Monday, March 27, 2023

Set your Sails

 Human beings by nature are generally goodly, or godly beings.  When the chips are down and you have earned a certain amount of positive karma, people will step forward and offer you a hand up.  Sometimes we fall, sometimes our family falls.  When we or part of us falls I have noticed that the few goodly persons in our lives will take that step forward.  This small item in the life of one individual is one of the reasons I still have great faith in the positive attributes of the human being.  

It has been said that a small summer breeze can move a considerable ship.  When the sails are all in good shape and all the stitching is in the right places the breeze will carry you a long distance.  Look at those sails and the stitching as a collection of the positive and happy things that you have done or thought about others and those around you.  Our, "Sails" stay in good shape when we take the steps to keep your lives in good shape.  The stitching stays strong when we take the steps to repair wrongs we have unintentionally or intentionally done to our fellow human beings.  That's called doing the right thing. 

I come from a culture that has a reflection woven into our sails.  That is when a friend or family member looks at you sternly and says, "You've done a good thing, " doesn't necessarily mean you've actually done a good thing.  That is a polite way of saying, "Look around you.  You've caused something to happen that you're not aware of that has hurt someone."  

Generally there is a hard task in front of you to repair that thing.  If it's repairable it's good.  If not, you take it with you to work on after you are here.  Actions are Karma.  

However, I find Human Beings are by nature heart felt and caring creatures that will look out for one another and step up with that helping hand.  Put you back on your feet and point you in the right direction.  Even the statement, "You've done a good thing." is a way to point you in that direction.  

Kind influences Kind, and shedding the light makes it easier to see.

Peace and Balance,



  1. In general, people really want to be kind and good. It gives me hope.