Wednesday, June 21, 2023

After The Boot To The Head.


I grew up learning a skill that has developed a certain amount of concentration and focus.  I have the ability to put my mind in areas on my body that Eastern philosophers have given special significance to.  I can focus my personal energies on one specific area at a time.  For instance I can concentrate upon my navel and my mind will be at my navel.  I can also focus upon my solar plexus, my heart, any area I want to travel within my body.  This practiced ability has taught me how to breath, relax, and not take to many things super seriously.  It's either that practice, or I've been kicked in the head more than a respectable amount of times.  I suppose one enhances the other.

It's my opinion that folks in general would benefit greatly from a practice that enhances their focus and concentration.  If people in general learned the skill of concentration and focus there may be less chaos, and possibly the nations of the world would spend more time looking inwardly towards their citizens rather than outwardly at  circumstances not agreed with from another nation or neighbor.  The results of bias and prejudice.   

You See, the Center of All Things, the Beginnings and Endings of Everything resides at the Center of All sentient beings.  When we learn the tools and focus our concentration upon that point, within and without, all will be known, eliminating the need to exploit, manipulate, or control anyone other than ourselves.  After all, You are the Center of The Universe.

Peace and Balance,



  1. Then there are those people who'd benefit from a boot to the head. You see, first you must get their attention . . .

  2. And he shall be called Ed Grubberman.