orange hue and the glow will warm the land as it travels.  Spring in the valley transitions first, then the tops of the ridges wake.  Snows disappear and bears beginning wandering from their dens.   Cubs can be seen wrestling atop banks.  The season called Mud follows. 

This is my favorite time of year.  New life walks from East to West every day.  To look beyond is to look into the future.  Eagles fly and salmon spawn, the streams and lakes come to life.  The land breaths in and out preparing for the growth that will come.  

I notice to, that my own body starts to wake earlier and some of the aches and pains of age go away.  I love this time of year.  Spring...

Peace and Balance,