Friday, June 23, 2023

The Power of Choice

 We all make choices in life.  We decide to pay bills, or not. We decide to be social, or not.  We decide to eat healthy, or not.  We decide to be good people, or not.  All products of choices made through rational, or not, thought.  Laying all judgements and opinions aside of what is right or wrong, choices made. 

There are those folks who hold on tight to things, they never let them go.  Things that would do them far less harm if they let them go and forgot about them in the long run.  After all it is only the product of making rational choices about letting go of these hurtful things.  Choices in all manners of subjects without judgement or opinion.

Because of pretraining by those individuals who have been infected by the weight of judgement or opinion many children never escape the trap of deciding what is right or wrong from the opinions and judgements of the infected ones and never evolve beyond that pretraining. These people are lost to the machine.  If children grow without the infection and pretraining of judgement and opinion then they are free to grow with the ability to form rational decisions and make their own judgements and opinions based on the power of logic.

Logic is a interesting thing.  It is both a trained ability and something that grows within a child naturally if left alone to develop.  Again free from the infection of the past.  Letting go can be liberating.  How we let go is a choice.  

Classical training tells us as we learn that there are two diametrically opposing forces, Good and Evil. I propose instead that there are many more forces in nature, Good, Evil, and the choices we make blending the many shades of grey together, through the power of Choice.  Letting some go, hanging on to others creates the personality of the child and develops the adult.  Through the Universal Law of Choice.  What will your choices bring?

Peace and Balance,



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