Monday, June 5, 2023

The Mountain

Apex, Top, Peak, when we Summit a Mountain every step counts.  One foot in front of the other is the always mantra of the climber and seeker of higher things.  On the Summit of all treks of wonder the Seeker can see out in a 360 degree orbit to all things within his/her influence.  The Trekker, who travels to all new things becomes a Seeker of truth. Atop the Summit reveals all real things and Enlightens the Seer.

While standing at the Top the Seeker often forgets to continue to look up and instead looks down.  This is usually the first mistake before the Fall.  The Seer starts thinking to him/herself, "I'm it man, I'm the Thing, nothing is Higher than I Am."  Then a cloud catches the attention, or a bird poops on His head, what ever the cause a Wrong Step is taken and the Trekker, the Seeker of all High things, complete with His/Her mantra, falls to Earth is a Fiery Blaze of Shame.

We've all heard This Story before.  Seeker climbs to Top.  Seeker gets to Top.  Seeker think He Is Top.  It hits the fan.  Seeker Falls in a Fiery Blaze.  As the Climber Falls his/ her eyes gaze Heavenward and whilst Falling Sees what Should have been Seen in the First Place.  "Damnit!", He says.

The Mountain Obliges and Enlightens the Fallen Foe.  Forever He/ She is now left to Gaze at the Top from the Bottom, and the Mountain Remains Still.

Peace and Balance,

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