Sunday, June 11, 2023

Disclosure Begins.


Five days ago a former Intelligence officer working for the DOD, Department of Defense, David Grusch blew the whistle on the United States Military's withholding the facts about our involvement with and custody of at least 12 alien space craft from other than Human origins.  After leaving his post in April, Mr Grusch blew the whistle.  He claims that the United States has had in it's possession possibly more that 12 retrieved space craft some of which are operational.  His interview can be seen on YouTube so I'm not going to rewrite what the reader can go find themselves.  

There was some speculation that Mr. Grusch was a ploy, a tool being used to spread disinformation.  However, Johnathon Grey, a current Intelligence officer at the National Air and Space Intelligence Center, (NASIC), confirmed the existence of what the Agency calls Exotic Materials.  He further stated that, "The non-human intelligence phenomenon is real, We are not alone."  And that this is a global phenomena. 

It seems that after so many years of coverups and misleading stories and phony news, the truth is about to be presented to us and the rest of the world.  My Question is a simple one, "Should we welcome the new visitors, or should we be running and hiding under our beds?"  It seems the monsters have come home.

Peace and Balance,


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