Thursday, June 1, 2023

Senior Skip Day

 Today is what the Seniors at our school call, "Senior Skip Day."  That is that the entire Senior class is expected to play hooky from school.  Regardless of how many threats of failing, losing perfect attendance, having parents called, and possible public flogging upon return to school, the Seniors are indeed not here.  

When I was a hatchling preparing to expose myself to the realities of the world, I don't ever remember enjoying such a privilege as, "Senior Skip Day."  I'm feeling somewhat left out.  Did a whole generation of Seniors, that is old folks, such as myself miss out on, "Senior Skip Day", or did I just miss the memo while I was in the educational egg?  

I must admit that I graduated High School long enough ago that Dino of the "Flintstones" was a possible choice for a household pet.  That means I'm just a bit dustier around the gills than most of the teaching staff here in Berlin.  Still, where are those little rats?

I should have known, while I was at the store yesterday after school I met one of these buggers with his mother doing their shopping thing.  He challenged me to a rematch chess game.  The day before we had a fantastic battle that lasted almost 90 minutes.  He won, so I was looking forward to  another go at it.  I've been playing the game forever and had a devious plan, it would have been glorious.  But, He's not here, the Ratfink.

Fortunately planning lessons for the Senior Class is just about done.  There really is nothing left for them to do besides Graduate and get the snots out of here.  Thank God...  Now that I am a real dust and arthritis filled Senior, Maybe I'll skip a day too.

Peace and Balance,



  1. It goes way back to when I was there. Had a great adventure with a friend involving a hobo musician and the Canadian border. Well worth skipping school for.

    1. We didn't have that in MT. Back then we only had two scheduled vacations during the school year, Christmas, which was actually a good two full weeks, and Summer, that lasted from the beginning of June through Fair time at the end of August. Doesn't include the beginning of the Football season. We had a good month of pain before the season started.