Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Who Are The Aliens?


We human beings are curious creatures.  If we see things we don't understand we tend to wander over to take a gander at it and poke at it until it either bites us or whimpers and goes away.  Who's to say there aren't other curious critters wandering our multiverse just as willing to poke and prod us until we are the ones who bite or wander off whimpering.  

I remember reading about the events of July 1947 when there was an interesting something that crashed in the desert right outside Roswell NM.  Just like the curious folk we are our, green clad citizens hurried out to the crash site in jeeps and helicopters to poke at it.  What we found was fantastic.  

There was indeed a crashed thing and some wandering around little lost fellows.  The fellow clad in green picked the lost little fellows up and hurried them off to Roswell Airfield then to the future Wright Patterson Air Force Base, which is now the Headquarters of the US Space Command, to poke, prod, question, and further irritated the little lost fellows.  Now think about this for a moment, these little guys came here from somewhere out there in a ship that we had not the tools or understanding to fathom.  Should we be prodding these fellows?  That may have been a large mistake.

When we are children in the summer time we often do foolish things.  Things like taking a magnifying glass and burning ants and other innocent insects that are presumably minding their own business.  We, ourselves may be as far removed from the lost little fellows as we are from the ants we burned in childhood, but in the other direction.  Is it a good idea to poke and prod these guys?  Maybe not.  I occasionally look up to make sure I'm not accidentally standing under a large magnifying lens.  That whole prospect bothers me just a bit.

In recent years much more information has been coming to light about many races of these not so lost little and not so little fellows.  Some of these guys are friends, some aren't.  Pay attention to the news, there rarely goes a day or two without hearing and seeing something more of these guys flying around our space.  Who's poking and prodding whom now?  Just ask the cows. 

Maybe we should reach out a hand and accept things as they are, and hope we aren't the ants.

Peace and Balance,


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