Monday, June 12, 2023



This past year has seen it's fare amount of political change.  One being the bill passed for congress to allocate a certain amount of funds into the infrastructure of our Great Nation.  Here in New Hampshire and in neighboring Vermont, it became very apparent that the funds are being used as a trip South down route 91 showed me just about  every bridge on that highway is being repaired.  Although I did drive over a rather large hole in one that was not under construction.  

Early this morning on ABC News, that is my usual wake up show, was a story about a  fuel tanker that crashed and exploded on Interstate 95 just south of Pennsylvania.  Both sides of the highway collapsed and apparently will not be repaired for quite a few months.  This is a very good example of "to late to little" as far as repairs to the bridges are concerned.  

Our infrastructure has been in terrible states for many years now.  Highways, roadways, waterways, and general structures, haven't seen repair since they where put into place right at the end of FDR's administration, then later with Eisenhower's administration.  For the later that is almost 70 years or more, and with FDR a little over 80 years.  We built them and patched in places occasionally as funds came, but for the majority of infrastructure no repairs have ever been made.   This is a formula for internal calamity. 

It's a fact that if these things are left alone Mother Nature will reclaim the land and our small attempts at conquering her will end in inevitable defeat.  Humans always try to change things in order to fit those things into our minor understandings.  Usually our attempts at changing things turns out futile.  However, a minor amount of care and focus occasionally thrown into the mix goes a long way of holding off the inevitable.  Is it to late for us to learn that lesson, or are we forever locked in a battle of procrastination?  

Peace and Balance,



  1. As for the Rt. 95 thing, to be fair, it's hard to prepare for a freaking fuel tanker explosion that turns steel beams into silly putty.

  2. That's true, imagine one of the other not so well kept bridges. The fire burnt real hot for most of the day. Melted the steal framing under the bridge form. They found a body in the rubble.