Wednesday, March 29, 2023


The text below is the product of this author's imagination and inquiry, and has no affiliation with any organization or government what so ever.   

Ancient Hindu text describes craft that fly, travel to the stars, and were used by Krishna, and Vishnu to defeat their enemies during the great war between Good, and Evil.  These flying machines are referenced in virtually every ancient text.  The study of these craft in Hindu lore is called, Vimana Shastra.  

Vimana Shastra is the ancient text that specifically describes the creation and operation of these craft.  One of the descriptions talks about a Mercury vortex drive that would give the vehicle the ability to fly invisibly, defy gravity, and travel at unbelievable speeds to and from different planets.  In the texts, many of which have not been translated to English, there is mention of these craft traveling from one plane of existence to another.  Giving them the power to travel beyond and through our reality.  

Shortly after July 1947, and even earlier, the United States began a huge upsurge in anti-gravitational research.  Some conspiracy theorists believe that during the 30's into the 40's and 50's there where several crashes of "Space" craft in different locations around the globe.  Many in the United States.  The theorists claim that our military collected these craft and began back engineering them eventually creating space craft of our very own, and even using intact ships themselves.  

Nazi Germany had a whole program depicted to the creation and eventual use of an anti-gravity ship to use in their war effort against the Alias during WWII.  They called this craft, "Die Glocke" (the Bell).  It was supposedly the product of the contact that Hitler had with aliens sharing technology.  Fortunately the war was already rolling to an end and the Alias defeated the Nazi's and Hitler committed suicide.  

During this period of time the United States had a classified project called, "Paper Clip", in which we bribed and assimilated the most gifted scientific minds of Germany at that time.  These were the scientists that were working on Die Glocke.  These included Verner Van Braun the scientist that we put in charge of the, "Manhattan Project", where we created the, "Bomb" our greatest mistake. 

Fast forward to today and we witness an uptake in UFO, IFO, UAP, and strange flying phenomena all over the globe.  SRB3, the Black Manta, a triangular shaped black craft that has been seen all over the planet, is an American created flying machine that uses a Mercury vortex drive (Anti-gravity) that was created in conjunction with stolen, found, and technologies from the Hindu text, the Vimanas.  

What our government is not telling us is that we have had Space traveling craft drifting throughout the solar system controlled by American pilots and crew, with shared technologies from many races of aliens that come from many worlds, different star systems, and realities, since possibly the 1940's or 50's.  

The question I have is, "What is the agenda of our Government in collaboration with these aliens?  Who are we, and who are they?"

Peace and Balance,


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