Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Summer 2023

 It's summer 2023 and today I drove my lawn tractor around the yard creating patterns of green and gold in circular swirls at different intervals.  My yard is not a level yard.  It has hidden within it many dips and drops that makes artistic lawn work interesting.  Amongst the green of my lawn there is the New England Rock Garden that grows and changes it's face with each winters expansion and contraction.  Every spring I begin walking the yard, and into the summer I inspect then begin the process of molding the yard to make driving the tractor a productive and safe affair. Yard rocks are sacred things. Driving over one and scarring it destroys the looks of the yard and wrecks the deck on the mower.  Knowing where the rocks are and how to avoid them is the best preventative medicine for good yard maintenance.  

Summer 2023 and I'm still waiting for my flying car.  They've developed robot technologies to mow our lawns, why not my flying car?  That whole fiasco with the Jetson's when I was a kid was just a tease to get the imagination flowing from a group of unsettled teens.  Now that we all expect our flying vehicles they pull the rug right out from underneath our feet.  Robot mowers and no flying car, even the Tesla doesn't fly.  Musk is part of the conspiracy.  How bout a flying lawn mower.  I rather enjoy driving my little tractor, why not fly one.  It wouldn't have a problem with rocks, it would glide over them.  The thought is so incredible that the anticipation is down right unbelievable. 

Summer 2023 and I'm only working one day per week till school starts again.  The thought of all this extra time has my head spinning.  What shall I do.  Not a dang thing!  That's the first thought. Let's hope the weather agrees with all.

Peace and Balance,



  1. Actually, they used to make flying lawn mowers. They were push mowers, but they still floated on a cushion of air. As for you flying cars . . . did you not notice how badly most people drive on the ground?

    1. A hover mower, that sounds pretty cool to. Put a couple Gatling guns on the front of the flying car as traffic control. No more problem. 80)