Friday, June 30, 2023


 According to the "Book Of The Hopi" mankind is at the tail end of the Fourth World.  Each existence of man on Earth is suggested by a world of existence, and each world has met it's conclusion do to the transgressions of human kind and the lack of respect we have for nature and our mother the Earth.  

According to the "Book Of The Hopi" our technological advancement, the depletion of our spiritual values, and our embracing the values of the dark ones have degraded the existence of the Hopi, that's everyone, to an unrecognizable state.  We have become our own demons. 

After the Creation, human kind was protected by a race of beings the Hopi have called, "The Ant People".  The Ant People kept us healthy and protected underground while the world above finished it's growth period, and on the last days of that time freed us and let us loose on the surface of the world to grow, multiply, and be happy.  The Ant People also taught us how to live on the surface of the world in balance with the environment.  That didn't work out so well, at least three times before this period. 

Without getting to much into the prophecy of the Hopi, the signs written in the Book are the signs we see every day in the news, and the weather changing around us.  This time, this change, and our lack of respect for it and the environment the Hopi call, "Koyaanisqatsi:" Life out of Balance.  

In the Book Of The Hopi, the Last signs are Weather changes ending with the Red Snake traveling from West to East and our inability to stop it.  Red signifies Heat, Fire, and Disease.  The question is, Can we change the events or is this truly all part of the Plan as the Elders speak of?

Peace and Balance,


Thursday, June 29, 2023

My Toes Like To Be Free

 My toes like to be free

Free my toes like to be

Bare feet or sandals, but no flip flops allowed

My toes like to be free

When summer comes a message is sent

Shoes and boots are placed apart

from places that eyes and toes would go

Free my toes like to be

Grass is green and frolicking is seen 

as a way to explore the yard

My toes like to be free

In years past my feet were always bare

coverings would never dare

to dawn the surface of foot or pair

Free my toes like to be

The season has come

The fauna the flora have again called my name

My toes like to be Free.  

Peace and Balance,


Wednesday, June 28, 2023

The Hot Dog, Our National Obsession


This morning while I was meandering around in my little CRV pony I heard on the radio a show that was upholding the national obsession with the Hot Dog.  My radio is predominantly tuned into NPR, national public radio, as I find the NPR news team, and the programing to be top notch and entertaining.  As I'm an old fan of talk radio it fits my needs nicely.  While I was presumably paying attention to my driving, the host and her cohost were speaking to their personal taste of hot dog excellence.  

They started their show with a quip about Harry Callahan also known as Dirty Harry played by one of my favorite all time tough guys, Clint Eastwood.  In the Movie, "Dirty Harry" Harry is standing arm outstretched with a rather large hand cannon pointed at the bad guy as he's taking a bite from a hot dog.  The dog has ketchup on it.  Every one knows that Dirty Harry only eats his dog with mustard.  The look on his face was darn primeval as he says, "Ketchup, it's un-American to put Ketchup on a hot dog."  This started the host and her cohost listing off a rather lengthy, but tasty sounding discord about the different styles and recipes for the hot dog.  

Apparently a dog on a plain bun, steamed with only mustard is called a Chicago Hot Dog, or a Harry Callahan, or Dirty Harry.  All names fit that dog.  I admit, I like them that way, but I also like Ketchup on my dog, even mayo.  It's all yummy to me.  I am a fan of the hot dog.

During my listening and salivating, The host described what was considered the premier American dog, a fried hot dog wrapped in bacon.  That sounded almost unbelievable to my ears, so since I was on the way, I stopped in at Walmart and bought myself some dogs, bacon, buns, and something to wash it all down with.  Then I went home to try it out on the Mrs.  

I prepared 6 hot dogs wrapping each individually in a piece of bacon and pining the bacon in place with a tooth pick.  Then I buttered up the grill and toasted 6 hot dog buns until they were all golden toasty.  I put them aside and turned the oven on 350 degrees.  I then placed the dogs on the griddle and fried them up to near perfection, each it's own delicious looking crispy bacon coating.  I then put some mustard into each of the buns followed by the bacon wrapped dogs, topped off with a piece of Cooper American Sharp cheese.  These I place on a backing sheet and placed them in the oven for 10 minutes.  This melted the cheese and brought the dog temperature to a uniform heat.  They were ready to serve.  

Served with a handful of backed chips, lunch commenced.  It was heavenly.  She ate one and I ate five.  Then I made her some Strawberry Shortcake for desert.  I abstained.  Lunch over and cleanup done, the only thing left to do was sit and let it settle.  I think I'll re-name this dog the, "American Heart Attack" Hot Dog ready to sell in any ball park in the country.  

Peace and Balance,


Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Merlin's Charm Of Making

Merlin's Charm of Making was in old Gaelic: An'al nathrach, Orth' bh'ais's bethad, do ch'el d'enmha.  In modern Irish: Anal nathrach Ortha bhais is beatha, do cheal deanaimh.  Not pronounced as it is written.  In English it is translated to: Serpents breath, Charm of death and life, thy omen of making.  Merlin was the son of Queen Mab, an ancient name of the Earth Mother in Celtic mythology.  Queen Mab conjured Merlin up from her union with a sky Dragon using the old ways on the eve of the Christian invasion of the Misty Isles.   Merlin was the male heir for the throne of Tir Nan Og, the land of the fiery, his mother's kingdom.  This was all before Merlin rejected his upbringing and said, "No!" to the idea of taking the throne in order to save the old ways, enraging his mother, Mab.  He spent the rest of his life with humans, teaching, guiding, and bringing in the new Majick to the world.  

Merlin was a dragon and already a thousand years old before he met the young Arthur in the Forest of Broceliande, commonly know as Du Lac, the lake.  The majickal forest surrounded a great lake at it's center.  This forest was a creation of the forces of nature that Merlin had mastered over the thousand years he was residing in it.  Merlin and the land are one. 

Merlin's Charm of Making are responsible for first the lake and then the forest.  At the center of the lake lives Merlin's wife, Queen Mab's daughter, Nimue' also known as Viviane.  The relationship is that of majickal creatures and should not be analyzed to closely as both are the son's and daughters of the same mother, Mab.  In the ancient tongue Mab is another name for the Earth.  

For a thousand years Merlin and Nimue' lived in peace and created the surface of the world readying for the appearance of the New King of Light.  Some would say they were waiting for the Christ Jesus.  No, they were waiting for the child Arthur Uther PenDragon, son of Uther the King and Igraine.  Igraine is supposedly the physical incarnation of Queen Mab herself.  Mab created Merlin in Tir Nan Og, and Arthur on the surface of the Earth, Mab.  Merlin and Arthur are brothers.  Merlin the Dragon, and Arthur the Man.  A new way had begun.  

Merlin's Charm of Making I will attempt at writing a phonic translation:  Annal  Nathrock Oothvas bethuud Daffiel Deennvay.  This is a proper pronunciation for the Gaelic written in the above paragraphs.  Which means roughly, not directly: Through the Breath of the Dragon I move Death and Life my Omen of Creation.  From Merlin, Myrdrynn the Wizard son of Mab the Earth.  

The things you learn as a child from your father. 

Peace and Balance,


Monday, June 26, 2023

The Fridge Beast


Today I stared straight into the eyes of the unknown and jumped head first into a project that had been ignored for apparently longer than I originally thought.  I decided to clean out my refrigerator.  I once worked in a profession where yucky and gooey was part of the regular daily goings on, where smells, and vial odors are all part of the job. Fortunately the mistake made by one of my supervisors made my nose a poor smeller of bad smells.  

The story goes, as part of my last job while employed by The United States Air Force, I would inspect and run tests on lifts stations, well heads, the base water and waste plants, and do all field testing of "Classified Stamp Here." flight line waste.  Any who, I was doing my duties and crossed the flight line on the air base.  The flight line includes the runway and taxiway.  Heading toward the main water pumping station called Hazen at Pease AFB.  Red light blinking and proper introductions and intentions made to the Tower I arrived at the well house.  Out of my little blue Ford I go and unlocked the door.  Two steps into the building  and I woke up in the base hospital with an O2 rig attached to my face with several lines sticking out of my arms.  My partner drug me out of the building and rushed me to the hospital ER.  Apparently my supervisor did not seal the Chlorine cylinder head correctly with a lead washer and Chlorine gas leaked all over the inside of the building.  The read claxon light and alarm was not functioning, so I had no warning.  Ever since then my sniffer has been off.  It works, just not like it did prior to the accident.  Any ways...

Today, I jumped head long into my fridge.  As I write this I'm still working on the project.  It's almost done, and the worst looking things are cleaned out, but man, I think I'll keep on top of that stuff from now on.  Now I know the true meaning of mystery meat and that if it growls when you poke it make sure it's dead before proceeding.  At heart I am a tad bit of a Klingon, just not into eating things I can't quite identify.  

So, All's good now and the beast is clean and ready to operate of it's fullest abilities.  So, take my advice, if your wife tells you something is off in the fridge even if you can't smell it, clean it.  No good ever came from creating a universe of mystery meats.  

Peace and Balance,


Sunday, June 25, 2023

Zepparella Dazed and Confused

This is excellent stuff.  I am impressed...

Peace and Balance,

Saturday, June 24, 2023

The Spoils of War.

 It's seems that the Wagner paramilitary group has turned on their masters.  Two generals have been nipping at each other's heals about differences in leadership, lacking ammunition, no reinforcement, and many other shared atrocities.  Wagner has turned and bit back, and are pushing on to Moscow.  Will they get there?  Only time will tell.  Apparently the regular Russian army isn't doing as well against the Wagner group as they bragged they would.  Russian military practices include many versions of the same lie to cover up what is actually happening behind the lines.  

War crimes are interesting, generally the spoils go to the victors.  In the past if a government was guilty of evil doings, if that government came out on top of the war then there are no more war crimes.  However today the rest of the world is watching and judging.  Both entities, the Russian regulars, and Wagner, are guilty of executing some pretty heinous crimes upon the Ukrainian people.  It will be interesting to see how this works out towards the end of the war.  

In the meantime we will continue to pray for Ukraine and hope that they get the aid needed to be victorious in this struggle, and that they will come out of it stronger and a better unified nation than they already are.  Possibly even as members of NATO, in this way unified we stand and Evil will never prevail.

80 years ago a very similar war was being played out.  The Allies were victorious and overcame the Nazi horde.  Today we have Vladimir Putin and his re-emergence of Soviet ideals and a new Evil has emerged.  Those that ignore the lessons of the past will suffer the pains of their ignorance.  How many times must the world fight this war before we learn?

Peace and Balance,


Friday, June 23, 2023

The Power of Choice

 We all make choices in life.  We decide to pay bills, or not. We decide to be social, or not.  We decide to eat healthy, or not.  We decide to be good people, or not.  All products of choices made through rational, or not, thought.  Laying all judgements and opinions aside of what is right or wrong, choices made. 

There are those folks who hold on tight to things, they never let them go.  Things that would do them far less harm if they let them go and forgot about them in the long run.  After all it is only the product of making rational choices about letting go of these hurtful things.  Choices in all manners of subjects without judgement or opinion.

Because of pretraining by those individuals who have been infected by the weight of judgement or opinion many children never escape the trap of deciding what is right or wrong from the opinions and judgements of the infected ones and never evolve beyond that pretraining. These people are lost to the machine.  If children grow without the infection and pretraining of judgement and opinion then they are free to grow with the ability to form rational decisions and make their own judgements and opinions based on the power of logic.

Logic is a interesting thing.  It is both a trained ability and something that grows within a child naturally if left alone to develop.  Again free from the infection of the past.  Letting go can be liberating.  How we let go is a choice.  

Classical training tells us as we learn that there are two diametrically opposing forces, Good and Evil. I propose instead that there are many more forces in nature, Good, Evil, and the choices we make blending the many shades of grey together, through the power of Choice.  Letting some go, hanging on to others creates the personality of the child and develops the adult.  Through the Universal Law of Choice.  What will your choices bring?

Peace and Balance,



Thursday, June 22, 2023

Wine Master


Many years ago, more than I care to admit, I had a friend that was a Wine Master from the California Wine Valley.  He gave occasional classes in wine tasting, recognition, and how to determine the quality of the wine and what to drink with which meal etc.  I really liked this time.  I learned allot about some of the mucky muck stuff that rich folk know.  It was fulfilling.  

Today I don't drink, but I can still look at the color of a wine and determine what the quality is and what possible name should be on the label.  On some of the cooking shows I watch there is the occasional glass of Chardonnay, or Merlot that is passed off as being a Cabernet, or Lambrusco.  Because of the fancy big screen HD televisions we have access to today it is easier to look and say, "Hey these guys are lying to us and faking their wine, what an ultra maroon."  

Just for your personal information, if you look at the TV screen and see a purplish ting to the glass that shines a darker light through it, that's a Merlot.  So, if they try to tell you it's a French label wine, they are telling you alcoholic fibs, for shame.  

Many years ago, my friend gave me a few wine skills in return for conversation and some Taiji exchange, occasionally I think of him and realize, yes the best wines in the world come from, The West Coast.

Peace and Balance,


Wednesday, June 21, 2023

After The Boot To The Head.


I grew up learning a skill that has developed a certain amount of concentration and focus.  I have the ability to put my mind in areas on my body that Eastern philosophers have given special significance to.  I can focus my personal energies on one specific area at a time.  For instance I can concentrate upon my navel and my mind will be at my navel.  I can also focus upon my solar plexus, my heart, any area I want to travel within my body.  This practiced ability has taught me how to breath, relax, and not take to many things super seriously.  It's either that practice, or I've been kicked in the head more than a respectable amount of times.  I suppose one enhances the other.

It's my opinion that folks in general would benefit greatly from a practice that enhances their focus and concentration.  If people in general learned the skill of concentration and focus there may be less chaos, and possibly the nations of the world would spend more time looking inwardly towards their citizens rather than outwardly at  circumstances not agreed with from another nation or neighbor.  The results of bias and prejudice.   

You See, the Center of All Things, the Beginnings and Endings of Everything resides at the Center of All sentient beings.  When we learn the tools and focus our concentration upon that point, within and without, all will be known, eliminating the need to exploit, manipulate, or control anyone other than ourselves.  After all, You are the Center of The Universe.

Peace and Balance,


Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Summer 2023

 It's summer 2023 and today I drove my lawn tractor around the yard creating patterns of green and gold in circular swirls at different intervals.  My yard is not a level yard.  It has hidden within it many dips and drops that makes artistic lawn work interesting.  Amongst the green of my lawn there is the New England Rock Garden that grows and changes it's face with each winters expansion and contraction.  Every spring I begin walking the yard, and into the summer I inspect then begin the process of molding the yard to make driving the tractor a productive and safe affair. Yard rocks are sacred things. Driving over one and scarring it destroys the looks of the yard and wrecks the deck on the mower.  Knowing where the rocks are and how to avoid them is the best preventative medicine for good yard maintenance.  

Summer 2023 and I'm still waiting for my flying car.  They've developed robot technologies to mow our lawns, why not my flying car?  That whole fiasco with the Jetson's when I was a kid was just a tease to get the imagination flowing from a group of unsettled teens.  Now that we all expect our flying vehicles they pull the rug right out from underneath our feet.  Robot mowers and no flying car, even the Tesla doesn't fly.  Musk is part of the conspiracy.  How bout a flying lawn mower.  I rather enjoy driving my little tractor, why not fly one.  It wouldn't have a problem with rocks, it would glide over them.  The thought is so incredible that the anticipation is down right unbelievable. 

Summer 2023 and I'm only working one day per week till school starts again.  The thought of all this extra time has my head spinning.  What shall I do.  Not a dang thing!  That's the first thought. Let's hope the weather agrees with all.

Peace and Balance,


Monday, June 19, 2023

Caught Watching Chuck.


I decided to take an afternoon and clean my kitchen.  I know that should sound like a normal thing for folks to do, but when your life doesn't afford you extra time to do menial chores, little things like that get forgotten.  That's code for ignored.  Years later and discoveries are made.  Not quite the kind that you'd want to find, however a lesson was hidden in there somewhere. A sticky, smelly, unrecognizable lesson.  Now I just made myself sound terrible, and I am.

While I was doing my diligence I came into the big room to check on my dear wife.  She, uncharacteristically was watching old reruns of, "Walker Texas Ranger" on Roku.  I think she's got a thing for Chuck Norris.  I just don't have the heart to tell her that he's 83 years old now and half of his former self.  Admittedly Master Norris is still kicking ass at 83, a long term goal of mine being a old fashioned sort of Martial guy myself.  I've admired Chuck since I saw his first movie, "Good Guys Wear Black", and later watched video clips of his fighting and training techniques.  He is a true icon of the Martial Arts.

Like I said I found Mona watching, "Walker..."  I find this humorous.  She claims she put it on because I like Chuck, but I was in the other room cleaning the kitchen.  I do admit however, that I indeed enjoy, "Walker Texas Ranger" due to the old western cowboy appeal of "kick ass", and the old eastern Kung Fu appeal of "kick ass."  Sort of has a common theme there doesn't it?  

Kick Ass is at the heart of every red blooded American Kid, of which I am and will remain for a lifetime.  I refuse to let go of my childness.  After all, it's a hell of a lot of fun.  So for all who watch old Chuck Norris, like Mona and I, enjoy the old fashioned Kick Ass American programing you might see some real good old fashioned technique, and old Western entertainment.

After all, you know when Chuck Norris is in the jungle because all the tigers are hiding atop the trees. 

Peace and Balance,


Saturday, June 17, 2023

Beige Flags.


While in the shower this morning and listening to NPR, (National Public Radio), Yes I listen to NPR while in the shower.  Don't judge.  I was listening to the comedic news game show, "Wait, wait don't tell me."  Some of of the readers might be familiar, where the show's host, Peter Seagal and his voice from the wings, Bill Kurtis, along with a panel of comedic guests try to stump, confuse, overwhelm, and entertain a call in listener, and a weekly celebrity guest on reworked versions of current domestic and world news.  I like the show because of it's comedy, and that the stories in the news are real stories with just a enough of twist to make the listener chuckle and sharpen a point on the current news.  

Any who, while listening to this mornings show I was introduced to a new slang term that made me stop and go, "What the ....?"  We of the respectable age will remember that when a friend or even you says, "That sends up a Red Flag" for me, is telling you that there is something afoul lurking about.  That something is not quite as it should be, an untruth is poking it's proverbial head into your space, and many other things not quite right.  The Red Flag is, or was that sign that you should beware.  

This morning however I heard a new term that made me just a tad queasy, The Beige Flag.  At first I just sort of stopped in mid shampoo and said to myself, "Did I hear that right or is the water splashing in my ears obstructing my hearing?"  No, I heard that, "Beige Flag."

To me beige is a color that tip toes around looking very similar to baby poop.  Depending on what the child has eaten.  I suppose calling it a Baby Poop Flag wouldn't give it quite the appeal that a Beige Flag does, but still. "What the ....?"  

The Beige Flag is the new Red Flag. So what happens when we respectable people use the term, "Red Flag"?  Are the youth of the world going to understand us or just stare blankly into our eyes like we've traveled south with the Gravy Train?  One may never know.  

Then again, I rather enjoy making young'uns uncomfortable.  That's my job.  

Peace and Balance,


Friday, June 16, 2023

Thursday, June 15, 2023

Global Truth


Eye's to the sky, as they say.  Don't miss the incoming.  The question is, "Incoming what?"  According to Dr. Steven Greer and his panel, we might just have a lot more to look at flying over head.  As disclosure begins and the light is being shed on the subjects of UFO's, UAP's, USO's, and other exotic technologies, we might have cousins from other places, spaces, and time visiting on a regular basis.  

History is a strange thing.  It is written by the victors of whatever skirmish has taken place in that geographical area.  It is also manipulated by those same victors.  First we change history to hide the truth from the prying eyes of foreign entities.  Then we change history to hide the truth of events from our own citizens.  The later usually happens when the government gets to the point where there is no one else from outside looking in and starts covering up things from internal sources.  These are usually called conspiracies.  The longer conspiracies live the more teeth they develop and are taken for granted as truth.  Usually they are projected smoke screens to take the attention of the people away from the actual truth, which can be much stranger than the fiction  

Depending upon how important it is for the government to keep these secrets depends on how much security is required to keep them.  This could include some pretty heinous acts projected on the people by the government, up to and including death. 

Eisenhower said that an informed population is required to keep it's government honest and transparent.  Unfortunately this is not how it works out.  If it did we would indeed be the most powerful people on the planet, not the most paranoid.  That is a title we share with both the Russians and the Chinese.  This paranoia fuels and is the catalyst for the many versions of a Cold War we have been undergoing since the late 1940's.  Nuclear weapons, Trade Secrets, Space Race, Computer Technologies, Artificial Intelligence, and now, Aliens in our back yards.  When is the Truth going to be spoken, and when is the killing going to stop?

Dr. Michio Kaku, occasionally talks about the existence of Super Governments on levels outside of our understanding.  That these governments are what we lower level folk would call Demi gods etc.  It turns out that these Governments are instead illegal Black Budget projects that have been thwarting and extorting monies away from our Democratic Republic for generations, and that these Projects are the ones responsible for keeping the secrets that many citizens have died trying to shed light upon, and that this is a world wide pandemic.  There are Illegal Black Budget Projects all over the globe.  

Cover up is a terrible declaration.  It declares that the ones that are supposed to be looking over us and out for our well being and nurture our development as nations have been lying to us to hold onto an agenda all of Their own.  This could be by some, considered the epidemy of Evil.  That would mean we've been living in the Devil's house and it's time to be free.

I remember the promise.  It was bold and wise.  It would give us each a piece of Heaven, be it within, or without.  I remember that muse, and want my Flying Car.

Peace and Balance,



Wednesday, June 14, 2023


 Sometimes you just have to shut up and listen.  Occasionally things happen around you that are entertaining, humorous, and fantastic.  Often all at one time.  If you are jibber jabbing, much like some of the teenagers I work with every day, you'll miss the funny hidden in the mix. I am a professional watcher and taker of information.  Things happen and I record and report the "intelligence" if deemed necessary for a positive outcome for students and staff alike.  I notice things, good, bad, and even ugly.  Sounds like a perfect movie title doesn't it? 

However, sometimes you just need to shut up and listen.  I've used those words with students, both children and adults.  In the past it was received in a more positive light and the advice for the most part was accepted and practiced.  Today, I receive the  scorned look of shame.  The students, mostly the younger crowd because the older ones are in that generation, stare blankly at me not believing I've just uttered the forbidden, "Shut Up and Listen." advice.  

People wonder what I'm smiling at all the time.  They don't realize internally I'm laughing hysterically at them or in their general directions.  Most people today haven't learned the skill of listening and watching.  Silence is a powerful tool.  If used correctly it can become a huge informational, "intelligence"  gathering skill that will inform and teach the practitioner unlimited amounts of information on just about everything necessary for proper human development.  Remember the old adage, "Silence is Golden."  Well there ya go.

Simon and Garfunkel, in 1964 recorded a song, "The Sound Of Silence." "Hello darkness my old friend..."  Listen, Learn, and gain superior Advise from the listening. The sound of silence can liberate you.  Practice and maybe like Paul Simon, you'll see the truth in the Darkness.

Peace and Balance,


Tuesday, June 13, 2023

School's Almost Out For Summer.


Just 4 more days before we set the students of the Berlin School system free to roam the fields of Summer.  A short while for the staff to be free as well and begin the arduous task of recharging, healing, and shaking off the scars of school year 2022-2023.  I look at the dates and can hardly believe my eyes.  Ye-gads where has the time gone?

I have the urge to look into the mirror.  "Who the hell are you?", I ask.  There is no answer, only a silent sentinel staring back at me with the same questioning look upon his face.  That fellow on the other side looks an awful lot like my grandfather, Heaven forbid.

4 more days and the world will feel the wrath of my lawn tractor.  The weed wacker  will wack and the rocks will adorn the yard with their ever presence.  There will be some balance in the world.  At this time I'm sure I can hear cockatoos and monkeys when I walk into my yard.  It is a surreal experience.

"School is almost out for Summer."  This will be my mantra for at least the next couple of days.  Then freedom will breath upon me and I shall forget about the confines of the brick building, at least until the end of August.  By then the batteries should be marginally recharged and the smile upon my face might be genuine.  

Peace and Balance,


Monday, June 12, 2023



This past year has seen it's fare amount of political change.  One being the bill passed for congress to allocate a certain amount of funds into the infrastructure of our Great Nation.  Here in New Hampshire and in neighboring Vermont, it became very apparent that the funds are being used as a trip South down route 91 showed me just about  every bridge on that highway is being repaired.  Although I did drive over a rather large hole in one that was not under construction.  

Early this morning on ABC News, that is my usual wake up show, was a story about a  fuel tanker that crashed and exploded on Interstate 95 just south of Pennsylvania.  Both sides of the highway collapsed and apparently will not be repaired for quite a few months.  This is a very good example of "to late to little" as far as repairs to the bridges are concerned.  

Our infrastructure has been in terrible states for many years now.  Highways, roadways, waterways, and general structures, haven't seen repair since they where put into place right at the end of FDR's administration, then later with Eisenhower's administration.  For the later that is almost 70 years or more, and with FDR a little over 80 years.  We built them and patched in places occasionally as funds came, but for the majority of infrastructure no repairs have ever been made.   This is a formula for internal calamity. 

It's a fact that if these things are left alone Mother Nature will reclaim the land and our small attempts at conquering her will end in inevitable defeat.  Humans always try to change things in order to fit those things into our minor understandings.  Usually our attempts at changing things turns out futile.  However, a minor amount of care and focus occasionally thrown into the mix goes a long way of holding off the inevitable.  Is it to late for us to learn that lesson, or are we forever locked in a battle of procrastination?  

Peace and Balance,


Sunday, June 11, 2023

Disclosure Begins.


Five days ago a former Intelligence officer working for the DOD, Department of Defense, David Grusch blew the whistle on the United States Military's withholding the facts about our involvement with and custody of at least 12 alien space craft from other than Human origins.  After leaving his post in April, Mr Grusch blew the whistle.  He claims that the United States has had in it's possession possibly more that 12 retrieved space craft some of which are operational.  His interview can be seen on YouTube so I'm not going to rewrite what the reader can go find themselves.  

There was some speculation that Mr. Grusch was a ploy, a tool being used to spread disinformation.  However, Johnathon Grey, a current Intelligence officer at the National Air and Space Intelligence Center, (NASIC), confirmed the existence of what the Agency calls Exotic Materials.  He further stated that, "The non-human intelligence phenomenon is real, We are not alone."  And that this is a global phenomena. 

It seems that after so many years of coverups and misleading stories and phony news, the truth is about to be presented to us and the rest of the world.  My Question is a simple one, "Should we welcome the new visitors, or should we be running and hiding under our beds?"  It seems the monsters have come home.

Peace and Balance,


Saturday, June 10, 2023

Martial Entropy


This is the formula for Entropy.  Where S is Entropy, kb is the Boltzmann constant, 1n is the natural logarithm, and Omega is the number of microcosmic configurations or mutations involved in the mix.  Entropy is the natural decay in any system that progresses over a period of time.  In physics it is a bleeding of power or drop in mechanical productivity. In Biology it is the physical decay and deterioration of matter after the living processes are finished.  In Astronomy it is the slow death in the life cycle of a Planet, Star, or Galaxy in an ever folding Space.  In Psychology Entropy is the cognitive decline in the thinking processes of the human brain.  That slow dive into madness.

To a Martial Artist Entropy is the slow deterioration when the artist stops practicing and loses the technical skills and understanding of those skills over a long period of time.  Entropy is also the decline of certain skill and ability due to age, illness, and injury that the artist has succumbed to over a lifetime of practice. 

Entropy can also be considered the supreme challenge of the aging artist.  Fighting the forces of nature with every practice session, every moment of quietness, every time the artist engages the body/ mind connection and goes beyond those forces that quietly and coldly try to hold him/her down.  

The Master of physical awareness  be he/she a Yogi, Gymnast, or Martial Artist, after attaining that level of self awareness, spends a lifetime fighting this quiet foe, Entropy.  When other's notice in he/she that this battle is being won, that the Artist is excelling despite these obstacles, calls Him/Her Master and ask to be taught the Secrets learned over a lifetime of practice.  

The Master then waits, before answering, for signs of Humility...

Peace and Balance,


Friday, June 9, 2023

Donald J. Trump, "The Manchurian Candidate?"


Donald J. Trump, former commander and chief of the United States, has been formally charged with 7 counts of obstruction of justice, misappropriation of federal documents, and one federal charge of espionage.  Espionage is a big thing, that usually translates as, "Spy."

For quite a few years now I've been asking the question, "What would happen if we found out that the President of The United States is indeed a Spy for another government or entity, and that he was guilty of hand delivering information about our government and technologies to that entity or government?"

Sounds like an old story proposed by Richard Condon in 1959 called "The Manchurian Candidate."  A very good Spy novel, but spooky as Hell.  I've always wondered what would happen?

Enter the stage one Donald J. Trump, a man who has a personal relationship with the Supreme Commander of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, and owns a luxury hotel right outside the capital city of Moscow.  Trump has uncomfortable ties with a governmental entity at the level of a good old fashioned Conspiracy Theory.  Of course this is old news, but the man who is responsible for the insurrection of January 6th is again beginning his run for the 2024 presidential race, and has recently been charged.  There's something fowl smelling is in the state of Denmark.

Is it possible that my concerns are correct, is the Donald actually a foreign Spy?   Time and the investigation will only know at this point.  As for me, I'm voting for the other guy.

Peace and Balance,


Thursday, June 8, 2023

Lessons In Compassion


As human beings we are occasionally presented with life lessons that will either test us or teach us.  One of these lessons is the ability to truly care for another individual.  As we get older we'll go through stages of development where we are in charge, we help those that need helping, and we are the one's needing assistance.  I'm at the stage in my life where I am the individual in the family that is caring for the love of my life.

Caregiver is a term that gets thrown around by bureaucrats needing a word to put down on a piece of paper about the relationship between one individual and another who is in need.  It is a poor word used when a spouse is in need and the care is given by the other person in his/her life.  The proper word is, loved one.  

I am the Care Giver for my Loved One.  I have been in that position for a number of years and accept it as part of the promise we made to each other many years ago after engaging in our lives together.  When people ask me how I'm feeling about caring for my wife I first give them a scornful look and tell them that there is no other place I would rather be.  Caring for my wife has become one of the great joys of my life.  I am learning so much about her, so much about myself, and so much about humanity, there is no question about this task, this lesson of life and Love. 

Human beings are the greatest creation yet made on this planet.  We stretch from both the negative poles to the positive poles.  Some learn these living lessons honorably and express tolerance, wisdom, compassion, and love.  Other's learn these lessons and express in terms diametrically opposed to the former.  That is ok too.  We will all Learn These Lessons eventually at different stages of our development.  Call is Life.

Lessons in Living come and go.  Some build and some destroy.  In the End there is only the One.

Peace and Balance,


Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Who Are The Aliens?


We human beings are curious creatures.  If we see things we don't understand we tend to wander over to take a gander at it and poke at it until it either bites us or whimpers and goes away.  Who's to say there aren't other curious critters wandering our multiverse just as willing to poke and prod us until we are the ones who bite or wander off whimpering.  

I remember reading about the events of July 1947 when there was an interesting something that crashed in the desert right outside Roswell NM.  Just like the curious folk we are our, green clad citizens hurried out to the crash site in jeeps and helicopters to poke at it.  What we found was fantastic.  

There was indeed a crashed thing and some wandering around little lost fellows.  The fellow clad in green picked the lost little fellows up and hurried them off to Roswell Airfield then to the future Wright Patterson Air Force Base, which is now the Headquarters of the US Space Command, to poke, prod, question, and further irritated the little lost fellows.  Now think about this for a moment, these little guys came here from somewhere out there in a ship that we had not the tools or understanding to fathom.  Should we be prodding these fellows?  That may have been a large mistake.

When we are children in the summer time we often do foolish things.  Things like taking a magnifying glass and burning ants and other innocent insects that are presumably minding their own business.  We, ourselves may be as far removed from the lost little fellows as we are from the ants we burned in childhood, but in the other direction.  Is it a good idea to poke and prod these guys?  Maybe not.  I occasionally look up to make sure I'm not accidentally standing under a large magnifying lens.  That whole prospect bothers me just a bit.

In recent years much more information has been coming to light about many races of these not so lost little and not so little fellows.  Some of these guys are friends, some aren't.  Pay attention to the news, there rarely goes a day or two without hearing and seeing something more of these guys flying around our space.  Who's poking and prodding whom now?  Just ask the cows. 

Maybe we should reach out a hand and accept things as they are, and hope we aren't the ants.

Peace and Balance,


Monday, June 5, 2023

The Mountain

Apex, Top, Peak, when we Summit a Mountain every step counts.  One foot in front of the other is the always mantra of the climber and seeker of higher things.  On the Summit of all treks of wonder the Seeker can see out in a 360 degree orbit to all things within his/her influence.  The Trekker, who travels to all new things becomes a Seeker of truth. Atop the Summit reveals all real things and Enlightens the Seer.

While standing at the Top the Seeker often forgets to continue to look up and instead looks down.  This is usually the first mistake before the Fall.  The Seer starts thinking to him/herself, "I'm it man, I'm the Thing, nothing is Higher than I Am."  Then a cloud catches the attention, or a bird poops on His head, what ever the cause a Wrong Step is taken and the Trekker, the Seeker of all High things, complete with His/Her mantra, falls to Earth is a Fiery Blaze of Shame.

We've all heard This Story before.  Seeker climbs to Top.  Seeker gets to Top.  Seeker think He Is Top.  It hits the fan.  Seeker Falls in a Fiery Blaze.  As the Climber Falls his/ her eyes gaze Heavenward and whilst Falling Sees what Should have been Seen in the First Place.  "Damnit!", He says.

The Mountain Obliges and Enlightens the Fallen Foe.  Forever He/ She is now left to Gaze at the Top from the Bottom, and the Mountain Remains Still.

Peace and Balance,

Sunday, June 4, 2023

Little Feat - Dixie Chicken (with Emmylou Harris & Bonnie Raitt) Live 19...

Little Feet was the Band's band.  This is the band that other groups listened to.


Peace and Balance,

Friday, June 2, 2023



Every morning Wi wakes and rises high in the Eastern Sky and wakes Tunkasila (Grandfather) Yappa, and the Eastern wind begins to blow.  Tunkasila Yappa walks West and South to bring the message of Wi to Tunkasila Okaga and the Southern winds wake, bringing life to people.  Tukasila Okaga walks North and West and finds Tukasila Io the terrifying Unknown and the West winds howl. Tunkasila Io walks North and East to find Tunkasila Waziyatta quietly resting on his blanket of snow.  Tunkasila Waziyatta looks up and gazes South to the Center of all things and the North Winds Blow.  In the Center of all things, the Center of Creation rising from the Rainbow Tipi is the youngest Tunkasila Yummani (Umi) the Twister. Chaos forms and in it's center stands the creation of all the divine Tunkasila (Grandfathers) Human Kind. HO.  All these together are the reflections of the Great Spirit Grandfather, Wakan Tanka Tunkasila. 

The Inipi or Sweat Lodge is the first of the 7 sacred rites of the people.  The Inipi represents the Womb of the Great Mother Earth giving birth to all living things.  Ina Mahka, (Mother Earth) is the great wheel of creation that gives rise to the Great Grandfathers of all direction, the Four Winds (Topa Tate).  The Inipi is the place where our prayers are heard, our cries are listened to, and we are nurtured by our Mother the Earth.  

We enter and exit from the East, Yappa. The path from the sacred Fire pit (Iktu), that sits just to the right at the end of the path for the opening to the lodge.  This is the bringer and sender of prayers from the Mother to the Great Spirit, Wakan Tanka Tunkasila.  

Many years ago I and some like minded individuals had a working Inipi on a friends property.  I would conduct a minor ceremony for the folks who were willing to sacrifice their comfort for the rite.  It was a good way to commune with nature and other human beings in a way that is sacred and creates the kinds of memories one never forgets.  It's good for the soul. 

The Inipi is the Sacred Rite that with the Chununpa, (Sacred Pipe) precedes all other Rites and Ceremonies.   It is the Mother that cleanses and nurtures the soul, our true selves.  

Peace and Balance,


Thursday, June 1, 2023

Senior Skip Day

 Today is what the Seniors at our school call, "Senior Skip Day."  That is that the entire Senior class is expected to play hooky from school.  Regardless of how many threats of failing, losing perfect attendance, having parents called, and possible public flogging upon return to school, the Seniors are indeed not here.  

When I was a hatchling preparing to expose myself to the realities of the world, I don't ever remember enjoying such a privilege as, "Senior Skip Day."  I'm feeling somewhat left out.  Did a whole generation of Seniors, that is old folks, such as myself miss out on, "Senior Skip Day", or did I just miss the memo while I was in the educational egg?  

I must admit that I graduated High School long enough ago that Dino of the "Flintstones" was a possible choice for a household pet.  That means I'm just a bit dustier around the gills than most of the teaching staff here in Berlin.  Still, where are those little rats?

I should have known, while I was at the store yesterday after school I met one of these buggers with his mother doing their shopping thing.  He challenged me to a rematch chess game.  The day before we had a fantastic battle that lasted almost 90 minutes.  He won, so I was looking forward to  another go at it.  I've been playing the game forever and had a devious plan, it would have been glorious.  But, He's not here, the Ratfink.

Fortunately planning lessons for the Senior Class is just about done.  There really is nothing left for them to do besides Graduate and get the snots out of here.  Thank God...  Now that I am a real dust and arthritis filled Senior, Maybe I'll skip a day too.

Peace and Balance,