Tuesday, June 13, 2023

School's Almost Out For Summer.


Just 4 more days before we set the students of the Berlin School system free to roam the fields of Summer.  A short while for the staff to be free as well and begin the arduous task of recharging, healing, and shaking off the scars of school year 2022-2023.  I look at the dates and can hardly believe my eyes.  Ye-gads where has the time gone?

I have the urge to look into the mirror.  "Who the hell are you?", I ask.  There is no answer, only a silent sentinel staring back at me with the same questioning look upon his face.  That fellow on the other side looks an awful lot like my grandfather, Heaven forbid.

4 more days and the world will feel the wrath of my lawn tractor.  The weed wacker  will wack and the rocks will adorn the yard with their ever presence.  There will be some balance in the world.  At this time I'm sure I can hear cockatoos and monkeys when I walk into my yard.  It is a surreal experience.

"School is almost out for Summer."  This will be my mantra for at least the next couple of days.  Then freedom will breath upon me and I shall forget about the confines of the brick building, at least until the end of August.  By then the batteries should be marginally recharged and the smile upon my face might be genuine.  

Peace and Balance,



  1. To me, schools and prisons look a lot alike.

  2. Yep, the only difference is we don't wear orange or stripes.