Wednesday, March 1, 2023

It's Only A Cold.

 It starts as a low rattle.  The rattle becomes a hoarse cough.  Then you stand up and the sneezes sneak up on you.  Now the sneezes never attack one at a time, but rather they come as a pack of wolves and wait till you're not expecting the onslaught.  Let loose the dogs of war, then the nose dribbles.  

Breathing becomes optional and the color blue a normal hue.  Shiva reborn, the destroyer walks and the body raises it's temperature to 104 Fahrenheit.  You turn around to see who's behind you, and the body begins to ache.  Not a real hurt pain, not the kind of pain that is easily ignored deadened with an Aspirin, the kind of pain that brings an almost tear to the eye and that knot in the jaw bubbles.  

A Native Grandma puts a poltus on your chest, an Irish Grand-mom gives you a two fingered shot of Whiskey.  That one endowed with multiple wisdoms uses both, and why not?  

There might be a moment when standing up becomes somewhat of a challenge.  The room spins, the ears ring and the floor may or may not come up to meet you at an accelerated rate.  If the circumstances are in your favor at those moments you are close enough to the porcelain throne to let the vomitus jet expel safely from the body.   If not, there will be a mess to deal with.  Eventually the sleeping allows you to catch it.  

The rising sun brings a promise of a new beginning.  Tea, honey, and lemon speak to you.  An aspirin fights the lingering aches and pains.  The body slowly wakes, coffee is in the cup and the morning routine awaits.  It is a new day.

Peace and Balance,