Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Nothing Unreal Exists and Time Travel


Words have power speak wisely.  A thing that must be said should be thought through clearly and concisely.  Speak it directly, do not falter.

Thoughts are things.  Do not dwell on unreal subjects lest it becomes your dreams.  Your dreams should be clear and under your control.

Focus.  Look clearly and directly at the subject.  It could disappear.  

Nothing Unreal Exists.  If it doesn't exist it's not real.

Everything that occupies space has mass.  All mass is matter and all matter occupies space. The relationship with this space and mass we call gravity.  Another name for this relationship in space is Time.

The mass of a heavenly body creates a well.  This well is bent around the matter in that space.  At its center and the edge are different distances called time, the distance from one point to another in this well. 

Mind is the constant that binds all things together. Thoughts are things.

Focus clearly on a subject and it is real.

Words have power.  The vibrations harmonize the well and Travel Time.

Nothing Unreal Exists.  

Peace and Balance,


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  1. We are all speakers of spells. Be careful what you say.