Monday, June 19, 2023

Caught Watching Chuck.


I decided to take an afternoon and clean my kitchen.  I know that should sound like a normal thing for folks to do, but when your life doesn't afford you extra time to do menial chores, little things like that get forgotten.  That's code for ignored.  Years later and discoveries are made.  Not quite the kind that you'd want to find, however a lesson was hidden in there somewhere. A sticky, smelly, unrecognizable lesson.  Now I just made myself sound terrible, and I am.

While I was doing my diligence I came into the big room to check on my dear wife.  She, uncharacteristically was watching old reruns of, "Walker Texas Ranger" on Roku.  I think she's got a thing for Chuck Norris.  I just don't have the heart to tell her that he's 83 years old now and half of his former self.  Admittedly Master Norris is still kicking ass at 83, a long term goal of mine being a old fashioned sort of Martial guy myself.  I've admired Chuck since I saw his first movie, "Good Guys Wear Black", and later watched video clips of his fighting and training techniques.  He is a true icon of the Martial Arts.

Like I said I found Mona watching, "Walker..."  I find this humorous.  She claims she put it on because I like Chuck, but I was in the other room cleaning the kitchen.  I do admit however, that I indeed enjoy, "Walker Texas Ranger" due to the old western cowboy appeal of "kick ass", and the old eastern Kung Fu appeal of "kick ass."  Sort of has a common theme there doesn't it?  

Kick Ass is at the heart of every red blooded American Kid, of which I am and will remain for a lifetime.  I refuse to let go of my childness.  After all, it's a hell of a lot of fun.  So for all who watch old Chuck Norris, like Mona and I, enjoy the old fashioned Kick Ass American programing you might see some real good old fashioned technique, and old Western entertainment.

After all, you know when Chuck Norris is in the jungle because all the tigers are hiding atop the trees. 

Peace and Balance,



  1. Even at half his old self he's twice anyone else.

    1. The secrets in the boots and hat. You can tell is Chuck Norris' hat because anyone else that tries to wear it kicks themselves in the head.